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					Louisville                                           original.
                                   It’s a city with a sense of self, defined according to its own terms.
                                   louisville provides an original and unexpected experience for visitors. the arts are
                                   alive and well in louisville with the diversity of museums, theatrical performances,
                                   and live music venues. in historic old louisville you can see the country’s greatest
                                   collection of preserved Victorian architecture. Find a fresher look at history with
                                   a visit to the Muhammad ali center, and experience exhibits that tell the life story
                                   of louisville’s most famous native son. of course, no visit to louisville would be
                                   complete without two classic louisville experiences: churchill downs, home of the
                                   the Kentucky derby thoroughbred horserace, and the louisville slugger Museum &
                                   Factory, the world-famous baseball bat factory.
                                   Louisville’s diverse cultural roots, urban excitement, cozy
                                   neighborhoods and resplendent natural areas will greet you when you come to
                                   town this october for the 89th annual national college Media convention — the
                                   largest gathering of student journalists and advisers in the world.

89th Annual                        ACP, CMA and CBI have prepared nearly 400 practical
                                   and professional learning sessions, from high-profile keynotes to specific,
ACP/CMA                            problem-solving breakouts, hands-on workshops and discussion groups. other

                                   convention activities include an exhibit hall with vendors who sell to student media,
                                   acp’s best of show contest, receptions, awards convocations, critiques and a
                                   newspaper job fair.

                                   Breakout sessions for newspapers, online outlets, broadcast stations,
                                   yearbooks and magazines are planned to meet the publishing and broadcasting
                                   needs of all college and university student media. some are specifically for college

                                   dailies, some for journalists at community colleges and private schools. others are
                                   for those seeking the latest information from the Fcc affecting their campus radio
                                   station or how to use the latest software. whether it’s ethics and law, technology

                                   and design, advertising and business operations, photography and art or just the
                                   basics of news writing and reporting, this convention covers all the bases.
                                   With typical attendance of more than 2,300 delegates,

Oct. 27-31, 2010
                                   the annual acp, cMa and cbi fall gathering has become the place to seek solutions
                                   to the most challenging publishing and broadcasting problems, share success
                                   stories, see what’s new in the media marketplace, discover trends and network

Galt House Hotel                   with students and advisers from the United states, canada and often other
                                   We’ll meet in the heart of downtown Louisville on the
sponsored by:
                                   bank of the ohio river, just blocks from shopping and all types of dining, including
                                   quiet cafés, ethnic restaurants, bourbon lounges, casual eateries, and popular
                                   national chains. Keep the energy going outside the convention. the Fourth street
                                   live! entertainment district is just up the street.

                                   In what other city can you discover “the greatest two minutes
                                   in sports,” the nation’s largest collection of Victorian mansions, and the oldest
                                   operating steamboat in the nation? in louisville, and it’s closer than you think!
       with                        louisville is one of the most accessible cities in america and is within a day’s drive
       college broadcasters inc.   of more than half the nation’s population.

                                   Come to Louisville and have an original experience!
Louisville                                          is the city of                        Originals
 ABOut the CONfereNCe
 the associated collegiate press and college Media advisers with college broadcasters, inc., bring together thousands of
 college journalists and advisers at the fall national college media convention. together, we experience powerful keynote
 speakers, more than 400 breakout sessions, short courses, on-site critiques and access to more than 60 exhibitors ready
 to serve and inform.

 ABOut the trAde shOW
 the convention trade show runs wednesday, oct. 27 to Friday, oct. 29 at the galt house in louisville. registration is located
 at the rear of the exhibit hall to increase traffic on the trade show floor. additionally, the exhibit hall is located near break-
 out rooms, convention activities and pre-convention seminars.

 WhO AtteNds
 with typical attendance of more than 2,300 delegates, the annual acp, cMa and cbi fall gathering has become the place
 to seek solutions to the most challenging publishing and broadcasting problems, share success stories, see what’s new in
 the media marketplace, discover trends and network with students and advisers from the United states, canada and often
 other countries. we also host representatives from publishing companies, software companies, government agencies,
 graduate school programs, new media companies, trade associations and movie studios.

 BOOth AssIgNMeNt
 booth space is assigned based on sponsorship level, rotation based on location at previous conventions and
 number of years exhibited with acp/cMa.

 ABOut the exhIBIt hALL
 the exhibit hall at the galt house will accommodate our traditional space needs. ceiling height is 20 feet.

 exhIBIt hALL hOurs (PLANNed)
 Wednesday, Oct. 27
  noon to 3 p.m. exhibitor setup
  4 to 8 p.m. exhibits / registration open

 Thursday, Oct. 28
  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. exhibits open

 Friday, Oct. 29
  8 a.m. to 3 p.m. exhibits open
  3 to 5 p.m. tear down exhibits

 PLeAse stAy IN the ACP/CMA rOOM BLOCk
 you’ll want to be close to convention activities. acp and cMa have
 reserved a block of rooms at a special rate of $146 to $166 plus taxes de-
 pending on room type. we appreciate exhibitors staying within the block.
 Find more information and register online at

  Be part of our
                                        Fall National College Media Convention
                                        Oct. 27-31, 2010 • Galt House Hotel • Louisville, Ky.
Company/Organization                                          Contact                                                  Sponsorship options
                                                                                                                                   Level One
Street address                                                                                                ❑ Printing convention program
                                                                                                              ❑ Provide on-site Internet Café
                                                                                                                  3 Call for details and benefits
City                                                          State      Zip
                                                                                                                             Level Two $3,500
                                                                                                              ❑ Thursday Adviser Reception
Phone                                                         Fax                                             ❑ Friday Adviser Reception
                                                                                                              ❑ Friday All-Delegate Reception
                                                                                                              ❑ Saturday Adviser Reception
E-mail                                                        Web site                                        ❑ All-Delegate Lanyards

                                                                                                              Sponsor receives at no additional cost:
Contract authorizing signature                                Date signed                                        3 30’ x 10’ prime exhibit space
                                                                                                                 3 Two 50-minute vendor sessions
                                                                                                                 3 One full-page registration book ad
                                                                                                                 3 One full-page convention program ad
ACP authorizing signature                                     Date received by ACP                               3 One insert in adviser bags

                                                                                                                           Level Three $2,500
            Exhibiting/Advertising Contract                                                                   ❑ Adviser Totebags
                                                                                                              ❑ All-Delegate Reporter’s Notebooks

 To exhibit at the ACP/CMA Fall National College                                                              Sponsor receives at no additional cost:
Media Convention or advertise in the convention               Exhibit space reservations                         3 20’ x 10’ prime exhibit space
                                                                                                                 3 One 50-minute vendor session
registration booklet or program, carefully read this                                                             3 One half-page registration book ad
                                                       ❑ I wish to reserve exhibit space for $650.
contract. The best method to get the most exhibit                                                                3 One half-page convention program ad
and ad space for your money is to sponsor an event     ❑ Add $100 surcharge for selling items.
                                                                                                                 3 One insert in adviser bags
at the convention. Your company will be recognized     ❑ I wish to add (    ) extra 10’ x 10’ spaces to my
in printed materials as a supporter of the conven-     inline booth at $375 each.
                                                       ❑ I’m with an accredited educational institution or
                                                                                                                           Other sponsorships
tion, and you will receive the larger exhibit spaces                                                          ❑ Friday night “Midnight Snack” ............. $1,500
available at the convention.                           registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and
                                                       would like the $425 reduced rate for my 10’ x 10’          3 20’ x 10’ prime exhibit space
 Any questions can be directed to Emily Griesser at                                                               3 One half-page registration book ad
                                                       booth. (Limit one space)
ACP, 612.625.6519 or                                                                      3 One half-page convention program ad

                                                                    Advertising options                       ❑ One 50-minute vendor session ................       $500
           Important deadlines                                                                                ❑ Thursday keynote presentation ................      $500
                                                       Registration booklet ad rates
                                                                                                              ❑ Friday keynote presentation .....................   $500
Tentative exhibit hours (planned)                      ❑ B&W full-page ad (8.5” wide x 11” tall)       $850
   Wednesday, Oct. 27                                  ❑ B&W half-page ad (8.5” wide x 5.5” tall)      $625   ❑ Saturday keynote presentation ................      $500
      Noon to 3 p.m. Exhibitor setup                                                                          ❑ ACP Best of Show Awards ........................    $500
      4 to 8 p.m. Exhibits / Registration open         Convention program ad rates                            ❑ CMA Past Presidents’ Luncheon...............        $500
   Thursday, Oct. 28                                   ❑ Inside front cover (8.5” wide x 11” tall)     $775   See “Contract Details” on back for benefits.
      8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Exhibits open                   ❑ Inside back cover (8.5” wide x 11” tall)      $775   Companies interested in sponsoring film
   Friday, Oct. 29                                     ❑ Color 2-page spread (two facing pages)       $1200   screenings should contact ACP for the separate
      8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Exhibits open                   ❑ Color full-page ad (8.5” wide x 11” tall)     $775   Film Screening Contract.
      3 to 5 p.m. Tear down exhibits                   ❑ Color half-page ad (8.5” wide x 5.5” tall)    $425
                                                       ❑ B&W 2-page spread (two facing pages)          $800
Deadline schedule                                      ❑ B&W full-page ad (8.5” wide x 11” tall)       $525                Payment options
(Received by, not postmarked)                          ❑ B&W half-page ad (8.5” wide x 5.5” tall)      $300
                                                                                                              Payment in full is required to reserve a
June 30       Final day to reserve ad space for        Inserts in adviser bags                                sponsorship, exhibit space or advertising.
              convention registration book             ❑ Single piece insertion in adviser bags        $375   Make checks and POs payable to ACP. ACP
                                                                                                              accepts U.S. dollars only. No refunds will be
July 7        Ad artwork due for convention            Notes:                                                 made.
              registration booklet                     All advertising should be submitted as PDF files,
                                                       knowing you are responsible for output quality.        ❑ Check enclosed: # ______________
Aug. 11       Final day to reserve ad space for
              convention program                       All program center spreads and the back cover are      ❑ Visa/MasterCard/Amer. Express/Discover
                                                       not available for purchase. They are benefits of
Aug. 18       Ads due for convention program           sponsoring the printing of the convention program.
                                                                                                              Credit card number
                                                       Ad measurements indicate the active image area.
Sept. 15      Final day to reserve exhibit space
                                                                                                              Expiration date (MM/YY)
Send the a completed and signed contract to:
Attn: Emily Griesser                                   Phone: 612.625.6519                                    Card holder’s signature
ACP Louisville Convention                              Fax: 612.626.0720
2221 University Ave. SE, Suite 121                     E-mail:                         Total amount owed: $ ___________
Minneapolis, MN 55414
                                     Fall National College Media Convention
                                     Contract Details
This is an agreement between the Associated Collegiate Press, College Media Advisers and the exhibitor. Payment in full is
required to reserve sponsorships or exhibit space. Payments are nonrefundable. The following is a list of tips and important
information regarding the 2010 ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention in Louisville, Ky.

1. Location of exhibit space is determined at       organization; it is not acceptable to let other     13. To register for the convention, complete
the discretion of ACP/CMA, the decorating           groups “show from” or “share” your booth            the contract on the reverse side of this
company and the convention center. Exhibits         space. If you would like to located near a          sheet. Send it to ACP along with your
must be available for viewing by convention         partner supplier, please let us know before we      payment. Prepayment is required to hold your
delegates beginning at 4 p.m. Wednesday,            assign the booth numbers and we will do our         sponsorship; if you would like to hold your
Oct. 27, and concluding at 3 p.m. Friday, Oct.      best to accommodate all such requests.              sponsorship with a credit card, but actually
29. Exhibitors meeting reservation deadlines                                                            pay by check, please note that in the payment
                                                    8. ACP/CMA will take reasonable precautions,
by submitting the completed contract                                                                    section. If the check has not been received
                                                    including the hiring of security guards, to
will be notified of exact hours and setup                                                               four weeks prior to the event, your card will be
                                                    ensure the area provided for exhibits is secured
arrangements by Sept. 22, 2010.                                                                         charged.
                                                    during non-exhibiting hours; however, ACP/
2. Unless otherwise discussed with ACP, the         CMA assume no liability for damage, loss or         14. Unless otherwise arranged, fees for all
10’ x 10’ exhibits will consist of one six-foot     theft of any property owned by the exhibitor        sponsorships should be paid to ACP.
skirted table, two chairs, two programs and         or its agents. By authorizing this contract with
                                                                                                        15. Exhibitor Lodging: When reserving
namebadges contingent upon ACP receiving            a signature on the reverse side, the exhibitor
                                                                                                        accommodations for yourself or other
a list of names of attending exhibitors.            hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless
                                                                                                        members of your exhibiting party, please do
Namebadges cannot be printed on site.               ACP/CMA, its officers, directors, employees
                                                                                                        not overbook with the intention of releasing
                                                    and agents for any and all claims arising out of
3. All arrangements for telephone and                                                                   rooms. Only reserve the number of rooms that
                                                    such damage.
electrical power requirements must be                                                                   your delegation will need.
made directly with the Louisville Galt House        9. Exhibitor giveaways must be distributed
                                                                                                        16. All exhibitors are invited to attend any of
hotel and its electric and telephone service        from, and confined to, the exhibit booth
                                                                                                        the convention sessions.
providers. Materials to order these services will   space. No exhibitor may distribute materials
be includes in exhibitor materials. ACP/CMA         which are potentially harmful to the delegates      17. Sponsors for “Midnight Snack,” keynote
assume no responsibility for expenses incurred      or the convention headquarters (i.e. flying         sessions, ACP Best of Show the CMA
for electrical, telephone or other utility          disks, stickers, bubble-gum). Because of            luncheon are featured with other convention
hookups and usage.                                  restrictions from BMI and ASCAP, the playing        event sponsors in advertisements prominently
                                                    of music as part of your exhibit is prohibited.     featured in the registration book and program.
4. Due to limited storage, the hotel cannot
                                                                                                        “Midnight Snack” and keynote sponsors
accept any drayage, packages or exhibits for        10. Each exhibitor will receive their booth
                                                                                                        may hang a banner at the keynote, place
an exhibit/production company. Should an            numbers from ACP by Sept. 22 if their
                                                                                                        giveaways on chairs or distribute them to
exhibitor send packages, the shipment will          contract has been received by the deadline.
                                                                                                        delegates as they enter the room and be
be refused. Please make arrangements for            Booth numbers are necessary for many of the
                                                                                                        seated at a head table as the sponsor.
drayage through the contracted company.             required forms.
                                                                                                        18. Film screenings are reserved for studios
5. ACP has contracted with a convention             11. To receive sponsorship benefits, exhibitor
                                                                                                        and other film companies. In addition to the
services company to provide material handling       must meet deadlines for submission of
                                                                                                        sponsorship fees, the studio provides a print
and drayage services to exhibitors. Exhibitor       advertising and exhibiting contract. To be
                                                                                                        of a soon-to-be released film and makes the
kits will be sent only after contracts have been    included in the convention registration booklet
                                                                                                        arrangements with a local theater to buy
received in the ACP office.                         or the convention program, advertising art
                                                                                                        out the property for a private screening for
                                                    must be received at ACP by the deadline
NOTE: It is in your best interest to return the                                                         convention delegates. Should transportation
                                                    listed on this form. Late submissions cannot
completed contract to ACP as soon as possible                                                           be required to move the delegates from the
                                                    be accepted and sponsorship commitments
to reserve your exhibit space or advertising.                                                           convention hotel to the screening, that cost
                                                    cannot be altered or refunded once the
                                                                                                        would also be the responsibility of the studio.
6. Sponsorship fees cover minimal pipe and          contract is signed and submitted to ACP.
drape, one skirted table with two chairs,                                                               19. No exhibitor or sponsor shall contract
                                                    12. Limitations on Privately Hosted Social and
namebadges, two copies of the official                                                                  with the hotel for any signage, promotional
                                                    Educational Events: No exhibitor shall sponsor
convention program booklet, and convention                                                              material, event, display or communication
                                                    an educational program during the convention
registration fees for up to four exhibitors                                                             without the specific written permission of
                                                    without 30 days advance notification to ACP/
from your company (per 10’ x 10’ space).                                                                both ACP and CMA. Exhibitors and sponsors
                                                    CMA officials.
Additional delegates from your organization                                                             must limit their promotion to the exhibit hall
should register for the convention using            No exhibitor shall host a reception or              and to those sponsored events for which they
the form in the registration booklet which          hospitality suite during the hours of an official   contracted.
will arrive with the exhibitor kit. Because of      ACP/CMA function at which advisers are
printing constraints and expenses, ACP/CMA          present. Exhibitors must notify ACP/CMA
cannot provide every individual exhibitor with      officials no later than seven days before the
a convention program. However, we will assist       convention if a reception or program is to
you in locating seminars you may wish to sit        be held when there is no official ACP/CMA
in on.                                              convention program. ACP/CMA support
                                                    the right of exhibitors to sponsor private,
7. Each exhibit space should be used to             invitation-only events.
display materials for just one company or

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