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                       snintmd Cotl,tciuue :less end awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareneiss has been cotnntuniealing through carefully-trained . Tito intur-
                raation contained hereiIo was received from deep sitter-ennseious trance levels and 'interpreted' by an entily affiliated with       C,A.C .
                :affirmation la for titnac wr edeitre to help In bringing in the New Age . 'throughout the thousands of 'Readings given through these eletatn«Is .
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                                                                                Through the V QI~
                                                                                 of the Shadow. . .
                                                                                Once       Again . . . .THE           PERILOUS                  PASSAG E

                                                                                But    a      Possibility            of     Reconciliatio n

                                                                                                                                                        Paul Shockley
                                                               i   Opening Message, C .A .C . General R jading )
                                                                                                                                                      Trance-Interprete r
                                                                             March 18, 198 0

                       Please Nate : Fir eae .icr readability and greater understanding, Cosmic Awareness suggests these readings be read aloud

                      This Awareness indicates that during the past several year :,, the Cosmic Awareness Communications organizatio n
                   has given forth much information to its membership and to c thers . This Awareness indicates that this informatio n
                   has been spread far and widc in different areas , to different individuals from all walks of life . This Awareness ind-
                   icates that the information as being of a wide variety : ranging from political, economic, social, moral, personal ,
                   philosophical., metaphysical, psychic, the bizarre and unusual, and that- which is geophysical, chemical, medical, an d
                   of other area: of concern .
                      This Awareness indicates that the membership and others in receiving this information have experienced a genera l
                   expansio n of their consciousness, an opening-up process which has, in tier ;, assisted most of these entitie s _<~~ in being
                   more open and being more ready for greater expansion of consciousness and awareness . This Awareness indicates
                   that for some there have been difficulties, for others there have been what may be termed 'wounds ' or 'casualties '
                   who have suffered from various conditions related to their lifestyle, relationships or careers . This Awareness indic -
                   :ates that generally, the majority of entities accept only that which can be handled and reject that which they fee l
                          ire detrimental to their lifestyle, relationships and capabilities for handling .
                      This Awareness indicates that in one sense, entities could consider the information which has gone out as bein g
                   detrimental to heaalth . in another sense, it could be considered as hazardous to relationships . This Awareness indic -
                   ales that in another sense it could be considered as dangerous to careers . This Awareness indicates however, that
                   this can he said of any area of activity wherein entities know tot much for their riven good .
                      This Awareness iindic :ates that the eOcsiinn is relative as to what is too much, and entities may also recognize th e
                   old saying dial t ; ii('rance is bliss' . This Awareness indicates that many entities have chosen ignorance for lis prnm -
                   ,se of bliss, while others have chosen the path of awareness, even though the fad : is difficult and dangerous, hazasd--
                   ous and rroublesonic . This Awareness indicates that in both instances, entities looking at the bliss of ignorance o r
                                       e~'C I{ •. .~ ..n i .: ee n,ti i:t i. is Tied e ,11'irn ,.1 . .~ .,•, c : .•,r, is inin'eiii1l.eit sari?
the difficulties of following the path of awareness, may discover that there is the other side of the coin—wherei n
ignorance does not always bring bliss, but often brings tragedy---wherein the path to awareness is strewn with diff-
iculties and struggles . hazards and danger, the path idso brings many blessings, many rewards and many benefits .
This Awareness indicates that it is for each entity to discern for himself which path to take, whether to rush quick-
ly down that path, whether to proceed carefully and slowly with caution, or whether to avoid the path altogether .
   This Awareness indicates that there is no way whereby entities can ask for, or expect, others to tell them whic h
path is best for them ; for they, themselves, understand their own capabilities, limitations, relationships with others ,
their own career and their own situations ; and those who understand their own lives and their own situations, mus t
evaluate for themselves how much of the information this Awareness gives can be assimilated without damage ,
danger or trouble in excess of that which the entity can accommodate, and how much reward and benefit will b e
received by assimilating that information . This Awareness indicates that each entity must decide, must discer n
these energies and the level of development and growth and openness which he or she is capable of accepting .
    This Awareness indicates that in the past year or so much information has been given which brought about dis-
turbances on many levels -- personal, in relationships, in career levels, and in other ways—and this information ha s
had its repercussions and effects on the lives of many . This Awareness indicates that this is not the fault, nor doe s
it necessarily stem, from the Cosmic Awareness readings . This as a result of the times in which entities live . Thi s
Awareness indicates that the troubles and times are not yet as entities wish them to be .
   This Awareness previously gave the example of comparing the Passage Perilous to that time wherein the Worl d
War II battles of the Pacific culminated in a turning point at the Battle of Midway . This Awareness indicates tha t
the Passage Perilous of approximately one year ago was likened unto a turning point wherein the Alien Forces wer e
essentially defeated . That in the Fall of `79 the higher forces of that Alien Force departed from this planet, leavin g
behind what may be termed a Kamikaze unit of forces, bent on creating havoc, even if it destroyed themselves .
This Awareness indicates that : the present situation is such that the complete battles between the Alien Force an d
others has not been concluded, but still rages, even though the Alien Force has been greatly weakened to a poin t
whereby it never again on this plane, in the foreseeable future, shall regain the power it once held .
                                SOME DISTURBING INFORMATION           TO   PONDE R

   This Awareness indicates that it is with reluctance that this Awareness must again bring forth information of a
disturbing nature to the members of Cosmic .4warr a<ss Communications ; yet, it is with respect for the lives o f
entities, for the freedom and liberties which entities value, and for the respect of truth that this Awareness mus t
again bring forth certain information for entities to ponder .
   This Awareness indicates that many of the members of Cosmic Awareness Communications recognize and respec t
the information which has been released through the entity known as i)r . 13eter. That some of the members o f
Cosmic Awareness Communications have expressed doubts and criticisms in regards to this information . This Aware-
ness indicates that this is perfectly legitimate and healthy for entities to question and to search for themselves th e
truth in regards to these various statements made by this entity .
   This Awareness indicates it becomes less healthy, however, when entities cease to question and look in othe r
directions or through various sources to discover these truths, and simply assume the entity is totally false, or total-
ly truthful, or assume that the entity is mistaken about certain claims or absolutely correct about other claims . Thi s
Awareness indicates the appropriate method for listening to such information is to listen with open mind and t o
avoid reaching any conclusion as long as is possible until that conclusion is so absolutely imminent that it become s
nearly impossible to avoid reaching that conclusion .
   This Awareness indicates that those entities who have assumed that Dr. Betcr's information in regards to th e
world situation relating to the robotoids, the synthetics and the changes in the power structures are absolutely un-
questionably correct---those entities need to again question these areas and remain open, questioning to determin e
whether it really makes sense. to them in light of the continued changing events of world history . This Awarenes s
indicates that: those entities who assume this to be total error or partial error should also question their own think-
ing and ask themselves if they really know for certain that this is not so .
   This Awareness indicates it: is easy for entities to assume that the entity Dr . Beier is in error and therefore si t
back in their own previous assumptions as to how the world operates as g iven by the programmers of consciousness
through the various media	 it is also easy for some entities who do not mind being out of the main stream of con-
sciousness, whit in fact may enjoy being a little weird, to assume without question that the robotoids and synthetic s
and all of the information given is absolutely true . This Awareness the one side may feel a kind of egotis m
at being `In the know ' , whereas the other side may feel greater security in being in the main stream of consciousness .
the mass mind, which accepts the programming which is intended for the masses . This Awareness asks entities to ,
remain open 	 i'his Awareness asks entities to continue questioning the information which this Awareness gives i n
the same way .
   This Awareness indicates that the openness and the questioning is that which leads entities to discovery ; that
when entities discover, the discovery does not close the matter from further exploration, but rather opens the con-
sciousness to new understanding, to new wisdom . This Awareness sugeests that therefore entities continue qucst'ii :r•
                                       . ...5   upentng tnemseaves ; for taus action or continually opening ones c o
    tousness rs that which leads toward that which is termed 'smic Consciousness' . This Awareness indicates tha t
    becomes tiresome for entities to continually question, then let yourself have an answer to :air upon for- a brief t i
    to catch your breath ; but when you have rested on your answers, this Awareness suggests you stand up, open t i
    doors and again begin questioning and exploring . This Awareness indicates in this manner, you shall always re m
    capable of extracting yourself from any form of conditioning, from being closed down into a i ;mold or type o f
    thought which shuts you off from other areas of consciousness ; and in this wav your consciousness shall cxpanc
    step by step, moment to moment, eternally—so long as you are capable of explorin :t, i ne . _x, step, the next mit t

                                 A SUMMARIZATION OF THE WORLD St i i!li .TIO N

                                         "Something very unusual is happening"   r

       This Awareness indicates that there are certain forces whi'_h stall arc in movement, that there ha'e been shifts
    and changes which are presently in transition . This Aware ness indicates it has been some time since this Awaren e
    has given information relating to the world conditions, and much has changed during these times . This _warcnes:
    wishes briefly to summarize much of this information :
       This Awareness indicates that those entities who have recd• ed and followed the material released by Dr . Beter
    are aware of many of these changes which occurred in great detail . The Dr . Beter tapes have explained the specifi c
    changes which have occurred behind the scenes . Phis Awareness indicates that the ::caning will bri efly summarize
    the changes which have occurred for those members of C .A .C . who have not been informed of thi specifics an d
    details of these events :
       This Awareness indicates that during the Spring of 1979, there were efforts to push the war Ilan in the Middle
    East, and this was thwarted in May of '79 by the joint cooperation of certain Russian agents and Americans work-
    ing together in Washington D .C . This Awareness indicates that throughout the summer these forces of the Russia n
    sect, known as the Skoptsis, worked with the Americans to root out and to consolidate power taken from th e
    forces which had previously sought greater and greater domination in the fields of economics and military control s
    working toward world government -- this referred in the Dr . Beter material as the Bolshevi ks. (This Awareness ind-
    icates It has referred to this force as the Alien Force and at times as the illuminati) . Phis Awareness indicates ther e
    are many names by which these forces are called . This Awareness indicates that throughout the summer the strugg 1
    continued behind the scenes, that in the Fall this Alien Force, finding itself in difficulty, began evacuating the pla n
    et--leaving behind certain agents known in the Dr . Beier terminology as the Bolsheviks .
       This Awareness indicates that these entities again attempted to revive the plan for war in the Middle Vast . This
    Awareness indicates that the efforts during the winter, again brought forth intensities which occurred behind th e
    scenes, out of the limelight . This Awareness indicates that the Skoptsi, . (which are a particular Christian sect i n
    Russia having two parts---the so-called Doves, and those who arc what may be termed hawks), were in conflict a s
    to how to handle the situation ; and the hard-liners, or I lawks, won out---which led to the invasion of Afghanistan .
       This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, die Doves in the United States working with American agents, (thes e
    Skoptsi in the United States), were also wiped out as far as power is,conccrned, and replaced by Bolshevik powers -
    this in a secret battle which occurred in the area of Camp David . This Awareness indicates that this has been a kin d
    of reversal in the area of the United States. But at the same time, the Bolshevik or Alien Force powers have Bee n
    weakened greatly and are in :r kind of desperate situation, as the Russian forces have become stronger mill art y
    through its secret battles against the Bolshevik strike force---this information being available in the Dr . Beter Audio
    Letters .
       This Awareness indicates that this general situation has created a new condition whereby the powers in charge o f
    America at this time arc not as capable of continuing their efforts toward the war plan in the Middle East and there
    fore must create a new strategy . This Awareness indicates this appears to be an ace ion cif conso l idating power in the
    United States for a rebuilding of military, economic, and . political controls or later times. '[his Awareness indicates
    that meanwhile, the hard-line Skoptsis have the advent age of being able at will to attack the United States in a
    variety of ways, including nuclear, particle beam, weather or geophysical warfare, to totally weaken and destroy th e
    American military powers . This Awareness indicates ti at the Bolshevik rulers in America, recognizing this power .
    will likely work feverishly to regain the military strength which has been lost . This Awareness indicates this partic-
    ularly after the coming election in which entities may expect the draft to be re-initiated, may expect a Nation ::f
    Emergency, perhaps even before the election, in order to rally the American people into a `war fever ' whereby the
    conditions will he manipulated so that the National Emergency programs can be put into action to bring about th e
    greater control of this nation and to become more productive militarily .

         This Awareness indicates that as this plan is manipulated into being, entities may also eia :.,eovcr that the Russia n
     'forces, being aware of the actions, will take steps to fur... ; et weaken the United States . This Awareness i Jicate s
       his appears to be in the area of food, and operating through the use of weather warfare . This Awareness indicate s
       hat entities may expect heavy and unusual weather which damages crops and causes food shoita .gcs . as well as ac t

           iviticS of a political emergency level, which tausc : ncia,. Lil7~i ':2 'va 'is arts: uncertainties.. his Awareness   indicates i t
           appears the economic conditions will he somewhat chaotic—rising generally, lint unpredictable .
              This Awareness indicates that it appears this kind of struggle and confusion in the social and national scene wil l
           continue for some time ; that the majority of entities will not realize what is occurring and will be easily swayed '
           from one situation to another, reacting with contusion, questioning, donating, becoming emotionally disturbed .
           This Awareness indicates this can lead to great social upheavals, conflicts, and di'~fic ..ultics .
              This Awareness indicates there is the possibility of an intensified situation, wherein greater nuclear or particl e
           beam weaponry could be used, but at this particular point this is not seen as a prooability . This Awareness indicate s
           this as a possibility . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the war between Russia, the Skoptsis and the Bolsh-
           eviks is in progress, but is occurring behind the scenes, and has been in action for some time, with the average citiz-
           en being totally unaware of what : is occurring . '['his Awareness indicates that at some point the surfacing will becom e
           so apparent that entities become quite aware that sometr'hing very ;unusual is happen* . This Awareness indicate s
           that most sensitive entities already recognize that there is something occurring . something which does not feel right ,
           and it is on a large scale---national or worldwide ; yet the majority of entities cannot quite put their finger on wha t
           is occurring ; therefore they continue life as usual, with a kind of strange apprehension about tomorrow .

                                                 THE POSSIBILITY OF RECONCILIATIO N
                                                  ( SPIRAL Aid is Requested Once Again )

              This Awareness indicates there is always that possibility of reconciliation between opposing forces . This Aware- ,
           ness wishes Its followers, those who follow these messages, not to side with the Skoptii ;is, not side with the Bolsh-
           eviks ; but to look somewhere in between for that point wherein these differences may he resolved and entities ca n
           find harmony through reconciliation . This Awareness indicates that the answer does not lie with the Skoptsis, no r
           does it lie with the Bolsheviks . This Awareness indicates the answer lies :within yourselves and your own ability t o
           make peace with yourself, to encourage others to male peace with themselves, and to encourage them to find way s
           they, themselves, can become peacemakers .
              This Awareness suggests that those entities who are familiar with the SPIRAL organizations, (The Society for th e
           Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties), and those who wish to participate in an activity relating to thi s
           action, this Awareness suggests that these entities again may participate in a letter-writing p rogram, whereby the y
           write to both Ru ;sian and American goVernmentS suggesting, promoting, asking that the loaders of these Countrie s
           find ways, see], ways whereby reconciliation of differences can occur . This Awareness sug gests that these letter s
           also may he sent to other nations at any time wherein the SPIRAL organizations see polarities and differences whic h
           separate entities, one from another, and lead to the potential for violence .
              This Awareness indicates that the promoting of reconciliation is a simple statement, a simple act ; yet it speak s
           with clarity, and that may enter into the politics of the world to bring about . a slig . .t. shift. h:ich increment of suc h
           a shift can save the lives of thousands . This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to direct the SPIRAL organ-
           izations on each and every little action, but suggests that the SPIRAL organizations have the aliility to speak, t o
           write, to serve as the eyes, ears, and mouth of humanity ; to serve as tine Conscien :C of humanity, and to bring
           about the messages which can assist greatly in finding the reconciliations to difficulties which will lead to peace .
              This Awareness suggests that the approach of the SPIRAL organizations in such lettcr-'Vtiling campaigns ha s
           previously been given :        these be written     ban_;. that typed information sheets can be•presented instructin g
           entities on how to write t 1 :e otters ; t lai this may be done in the manner of a dram letter, whereby these inform-
           ation sheets are duplicated, quadrupled, or multiplied in various numbers and sent to fiends or others .
              This Awareness suggests in this present situation there is no need for great cinch icm---that entities ay . id very care-
           fully and completely any appearance of threat, but rather that entities encourage recce, encourage the leaders t o
           find ways of iee'Inciling the differences .
              This Awareness indicates that entities writing these letters may also indicat( : to the leaders that you are als o
           writing a similar letter   the other opposition party, or opposin g; Icadc,s . Chose writing     truss :, may also writ e

           that they are sending, a similar letter to their own government, and T hose writing to Washings oil 1) .C . may writ e
           that they are sending similar letters to the Kremlin, asking that the world leaders find ways to reconcile their diff -
           erences . This Awareness indicates that this can have a tremendous effect .
              This Awareness suggests also that the SPIRAL organizations may also be instrumental and . helpful in establishin g
           on the campuses of colleges and schools, groups whereby the Dr . 13e::er tapes are played, l)r . Borer parties are held ,
           or whereby the college radio stations will play the Dr . Borer tapes or ptibl sh transcriptions of the Dr . Teter mater-
           ial or subscribe and pass out the Wisconsin Report . This Awareness indicates that this can. assist in alerting youn g
           people as to what the draft plans are for, so that they can better understand the world in which they live .
              This Awareness indicates that the intensities which entities tie e s;p< :•riencing as they read this message are but a
           slight reflection of those intensities which may conic in. the inear futures This Awareness indicates however, that a s
           entities begin to act with . calm, harmonious, reconciling statement :;, communications, ---spreading the words, inforn ; . .
           ing others---the dangers which appear so imminent can be grea ;ly dimini s 'red during tin coming months .
       This Awa enoss indicates that 'our Misers to individuals in film governments should be written with great respec t
     and with encouragement: for then: wis. :lore in finding was to reconcile differences between the United Stares an d
     Russia and other countries wherein there, Arc conflicts .

        This Awareness wishes also to suggest : that the concept       the Interpreter and Torn MtcQuay, Alex Thompson ,
     and Dr . Deter discussed regarding a college which would promote the study of international peace ...this Awarenes s
     indicates that this concept be introduced to the Cosmic Awareness Communications ' membership for further ener-
     gizing---that this is a concept whose time has come and needs energizing, so that such an institution may find it s
     place upon this plane to counter the college of war, the war colleges which have been created by the various force s
     dealing in the old ways .
       This Awareness suggests the Interpreter be brought from trance .
      (The   Law of Gratitude is recited .)

     Editor's Note : For more information on SPII.tAL organizations ant how to set up one of your own, p lease refer to `Revelations o f
     Awareness No .'s 79-14 (The Passage Perilous, Hotline issue),$a .00 ; 79-21 (Tire Straits of Transition),$2 .00 ; 79-19 (Clearing tre e
     Decks),$2 .00, available from C .A .C . Entities who wish to become acquainted with the SPIRAL organizations around the U .S . an d
     who would like to keep up with the latest information should contact Justin Moody (address below) who is the national coordinato r
     of the SPIRAL groups . We suggest also that you subscribe to his publication, THE REVELlTIONARY NEWS--A SPIRAL Publication ,
     ($10 per year), which keeps SPIRAL organizations informed of the latest information shared among these groups and how SPIRA L
     is working around the world . Also, certain information from Cosmic Awareness is provided this publication for consideration by th e
     various SPIRAL organizations, much of which C .A .C . is not permitted to release due to its controversial and political nature . To do so
     could threaten the tax-exempt stratus of C .A .C . Please contact : _
                                                                      Justin Moody, Edito r
                                                                      The Rev'eiationa ;y News
                                                                       Rte . 1, Box 27 2             ($10 per year)
                                                                      Bakersvillr_, N .C . 28 705
     The Audio Letter:; of Dr . Beter are available from :
     The Dr . Beter Audio Letter
     PO Box 1642 8
     Ft . Worth, Texas 761.3?        (Bootleg copies also available through some SPIle aL grouj

     Printed transcriptions of the Dr. Deter Audio Letters can be obtained (as well as back-issue s
     Wisconsin Report
`    PO Box 4 5
     Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 (Send $10 .00 for a ene year subscription )

     More and more information is being leaked into the control'ed press which confirms Dr . Beter ' s materiel . For example, the March 3
     issue of the SPOTLIGHT 's "historic disclosure' of the particle beam weapons which Dr . Beter revealed 4 years ago ; also the Wall Stree t
     Journal in its March 21 issue revealed the Sov i et Union `is ahead in lasers and other focused-energy beam weapons .'Information o n
     robotoids has appeared in the book, 'The Biological Time Bomb', . by Gordon Taylor . The first information we have ever seen on th e
     Russian Skoptsi was Xeroxed by a member and given to this editor . It appeared in a recent issue of SWANK f a beaver magazine) ; th e
     article was titled : "The Secret Society That . Performs Castration in the Kremlin', by Cyrus W . Bell . If this lengthy article is factual(we
     have yet to question Awareness about it), these Christian Skoptsi are fanatics who must be taken seriously, for to prove their dedicat-
     ion to overthrowing governments etc ., they must undergo a ritual of castration, for they believe that a man who is not troubled by se x
     drive can give his full and undivided attention to affairs of state and the business at hand . (Whew'.) In Dr . Beter 's March Audio Letter ,
     interrupted by his heart attack, he revea led how the Russians are altering the weather patterns by shooting their particle beams fro m
     their moon base in an effort to destroy U .S . crops . (Awareness hinted at this method in this reading) . The papers have been full o f
     reports of unusual rainfall and crop damage around the U .S . According to Dr, Beter, this is only the beginning .

      We would like to remind the membership at this time that Awareness introduces certain concepts into consciousness through yo u
      good people . This is the alchemical, (high magic) which many of you as magicians in past lifetimes have agreed to use again in thi s
      present lifetime to help transmute the heavy energies of the Alien Force and bring forth the New Age to humanity upon this plane .
      At first glance, the suggestion that the membership write a few letters to the heads of the U .S . and Soviet, governments suggesting tha t
      their differences can be reconciled, would appear to be an exercise in futility . However, high magic works, and it does not take man y
      entities writing letters to get this entire concept of reconciliation into consciousness . Awareness takes it from there, and in time thi s
      concept will start filtering down into mass consciousness . Remember, Awareness said 'thousands of lives can be saved' and a few letter s
      will have a `tremendous effect' upon the world leaders . You 1-now it works . You know that the energies of the C .A .C . membershi p
      helped to transmute the Beast during the Spring of ` 79, Now, once again Awareness is requesting our energies, asking us all to write a
      few letters to President Carter and to Premier Brezhnev (very polite and encouraging letters) . Let 's co for it_ And don 't worry whethe r
      thcaeJeader~ am rot otoids svnthetick ; doubles or tIZ, r~ :E tf~in,wiz doa sn' t; matter . Those who are really in control and directing thes e
    _1sta.je_hl will be the ones who will read the lettersandlLo_pef allyact upon theirs . The Skoptsi, in their hearts, do not want war, but the y
      are convinced war is inevitable, and they are d'dicated to win that er and survive . The concept of a reconciliation of differences is
      not in the Russian consciousness--their entire history has been one of conflict, wars and the overthrowing of governments . Awareness
      indicates that con :scicusncss can be changed and the possii. ilit•% of i 'conciliation and the avoidance of global slaughter by Russia jus t
      might be achieved if we all write letters . Let's give it the old college try! A few sample letter suggestions are attached . t; emee r
      write then ; in longhand (don 't type them) . You can send an airmail letter to Russia for 31 cents postage . (Avaton) .

        REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter puhiisned every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications ,
        P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 (A Non-proiil organir..ation) .Rates and membership information is available upo n
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