ANNUAL REVIEW

                                              Changeworks staff:
                                              Adam Ostrycharz
                                              Ailbha Richmond
                                              Andrew Arnott
                                              Andrew Paterson
                                              Angela Barron
                                              Anna Derricourt
                                              Anne Hay
                                              Carol Aitken
                                              Caroline Archibald
                                              Catherine Fong
                                              Charles MacKenzie
                                              Chris Morris
                                              Ciaran Davis
                                              Dagmara Opilka
                                              Daniel Prince
                                              David Campbell
Changeworks exists to improve quality         David Paterson
                                              David Reid
of life and to protect the environment.       Dianne Welsh
                                              Donna Greenhill
We work with passion, integrity and           Eilidh Donald
                                              Elizabeth Partington
in collaboration to develop and deliver       Evelyn Mitchell
innovative projects and businesses that       Frank Cowie
                                              Gary Miller
inspire and empower people and                Gary Pearson
                                              Gillian Gardner
communities to make a difference.
                                              Gillian MacDonald
                                              Iain Waugh
Our activities:                               Ian Smith
                                              Janette Archibald
◗	 Increase energy efficiency and the         Jenny Brown
   use of renewable sources of energy         Jess Gildener
                                              Jill Fenton
                                              John Imrie
◗	 Prevent waste from going to landfill by
                                              Kathleen Kirkness
   reducing, reusing and recycling; and       Ken McLean
                                              Laura McGadie
◗	 Promote methods of transport with          Louise Ross
                                              Mariusz Mrowiec
   low environmental impact.                  Michael Cosford
                                              Michael McConnell

Resources for life                            Neil Fraser
                                              Nicholas Heath
                                              Nikki Cutler
By providing people with the information
                                              Pamela Dickson
they need to make choices that lessen         Patricia Falconer
                                              Pilar Rodriguez
their impact on the environment, we           Prithika Nair
help them to lead safer, healthier,           Przemyslaw Tarnowski
                                              Radoslaw Koszalka
more fulfilled lives.                         Rebecca MacKinnon
                                              Rob Snaith
By alleviating poverty and disadvantage       Robert Barnham
                                              Ruth Kennedy
we help to foster social justice and          Samantha Mills
equality of opportunity.                      Sarah Swann
                                              Sarah Waugh
By using the earth’s natural resources        Sebastian Bogut
                                              Sitar Ramsay
efficiently we help to protect the rich and   Shona Cargill
                                              Stephen Strachan
diverse planet that is our home and to        Stuart Duncan
ensure that those resources are available     Stuart Hay
                                              Teresa Bray
for everyone, now and in the future.          Thomas Young
                                              Tom Kenny
By changing behaviour we make possible        Tomasz Bien

our vision: resources for life.
                                              Trella Javanainen
                                              Valla Moodie
                                              (September 2008)
a yEar of ChANgE

Look at most newspapers, local, national,              mean for them. One
broadsheet and tabloid and you’ll see that             of our most innovative
climate change and the environment are                 and pioneering
rising up the list of important issues. This           initiatives this year
is a reflection on how they’re increasingly            was the Waste Wise
recognised and seen as important by                    Armadale project. By
individuals, communities, businesses and               working closely with a
government. But recognition is one thing.              community and finding
Understanding it, acting on it and not feeling         out what makes its residents tick, we helped
overwhelmed by it can feel challenging even            it reduce its waste by an estimated 6% in less
to people confident about sustainable living.          than a year. This is why community engagement
Conflicting views and advice abound, and               is essential, it ensures real change.
there are thousands of articles, books and
                                                       Our part is to get out there and talk to people;
websites proffering ‘the answers’.
                                                       over the phone, in their homes, at work and
Changeworks’ role is to engage with people             while they’re out and about. We can find out
on a massive scale and to help guide them              what’s important to them and relate it back to
through the myriad of issues and actions. We           climate change and waste issues. This is
plan to double our carbon and waste reduction          essential if you want people to reflect on their
targets by 2010 but this will only have meaning        values and the way they live their lives. Without
if our advice, support and services lead to            it, we won’t see the big changes that really
genuine behaviour change.                              need to happen.
Community engagement needs to be at the
heart of our approach. For people to really
connect with the issue of climate change and
the environment they need to know what it will         Councillor Ian Perry, Chair of the Board

The last 18 months have been a period of               at Changeworks in
enormous change for Changeworks. With a                January. Our vision
change in Chief Executive, new contracts to            and values speak
run the Energy Saving Scotland advice centres          about passion,
in South East Scotland and the Highlands and           innovation and
Islands, an extensive premises refurbishment           collaborative working
programme and 23 new staff, it has been a              – Changeworks staff
hugely challenging but incredibly exciting time.       do this everyday, with
These opportunities have given Changeworks             skill and with humour. I have thoroughly
a new lease of life. We are bigger and broader         enjoyed my first ten months at Changeworks,
and better able to deliver our objectives. We          and look forward to leading such a dynamic
also have a fantastic team of committed staff          organisation into 2009 and beyond.
to ensure that we actually do so.
I would like to take this opportunity to
recognise the immense amount of dedication
and hard work shown by staff since I arrived           Teresa Bray, Chief Executive

KEy objECtIVEs                                                                     2007/8                            2006/7

1 To alleviate poverty and disadvantage by
    channelling money into areas of deprivation

                          Channelled into areas of deprivation                     £2.4m                             £1.6m

2 To stop global climate change by reducing
    emissions of CO2 and carbon

                                                       CO2e saved*         119,298 tonnes                    110,821 tonnes

3 To reduce the amount of household waste
    sent to landfill

          Household waste prevented from going to landfill
                          Reduction due to project changes                     694 tonnes                      2,557 tonnes

4 To reduce the amount of commercial waste
    going to landfill

                                 Commercial waste recycled
             Reduction due to the end of Cash for Cans project               2,053 tonnes                      2,261 tonnes

5 To increase the number of people engaged
    in achieving environmental, economic and
    social sustainability

                         Engaged in achieving environmental,
                         economic and social sustainability**               134,713 people                    90,105 people

6 To influence policies and strategies to
    further environmental, economic and
    social sustainability

                          Influenced to further environmental,
                                                                             21 policies &                     19 policies &
                           economic and social sustainability                 strategies                        strategies
* CO 2 e accounts for all climate change gases such as methane. The carbon reported here includes carbon savings secured under the Scottish
Government’s fuel poverty programmes, the fuel utilities Energy Efficiency Commitment, the Scottish Community and Householder Renewables
Initiative and Loan Action Scotland.
** Engaged means direct involvement geared towards taking action        2
our CARboN FootpRINt

Changeworks exists to protect the environment so it’s essential that as an
organisation we have as little impact on the planet as possible. For the last
three years we’ve measured how much energy and water we use, what our
transport habits are and how much waste we produce.
This year we’ve measured our entire carbon
footprint and matched that against the amount         the biggest contributors
of carbon we’ve saved through our work.
                                                      Our carbon footprint – 201 tonnes CO2e
                                                      ◗	 Diesel used in LEEP Recycling vehicles 18%
                                                      ◗	 LPG used by pool vehicles 1%
                                                      ◗	 Gas used in building 23%
                                                      ◗	 Electricity used in building 29%
                                                      ◗	 Commuting – bus 2%
                                                      ◗	 Commuting – train 3%
                                                      ◗	 Commuting – car 17%
 We saved 119,298 tonnes of CO2e*
                                                      ◗	 Business – trains 3%
                                                      ◗	 Other sources 4%

           We expended 201 tonnes of CO2e
                                                      What we’re already doing
                                                      to improve
                                                       Made it easier for Changeworks
how we measured our footprint                         employees to purchase bus and rail
This carbon footprint is based on our known           passes.
CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions for         Joined a bike to work scheme making
the year 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008. We            it cheaper for staff to purchase a bike.
used the Carbon Trust’s guidelines for carbon
                                                       Included insulation of the energy office
footprinting and conducted it on an operational
                                                      in our recent refurbishments.
basis so that it included leased equipment like
vehicles and machinery. We’ve also had                 Made an ongoing commitment to
recognition and praise from our ISO14001              measure and reduce our CO2e emissions
environmental management assessor for the             per employee and to increase the amount
work we’re doing to understand and address            of CO2e we help people to save per tonne
our carbon footprint.                                 of CO2e we expend.

   our worK with
   hoUsEhoLdERs ANd CommUNItIEs
   In October 2007, our first Changeworks-wide               Energy
   publicity campaign, Get Engaged, brought
                                                             Our energy advice teams have had an
   together all of our projects to show the
                                                             exceptionally busy year, and with fuel
   community of Edinburgh how we can help
                                                             poverty on the rise, their role has become
   them take easy steps to tackle climate change.
                                                             more important than ever. Warm and Well,
               The Get Engaged launch at the                 Cosy Kids, East Lothian Energy Advice
               Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh               Centre, the Fuel Billing Advice Team and
               was our best public event yet, with           the Warmburgh Advice Team all provide
               over 800 people taking part in                specialist advice and support to people
               activities and games and soaking              to ensure they live in warm, dry homes.
               up advice and information. All we             Our seven advisors talk to people over the
               asked is for people to get engaged            phone or in person, either in client’s homes,
   with us by phone, email, at an event or through           at our office, at community events or local
   the website. Our ‘engagement party invitation’,           surgeries. The projects have helped 1,663
   pulled together all of our top tips for sustainable       vulnerable households in Edinburgh,
   living and gave one lucky person the chance to            Midlothian and East Lothian and in the
   win ‘The Works’ – a prize worth £1,000.                   process exceeded their targets for the year.
   Our promise is that this is just the beginning            Households are given help to cut their fuel
   – we want people to keep coming back to                   bills, access grants to make their homes
   Changeworks – for all the energy, waste and               warmer and overcome debt and fuel
   transport advice and support they need. The               billing problems.
   start of a beautiful relationship, no less!

EngagEd with
thE start of
a bEautiful
rElationshiP!                                            4
        Action for Warmth has been a key contributor           As ever, Changeworks’ hugely popular
        to our high carbon saving achievements by              Waste Information Service has continued to
        intensively supporting Energy Action Areas,            bring practical advice and support in person,
        particularly in partnership with Fife Council.         through our website and by phone and email
        This work linked together many of our other            to over 3,700 householders this year. The sixth
        services, such as energy advice and                    edition of Too Good to Waste also covered all
        renewables support.                                    of the Lothians and Scottish Borders for the
                                                               first time, with 20,000 copies distributed by
        Changeworks continues to manage the
                                                               Changeworks and local authorities.
        Energy Efficiency Advice Centre and
        Scottish Community and Householders                    Our Real Nappy and
        Renewables Initiative for Edinburgh and the            Master Composter
        Lothians on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust.         projects have also
        These services have both met their targets and         continued to make
        achieved significant increases in the amount of        sustainable living easier
        carbon they save.                                      for people by providing
                                                               practical advice and
        Waste                                                  support through volunteer
                                                                       networks and
        Making community engagement
                                                                       community events.
        a core part of what we do has
                                                                       Both projects make great use of
        been bolstered by the success
                                                                      volunteers, with around 40 currently
        of Waste Wise Armadale. The
                                                                     helping us to reach out into local
        project helped reduce the amount
        of waste produced by the West
        Lothian community of Armadale over
        the summer and autumn of 2007 with
        an independent evaluation by SISTech
        demonstrating a 6.1% reduction in total                   WhAt’s NExt
        waste produced. Changeworks employed                       In April 2008, Changeworks won the
        a Community Engagement Officer and having                 contract to manage the Energy Saving
        this expert in community engagement proved to             Scotland advice centre for South East
        be a major contributor to the project’s success.          Scotland and in September also won the
                                                                  contract for the Highlands and Islands.
    The Waste Wise Armadale project has                           This will involve saving 1.2 million tonnes
helped to raise awareness of the important                        of CO2 over the next three years.

Reduce Reuse Recycle message. It is                                Changeworks has always benefited from
great to see that, working in partnership,                        the contribution made by volunteers and to
and with the local community, we have                             maximise the potential that volunteers can
                                                                  bring to the organisation, Changeworks
enabled people to reduce their household
                                                                  recently appointed a part-time volunteer
waste by such significant amounts.”                               coordinator and registered for Investors
Councillor Robert De Bold, West Lothian Council                   in Volunteers accreditation.

our worK with

The continual success of LEEP Recycling is            LEEP Recycling also continues to provide
great news for Changeworks, in that it not only       consultancy services, completing work for
provides the charity with an annual gift-aided        the Government’s Waste Resources Action
income, but demonstrates that social                  Programme and the City of Edinburgh
enterprises can be impressive, high                   Council on the City Centre SME Recycling
achieving businesses in their own right.              Demonstration Trials. This follows successful
                                                      trials for IT recycling and industrial estates.
LEEP Recycling now serves nearly 2,000
businesses and this year its turnover increased
by 35% and staff numbers grew from 12 to 16.
With an enviable customer service satisfaction           WhAt’s NExt
rating of 99%, LEEP Recycling has invested in
                                                          LEEP Recycling plans further staff
positioning the business for continued growth
                                                         development to aid its expansion including
to provide an unrivalled service in central
                                                         continued growth of LEEP Confidential, a data
Scotland. A new confidential shredding
                                                         destruction service offered throughout central
operation and IT and glass collections have
                                                         Scotland, and the introduction of direct debit
been introduced along with an automated
                                                         payments. A new website was launched in
handheld data collection and invoicing system,
                                                         August 2008.
enabling a paper free process. Staff training
seminars are also now being offered to clients
in conjunction with Changeworks Learning.

                                                                 success story
     Apart from being more environmentally
friendly, using LEEP Recycling has helped                        One of LEEP
raise awareness amongst staff. One benefit
                                                                 customers, The
I had not expected was that it has prompted                      Radisson SAS Hotel,
people to question how much waste paper                          won the WRAP
is being generated and consequently cut                          (Waste & Resources
down usage.”                                                     Action Programme)
Balmoral Asset Management                                        Waste Reduction Challenge after
                                                                 reducing its waste by 50%. LEEP
                                                                 Recycling worked closely with
           Changeworks IDS Ltd was in profit this year
                                                                 Alexandra Hammond, the hotel’s
           with a 200% increase in turnover.
                                                                 Sustainable Business Consultant, to
           Form scanning contracts included a fifth year         ensure that recycling was easy for staff
           processing Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates         and that they could measure their impact.
           for the City of Edinburgh Council and a sixth         The hotel also donated 500 kettles, 260
           year processing survey forms in support of the        conference chairs and over 1,000 pillows
           Scottish Government’s Central Heating and             to charities throughout the city.
           Warm Deal Programmes (contracted for the
           last two years on behalf of Scottish Gas). Our
           electronic archiving service also expanded its
           client base.
                                                                 WhAt’s NExt
           Energy                                                 Action for Warmth has a new
           This year Action for Warmth managed                   business model building on our experience
           the grant funding for the Energy Efficiency           of partnership working with utilities and
           Commitment scheme on behalf of Scottish               installers. It now offers a brokerage system to
           and Southern Energy. These grants have                identify the best value schemes for installation
           significantly subsidised the cost of installing       of energy efficiency measures and is also
           energy efficient measures in households,              managing referrals to utility companies directly
           small business and housing associations.              on behalf of the new Energy Saving Scotland
                                                                 advice centres.
           Changeworks continues to deliver the Energy
           Saving Trust’s Business Advice Programme,              The Energy Saving Scotland advice
           supporting small and medium sized                     centres will take up the mantle of the
           enterprises to become more resource                   Business Advice Service and will be
           efficient, primarily through energy efficiency.       targeting large employers to provide
           The programme saw significant increases in            household advice to staff.
           the tonnes of carbon saved and despite a gap
           in staffing all targets were met.

our worK with
hoUsINg AssoCIAtIoNs ANd LANdLoRds

Energy Heritage is a groundbreaking
                                                       success story
partnership project demonstrating that                 After working with Margaret Blackwood
protected homes can be made energy efficient           Housing Association for over two years,
and sustainable without compromising their             Changeworks has helped the association
appearance or character. Historic homes are            to form a comprehensive programme of
difficult and expensive to heat, potentially           property improvements that will reduce
leading to fuel poverty, and also generate             energy use and fuel poverty experienced
substantial carbon emissions.                          by their tenants. The work included
                                                       National Home Energy Rating surveys,
In November 2007, Changeworks ran a pilot
                                                       assisting with Scottish Housing Quality
study in partnership with Edinburgh World
                                                       Standard compliance, renewable energy
Heritage and Lister Housing Co-operative.
                                                       and energy efficiency advice and will
Lister owns stone-built, ‘B’ listed tenements
                                                       result in 96 households benefiting from
in Edinburgh’s Old Town Conservation Area
                                                       new super-efficient gas central heating
and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A wide
                                                       and insulation.
range of improvements were installed in these
particularly hard-to-treat homes, followed by
extensive impact monitoring. This revealed
that heat loss was greatly reduced by the new
measures and that 90% of householders were                I just want to say thanks, as
   satisfied with improvements and comfort           I couldn’t have got to this point without
     levels. The project concluded with the          Changeworks. You are not only a mine
        launch of a best practice guide and          of useful information and good contacts
          a sell-out national conference.            but have been great at keeping me
        Changeworks’ Technical Energy                motivated!”
        Services’ work with housing                  Sheena Stone, Margaret Blackwood Housing Association
         associations has gone from strength
         to strength. The team has carried out
         five National Home Energy Rating               WhAt’s NExt
         contracts for associations and
        private landlords, also processing the           For many years Changeworks has
        gathered data and producing reports             developed training tailored for housing
       and recommendations on potential                 association staff. Changeworks Learning
      energy efficiency improvements.                   is now looking at how training can contribute
                                                        to a wider fuel poverty and energy awareness
                                                        raising programme for tenants.
                                                         Technical Energy Services will be
                                                        offering domestic Energy Performance
                                                        Certificate surveys, soon to become a legal
                                                        requirement, to housing associations and

our worK with

Energy                                                  Waste
The tangible benefits and outcomes of strategy          Generous
and partnership development is often hard to            Scotland, which
demonstrate, even though it’s this work that            works with local
eventually leads to ground breaking initiatives         authorities, charity
and long awaited policy changes. In                     shops, community
Changeworks, this work is crucial to inspiring          recyclers and
real, long term change, and particularly for the        government bodies
Affordable Warmth Strategy Programme,                   to promote reuse in
which has been working with partners to                 communities,
reduce fuel poverty in the city. This year              completed the first
we’ve particularly welcomed our developing              phase of it’s
relationships with national health organisations,       national expansion.
including Voluntary Health Scotland and the             The programme
UK Public Health Association.                           packed a great deal into a short time,
                                                        developing a comprehensive toolkit, running
Changeworks continues to provide the Energy
                                                        three training days, producing charity maps for
Saving Trust’s Local Support Team, which
                                                        Edinburgh and Scottish Borders and holding
supports the South East Scotland Climate
                                                        a national seminar. By establishing 10 local
Change Programme in delivering sustainable
                                                                           reuse and recycling initiatives,
energy through local authorities,
                                                                           Generous Scotland has also
housing associations and other
                                                                           helped charities and reuse
organisations. The Local Support
                                                                           projects manage household
Team also promoted the Energy
                                                                           waste more effectively.
Saving Trust’s Energy Awareness
                                                                           In a welcome show of
Training, resulting in Fife Council
                                                                           recognition, Generous
committing £100,000 to train 6,000
                                                                           Scotland’s predecessor,
staff. Our strategic work also includes
                                                                           Generous City won the
the Warmburgh Programme, which
                                                                           prestigious Best Partnership
is funded by the City of Edinburgh
                                                                           Award at the Scottish Waste
Council, and helps the Council meet
                                                                           Management Awards.
its Home Energy Conservation Act

  success story                                            WhAt’s NExt
  In 2006 Changeworks worked with the                       Changeworks Learning won the contract
  Energy Saving Trust to develop the Scottish              to deliver energy awareness training to
  Climate Change Declaration. Since then                   6,000 Fife Council staff in 2008/9.
  we’ve provided further support to the local
  authorities in South East Scotland to help
  them sign up to the declaration and
  develop climate change action plans.

our worK with

Energy                                                Waste
An estimated 2,166 tonnes of carbon                   Generous Scotland, which supports the role
was saved by projects that Changeworks                of charity shops in waste prevention, continued
supported through the Scottish Community              its extensive support for the sector by running
and Household Renewables Initiative (SCHRI)           4 partnership seminars, a national seminar,
this year. Fifteen community organisations            establishing 10 waste prevention initiatives
accessed a total of £416,000 of SCHRI grant           and developing a comprehensive best practice
funding to develop and install renewable              toolkit and training programme. Over 150
energy projects, including the installation of        charity shop, local authority and community
wind turbines, heat pumps, biomass boilers            recycling staff have benefited from Generous
and solar water heating.                              Scotland’s support this year.

  Success Story                                         success story
  After several years of hard work                      Bookdonors is a key Generous Scotland
  developing a renewables project at Currie             partner and has been a critical contributor
  Community High School, the City of                    to the programme’s success, helping to
  Edinburgh Council and SCHRI jointly                   reuse and recycle over 200 tonnes of
  funded a £90,000 project to install an                unwanted books every year. New systems
  11kw wind turbine to provide electricity to           have been put in place meaning that even
  the school and a solar water heating                  more books are being collected for free
  system for the school’s swimming pool.                from charity shops across Edinburgh,
  The school is working with Heriot Watt                East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.
  University to put the generation data onto
  the school’s web site so that pupils can
  study the installations and access real time            Changeworks has provided some fantastic
  information. The installations should save          opportunities for our charity shops. They’ve
  about 50 tonnes of carbon over the lifetime         helped us save money, develop volunteer roles
  of the project and be a valuable education
                                                      and reduce our impact on the environment.”
  resource to all schools in Edinburgh.
                                                      Sharon Jamieson, Barnardo’s Area Manager

                                                         WhAt’s NExt
                                                          Changeworks is currently undertaking
                                                         work on behalf of the Scottish Council for
                                                         Voluntary Organisations to look at how to
                                                         help the third sector address climate change.
                                                         The sector is incredibly diverse, and includes
                                                         housing associations, care homes,
                                                         community organisations and volunteer
                                                         groups that employ thousands of staff.

        our worK in
        EdUCAtIoN ANd tRAININg
        In 2007 we launched Changeworks Learning              Waste
        to raise the bar of education and training
                                                              This year, over 12,000 school pupils within
        within the organisation and to create positive
                                                              Edinburgh and East Lothian received high
        learning experiences for adults and children.
                                                              quality curriculum linked activities from the
        Evolving from the successful School’s Waste
                                                              Waste Education Team. Promotion of composting
        Education Service, Changeworks Learning
                                                              was again critical to the service as was an
        now supports projects both internally, such
                                                              increasing emphasis on food waste. Nursery and
        as delivering training for Waste Wise
                                                              primary schools also celebrated their composting
        Armadale and LEEP Recycling, and externally
                                                              success at the annual What Rot competition.
        to clients such as Fife Council. The service
        includes training on waste prevention, energy         The Scottish Waste Education Support
        awareness and the broader climate change              Programme (SWESP) continued to deliver
        agenda for businesses, schools and local              bespoke training for local authority and community
        authorities.                                          waste educators to help them deliver engaging,
                                                              motivating and well resourced activities to school
        Energy                                                pupils of all ages.

        The East Lothian Energy Advice Centre
        continued to work closely with schools in the
                                                                Success story
        area, delivering education sessions to all 21
        senior schools. As part of their independent            The annual Make Waste History Waste
        living course, school leavers learnt about              Summit was again acclaimed a success
        climate change and its local relevance as               by the 21 secondary schools from
        well as how to understand energy bills and              Edinburgh and East Lothian that
        reduce energy use at home.                              attended. The summit gave pupils the
                                                                chance to network with other schools
                                                                and attend workshops led by pupils from
     It’s very motivating. I thought it was
                                                                Broughton High School, Trinity Academy
really interesting because it had made                          and George Heriot’s School – winners of
me a lot more aware of the rubbish we                           the Make Waste History Summit
produce. I will definitely recycle more!”                       competition in 2006.
School pupil, Make Waste History Summit

                                                                 WhAt’s NExt
                                                                  Changeworks Learning will continue to
                                                                 deliver the School’s Waste Education Service
                                                                 and will increasingly focus on engaging with
                                                                 parents and the wider community. There will
                                                                 also be a greater emphasis on raising
                                                                 awareness of the huge environmental
                                                                 impact of food waste and on empowering
                                                                 pupils and their parents to reduce it.

        annual rEviEw 2008 FINANCIAL stAtEmENts

                                                        Income sources
                                                        ◗	 City of Edinburgh Council grants £546,004 21%
                                                        ◗	 Other local authority grants £139,338 5%
                                                        ◗	 Other grant funders £326,043 12%
                                                        ◗	 Consultancy and contracts within charities £677,340 24%
                                                        ◗	 Trading income from commercial subsidaries £1,108,597 40%

        In financial terms, Changeworks continues                 to make a gift aided payment to Changeworks
        to be relatively strong. Over the last year income        of £33,881. Within the charitable companies
        has grown by 7% to almost £2.8 million. Income            expenditure has been in line with the utilisation
        from our commercial trading subsidiaries, LEEP            of restricted funds.
        Recycling, Changeworks IDS Ltd and Home
                                                                  Changeworks has maintained the strength of
        Heating and Insulation Services, has grown by
                                                                  its balance sheet. There has been investment
        50% to over £1.1 million, or 40% of our total
                                                                  in fixed assets and a strengthening of the cash
        income. Income from charitable activities within
                                                                  holdings, though net current assets have fallen
        the group has fallen by 11%, as grants received
                                                                  with the expenditure of the restricted funds.
        in advance have been spent and the restricted
                                                                  The Directors have reassessed the reserves
        funds have fallen by £211,044. Grants represent
                                                                  policy in line with their approach to risk
        36% of our income with the remaining 24%
                                                                  management. They consider the designated
        coming from consultancy and contracts.
                                                                  and general funds to be at an appropriate
        Expenditure in the commercial subsidiaries has            level to meet the likely financial impact of
        been contained and LEEP Recycling was able                the identified risks.

        our principal Funding partners in 2007/8
        The Big Lottery Fund                                      Margaret Blackwood Housing Association
        The City of Edinburgh Council                             Midlothian Council
        EAGA Partnership Charitable Trust                         NHS Lothian
        East Lothian Council                                      Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)
        Edinburgh Community Health Partnership                    Scottish Executive (INCREASE)
        Edinburgh World Heritage                                  The ScottishPower Energy People Trust
        The Energy Saving Trust                                   Transforming Waste Scotland
        Esmée Fairbairn Foundation                                Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
        Fife Council                                              West Lothian Council
        The INCREASE Programme

Directors:         Secretary: Teresa Bray                                 Registered office:   Bankers:             Auditors:
Ian Perry          Chief Executive: Teresa Bray                           36 Newhaven Road     Bank of Scotland     Whitelaw Wells
Duncan McLaren                                                            Edinburgh EH6 5PY    6 Picardy Place      9 Ainslie Place
                   Heads of Service:
Chris Hall                                                                                     Edinburgh EH1 3JT    Edinburgh EH3 6AT
Andrew Speirs      Laura McGadie, Head of Energy                          Solicitors:
Sue Tritton        Liz Partington & Ian Smith, Head of Waste Prevention                        Triodos Bank
                   Tom Kenny, Head of Commercial Operations               Burness Solicitors   Brunel House
Stephen Burgess
Robert Aldridge    Chris Morris, Centre Manager, Energy Saving Scotland   50 Lothian Road      11 The Promenade
Mark McInnes       advice centre (South East)                             Festival Square      Bristol BS8 3NN
Robert Farrelly    Peter Rickard, Centre Manager, Energy Saving           Edinburgh EH3 9WJ
Derrick Turner     Scotland advice centre (Highlands and Islands)
Income/expenditure                                 2007-08                                          2006-07
                                        Group          Changeworks                       Group         Changeworks
                                               £                        £                       £                        £
Total income                        2,797,320                1,516,125               2,620,849               1,608,288
Costs of obtaining
grants and donations                    43,648                   43,321                  46,867                  42,400
Supply of
environmental services              2,946,648                1,670,099               2,653,506               1,657,443
Governance costs                        33,786                   22,536                  15,591                    9,691
Exceptional item                      (10,165)                 (16,224)                  33,707                  33,707
Total expenditure                   3,013,917                1,719,732               2,749,671               1,743,241
Net outgoing resources              (216,597)                (203,607)               (128,822)                (134,953)
Fund balances
brought forward                       764,183                  688,795                 893,005                  823,748
Fund balances
carried forward                       547,586                  485,188                 764,183                  688,795

Balance sheet                                      2007-08                                          2006-07
                                        Group          Changeworks                       Group         Changeworks
                                               £                        £                       £                        £
Fixed assets
Tangible assets                         91,145                   23,398                  75,991                  24,313
Investments                                    –                     400                        –                     400
Current assets
Debtors                               626,144                  364,229                 570,138                  469,195
Cash at bank and in hand              615,034                  465,955                 523,527                  490,948
                                    1,241,178                  830,184               1,093,665                  960,143
Creditors: amounts falling
due within one year                 (784,737)                (368,794)               (405,473)                (296,061)
Net current assets                    456,441                  461,390                 688,192                  664,082
Net assets                            547,586                  485,188                 764,183                  688,795
The funds of the charity
Restricted funds                      128,592                  115,139                 339,636                  321,699
Unrestricted funds:
General                                 77,210                   31,302                  41,909                  41,796
Designated                            341,784                  338,747                 382,638                  325,300
Total funds                           547,586                  485,188                 764,183                  688,795

The above figures are extracts from the audited financial statements for Changeworks Resources for Life for the year ended
31 March 2008. The full audited financial statements dated 18 November 2008, which have an unqualified audit report, are
available from the Company Secretary at the Registered Office at 36 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5PY.

Auditors' Report
We have examined the extracts from the financial statements of Changeworks Resources for Life for the year ended 31
March 2008, set out on page 13 of this Annual Report. In our opinion they are consistent with the full financial statements.
Whitelaw Wells, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, 18 November 2008

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business recycling services
Project development and management
strategic support
technical Energy services
training and Education

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