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									Microsoft Software Assurance for
Volume Licensing
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Today’s Discussion
 What is Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume
 The business opportunity
 The customer opportunity
 Targeting prospective customers
 Selling Software Assurance
 Benefits across the phases of the software lifecycle
 Call to Action
 Where to go for additional information
What is Software Assurance?
A comprehensive offering that helps you maximize the
value of your technology investment

More then just maintenance, Software Assurance offers a
broad range of benefits to help deploy, manage, migrate
and support software

Collectively, these benefits help boost organizational
performance with better budget predictability, lowered
operating expenses, and support for employee
Evolution of Software Assurance
Today, a maintenance offering with a broad range of benefits
                                                                                 Expand access
   Launch Base               Differentiate                planning,
                                                                                to differentiated
     Offering               and add value            differentiated OS,
                                                       scale benefits
• Rights to new           • Training to help         • Deployment               • Access to new
  software versions         build technical skills     assistance through         innovative desktop
• Budget predictability     and learn new              services                   technologies and
                            software                 • Support around the         deployment models
                          • Access to tools to         clock to assist IT and     to help ensure
                            help troubleshoot          minimize help desk         operational
                            and minimize               calls                      efficiency
                            downtime                 • Windows Vista
                          • Perks for employees        Enterprise and related
                            to help boost morale       technologies
                            and support flexible
                            work arrangements

    2001-2002                  2003-2005                      2006                2007-Present
Comprehensive Benefits at Every Phase
                                         Packaged Services:
   New Version Rights                        Desktop Deployment
   Step-Up License Availability              Planning Services
   Spread Payments                           SharePoint Deployment
                                             Planning Services
                                             Business Value Deployment
Windows® Fundamentals for                    Exchange Deployment
Legacy PCs                                   Planning Services
Extended Hotfix Support

                                            Windows® Vista Enterprise
                                            Training Vouchers
     24x7 Problem Resolution Support
                                            Home Use Program
     TechNet Benefits for Software
     Assurance                              Office Multi-Language Pack
     Cold Backup for Disaster Recovery      Employee Purchase Program
                                            Enterprise Source License
The Partner Opportunity
  Enables long-term relationships
   The more benefits a customer activates and uses, the
    more likely they are to renew
  Increases customer satisfaction
   Commitment to Microsoft enables you to demonstrate
    value across the software lifecycle
  Creates new business opportunities
   Grow service revenue by cross-selling products and
    assist with deployment planning
The Customer Opportunity
Positive Impact on Business Value

   Reduce Costs
   Provides customers access to benefits that can help them save on acquisition of
   new software, training, support, consulting services, all leading to reduced total
   cost of ownership

   Empower Workers
   Provides IT Professionals, Developers, and end-users the tools, training, and
   support they need to help deliver business value and get the most out of
   Microsoft’s flexible, scalable application platform

   Secure The Infrastructure
   Prepares IT Professionals to help maximize and secure core infrastructure through
   integrated management and security solutions that help increase organizational agility,
   reduce system complexity, improve services, and help control costs
Targeting Customers
Customer Target Profile
 Customers most likely to acquire or renew their
 agreements with Software Assurance are those that:
   Are early or mainstream adopters of technology and have
   Microsoft software running their business solutions
   Recognize the value of having additional resolution support
   coverage, exclusive technology, and/or deployment services
   Have activated and used one or more Software Assurance
   Have deployed the most recent versions of Microsoft Office,
   Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems
Value for Every Role
  Business Leaders
   Confidence that their technology can have a positive impact on the bottom line
   Real Value:
    Predictable payments and budgeting help lower operating expenses including support,
     training, and deployment costs; increased employee productivity

  Technical Leaders
   More flexibility, support, and tools to deploy, manage, and migrate software
   Real Value:
    Easier license management; cost-effective desktop deployment; improved IT security; increased
     operational agility; access to security and management resources to assist in migration

  IT Professionals
   Improved productivity for IT staff and Information Workers can with training and support
   Real Value:
    Skill-building training; desktop flexibility; smoother migrations; enhanced employee
     performance and job satisfaction
Benefit Relevance by Role
                                                    Business Leaders   Technical Leaders   IT Professionals

New Version Rights                                                                             
Spread Payments                                                                                
Step-Up License Availability                                                                   
Packaged Services                                                                              
Window s Vista Enterprise                                                                      
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Softw are
Assurance                                                                                      
Training Vouchers                                                                              
E-Learning                                                                                     
Home Use Program                                          
Office Multi-Language Pack                                                                     
Employee Purchase Program                                 
Enterprise Source Licensing Program                                                             
24x7 Problem Resolution Support                                                                 
Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery                                                              
TechNet Subscription through Softw are Assurance                                                
Extended Hotfix Support                                                                         
Value by Organization Size
  Small organizations
        Usually have relatively simple IT scenarios
        Tend to benefit most from the basics of Software Assurance: enhanced
        support, new version rights, and home use rights

  Mid-size organizations
         Those with fewer than 1,000 users and fewer than 500 PCs have more
         complex IT needs
         Interested in training options and improving the efficiency of IT

  Enterprise organizations
        Have the most complex IT scenarios
        In addition to the core Software Assurance benefits, enterprises get value
        from assistance with migration and support
Selling Software Assurance
 Customer Insights
New Customers                                                  Current/Renewing Customers
  Most important consideration                                   Customers who use their benefits
  factors:                                                       renew at a higher rate
      Cost of Software                                           Benefits strongly associated with
      Assurance                                                  renewals:
      Ability to upgrade to new                                    Training Vouchers
      versions                                                     Employee Purchase Program
      Predictability in software                                   Home Use Program
      budget forecasting                                           TechNet Subscription
      Eliminate the time-                                          24x7 Problem Resolution
      consuming process of                                          Support
      obtaining new licenses for
      upgrades                                                     New Version Rights

Microsoft Software Assurance Topline Report, CMG Market Research and Insights, September 2007.
Increasing Software Assurance Renewals, WWLP Analytics, September 2007
Real Customer Issues – Real SA Value
Issue                     How SA Can Help                          SA Benefits
Capital expenses          Provide access to new versions as        New Version Rights
related to new software   they are released during SA              Step-Up License Availability
acquisition               coverage, ability to upgrade to a        Spread Payments
                          higher edition, and option to spread
                          the cost of purchasing new software
                          over a three-year period
Cost and complexity of    Provide consulting services, training,   Packaged Services
deploying new             and support to help achieve              Training Vouchers
software, and getting     seamless software migrations and         E-Learning
the most out of           maximize technology efficiencies and     24x7 Problem Resolution Support
software investment       performance.                             TechNet Benefits for SA
                                                                   Home Use Program
Planning and              Provide technologies, training and       Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for
implementing a smooth     tools to ensure smooth migration,        Legacy PCs
migration to Windows      while allowing continued use of          Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
Vista                     hardware without compromising            Desktop Deployment Planning
                          security and stability.                  Services
                                                                   Training Vouchers
                                                                   TechNet Benefits for SA
                                                                   24x7 Problem Resolution Support
Real Customer Issues – Real SA Value

Issue                      How SA Can Help                           SA Benefits
Cost and time involved     Provide instructor-led training to help   Training Vouchers
with helping build         IT build technical skills, prepare for    E-Learning
technical skills and       deployment, and support your              Home Use Program
learn new software         organization’s infrastructure. Online
                           learning and home use rights to help
                           employees get up to speed fast.
Cost and time related to   Provide resources and tools to            24x7 Problem Resolution Support
supporting                 accelerate problem resolution and         TechNet Benefits for SA
organizational             reduce downtime, in turn lowering         Extended Hotfix Support
infrastructure and         costs and improving productivity.
providing internal
product support
Selling SA To New Customers
 Start the conversation early and make sure the customer understands the
 business value proposition of Software Assurance
 Position Software Assurance as part of a complete solution – including
 software and services
 Identify customer pain points and align them with Software Assurance
 benefits to demonstrate how they bring value to the organization
 Build a proposal based on your knowledge of the customer’s needs and
 incorporate appropriate benefit value messaging
 Demonstrate a customer’s potential ROI and compare with the costs of
 training, consulting services, support, and acquiring full licenses every three
 Show that Software Assurance typically costs less than competitors’
 maintenance programs and it includes a more comprehensive range of
 Underline that Software Assurance is the most cost-effective way to
 acquire licenses for the next release
Building the Relationship
Building relationships with customers around Software Assurance is a
continuum; help customers realize the value over time
Getting customers to activate and use their benefits is critical to
helping customer realize value and driving renewals
At a minimum, encourage customers to use the “anchor” benefits to
help get them on the path to renewal
Encourage customers to use their benefits:
   Early - Soon after signing or renewal
   Often - To increase the customer’s engagement with Microsoft products
   across the software lifecycle
   Deep - To exemplify the anchor benefits that improve customer return on
   Broad - By many people throughout the organization
Software Assurance Benefits
and the Software Lifecycle
Software Lifecycle Phases
Phase        Description
Plan         Managing and controlling costs are always top priorities. The New Version Rights benefit ensures
             access to the latest versions of Microsoft software. The Spread Payments benefit reduces initial
             outlay and assists with budget planning over the term of the agreement.

Deploy       Help reduce the cost and complexity of deployment. Customers work with a pre-qualified consultant
             to create a deployment plan to help their organization evolve to a more secure, well-managed and
             cost effective desktop or server environment .

Use          Customers can position the organization and people to help maximize their technology investment in
             order to create, manage, and drive business growth. Training, workforce, and Windows optimization
             benefits can help enhance business performance.

Maintain     Software Assurance provides comprehensive support coverage, including 24x7 phone support, Web
             support during business hours, and access to TechNet Subscription through Software Assurance.

Transition   If a customer’s organization runs legacy software or hardware, or needs more than just mainstream
             product support, they’re covered with benefits such as Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, and
             Extended Hotfix Support.

•New Version Rights
•Step-up License Availability
•Spread Payments
Planning Benefits
New Version Rights – Access new software versions released during the
term of your coverage – at no additional charge to your organization
   Helps lower the costs associated with software acquisition
   Simplifies procurement and forecasting

Step-Up License Availability – Migrate your software from a lower-level
software edition to a higher-level edition of certain products
   Preserves and extends your technology investment
   Flexibility to take advantage of enhanced features and technology

Spread Payments – Allows predictable payments and easier budget
   Take advantage of greater flexibility in your technology expenditures by paying
   over time
   Forecast annual software requirements up to three years in advance
         •Packaged Services:
            •Desktop Deployment Planning Services
            •SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
            •Exchange Deployment Planning Services
            •Business Value Planning Services
Packaged Services
Packaged Services: Plan and prepare for successful deployment of
new software through the four types of consulting engagements:
   Desktop Deployment Planning Services
   SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
   Exchange Deployment Planning Services
   Business Value Planning Services, offers particular focus on business
   analysis and optimizing performance of Office 2007
With these service offerings you can:
   Access expert consulting services
   Reduce deployment costs
   Improve deployment timeline and readiness
   Maximize the value of your software
   Free up resources
Desktop Deployment Planning Services

 Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS): Helps lower the
 cost and complexity of deploying the latest Microsoft Office and
 Windows desktop software
    Work with a pre-qualified Microsoft provider to create a
    comprehensive deployment plan including analysis, business case,
    process, and technical procedures
    Consulting services reduce the interaction time required to install
    desktop applications and operating systems
    Installation can take a few moments or can be completely automated
    using Zero Touch Installation with System Center Configuration
    Manager 2007
    Number of engagement days based on Software Assurance coverage
 Learn more about DDPS
SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
 SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS): Customized
 consulting helps lower the cost and complexity of deploying
 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
    A pre-qualified consultant will share best practices, analyze your
    organizational environment and provide tools and services that help
    manage implementation and the migration of data
    Service areas include collaboration and portals, enterprise search,
    and web and portal content management
    A customized roadmap includes a comprehensive business plan,
    timelines, and resources to help transform collaborative processes
    using SharePoint
    Number of engagement days based on Software Assurance
 Learn more about SDPS
Exchange Deployment Planning Services
  Exchange Deployment Planning Services (EDPS): Designed to
  help guide your organization through the deployment planning
  stages of a Microsoft Exchange implementation
     A pre-qualified consultant will review new Microsoft Exchange
     product features, share best practices, and analyze organizational
     Through hands-on deployment training and collaboration, and your
     consultant will help create comprehensive deployment and
     implementation plans
     Number of engagement days is 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15, as determined by
     your Software Assurance coverage
  Learn more about EDPS
Business Value Planning Services

  Business Value Planning Services (BVPS): Helps your
  organization's business decision makers develop a plan to
  maximize the business value of the Microsoft Office system
     A pre-qualified consultant will provide structured, multi-day
     Your consultant will work with you to document, analyze, and
     design a plan that will help you unlock the potential of your existing
     investment, drive change, and improve your business processes
     Number of engagement days is 3, 5, 10, or 15, as determined by
     your Software Assurance coverage
  Learn more about BVPS
Use: Windows Optimized Desktop Benefits

                 Windows Vista Enterprise
                   Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
                   Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop
                 Enterprise Source Licensing
 The Optimized Desktop
   Flexible Offerings to Address Customer Needs

                                                                                              Asset Inventory Services
                                                                                              Application Virtualization
                                                                                              Diagnostic & Recovery Toolset
                                                        Includes all features of              Advanced Group Policy Management
                                                        Windows Vista Business plus:
                                                                                              Desktop Error Monitoring
                                                        Diskless PCs & Remote Boot            Enterprise Desktop Virtualization
                                                        Four Virtual Operating Systems
                                                        Windows BitLocker™ Drive Encryption
     Enables business to:
                                                        Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI)
      Find and Use Information
      Enable Mobile Workforce
                                                        Subsystem for Unix-Based Apps (SUA)
      Improve Security and Compliance
      Optimize Desktop Infrastructure

                                                                                                Subscription Access Only
                                                                Available Only Within
                                                                                                Within Software Assurance
                                                                 Software Assurance
              For All Customers

*Subscription Access within SA is required for VECD for Rich Clients only
Windows Vista Enterprise
Maximize Desktop Investment

Available only to SA customers
   Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption   Increased manageability
   Four Virtual OS                      Protects data in lost or stolen
   Diskless PC & Remote Boot            PCs
   SUA                                  Enables single image for multiple
   Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI)   languages
                                        Reduces application
                                        compatibility issues on legacy

                                        Application compatibility
                                        PC manageability
                                        Flexible computing models
                                        Protect data on PCs
        DEM                                                                                        System Center
System Center                                                                                      Virtual App
   Operations                                                                                      Server
 Manager 2007

          Translating software inventory     Enhancing group policy through        Dynamically streaming
          into business intelligence         change management                     software as a centrally
                                                                                   managed service

          Proactively managing application        Powerful tools to accelerate   Simplifying deployment
          and operating system failures           desktop repair                 and management of
                                                                                 Virtual PCs
 Flexible Centralized Desktop Computing Options
  Flexible options for productivity, security and TCO

Terminal Services for PCs and Thin-Clients                                  Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized
                                                                                           Desktops for PCs and
                                                                                                    Thin Clients

                                                              Centralized Desktop

                                                                                Richer central user experience
       Server desktop or app. experience
                                                                                Central execution of Windows
       Session based
                                                                                Use centralized VMs with existing PCs
       PCs and thin-clients
                                                      Data                      and Thin Client

       Rich user experience
       Local execution of centrally stored Windows
                                                     Center                     Centrally managed apps w/ offline access
                                                                                Local execution of apps and Windows
       Eliminate local hard drives
                                                                                Reduce App to App compatibility issues

  Diskless PCs                                                       Application Virtualization for Desktop
Investing in Continuous Value Refresh
Multiple channels enable faster, more diverse value

 Standard business operating system

 + Differentiated Windows versions
                                                                   • Enhanced versions
                                                                     of Enterprise SKU
                                             Centralized Desktop

                                                                   • Annual rev of
                                                                     MDOP technologies
  + Differentiated services and subscription technologies          • New MDOP
                                                                     Product additions
                                                                   • Expanded licensing
                                                                     and subscriptions
Use: Training Benefits

                Training Vouchers
Training Benefits
 Training Vouchers can be used for instructor-led
 technical training that helps:
    Reduce overall IT training budget
    Build and refresh technical skills
    Prepare IT Professionals and developers for successful
 E-Learning courses offer an online, interactive, self-
 paced learning experience that helps:
    Lower training costs
    Prepare end-users and IT Professionals for deployment
    Provide learning opportunities when and where it’s
Use: Workforce Benefits

                  Home Use Program
                  Office Multi-Language Pack
                  Employee Purchase Program
Workforce Benefits
Home Use Program (HUP) gives employees the flexibility to use the
same software at home that they use at work. HUP helps:
   Increase employee productivity using the latest Microsoft Office software
   Reduce IT burden
   Enhance job satisfaction

Office Multi-Language Pack (Office MLP) provides a single Office
2007 image with support for 37 languages, while supporting
individuals who create or edit content in multiple languages

Employee Purchase Program (EPP) contributes to employee
satisfaction by providing discounts on some of Microsoft’s most
popular productivity and entertainment products. EPP helps:
   Boost morale
   Enhance employee loyalty

24x7 Problem Resolution Support
TechNet Benefits for
Software Assurance
Cold Backups for Disaster
24x7 Problem Resolution Support
24x7 Problem Resolution Support helps reduce
downtime and support costs
  Around-the-clock phone support for business critical issues
  Extended product support coverage for all Microsoft server,
  Microsoft Windows operating system, and Microsoft Office
  system products
  Unlimited online support and Web support for all Standard and
  Enterprise edition server products
Additional value for Premier Support:
  Software Assurance-awarded incidents can be converted to
  Premier support incidents
TechNet Benefits for SA
Access to experts, technical tools, and resources:
   TechNet Online Concierge Chat: live, instant-message access to a
   Microsoft resource that can help pinpoint answers to IT challenges.
   Available to all IT staff
   TechNet Managed Newsgroups: IT Professionals can submit technical
   questions through online forums and have guaranteed response and
   accuracy with the answers provided. Available to all IT staff
   TechNet Plus Direct: Access all Microsoft full-version commercial
   software for evaluation; two complimentary Professional Support
   incidents; Beta software; E-Learning; and access to the TechNet Plus
   Library. Available to one IT Professional in your organization

An additional support benefit, Cold Backups for Disaster
Recovery, helps maintain and protect mission-critical solutions

Windows Fundamentals for
Legacy PCs
Extended Hotfix Support
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

 Helps reduce the costs of owning legacy PCs, while
 improving their management and security
 Reduces personnel costs by minimizing the number of
 different operating systems that need to be managed
 Brings legacy desktops into a well-managed infrastructure
 using the same tools as Windows XP SP2
 Deploy the minimum required functionality
    Delay short-term hardware acquisition costs by locking down the desktop
    Protects legacy PCs to the same high levels as Windows XP SP2 PCs
    Work on applications by using Web browsers and terminal emulation
   Extended Hotfix Support (EHS)
Helps reduce support costs and makes it supports software transitions
from Mainstream Support to Extended Support
Type of Support                                   Mainstream Support Phase            Extended Support Phase

Requests to change product design and
features                                                                                        
Security updates                                                                                
Other non-security hotfixes                                                                     
Complimentary support1 included with
license, licensing program2, and other no-                                                      
charge support programs

Paid support (including pay-per-incident
Premier and Essential applicability)                                                            
                                                                                       Applies to business and
Product category applicability                       Applies to all products
                                                                                       developer software only

               Available Not available  Available only with purchase of Extended Hotfix Support
EHS: Business Rules You Should Know
Program fee                                  Products covered
  Enrolment fee for EHS is included as         EHS applies to current service pack
  part of the SA purchase on select            levels only
  products                                     Must have SA coverage on product
  Fee for first hotfix is not included         hotfix requested
  Enterprise Support contract                  The following products are eligible for
  Must have a Premier Support                  the EHS benefit (please review the
  Agreement. Only Premier Support              licensing eligibility rules):
  offerings provide support on products            Exchange Server
  in the extended phase of the product             Microsoft Operations Manager
  lifecycle                                        SMS
  Must enroll in Extended Hotfix                   SQL Server
  Support, subject to its terms and                Windows Server
  conditions, prior to requesting a hotfix         Windows Client
  Enrollment in EHS can be completed               Office Professional
  at any time for those select products
  covered by the SA EHS Benefit
Call to Action: New Customers
Start the conversation early
Position Software Assurance as part of a complete solution
Align value Software Assurance to customer issues
Build a customized proposal for your customer
Compare with costs of not acquiring Software Assurance
Address competitive concerns by comparing costs and
breadth of benefits
Call to Action: Existing Customers
Help your customers activate and use their benefits
Promote the consumption of key benefits
  Early - Soon after signing or renewal
  Often - To use benefits across the software lifecycle
  Deep - To exemplify the anchor benefits the prove return on
  Broad - By many people throughout the organization
Ensure the right people are informed about SA benefits
Revisit your customer’s entitlement/consumption quarterly
Demonstrate value throughout the term of their coverage
Where to go for Additional Information

  Customer-facing information about Software
  Assurance: http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/sa
  Sales guidance and resources:

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