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					YAKIMA POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                            S. Granato
2004 Organization and Staffing                                                                     Chief of Police

      Criminal                                                                                       Uniformed                                        Administrative
                                             Services                                                 Division
   Investigations                            Divisions                                                                                                  Division

   J. Schneider                                                                                     G. Copeland
                                              R. Light                                                Captain
      Captain                                 Captain

                                                                                Lt. M. Light        Lt. G Belles          Lt. S. Finch                Lt. M. Merryman

   Investigations          Support Services                  Prisoner                                                       Special
                                                                                   Patrol               Patrol                                Planning &                Traning
                              1 Sergeant                    Detention             Squads               Squads             Operations           Research
    Investgators             3 Supervisors                 3 Corrections                                                  2 Sergeants
                                                                                4 Sergeants          4 Sergeants                             Weed & Seed,           1 Sergeant
     2 Sergeants                                             Sergeants                                                                          Grants               Training,
      12 Officers          Communications                                                                                14 Officers
                                                                                32 Officers          32 Officers                                                  Recruitment &
Investigations, Case         & Records                     11 Correction                                                   Gangs,
                                                                                Emergency            Emergency                                Automated               Testing
     Preperation,           Management                        Officers                                                     Transit,
                                                                                Response,            Response,                                 Systems           Clerical Support
   Apprehensions             19 Positions                                                                                   Traffic
                                                                               Reactive and         Reactive and                               Support              2 Positions
      Polygraph              Call Taking,                Care & Custody of                                              Enforcement &
                                                                               Preventative         Preventative                              3 Positions
       1 Officer                TRU,                        Prisoners,                                                  Investigation,
                                                                                   Patrol,              Patrol,                               Computers,
  Clerical Support           Data Entry,                  Transportation,                                                  K 9 Unit
                                                                             Criminal & Traffic   Criminal & Traffic                          Mobile Data
      1 Position             Retention &                    Courtroom          Enforcement,         Enforcement,
    Transcription           Dissemination,                   Security                                                       Parking
                                                                             Service Response     Service Response
                               Permits                                             SRO's                SRO's            Enforcement
     Narcotics                                            Administrative                                                 1.75 Positions
    1 Sergeant                 Property                     Specialist
     2 Officers              1 Supervisor                   1 Position                                                                       Community
  Investigations,             1 Position                                                                                                      Services
 Case Preparation,        Inventory, control &
  Apprehensions,            Safekeeping of                                                                                                     2 Officers
    Intelligence                                                                                  Police Reserves                               DARE,
                             Evidence and
  Warrant Officer                                                                                    (Volunteer)          SWAT Team              Crime
                            Found Property               Electronic Home
      1 Officer                                                                                    15-25 Positions          Emergency         Prevention,
Subpoena Service &                                          Monitoring                             Patrol Support,           Tactical            PAL,
   Sex Offender                                             1 Position                             Special Details,      Intervention &        Volunteer
      Tracking                                                                                    Service Response     Crisis Negotiations    Programs,
                                                            2 Positions
     3 positions

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