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									                                                         MESA COUNTY
                                                 SELLER OFFER FOR 2008 BUDGET

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                                  Development Services and Access Control
Number)                           Planning and Economic Development - 2

1. RFR Area/Outcome:              WELL-PLANNED COMMUNITIES
Department:                       PLANNING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
Contact Person & Phone #:         Donna Ross, 244-1724
Alternate Contact:                  Loren Benoit, 244-1634
Is this offer related to another offer?
 If so, please enter the other offer name and how it is related.
                                   This offer provides Customer Service to Mesa County citizens by providing land use information and answers to development related
                                   questions. Customer Services is identified as Factor 4 in the Well Managed Public Resources Request for Results.

2. Executive Summary (50 words or less)
                                  Development Services is the first line of contact for the day-to-day interface of the Planning and Economic Development Department
                                  with the citizens of Mesa County. We serve customers in person at the Planning Front Counter and callers by providing information
                                  concerning the Land Development Code and County development policies in Mesa County. We also review planning clearances for
                                  individual residential development, review administrative development applications and provide access control and transportation
                                  planning for the safe and efficient development of the Mesa County transportation system. The Transportation Impact Fee (TIF)
                                  program is also administered through Development Services. This offer’s primary focus is the continuation of these necessary
                                  services with continuous evaluation of how these services can be improved. No new FTE's are being requested with this offer.

Offer Description:
                                  Development Services is a part of the Division of Development Services and Code Enforcement. It provides the effective delivery of
                                  every day services pertaining to land use development within the community. A significant portion of this service includes over 26,000
                                  telephone and front counter contacts annually, including zoning map information, responses to questions concerning the County’s
                                  Land Development Code, and access to the land development files. Development Services is responsible for the intake and review
                                  of approximately 1300 Residential Site Plan applications per year. This review includes applications for new residential construction,
                                  agricultural facilities, and the construction of accessory buildings such as secondary dwelling units, garages and storage facilities.
                                  Development Services provides the administrative review of approximately 100 development projects annually including accessory
                                  dwelling units, legal and physical separations, property line adjustments and right-of-way vacations. Development Services provides
                                  the initial intake and processing of over 500 administrative and public hearing planning projects per year.

                                  Development Services provides staff support to the Mesa County Board of Adjustment including review and recommendations of
                                  approximately 10 variance applications annually. Development Services provides the administration of the Transportation Impact Fee
                                  program with approximately 404 residential and 14 commercial TIF fees administered annually. Development Services administers
                                  the Mesa County Road Access Policy through the issuance of Notices of Intent to Issue a Road Access Permit (NOI) and including
                                  issuance of approximately 86 NOIs. Development Services reviews land use applications, advising land use applicants on proper
                                  access planning, roadway development and transportation related permit processes and presenting traffic, access and safety
                                  recommendations to the Mesa County Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. Staff allocated to this offer
                                  consists of 1 Admistrative Specialist FTE, 2 Planner I FTEs, 1 Transportation Planner II FTE and 2/3 Development Services and
                                  Code Enforcement Director FTE.

Offer Contribution: How does this program contribute to producing the Outcomes?
                                  This offer contributes to the outcomes of "I want my community to look nice", "I want to feel safe and move efficiently on our
                                  transportation system", and "I want to follow a vision for growth in our community supported by the public." This offer is an essential
                                  part of the the implementation of the Mesa County Master Plan and the Mesa County Land Development Code. Implementation of
                                  the Master Plan and the Land Development Code helps to approve development and provide services that encourage an
                                  aesthetically pleasing environment, while reducing the conflict between the rural and urban interface. The implementation of the
                                  Mesa County Road Access Policy helps to create an environment with a safe and effective transportation system.

      c:\temp\Planning2 Dev Services- Access Control.xls                                                                                       08/20/2008
3. Expected Performance results: What will be the results of the offer?

                                    This offer's goal includes: 1. The provision of excellent customer service to Mesa County Planning customers; 2. Timely and efficient
                                    review of planning clearances and administrative reviews; and 3. Timely and efficient review of development applications relative to
                                    transportation issues.

Performance Measures 2008 Offer: How will you measure the performance of the offer? (These may be the same as 2007.)

                                    Track turnaround time on review of Planning Clearances and report to Planning and Economic Development Director monthly.
      Performance Measure #1

                                    Track number of administrative development reviews processed and report to Planning Director monthly.
      Performance Measure #2

                                    Track number of TIF fees administered and NOI applications reviewed and report to Planning Director monthly.
      Performance Measure #3

Results of Performance Measures in 2007 Offer:

                                    Track review time on Planning Clearances and report to Department Director monthly. Average turnaround time on review of
       Results of Performance
                                    Planning Clearances has been 4.18 working days.
            Measure #1
                                    Track number of inquiries for zoning, compare to benchmark established in September and October of 2006 and report to
       Results of Performance
                                    Department Director monthly. Number of inquiries for zoning informationed has decreased from between 20 and 50 calls per day to
            Measure #2
                                    1 to 5 calls per day. This is a direct result of adopting the updated zoning map and making it available online.
                                    Track how many customers sign in at the Planning front counter; track how many surveys are sent out and report to Planning Director
       Results of Performance
                                    monthly. The system of having customers sign in at the front counter has proven to be cumbersome and inconvenient for customers.
            Measure #3
                                    An alternative system is being developed to track number of customers served at the front counter. Customer surveys are being

4. Legal/Contractual Mandate? : What is the legal or contractual mandate (give citation and/or web address of citation)?
 What is the mandated level of service? What level of service are you providing now?

5. Projected Offer Cost:

Offer Expenditures
Operating & Capital
One-Time Expenditures

Offer Revenues (Source of funds)

One-Time Revenues



6. Explanation of revenues - Please identify revenues that are restricted or tied to mandates.

7. Scaling Options (Level of Service - is this the same level as this year, scaled back, etc?):
                                    This offer does not request new FTEs. It is offering to provide customer service to Planning front counter customers, review planning
                                    clearance applications and provide access control. These services were provided throughout 2007.

Additional Information: (Click in the text box below and type or paste from another source.)

      c:\temp\Planning2 Dev Services- Access Control.xls                                                                                       08/20/2008
c:\temp\Planning2 Dev Services- Access Control.xls   08/20/2008

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