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									                             Version 7.0 Launched on 31st August 2006.

                  ERP Product Blue Print

Use this presentation as benchmark to compare features of other ERPs. You
will discover that others are offering just peanuts for huge costs.
MobileERP, ERPWEB, SoftRobot, SoftServer are copyrighted products of MobileERP UK, India, Malaysia.
              Basics : What is ERP?
Fact: ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning Software to Manage
Information between man, material, money in an integrated way.
                      HRD              Supplier           Govt. Taxes
       Material       Employee         Purchasing
       Information        Planning     Stores
Try to see                                               Accounts
Integration                            Production
reach of
ERP                                    Shipment
                     Marketing                               Assets
Goal: To remove FoxPro/VB based non-integrated island of soft.
Challenges: Are we ready for integrated one single software ?
Basics: What is ERP Management Science?
Facts: Today's ERPs are developed on management science instead of
mere department automation. Best Practices are built-in ERP
Departments                       ERP Management Science
•Marketing/Shipment               • eCRM – Customer Relation Management
•Production/Planning              • eMRP – Manufacturing Resource Planning
•Purchase/Stores                  • eSCM – Supplier Chain Management
•Accounts/Finance                 • eFRM – Finance Resource Management
•HRD / Payroll                    • eHRM – Human Resource Management
•EDP / I.T./BPO                   • eITM – Information Technology Management
•Top Management                   • eQMS – Quality Management System
Goal: Convert Departments into Professional Service Firms.
Challenges: ERPWEB treats your departments as PSF or Professional
Service Firm. PSFs only asset – literally – is brains. Its only product is
projects. Its only aim is truly memorable client service. Are we ready for
such change? How we manage accounts for each departments?. How one
department will Bill other department?. How can we use this departments
as BPO Firms to manage all group companies?
 Basics: What is Web / Mobile based ERP?
Fact: More people know how to operate Web & Mobiles compared to Windows
ERPWEB is 100% web based ERP Software AND also Mobile based ERP Software

• NO Client Installation = Easy Remote Maintenance - GOOD
• Platform & Device Independent = Scalability - GOOD
• Time and location free = Access from anywhere - GOOD
• E-Business ready =Customers, Employees, Supplier - GOOD
• Easy to use = Everybody knows browsers & internet - GOOD
Challenges: Are you ready to shift from DOS/Foxpro style GUI Mindset
  OR Windows/VB style GUI Interface Mindset to Internet Web style GUI
  mindset?. Are u ready to accept new web & mobile technology?
  Basics: What is ERP for E-Business?
Facts: ERP E-Business is all about doing business using ERP with
customers, suppliers, employees, sub-contractor online via internet.
E/M-Business                   Clients, Prospects, Investors
Gen1: Website
Gen2: e-Com         Global Marketing B2C e-Business Increased Brand Value
Gen3: Portal      Suppliers,

                               B2B e-Business
                                                           INTERNET                                Employees,

                                                                                  B2E e-Business
Gen4: ERPWEB      Partners,


Gen5: MobileERP

                           Cutting Costs                              Increased Productivity

Goal: Make my Organization e-Business Ready & attack future
Challenges: E-business is rebuilding the organization from the ground up.
Most companies today are not built to exploit the Internet. Their business
processes, their approvals, their hierarchies, the number of people they
employ all of that is wrong for running an e-business. Future competition
will be fought on mobile phone. Are we ready for change ?
     Welcome: Introducing ERP Suite

I own the ERP

I will build my own ERP

I Subscribe ERP

   ERP Suite : What is ERPWEB?
Yesterday                          Today                          Tomorrow
Contents                           Contents                       Contents
Financials                         Financials                     FRM / QMS
Human Resource                     Human Resource                 HRM / HCM / PRM
Logistics                          Logistics + CRM                SCM/SRM/PLM/CRM
--------------------------------   ---------------------------    -------------------------
Legacy Technology:                 Mix Technology:                Web Technology:
Console: C/C++/Foxpro              C/S: VB/D2K/ABAP4              HTML / XML
DOS/Unix/Windows                   Windows + Web Mix              Platform Independent
--------------------------------   ----------------------------   --------------------------
e.g. Tally, SAP R/2, Orion         e.g. SAP R/3 + Siebel CRM      e.g. ERPWEB, MySAP

Key advantage:                     Key advantage:                 Key advantage:
Popular with data entry            Popular with people who        Popular with people who
Operators due to fast entry        are windows savvy              really understands ERP

   For Decision Makers: Make sure you are buying tomorrows ERPs today.
    ERP Suite : What is MobileERP?
    Old ERP on Conventional Model          New ERPs built on web 2.0 model
•    Transaction based approach.           •   Business Process Re-engineering
•    It is all about opening and closing       (BPR) based approach.
     multiple windows to find simple       •   Role based approach brings all
     information in old ERPs.                  information a user needs on one
•    Technology wasn’t designed to             screen called cockpit/dashboard.
     easily support business change.       •   Differentiate to innovate via
     Customization costs becomes               flexible technology. Reduce
     very high. Some vendors refuses           customization costs & time via
     to even customize to avoid failure.       services based process oriented
•    ERPs operational within premises          ERPs and advance IT Tools.
     of company only.                      •   ERPs now can operate anywhere
•    Huge implementation costs and             on any device outside premises.
     time makes projects unviable.         •   Do-It-Yourself implementation on
     Huge team of consultants, support         web 2.0 model makes project
     & dependency required from ERP            viable by empowering employees
     Vendor as Employees resist to             with tools without training to do
     learn ERP on their own and                implementation, operations etc. on
     implement.                                their own via self services.
•    One size fits all ERP just can’t      •   Industry specific ERP Solution
     work.                                     makes life easier.
•    E.g. All other ERPs                   •   E.g. MobileERP, NetSuite
For Decision Makers: Make sure you are not buying old ERP.
      ERP Suite : What is SoftRobot?
Fact: Today's development tools like Visual Studio, Java etc. are not built
to handle large scale application development projects like ERPs. So ERP
vendors have been developing their own tools e.g. SAP developed ABAP.
We developed SoftRobot
MobileERP &                    Gen 1 Prog. Editors         C, C++, Basic
ERPWEB uses SoftRobot
Codeless Development
Tools along with other tools                              VC, VB, ABAP
to help you quickly modify,
                               Gen 2   RAD Tools
develop ERP programs.
With SoftRobot
I will build my own ERP        Gen 3   CASE Tools        Rational Rose

                               Gen 4   Codeless Tools       SoftRobot

Goal: If your company goal is to build ERP on your own. Then you need
SoftRobot Development Tool with built-in ERP Software Template. You
can further customize it as per your business requirements and built your
own latest custom ERP.
ERP Suite : How to understand ERP Suite?
 3 Steps to understand ERP Suite
ERP Suite : Step 1 - Decide Process?

For Decision Makers: Implement processes from process library suitable to your business
ERP Suite : Step 2 - Decide Workflow
Re-engineering Procure2Pay Scenario:                                                           Simplify
 Before: Old ERP type People driven paper based transaction Process                            SelfService
                                             S                                                 Outsource
                                             U                                                 S
                                             P                                                 U
                                             P                                                 P
 Employee       Manager      Create          L      Receive            Manager                 P
 Create         Approve      Purchase        I      Goods              Approve /               L
 PR/Indent      PR/Indent    Order           E      With               Release     Cheque      I
 Document                                    R                                                 E
                                                    Invoice            Payments                R

 After: New ERP type Technology driven BPR based automated Process
                                              S         Entry
                                              U         Automated                               U
                                              P         Via Barcode
                Auto                          P                        Manager
 Employee                     Manager                    Receive                                P
 Create         Approval                                 Goods         Approve /                L
                              Approve         I                                    Bank         I
 PR/Indent      Based on                      E          With          Release
                              Purchase                                             Interface    E
 Document       Budgets                       R          Invoice       Payments
                              Order                                                             R
  Employee      Eliminate   Manager       Supplier         Outsource      Manager           Supplier
  SelfService               SelfService   SelfService                     SelfService       SelfService

For Decision Makers: Do not make mistake of using ERP without BPR in mind.
 ERP Suite : Step 3 - Decide Cockpits
                                                          Pre-Defined Modules
                 Pre-Defined User Roles

  Note: A Worklist is the list of Work which an employee/user is supposed to do it using ERP System
 9 Dashboards / Self Service User Cockpit                     Dashboard            Self Service
1. Implementation Dashboard
2. Transaction Dashboard
3. Biz Reports Dashboard                                              Role based
4. Folder Reports Dashboard                                           Worklist
5. Self Service Dashboard
6. Analytics Dashboard
7. Personalization Dashboard                                       Default Tree
8. Company Dashboard          Company                                 To Do List
9. System Dashboard           Defined
 3 kind of Embedded Roles     Website                                Alerts List
1. Pre-Defined Worklist                                             Scratch Pad
2. User-Defined Worklist
3. E-Business Defined Worklist
     ERP Suite : Built in DIY Implementation
Implementation                    To implement this ERP only thing you need to do is run 9 (Nine)
                                  Wizards. Just go on filling data into masters which it asks.
5 Steps for DIY
1.   Run Wizard
2.   Define data
3.   Enter Data                                                  Role based
4.   Check Integration                                           Implementation
5.   Rename Roles
Do – It – Yourself
Implement Benefits:
• Timely Implementation
• Implement via Wizards
• Zero Cost Implementation
• Done by Employees
• Done by Trusted People
• 100% Data Protection              Tip: Delete All Data Function will delete all
• Every Role enter its own data     sample data in system & make system ready
• Work division made by Roles
• Roles taken by specialists        to use. We provide sample data for you to do
• Responsibility established        testing and training by playing with system.
Training Recommended:               Software can be learned by playing with it.
How to Define Data for Masters?
                 pre-                                                          System.
Tip: Just rename pre-defined roles into your employee names to start using the System.
An ERP Implementation will only succeed 100% if done by your own employees via DIY
       ERP Suite : Built in Transaction Tools
 Data Capture                                                Role based
 Transaction Tools                                           Daily Transaction
 Dashboards                                                  Worklist
1.    Role based Worklist                Pre-Defined
2.    ToDo based WorkList
3.    Wizard based Worklist
                                              Event Driven
 Data Capture Methods
 1.    Web forms data entry                       Startups
 2.    PDF forms data entry
 3.    Self Service data entry
 4.    E-Business data entry
 5.    Web Services upload
 6.    Excel Upload data
 7.    Outsource data entry
 8.    Machine Interface’s
        1.   Keyboard / Mouse
        2.   Touch Screen
        3.   SMS
        4.   ATMs
        5.   Barcode
        6.   RFID
        7.   Mobile’s
        8.   Phone/Voice
 Training Recommended:
 How to record daily transactions?

 Data Capture Transaction Tools helps to automate dirty, tedious, boring work of data entry
    ERP Suite : Built in Biz Reports
                                                              Role based
1. Pre-printed
2. Drill Down
3. Range based
4. Time based
Report Types
•    Columnar
•    Tabular
•    Pivot
•    Complex
•    Graphical
•    MAPs
Report Formats
•    HTML
•    XML
•    Excel
•    Word
•    Pdf
•    Rpt
Training Recommended:
How to access & read reports?
    Most ERPs available in market provides only this conventional fixed reports.
     ERP Suite : Built in Folder Reports
1.   Search/Sort
2.   Matrix
3.   Range
4.   Graphic
5.   Custom
6.   Tools
      1.   Spreadsheet
      2.   Pivot
      3.   Summary
      4.   Delete All

Report Types
•    Columnar
•    Tabular
•    Pivot
•    Complex
•    Graphical
•    MAPs
Report Formats                                  Role based Folder
• HTML                                          Reports Worklist
•    XML                                        Present in All
•    Excel
•    Word
                                                Folders Of
•    Pdf                                        Even Masters
•    Rpt
Training Recommended:
How to access & read reports?
     Folder Reports are user defied reports used to generate real-time customized reports
          ERP Suite : Built in Self Service
Self Service
 My Purchase Requisitions
 My Material Requisitions
 My Leave Applications
 My Training Requests
 My Claims Applications
 My Loan Applications
 My Marketing Leads
 My Ideas/CRD Applications
 My Plan / Schedule
 My Personal Records
 My Attendance Records
 My Payslip Records
 My Discipline Notices
 My Address Book
 My IOMs/Tasks
                                                   Role based
 My To Do Lists                                    Self Service
 My Time Sheets                                    Worklist
Idea: Empower
people with tools to
bring productivity
Training Recommended:
How to use self-service?
Personalized information on hand improves productivity of employees
        ERP Suite : Built in Analytics
1.   Pivot / BI Charts
2.   Top 10 Dashboards
3.   Trees DrillDown
4.   Six Sigma Reports
5.   KPI Reports

Analytics are special
Report types which
Produces managers
Self service to find
Productivity for                                          Role based
Company, Departments,                                     Analytics
Process, Employees                                        Worklist
& others. It also uses
Standards like 6-Sigma.
Idea: Make faster business
decisions using Analytics

Training Recommended:
How to use Analytics?
     Empowering business people to improve productivity with embedded Analytics
     ERP Suite : Built in Personalization
1.   Email /Chat / SMS
2.   AddressBook
3.   Active Calendars
4.   Events/Appointments
5.   Active Trees
6.   Active ToDo List
7.   Active Alert Portals
      1.   Onscreen
      2.   SMS
      3.   Mobiles
      4.   Phone/Voice

Personalization Tools
1. Built-in ERP
2. Outlook Web
3. 3rd Party
                                           Role based
Idea: Use this to
Improve Communication
And time management
Training Recommended:
How to use Personalization?
Personalized information on hand improves productivity of employees
     ERP Suite : Built in Company Specifics
Company Specific
1.   Document Mgmt.
2.   Company Website
3.   Company Profiles
4.   Help Desks
Document Management
Is very important
Productivity tool to
Share and control
Documents org. wide.
Company Tools
1. Built-in ERP
2. MS Share point
3. 3rd Party                                      Role based
                                                  Company Specific
Idea: Use this to                                 Websites/Portals etc.
Improve Communication                             Worklist
                                Website open
And sharing of info.
                                To everybody      Portal open to
Training Recommended:                             Role based users only
How to use Company specifics?
Share information on hand improves productivity of employees and overall company
       ERP Suite : Built in System Specifics
System Specific
1.   Help Mgmt.
2.   About ERP
3.   PC Profiles                                        System Help
4.   FAQs                                               Worklist

Idea: Use this to
Improve usage
Of ERP System
Training Recommended:
How to use ERP System Help?
System Help on hand improves productivity of employees and overall company
          ERP Suite : Built in Security
1.   Firewall
2    SSL
3.   PKI Keys
4.   Certificate
5.   MobileERP
Facts: If
Banks, Stock
Exchange can
work on net                 Security via Document Signatures
why can’t your
    ERP Suite : Built-in Reusability
   A unique data driven codeless technology using Artificial Intelligence methodology of
   Storing business logic in database makes it re-usable and easy to upgrade/change.
    Knowledge Base          Inference Engine       Technology developed & copyrighted by MobileERP.

       MobileERP                                                            SoftServer
       Business                                                             Folder
                              SoftServer              SoftServer
                                  SoftServer                                SoftServer
                                  Login                                     Document
         MobileERP                Server                                    Server
         Database                                     Alerts, PIM
                                                      etc. Servers

RAD Tool        EMAIL       EXCEL       WORD       HTML     XML         WML        SMS

      ERP works as Expert System bringing in data based on process based networks
     ERP Suite : Built-in Flexibility
Real world objects used as ERP Software building blocks helps us to manage flexibility
and Common language between technical software people and business people.
                                       Real World Objects = MobileERP Components


     Open          Approve                        Rejected

1. Services Flexibility built in Folders and Documents and their access rights with users
2. Real world objects helps us to prepare exact business models of existing business.
          ERP Suite : Built-in Long Life
Fact: With others you need to re-write programs every 2 years as their
technology becomes obsolete very fast. So small life of your ERP.
                                                    MobileERP                                    Others
                                                                                        SAP          SAP R3             VB.NET
                                                         HTML, XML
               Front End                                 Web Browser
                                                                                        R1/2         VC++/D2K           HTML
                                                                                        C,C++        VB, ABAP4
                                            1990                              2006      1980              1990          2006
                                                                                                                  .net DLLs,
                                                                                                                  Java Class
                                                         SQL Based                                   DCOM,        WSDL
               Middle End                                SoftServer                                  DLLs, R3

                                            1990                              2006      1980              1990           2006

                                                         MS SQL Server                              ORACLE,
                                                                                                    MS SQL Server
               Back End
                                            1990                              2006      1980              1990           2006
SAP, MySAP is copyright software of SAP Germany. Other softwares are copyright products of that respective companies.
   ERP Suite : Built-in Best Practices

For Decision Makers: Implement standards from suitable to your business
 ERP Suite : Built in Industry Sol.
Manufacturing Industries   Services Industry               Public Services
• Aerospace and defense    • Logistics Service providers   • Defence & Security
• Automotive               • Media / Entertainment         • Healthcare
• Chemicals                • Wholesale Distribution        • Education & Research
• Consumer Products        • Utilities                     • Public Sectors
• Engineering              • Telecommunications            • Utilities
• Construction             • Railways / Transportation
• High-tech                • Retail
• Machinery & Components   • Postal / Courier services
• Mill Products            • Professional Services
• Apparels                 • R&D
• Mining, Oil & Gas        • Software Development
• Pharmaceuticals          • BPO
                           • Financial
                           • Insurance
                           • Education
                           • Hotels
                           • Hospitals
 ERP Suite : Built in Custom Solutions
  MobileERP:                           ERPWEB:
  Software as Service                  Software as License
  Pay- as- you-
  Pay-as-you-go operation expense      Pay upfront capital expense
  Lower upfront Subscription           High upfront cost & annual
  costs                                maintenance costs
  Cost for annual subscription         Cost for applications,
  and minimal                           maintenance, infrastructure
  IT/application resources             IT/application resources
  Faster implementation                Longer time required to
  And                                   install and configure
  Time- to-
  Time-to-productivity                 applications
  More control over                    Not much control over
  Relationship                         vendor after
  With vendor                          purchase
  Future of ERP on Web 2.0 Model       Conventional Model which will become outdated
                                       with time
  Better risk sharing                  Greater risk for
  with vendor                          users
  Ideal with companies with mindset    Ideal for companies with mindset my data
  Outsourcing IT is key to success     should remain with me

No other ERP will offer you so much in so less investment. Invest today & progress
    ERP Suite : Built in Complete Solutions
ERP Editions                                                          Hardware + Software + Services in
                         ERPWEB            MobileERP
                           Conventional    Web 2 Hosted online
                                                                      fixed price offer to control your TCO
Selling model                 model              model                & Budgets = Low cost ERP
Ideal for companies       My Data should   Outsourcing IT is key
with mindset =             be with me            for you
                                                                   Hardware’s                  ERPWEB                MobileERP
Software’s               ERPWEB            MobileERP               Physical Server Hardware   Yes                    No
ERP Server Software
                                                                   Internet Server Hardware   No                     Yes (100 MB)
with CRM, HRM, QMS.      Yes               Yes
                                                                   Mobile Server Hardware     Yes                    No
                         Yes (MS Share
PIM Server Software      point PORTAL)     Yes (online freeware)
SoftServer Application
                                                                   Services                    ERPWEB                 MobileERP
Server                   Yes               Yes                     Installation (Offsite)     Yes (Pre-installed)    Yes (Pre-installed)
SoftRobot Codeless                                                 Customization              Yes(Free upto 25       Yes(Free upto 10
Development Tools        No                No                      (Online/Offsite)           mandays)               mandays p.a)
Windows 2003 Server                                                Configuration              Yes(Free upto 5        Yes(Free upto 5 users
O.S                      Yes               Yes (online server)     (Online/Offsite)           users + 20 pre-Conf)   p.a + 20 pre-Conf.)
SQL 2005 Database                                                  Support (Online/Offsite    Yes(Free upto 1 year
Server                   Yes               Yes (online server)     via email)                 online)                Yes (Free online p.a)
ISA Security Server      Yes               No                      Data-Migration             Yes (Free upto 50      Yes (Free upto 50
                                                                   (Online/Offsite)           mandays)               mandays)
Web Server               Yes (MS IIS)      Yes (MS IIS)
                                                                   Onsite Training at
                         Yes (MS
                                                                   Customer Place             Yes(Extra Charge)      Yes(Extra Charge)
Email Server             Exchange)         Yes (online freeware)
                                                                   DataEntry BPO Services
File Server              Yes               No
                                                                   Offsite                    Yes(Extra Charge)      Yes(Extra Charge)
Print Server             Yes               No
                                                                   ERP Project Management
Fax Server               Yes               No                      Services (Onsite)          Yes(Extra Charge)      Yes(Extra Charge)
SMS Server               Yes               No                      AMC + Free Upgrades
                                                                   (Online/Offsite)           Yes (Extra Charge)     Yes (Free online)
ERP Suite : Built in ROI Calculations
Process     Before ERP          After ERP
Marketing   No Data Capture     Campaign Performance,                    100% as new
                                Salesmen Performance Measured            system in place
Sales       No Data entry via   Order Processing became fast as now      Increase of 50%
ordering    Web                 customers themselves enter sales order   sales via web
                                data via customer self service
Shopfloor   No cycle time       Process and Operator Performance         100% as new
            tracking            Measured                                 system in place
Leave       Contact HR. for     Employee can check their own leave via   Employee happy
            records             self service based portals               100%
Planning    Planning based      Organized MRP based planning makes       Inventory cost
            on gut feelings     production and purchase order in         reduced by 70%

Facts: "Computer is Brain, Network is Nervous System and
Database is memory of your Organization, while ERP is heart of
your Organization which pumps data as blood in organizations
body to keep it alive. Do your Organization have heart?...“ Most
organization bought everything except ERP?. Are u one of them?
ERP Suite : Customers Profile
     The New ERP Suite: Basic Features
1.    Built-
      Built-in BPR Based differentiation: Process based approach with BPR built-in adds value to your ERP investment
      made today. Now you can find how to reduce cost of your standard activities (what keeps your head above waters).
2.    Built-
      Built-in Process Library: The Foundation of Leadership today is an art to Differentiate, Differentiate to innovate, say
      goodbye to standard ERPs which only gave you partial ERP or mini-ERPs in past. Add a process to process library to
      make ERP fit almost 90% of your business. Now you know where to invest to make company grow. Invest in well
      defined, well developed processes to make it grow.
3.    Built-
      Built-in Best Practices / Standards: More and more companies need to implement best practices based on
      management standards like 6-sigma, ISO, Balance Scorecard, KPIs, CMMi, COPC, Rosettanet, P-CMM, APICS etc. Now
      you know how to meet your compliance challenges to get those quality certificates.
4.    Built in Integration: Major benefit of ERP is tight integration of all Man, Material, Money and Information.
5.    Built-
      Built-in Flexibility: Most important requirements of any ERP is ability to change software when business process
      change. MobileERP built on Softserver architecture using SoftRobot Tools enables IT and Business people to
      communicate in common language of Documents, Folders, Processes.
6.    Built in Long Life: A unique and new data driven codeless software technology using Artificial Intelligence
      methodology of Storing business logic in database makes it re-usable and easy to upgrade/change.
7.    Built-
      Built-in Reusability: Real world objects used as ERP Software building blocks helps us to manage flexibility and
      Common language between technical software people and business people.
8.    Built-
      Built-in Analytics: Provide information to your employees when and where they need them on whatever devices like
      Mobiles, ATMs, TVs, PCs. Built-in Real-time Integrations to MS Office, Websites, Portals, Maps, Web Services and 3rd
      Party Software tools & technologies makes reporting technology very poweful.
9.    Built-
      Built-in Reports: Built-in standard pre-defined reports makes standardization of services within company as well as
      industry as a whole.
10.   Built-
      Built-in Embedded Roles: Pre-defined, User-defined, e-Business roles simplified administrative and implementation
      jobs to kick start the live run of software.
11.   Built- Multi-
      Built-in Multi-Device Integration for Transaction data capturing tools: ATMs, Mobiles, TVs, RFID, Barcodes, Faxes,
      Phones, PLCs, Web services with Other ERPs etc.
12.   Built-
      Built-in Industry Solutions: Customize generic ERP to make sense in every industry settings.
13.   Built-
      Built-in Complete Solutions: Hardware + Software + Services from single vendor at fixed price helps you to control
      your TCO (Total cost of Ownership) and Budgets.
14.   Built-
      Built-in DIY Implementation: Do-It-Yourself implementation on web 2.0 model makes project viable by empowering
      employees with tools without training to do implementation, operations etc. on their own via self services.
15.   Built-
      Built-in Personalization: Personal information on hand improves productivity of employees.
16.   Built-
      Built-in Security: Built in security services ensures that the business is safe online or offline.
For Decision Makers: Make sure you are buying New ERP and Differentiate yourself.
                                                    Thank you
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