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					                                 NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
                                 Recruitment Service
                                 5th Floor, Tara House
                                 46 Bath Street
                                 G2 1HJ
                                 Fax Number: 0141 278 2704
                                                  0141 278 2705

                                                          Tel:          0845 3000831
                                                          Date:         07 January 2011

Dear Candidate

POST: Maintenance Technician - Engineering
HOURS: 37.50
CLOSING DATE: 21/01/2011

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde welcomes your enquiry in connection with the above post. Please find
enclosed an information pack.

Should you wish to submit an application for the above post, please ensure you do so in advance of the closing
date. Late applications will not be forwarded for shortlisting. When submitting your completed application please
take note of the following:

    •   All posts close Friday Midnight
    •   Please allow 2 days for postal deliveries

    •   Charges levied by The Royal Mail are based on the size of the envelope/package. It is your
        responsibility to ensure that the correct postage cost is paid when returning your completed application
        (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde will not pay excess postage )
    •   Incorrect postage amount may delay your application being delivered to NHS Greater Glasgow and
        Clyde by Royal Mail until after the closing date. This will result in your application not being considered
        for shortlisting.
    •   NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde does not routinely acknowledge receipt of application forms unless
        the application form has been submitted electronically to nhsggcrecruitment@nhs.net

Please note that should you contact the Recruitment Service to discuss any queries regarding your application,
it is advisable that you retain the job reference number as you will be asked to quote this when you call. In the
meantime, I wish you success with your application and should you require any further information or wish to
check the progress of your application please do not hesitate to contact the Recruitment Service on the contact
telephone number shown above. You can view further information on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde as well
as accessing details of current vacancies, by visiting our website at www.nhsggc.org.uk

Yours sincerely

Elaine Watson
Recruitment Assistant
                            Information pack for the post of:

                        Maintenance Technician - Engineering

                         Based at Western Infirmary Glasgow

                                   37.50 hours per week

                         Job Reference Number 0000022513G

                                 Closing date: 21/01/2011

                           APPLICATION PACK CONTENTS
This Application Pack provides prospective candidates with details of the post and
background information about NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

    The contents of this pack are as follows:-

       a)     Job Description
       b)     NHS Scotland Application Form including Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form*
       c)     Confirmation of Right to Work in the UK Statement**
       d)     General Information for candidates
       e)     Terms and Conditions of Employment

*The Equal Opportunities Monitoring form is required for monitoring purposes only and will not be
made available to the interview panel during any part of the recruitment process.

** We are legally required to check that all prospective employees have the right to work in the UK.
Please see the Terms and Conditions for this post for further information.


•   The fastest way to return your application is by email to
•   Please return your application form as soon as you have completed it and do not
    wait until the closing date.
•   If your application is received by the closing date, it will be forwarded for short
•   You should note that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde does not acknowledge
    receipt of applications unless the application form is submitted by email.
•   Please note that if you do not hear anything further within 6 weeks of the closing
    date for the post, your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion and you
    will receive no further correspondence.
•   For further information on the application process please see the General
    Information for Applicants page.

  •   Decisions to shortlist candidates for interview are made ONLY on the contents of your
      application form. Please ensure that you read the job description carefully, complete all
      applicable sections of the application and that your Statement in support of your Application
      clearly demonstrates how you meet the requirements of the post. Please note Curriculum
      Vitae will NOT be accepted as part of the application process.

  •   You must ensure that you provide complete and appropriate employment or character
      reference contact details including email link. See the application form for further guidance.

  •   NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operates a NO SMOKING Policy on all premises and

  •   All offers of employment will be subject to the receipt of satisfactory References, Occupational
      Health screening, Criminal Records Checks i.e. Disclosure Scotland clearance and Eligibility
      to Work in the United Kingdom, if applicable.

  •   Like other NHS Boards across the country, demand for car parking on our hospital sites far
      outweighs availability. As a result, access to on-site parking is extremely limited and you will
      therefore need to find alternative ways of travelling to work if you are selected for the post. To
      help you do this we’ve introduced a number of initiatives including car share and discounted
      public transport schemes. For further information on these and other travel options available,
      including park and ride facilities, please contact the Travel Plan Office on 0141 201 4818 or
      email Douglas.Mcintosh@ggc.scot.nhs.uk. For further information on our car parking
      arrangements and details of our car parking policy visit www.nhsggc.org.uk/parking or

  •   For further information on this vacancy contact Don Cleaver on 0141 211 2791

  How to Submit Your Postal Application
  •   If you are unable to submit your application by email to nhsggcrecruitment@nhs.net then you
      can hand deliver it direct to the Recruitment Service located at the address below between
      the hours of 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday or return it by post quoting the job number and
      closing date on your envelope to:

                 Job Reference Number 0000022513G and closing date 21/01/2011
                 NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Recruitment Service
                 5th Floor, Tara House
                 46 Bath Street
                 Glasgow G2 1HJ.

      Please note that when returning your completed application and any associated
      enclosures by Royal Mail you must ensure that the correct postage cost is paid.
      Applications with insufficient postage may not be delivered to the above
      address by the closing date.
  NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Employee Benefits

      •   NHS Scotland Superannuation Pension Scheme.

      •   Staff Bursary Scheme to support continuing education and training.
     •    Continuous staff professional development through competency based training and
          personal development supported by the Knowledge and Skills Framework (summary
          guidance can be accessed via www.nhsggc.org.uk go to Career and Jobs, click Agenda
          for Change and select Knowledge and Skills Framework).

     •    Child care vouchers.

     •    Interest free loan to purchase Zonecard’s - a flexible season ticket for unlimited travel by
          rail, subway, most buses and even some ferries (details on public transport routes to NHS
          Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s sites can be found by visiting www.nhsggc.org.uk and select
          Transport and Parking on the home page or visit www.spt.co.uk/travelinfo .

     •    Cycle to Work Scheme, for staff to purchase a bicycle and any equipment needed and
          then repay those costs through their salary.

     •    For more information about the benefits and discounts available to NHS Greater
          Glasgow and Clyde staff, visit www.nhsstaffbenefits.co.uk and www.nhsdiscounts.com

1.        Terms and Conditions of Service
          The terms and conditions applicable to this post are those of all NHS Employees.
2.        Superannuation Pension Scheme
          You have the option to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme, to participate in the State
          Earnings Related Pension Scheme or to take out a Personal Pension. Employee’s
          contributions to the NHS Scheme are tiered based on your earnings and the employer’s
          contribution equates to 13.5 % of salary. Employees in the NHS Scheme are “Contracted-
          out” of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme and pay a lower rate of National
          Insurance contributions. Employees who choose to participate in the State Earnings
          Related Pension Scheme pay the higher rate of National Insurance contribution. A
          Stakeholder Pension is also available. For more information on the Pension Scheme visit
3.        Salary - £21176.00 - £27534.00 per annum (pro rata where applicable)
          Please note that in accordance with Agenda for Change NHS Terms and Conditions of
          Service candidates new to the NHS generally start at the entry point of the pay scale.
4.        Pay Scale - This post is a Band 5
5.        Annual Leave
          The annual leave entitlement in a full year commencing 1st April to 31st March is 27 days
          (202.5 hours), rising to 29 days (217.5 hours) after 5 years’ service and 33 (247.5 hours)
          days after 10 years’ service. There are 8 (60 hours) Statutory and Public Holidays in each
          leave year. (pro rata where applicable)
6.        Hours of Duty - 37.50 Hours per week
7.        Contract Type - This post is offered on a Permanent basis.
8.        Right to Work in the UK - NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a legal obligation to
          ensure that it does not employ any worker who has not been granted the relevant
          permission to work in the UK. This permission is without exception granted by the UK
          Border Agency. We are required to check the entitlement to work in the UK of all
          prospective employees, regardless of nationality or job category.
      ALL applicants regardless of nationality must complete and return the Confirmation of
      Right to Work in the UK Statement with their completed application form. You will be
      required provide appropriate documentation prior to any appointment being made.

9.    Disclosure Scotland and Criminal Records

      NHS Scotland is exempt from the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exclusions &
      Exceptions) (Scotland) Order 2003. This means that unless otherwise stated in the job
      description, person specification or application pack, applicants must tell us about
      any previous convictions either classed as ‘spent’ or ‘unspent’ and this information will be
      verified by Disclosure Scotland for relevant posts.

      Applicants who have lived outside the UK within the last five years, if offered a
      position, in addition to a Disclosure Scotland Check, will be required to provide a
      completed police record check (Certificate of Good Conduct) from the police
      authority in the country or countries in which they were resident.

      Please note that documents in languages other than English should be accompanied by
      certified translations into English.

      If you are offered employment, failure to disclose convictions could result in dismissal or
      disciplinary action. Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence
      and considered only in relation to the post for which this application form refers.

10.   Equal Opportunities

      NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde works hard to operate as an equal opportunities
      employer. We are committed to treating all our patients, staff and people who apply for
      jobs with fairness, consistency and respect. Therefore to help us to check that we are fair
      in how we operate, we ask you to fill in Part D of your application form as fully as you can.
      This part of the form is optional, and it may seem like we are asking for a lot of personal
      information, but everything will be kept secure and we do not pass any of this information
      on to managers who are shortlisting or interviewing, nor to any other third party. This data
      is used to check that our workforce is balanced and represents the best candidates from
      all parts of society regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil
      partnership, pregnancy or maternity status, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation
      and/or socio-economic status. For more information please visit our website
      www.nhsggc.org.uk or www.equalitiesinhealth.org
                                         NHS GREATER GLASGOW & CLYDE



Post Applied For:                      Maintenance Technician - Engineering

Post Ref:                              0000022513G

Candidate ID Number: (for office use only)                {Candidates.Candidate Number}

     We need to know if you are eligible for employment in the UK Even if you are a British Citizen
The information you provide in this part of the form is confidential and is not used in the shortlisting process. It will be
separated from your application form when we receive it.
1    Are you a British citizen or a European Economic Area National?                    Yes         No

     If you have answered NO, please answer all questions from 2 - 6 and read and sign the
     declaration at section 7
     If you have answered YES, please read and sign the declaration at section 7


2    Do you have right to work in the UK?               Yes         No

3    What is your Nationality?


4    Date of Entry to the UK                                     Day:                 Month:                  Year:

     Date Period of Entry/Leave to remain in the UK Day: Month:                                               Year:
    ceases (Visa Expiry)

Tier 1 General                                                   Tier 1 Post Study

Tier 2 General Certificate of
                                                                 Refugee/Asylum Seeker
Sponsorship (formerly Work Permits)

Tier 4 (formerly Student Visa)                                   Clinical Attachment or Dental Observer

Spousal/Dependant of permit/visa
                                                                 Tier 5 Medical Training Initiative

Other - Please Specify                                           Ancestry visa holder

                                                                 PLAB or visitor visa holder

Post Applied For:              Maintenance Technician - Engineering

Post Ref:                      0000022513G

Candidate ID Number: (for office use only) {Candidates.Candidate Number}


            •   I declare that the information provided in this form is to the best of my
                knowledge true and complete.

            •   I understand that ALL applicants are required to provide proof of their Right
                to Work in the UK.

            •   I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I complete this
                document correctly and that I will be required to provide proof of my right to
                work in the UK prior to any formal offer of employment being made.

            •   I understand that Applications from candidates who require a Tier 2 General
                Certificate of Sponsorship will only be considered if no suitable UK or EEA
                national is identified for this post. For further information on the UK Border
                Agency’s Points Based System for immigration into the UK, please visit

       SIGNATURE        ______________________Date           _____________
                               NHS GREATER GLASGOW & CLYDE


Job Title: Maintenance Technician

Department(s): Estates

Job Reference:


   •   Assist in providing an efficient and effective Estates Services, which represents quality and value
       for money at all times
   •   Responsible for providing a safe maintenance service to all plant and equipment and service
       infrastructure within the Health Care Environment
   •   Assist in development of the Estates function into a customer focused internally provided range of
   •   Adopt a flexible, integrated and team working approach to the delivery of the internally provided
       Estates Service
   •   To utilise core trade, electrical, engineering or plumbing skills in the provision of maintenance and
       installation services within the hospital environment, with full flexible working arrangements
       across the spectrum of all other engineering trades, as required by the Estates Service



                              Maintenance   This Post


  4.1 To provide efficient, effective and patient focused Estates Services, which represents quality,
  and value for money at all times, including

          Emergency response to service failures
          Planned Preventative Maintenance
          Breakdown Service and Customer Care
          Alterations, Installations, Refurbishment & Upgrading

  4.2 Estates Service cover all parts of the physical environment, including:
          Emergency response and make safe building elements and fabric elements
          Engineering infrastructure elements
          Fixed plant and equipment
          Specialised plant, equipment & services
          Working within core trade and all other engineering trades, (multi-skilling ) as training and
          competence levels allow

  4.3 Supervisory Duties:
         The post holder is required to supervise the maintenance assistant as and when required
         To supervise contractors as directed by the Estates Management

  4.4 Training
         Training of other disciplines in own core skills

  4.5 Work Planning
       Program own work activities and coordinate with colleges to prioritise tasks and access
       Coordinate with departmental staff to schedule local service interruptions
       Advise and cooperate with management on the implementation of contingency plans as and
       when required in relation to service isolations and failure
The post holder is required to:

       General Duties

          Provide a safe and comfortable environment for the provision of clinical care
          Ascertain desired action using acquired skills and abilities to expedite best solution for desired
          outcome and assist putting solutions into practice
          Install and commission machinery using installation manuals to ensure safety and in
          compliance with health and safety, and statuary regulations that benefits and provides a safe
          environment for the user and patient care
          Complete Planned Preventative Maintenance in accordance with organisational and
          manufacturers recommendation, using appropriate tools, test equipment and recording details
          of work carried out within set time scales, to prevent breakdowns and maintain optimal
          operational ability
          Respond to breakdowns, evaluate situation and take corrective action to ensure minimal
          disruption and damage
          Provide emergency response to rescue patient, public and staff from lifts while maintaining
          manufacturers safety standards
          In depth effective use of BMS (Building Management System) computer to set parameters and
          record data on a wide range of building services to provide correct environmental conditions
          through out the hospital and provide correct environmental conditions through out the hospital
          and provide an early warning of service faults ( Medical gas, heating, water, power etc. )
          Maintain repair & commission patient related equipment & services such as sterillisers, washer
          disinfectors, Operating lights and Tables, Dental Chairs, Medical gas, plant etc.
          Measure up jobs for new installations and alterations, check plan drawings & on site plans,
          work out best route to run supplies and services, measure up & advise Supervisor of materials
          required to complete work.
          Member of Fire Response Team (Multi site cover)

       Mechanical Duties

          Survey plant and equipment for, safety, soundness and establish maintenance to be undertaken
          Work on and maintain safety of pressurised systems such as steam, compressed air and
          hydraulic systems etc in compliance with statutory pressure systems regulations
          Verify integrity and monitor heating and ventilation systems utilising calibrated test equipment
          to maintain a safe working environment within hospital sites
          Work as a highly skilled Competent person to maintain Medical Gases to Health Technical
          Memorandums ( HTM ) 2022 to ensure a safe supply for patient use. Following completion of
          one week’s formal training and certification and appointed in writing by the MGPS authorised
          person (One week Refresher Training and revalidation required every three years)
       Electrical Duties

          Test monitor and overhaul back up systems such as emergency electricity generators to ensure
          continuity of service for patient care areas and all other departments
          Fault finding and analysis within complex control systems and equipment in a safe, effective
          manner using fine tools and calibrated measuring equipment as required in order to minimise
          future breakdowns and keep hospital running efficiently
          Carryout Electrical maintenance in compliance with the The Electrical Safety Code of Practice
          ( HTM 2020 ) Low Voltage Systems, 16th Edition IEE wiring regulations (BS7671) to ensure a
          safe environment and to maintain good quality and safe electrical power for patient care
          (Revalidation required every three years)
          First Aid duties to level of competence and training to meet requirements of safe code of
          practice for working with electricity
          Verify integrity of wiring systems utilising calibrated test equipment to maintain safe working
          environment within hospital sites

       Plumbing Duties

          Participate in the development and delivery of water management regime to maintain, control,
          monitor & record that all plant, distribution system and product are within safe operating limits
          to ensure a high quality of potable water for use within a clinical environment.
       In compliance with HSE Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8, statutory guidance “The Control
       of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems.
          Monitor & record water meter readings to identify usage patterns, which will enable proactive
          identification and repair of leaks or resolution of high consumption
          Provide service as competent person for natural gas installations, Corgi registration required

       Health & Safety Duties

          Aware of Health and Safety requirements for safety, soundness & establish maintenance to be
          Aware of Health and Safety requirements when undertaking all work to maintain a safe
          environment for staff and patients
          Carry out risk assessments to ensure own safety and safety of others


The post holder is required to use:
6.1 Computers
        Estates databases
            o Building Management System (BMS); monitor site services and plant conditions and
              adjust controls to maintain continuity of service.
            o Fire Alarm System enable and disable point fire detection devices in order to protect
              against false alarms associated with internal works
6.2 PAT Equipment (Electrical)
        Operate and interpret test results supplied by Portable Appliance Test Equipment
        Download test records to computerised database
6.3 Test Equipment
        Flue gas Analyser
        Gas Seeker
        Electrical test Equipment
        Water Sampling Equipment
        Medical gas testing and inspection
        Air Quality measurement monitoring
6.4 Hand, Fixed and Power Tools
        Ability to manipulate hand and power tools.
        Ability to use specialised engineering and precision workshop machinery
        Use of mechanical and power aided lifting equipment
6.5 Manual Records
        Plant log books
        Fire Alarm log Books
        Works Requisition requests
        Stores requisition forms
6.6 Other Equipment
        Two Way radios
        Hospital pages
6.7 Personal Protective Equipment
        Personal Protective Equipment
        Safety Harness
        Gas safety monitoring


        Prioritise work requisition requirements that fall within post duties
        Inform Estates Management of defects found when carrying out post duties
        Inform Estates Management of H & S, current legislation problems which may be uncovered
        when carrying out day-to-day duties
        Judgement on compliance with Technical Standards

     Communicates and relates with all levels of staff and patients
     Communicates with delivery drivers, maintenance personnel, contractors and suppliers
     Communicates with ward staff to establish working restrictions in relation to the control of risk of


      Freezing conditions from outside and internal plant to very high temperatures in the boilerhouse
      and other heating plant in confined areas within the buildings.
      Frequent requirement to work within extreme adverse environmental conditions
      Required to carry materials such as ladders, engineering parts, etc.
      Working in confined spaces for long periods of time
      Occasional movement of Heavy Plant & Equipment, with or without the aid of lifting
      equipment for long periods
      Frequent exposure to Hazardous materials and body fluids during routine maintenance &
      Frequently working in Wards, Theatres & Intensive care with very ill and distressed patients
      Maintaining control while working under pressure during Emergency Response to critical
      service failures
      Driving Estates transport between various sites


     Ensuring all legislation, policies and procedures are adhered to when carrying out post duties
     Physical demands of the post
     Dealing with difficult staff and patients in a respectful and tactful manner either directly or by
     Possible verbal and physical abuse from patients, staff and visitors when carrying out fire
     response duties / freeing patients, staff and visitors from lifts and other areas that they
     have accidentally locked themselves in etc.
     Working in mortuaries

       Served a recognised apprenticeship in Electrical, Mechanical Engineering or Plumbing
       B/Tec, HNC or City & Guilds plus 3 years post apprentice experience
       Ability to work unsupervised
       Attend training courses as required by Estates Managements and NHS policies, procedures
       Undertake training in specialist systems and equipment to gain the in depth theoretical knowledge
       required e.g. typically
          o Low Voltage HTM 2020 (One week training and certification and appointed in writing by
               AP, revalidation training and certification every three years) plus BS 7671 IEE wiring
          o Medical Gas training (One week training and certification and appointed in writing by AP,
               revalidation training and certification every three years)
          o Natural Gas installations Corgi Registration (Two week training and certification,
               refresher every five years)
       Have successfully completed a recognised course of Multi skilling training to enable full flexible
       working across all disciplines
       Knowledge of National NHS Standards hospital Health Technical Memorandums (HTMs) and

A separate job description will need to be signed off by each jobholder to whom
the job description applies.

Job Holder’s Signature:                                                            Date:

Head of Department Signature:                                                      Date: