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									Course Syllabus (as usual, subject to change)
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems CRJ 155/ CRJ 250
Fall Semester 2008
Wednesdays 1900-2150
Instructor: Bruce Bikle
Office Hours: Wed: 530-650 Alpine 215
Email: via Web CT or at (note if you use the csus email,
make sure you note CRJ 155 or CRJ 250 in the subject of your email, I get
way too much mail from junk sources, and delete unread those I do not

This course examines Criminal Justice systems worldwide and explores
means of establishing cooperation toward mutual goals despite structural,
historical and ideological differences. The purpose of this course is to
provide the student with a general introduction to Criminal Justice systems
in use in other countries. All aspects of selected worldwide systems will be
analyzed, including police, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice.
Attention will be paid to conflict and cooperation between criminal justice
systems and ideologies that occur when peoples of different cultures and
systems are in close proximity, including issues with legal and illegal
immigration into the United States.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate; CRJ Major, CRJ 110: Graduate; Classified
Graduate Status

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

Describe and explain the general framework and organization of selected
Criminal Justice systems and traditions.

Compare and contrast these systems and traditions with the Criminal
Justice system and practice in the United States.

Arrive at conclusions about possibilities of improvement of the American
system and practice from the study of other systems
Describe the issues and opportunities that occur when two ore more systems
or patterns of criminal justice and legal thought are brought together in a
location or jurisdiction

Students will demonstrate the meeting of these objectives through written
assignments, course work, discussions and presentations.

Text and Readings:

Reichel, Philip. Comparative Criminal Justice Systems; 4th ed. Pearson

Bowden, C. Down By the River Drugs Money Murder and Family .

Work Product Undergraduates: This course will require both a written mid
term and final exam. Students will be assigned groups to discuss and
interact with the instructor and each other via the discussion board feature
on Web CT/Blackboard.

Mid Term: 20%
Final: 25%
Film Reviews 30%
Discussions: 25%

Work Product: Graduates:

Graduate Students will not be required to take the mid term, but will be
expected to produce a group paper/project on a subject related to
comparative criminal justice systems or operations. I will meet with the
graduate students early in the term to explain this project. The results of
the group project will be posted on Web CT Blackboard for the entire class
to observe and critique. The Projects will be due on Week 10.

Project: 25%
Final 25%
Film Reviews 25%
Discussions 25%
All exams and product will be administered on Web CT.

Film Reviews will be due by Monday following the film showing in class. They
will be submitted on Web CT. There is a film review template at the end of
this syllabus and will be posted on Web CT

Activities and Reading (subject to date changes). We will watch a film
each week starting with week 2 and continuing thru the week before

Week 1 9/3 CCJS Chapter 1;Introductions

Week 2 9/10 CCJS Chapter 2 &3; Film: Traffic

Week 3 9/17 CCJS Chapter 4&5; Film: Let Him Have It

Week 4 9/24 CCJS Chapter 6&7; Film: The General

Week 5 10/1 CCJS Chapter 8, Mid Term Examination (Take home) Film:
Stray Dog

Week 6 10/8 CCJS Chapter 9 Film: Le Petite Lieutenant. I will be out of
town, arrangements will be made to screen the film for the evening

Week 7 10/15 CCJS Chapter 10 Film: 10th District Court

Week 8 10/22Start Down by the River: Film: Citizen X

Week 9 10/29 Film: The Battle of Algiers

Week 10 11/5 Finish Down By the River Film: Rabbit Proof Fence

Week 11 11/12 Film: City of God

Week 12 11/19 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and Other
documents on Criminal Justice Operations Film: Bus 174

Week 13 11/26 Class at 7pm, the night before Thanksgiving? I think not.
Week 14 12/3 Enforcing Criminal Justice and Human Rights efforts on a
cross national basis Film: Lives of Others

Week 15,12/10 Wrap up and prepare for Final. Film Alambrista

Accommodation: If you need special assistance to participate in this class,
please register with the Student disabilities office and inform the
instructor so arrangements can be made.

Film Review Template

Name of Film:_______________________________________________

How has the film informed your understanding of the history of the nation
or nations shown in the film?

What political influences do you see with regard to the justice system in the
subject film?

How does the film inform your understanding of the description of the
operations of the justice system in the nation concerned?

From your observation of the film, and discussions what similarities and
differences do you see in the nation featured and the US justice system?

What do you think were the high and low points of the film you observed
this week? (This is your chance to play film critic)

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