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									                                       Official Application Form
                                  Action 2 - Production Support


                Action 2

        Call for Proposals 2009

      Official Application Form

                                                                 Official Application Form
                                                            Action 2 - Production Support



    Section 1:   APPLICANT’S DETAILS

    Section 2:   PROJECT DETAILS


    Section 4:   OWNERSHIP OF RIGHTS




                                                                                                   Official Application Form
                                                                                              Action 2 - Production Support


1.       Refer to the Malta Film Fund Guidelines for Applicants for assistance.

2.       The application must be submitted by not later than 12.00 noon on 1 March 2010. Applications should
         be addressed as follows:

                                     The 2009 Malta Film Fund
                                     Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
                                     Casa Leoni
                                     St. Joseph High Street
                                     Santa Venera

3.       Applications that do not include all the requested material as specified in the guidelines will be
         considered ineligible and will not be processed further. Only completed applications will be accepted.

4.       Applicants must complete the official application form Section 1 – Section 7 and present 1 original
         signed application form and further 3 copies.

5.       4 copies of all the mandatory required documentation and annexes must to be submitted.

6.       The submitted material should be presented in the following sequence:

         (a)      Completed application form
         (b)      Mandatory documentation and annexes
         (c)      Additional documentation.

7.       The Application Form and documents and annexes will be evaluated, in terms of award criteria, by the
         independent expert team as outlined in the Guidelines for Applicants.


The administrators of the 2009 Malta Film Fund will hold the information provided by the applicant in a paper based and
computerised system. The administrators of the fund will use this information to process applications and awards in line
with its published guidelines and will retain confidentiality in compliance with all applicable Data Protection legislation.

If at any point in the evaluation or implementation process sound evidence is discovered that contradicts the Applicant’s
Declaration below, the administrators shall disqualify the application as ineligible and, if project has been approved for
funding, shall demand full reimbursement, with interest, of any payments already issued to the applicant.

                                                                                               Official Application Form
                                                                                          Action 2 - Production Support

Please complete all section in full, except where otherwise indicated.

1 Company Details

1.1 Name of applicant

1.2 Identity Card Number

1.3 Name of applicant company

1.4 Designation of applicant

1.5 Contact name (if different from 1.1)

1.6 Contact address

1.7 Contact telephone numbers                                   Business:



                                                                Website (if available):


1.8 VAT Registration number

1.9 Trading name of company (if different from above)

1.10 Full legal name of company (if different from above)

1.11 Please state the principal function/purpose of your        Production company (Film)                □ -
company (tick as appropriate)                                   Production company (TV)                  □
                                                                Production company (Digital/Interactive) □
                                                                Other (please give details)
1.12 Date of company registration

1.13 Are you a branch or a subsidiary of a larger               Branch
organisation? (If yes, select and give the full name of the     Yes □
company.)                                                       No □

                                                                Yes □
                                                                No □

                                                                Full name of company:

                                                                                             Official Application Form
                                                                                        Action 2 - Production Support

1.14 Name of Chief Executive/Managing Director of
applicant company

1.15 Head of Production or contact person

1.16 Shareholders of applicant company
Please provide requested information in the table below

Name                                    Nationality + ID Card number            Percentage of ownership

2. Quality, Experience and Qualification of Applicant Company

2.1 Company history

Please provide detailed information on previous experience of the applicant company and/or the employee/s and
shareholders of the company and/or the proposed production and creative team. Please provide details and copies of
relevant past documentation relating to previous audiovisual works as listed in annexes. This might include underlying
rights documentation or contracts with broadcasters and distributors.

                                                                                              Official Application Form
                                                                                         Action 2 - Production Support

2.2 The company/employees/shareholder or members of proposed creative team must provide proof of having produced
or co-produced and distributed audiovisual works within the last eight years (starting from January 2001).

Please state the type of previous experience as producer:

 Previous audiovisual work(s) by the applicant company                 □
 Previous audiovisual work(s) by the applicant company’s current       □
 employees and/or shareholders
 Previous audiovisual work/s by the member(s) of the proposed          □
 creative team

3. Previous work(s) produced by the applicant company/employees/shareholder/proposed creative team since

3.1 Title of the work(s)

3.2 Type of work(s) (short film, feature film, documentary,
drama series, animation)

3.3 Duration of the previous work(s) (running time)

3.4 Year of completion of the production(s)

3.5 Evidence of distribution and/or sales                       □ Theatrical distribution agreement
(tick where appropriate)                                        □ Broadcasting agreement / Co-production agreement
                                                                  with a TV broadcaster (eg. agreement with PBS)
                                                                □ DVD publishing or on-line distribution agreement
                                                                □ Proof of cinema release or broadcast
                                                                □ Proof of exhibition at festivals
                                                                □ Other please specify:

                                                                                              Official Application Form
                                                                                         Action 2 - Production Support


1. Title of Project

2. Type of Project (tick where appropriate)                   Short Film Production  □
                                                              Documentary Production □

3. Creative Team

3.1 Please specify name and role of the members of the Production and Creative Team (director, producer, scriptwriter,
director of photography) to be involved in the proposed project:

           Name                              Role                     Nationality                   Residency



                              Director of Photography

                              Co Producer

                              Production Designer/ Art


3.2 Details on the members of the company and the location of production (tick where appropriate)

□ Producer/s is a Maltese citizen or holds permanent residence status in Malta
□ Writer/s is a Maltese citizen or holds permanent      residence status in Malta
□ Director/s is a Maltese citizen or holds permanent residence status in Malta
□ Content and location of story is based completely or partially in Malta
□ Language to be used is Maltese
□ Likely location of the production, production and/or post production is Malta

                                                                                                Official Application Form
                                                                                           Action 2 - Production Support

4. Creative and Cultural Relevance

Describe how the mix of the proposed creative team’s experience and the idea behind the script contributes to the
cultural value of the proposed project.

5. Total duration of project:

Number of Prep Days:
Number of Production Days:

6. Delivery platform:                                        TV                     □
                                                             Cinema                 □
                                                             Other                  □

                                                             In this case, Other please give details:

7. Shooting format (eg. HD)                                  Please give details:

                                                                                                 Official Application Form
                                                                                            Action 2 - Production Support
8. Please give a brief synopsis of the project


8.1 Running Time:

8.2 Specify script language and production language:

9. Aims and objectives

Please provide a full description of the project’s aims and objectives. (Indicate primary motives behind the choice of the
subject matter and its treatment.)

                                                                                                Official Application Form
                                                                                           Action 2 - Production Support

10. Marketing and Distribution

Please provide details on how you intend to distribute and market the project to national and international audiences.

11. Budget details

11.1 Development Budget:                                                            €

11.2 Total production budget of the proposed project:                               €

11.3 The grant requested from Malta Film Fund:                                      €
(Production grants awarded may amount to not more than 50% of the entire
production budget)

11.4 Expected start date for production:

11.5 Expected date of completion for your project

                                                           - 10 -
                                                                                                        Official Application Form
                                                                                                   Action 2 - Production Support

12. Sources Of Finance

Please state in the table below the sources of finance envisaged to cover the development budget, together with their
status (In the case of confirmed financing kindly attach proof with annexes)
                                                                     Date of                    Status
                                        Name of Financial
        Source of Finance                                          Contract or    Amount      (confimed /
                                             Partner 1                                                          %
                                                                Letter of Intent,    €           to be
                                                                      if any                  confirmed)
Public Support
- Co-production
- Television rights

Distribution Guarantees                                                                                                        %
Pre-Sales                                                                                                                      %
National Co-Producer                                                                                                           %
Producer’s Own Investment
- Cash Investment
- Deferral(s) of producer fee an
Other                                                                                                                          %
- In-kind Investment(s)
- Third party deferrals
- Other sources of financing

Sub Total                                                                                                                      %

Total                                                                                                                          %

13. Financing Strategy

Describe the financing strategy for the proposed project:

1Indicate name of company and enclose all terms of evidence of financing (contracts, deal-memos, letters of intention, confirmation
of any national support, decisions)

                                                                - 11 -
              Official Application Form
         Action 2 - Production Support

- 12 -
                                                                                              Official Application Form
                                                                                         Action 2 - Production Support

14. Production Strategy and Schedule

Specify the time frames for each stage of the production process (eg. development, prep, production, post, marketing
and distribution).

                                                          - 13 -
                                                                                Official Application Form
                                                                           Action 2 - Production Support


1. Bank Identification Form

1.1 Name of account holder (company)

1.2 Address of account holder (company)                        Street:



1.3 Name of the statutory legal representative

Signature of the applicant company’s legal representative


2. Bank Details Of Account Holder

2.1 Name of bank

2.2 Name of branch

2.3 Address of branch                                          Street:



2.4 IBAN number

                                                            - 14 -
                                                                                                 Official Application Form
                                                                                            Action 2 - Production Support

1. The project is:

An original work      □                                          An adaptation □
                                                                 In this case, please provide agreements for the existing
                                                                 work as well as the adaptation as listed in annexes.

1.1 In case of adaptation, state the title and author of the original work:

2. The applicant company must show, no later than on the date of submission, that it holds the majority of the rights
relating to the project for which support is being sought. It is required to provide a contract covering: concept, subject,
treatment or script. This contract must be duly signed and dated by the author(s).

2.1 Name of author(s) of concept, subject, treatment or script

2.2 The applicant company holds the majority of the rights by having:

□ an option agreement between the author and the applicant company for an adequate duration to cover the whole
  production schedule and clearly setting out the conditions for exercising the option

□ a contract transferring the rights from the author to the applicant company

□ a unilateral declaration of the transfer of rights to the applicant company where the author is the producer,
  shareholder or employee of the company

□ a co-production or co-production agreement duly dated and signed by the parties involved and clearly showing that
  the applicant company holds the majority of the rights at the date of the application.

                                                              - 15 -
                                                                                                    Official Application Form
                                                                                               Action 2 - Production Support


I the undersigned……….…….………………….. I.D. Card number …………………. declare that I am the authorised
signatory for the applicant company and guarantee that:

    1. The information contained in the Application Form and documents/annexes is complete and correct, according to
        the terms defined in the guidelines for this call for proposals.

    2. The applicant is an independent audiovisual company according to the definition provided in the guidelines of this
       call for proposals and has been registered in Malta under the Malta Financial Services Centre Act.

    3. The applicant has sent only one submission for the 2009 Malta Film Fund.

    4. The applicant has produced and distributed audiovisual works within the last eight years (starting from January

    5. The applicant is the originator of the script or treatment or has majority rights relating to the project.

    6. The proposed project does not infringe the rights of a third party.

    7. The proposed project has not already been finalised or does not consist of any part/s which have already been

    8. The proposed project is for the production of a Maltese short film or documentary.

    9. The proposed project does not promote violence, racism and/or pornographic content. Or in any way violate the
        Maltese Constitution.

    10. In case of selection, the applicant company accepts that the name and address, the type of financial support, the
         amount awarded and the rate of funding will be published by the administrators of the Malta Film Fund.

Signature: ……………………..............                                              Date: ……………………….
Applicant or company representative                                                     (eg. 10/12/09)

Designation of signatory in applicant company: ………………………………….

Name of applicant company (if applicable): ……………………….......…………

                                                             - 16 -
                                                                                                  Official Application Form
                                                                                             Action 2 - Production Support

 If the submitted application is approved, the project will benefit from de minimis State Aid in line with the new
 Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1998/2006 of 15 December 2006 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC
 Treaty to de minimis aid.

 Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1998/2006 allows an enterprise to receive a total amount of up to €200,000
 (approximately Lm 85,800) of de minimis aid over a period of three fiscal years. These maximum thresholds would
 include all State Aid under this scheme and any other State aid measure granted under the de minimis rule. Any de
 minimis aid received in excess of the established threshold will have to be recuperated, with interest, from the enterprise
 receiving the aid.

 The following is an indicative list of the possible forms of State Aid:

         Grants from public bodies
         Loans or loan guarantees at favourable rates
         Tax benefits
         Waiving or deferral of fees or interest normally due
         Marketing and advertising assistance
         Consultancy, training and other support provided either free or at a reduced rate
         Aid for investment in environmental projects or research and production assistance
         Purchase, rent or lease of immovable property at less than market rate.

 Potentially any assistance from a public body may constitute State aid. Should you have any doubts on this matter,
 contact the administrators of the Malta Film Fund on:


 I declare that a comprehensive amount of de minimis aid received to date over the last three fiscal years is:

         Fiscal Year 2007               Fiscal Year 2008          Fiscal Year 2009           TOTAL

     Lm/€                          €                              €                          €

 A breakdown of the source, type and amount of de minimis aid received is presented overleaf.
 (if no de minimis aid was received kindly mark as Nil)

Business Undertaking (Full Legal Name)                      VAT Registration Number

    Name and Surname (BLOCK CAPITALS):                         Position in Establishment:

    ______________________________________                _______________________________________
      Signature                                                     Date

                                                               - 17 -
                                                                                              Official Application Form
                                                                                         Action 2 - Production Support


(Note: Information should include both State aid received as well as applications for de minimis State aid still pending
approval by potential grantors)

      DATE                  SOURCE/GRANTORS                            TYPE OF STATE AID                AMOUNT

 Eg: 12/01/2006      Central Government                           Soft Loan Scheme                       23, 293

                                                         - 18 -
                                                                                                  Official Application Form
                                                                                             Action 2 - Production Support


Please provide the following documents:


    1. 1 original, completed and signed, application form plus 3 copies.
    2. In addition, 1 further copy of the application form and required material (as listed below) in digital format
       (eg. CD).

AND 4 copies of the following:

    1. Certificate issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority confirming company registration.
    2. A letter from the applicant’s bank (bank reference letter) and recent financial accounts of the company.
    3. Example/s of previous work on DVD and evidence of distribution (this could be a feature or short film, television
       production, documentary or animation).
    4. Identity Card of Maltese company owner or shareholder or proof of permanent residency.
    5. Identity Card of Maltese director and/or scriptwriter and/or producer.
    6. Evidence of ownership of rights for proposed project or contract of acquisition/transfer of rights.
    7. Treatment of story.
    10. Full and complete shooting script.
    11. Company profile and CVs of key persons in the Production and Creative teams.
    12. Production Budget complete with top sheet to include full production costs breakdown. Please refer to Annex 2.
    13. Production Budget Sample for reference to the extent and level of reporting detail expected, where applicable.


      1. Teaser Trailer.
      2. Story board and other visual material.
      3. Letter(s) of intent from financial partner(s).
      4. Letter(s) of interest of co-development, co-production, pre-sale/distribution or other agreement(s).

                                                            - 19 -

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