; Actros 26XX 6x4 Prime-mover Specifications - 2636_ 2641_ 2644 6x4
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Actros 26XX 6x4 Prime-mover Specifications - 2636_ 2641_ 2644 6x4


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									2636, 2641, 2644
6x4 Prime-mover Specifications

Engine                                                            Chassis
Type            Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA                           Main rail           286 mm web x 70 mm flange x 8.0 mm thickness
                11.9 litre turbocharged V6                                            High strength E 500 TM steel
                360 - 435 hp (1,365 - 1,550 lb.ft)                                    ECE-R93, Front Underrun Protection Device (FUPD)
                (See Actros Engines brochure for complete         Exhaust system      SCR catalytic converter with downswept outlet on LHS
                engine specification details)
Transmission                                                      Front/rear          Disc brakes 430 mm diameter
Type            Mercedes PowerShift 2                                                 Telligent® electro-pneumatic braking (EBS)
                G330–12/11.63–0.77                                Service             10 bar operating pressure
                12 speed constant-mesh automated                                      Automatic adjustment
                mechanical transmission                                               Air dryer
                                                                                      ABS (anti-lock brakes) & ASR traction control
Clutch                                                                                Roll back prevention
Type            Self-adjusting single dry plate                                       Telligent® Stability Control (ESP)*
Diameter        430 mm                                                                Active Brake Assist 2* autonomous
                                                                                      emergency braking
Axles                                                             Trailer             2 line trailer brakes with hand control
Front           Mercedes-Benz 7,500 kg capacity                                       Air and electrical lines behind cab
Drive           Mercedes-Benz 2 x 13,000 kg capacity              Engine brake        Active Engine Brake (AEB)
                Planetary hub reduction                           Cab
                233 mm crown wheel
                                                                  Type                M (medium) cab
                Inter-axle and cross-axle differential locks
                                                                                      ECE-R29 compliant cab
Ratio           3.714 - 1,505 rpm @ 100 km/h
                                                                                      Driver’s airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner
Suspension      Front/Rear                                                            (See Actros Cabins brochure for complete cab
Steel / Steel                                                                         specification details)
Front axle      Mercedes-Benz 3 leaf parabolic springs            Steering
                Stabiliser bar and shock absorber                 Type                Mercedes-Benz recirculating ball
                8,000 kg capacity                                                     Integral power assistance
Rear axle       Mercedes-Benz 6 rod with parabolic springs                            Soft-feel 450 mm steering wheel
                Stabiliser bar and shock absorbers                                    Fully adjustable for height and rake
                2 x 9,500 kg capacity
                                                                  Wheels and tyres
Steel / Air
Front axle      Mercedes-Benz 2 leaf parabolic springs            Wheels              10-stud 8.25 x 22.5 steel wheels
                Stabiliser bar and shock absorber                 Tyres               Steer - 295/80 R 22.5
                7,100 kg capacity                                                     Drive - 11 R 22.5
Rear axle       Mercedes-Benz 8 bag air suspension                Electrical system
                Stabiliser bar and shock absorbers
                                                                  Voltage             24 volts
                2 x 10,000 kg capacity
                                                                  Batteries           2 x 12 V/165 Ah
                Telligent® level control
                                                                  Alternator          28 V/80 A
Tank capacity                                                     Starter             6.2 kW/24 V
                                                                  Road lights         Halogen headlights
Diesel tank     1 x 400 litre rectangular aluminium tank on RHS
                                                                  Fuses               Automatic fuses
AdBlue tank     1 x 85 litre rectangular plastic tank on RHS
                                                                  Body Builder        Interface Module (PSM)
Actros, 2636, 2641, 2644
6x4 Prime-mover Specifications

Note: drawings are general arrangement drawings only. Contact your authorised Dealer for details if required.

Weights                                                                                                         Dimensions
 Tare                                                   Steel suspension              Air suspension                                                                Steel suspension             Air suspension
 Front axle                                             4,766 kg                      4,841 kg                   Wheelbase                                          3,300 mm                     3,300mm
 Rear axles                                             3,468 kg                      3,190 kg                   Frame height at rear axle (unladen)                1,100 mm                     1,045 mm
 Total                                                  8,234 kg                      8,031 kg                   Frame height at rear axle (laden)                  991 mm                       1,020 mm

 Plated weights                                                                                                  Overall height (unladen)                           3,554 mm                     3,499 mm

 Front axle                                             7,100 kg                      7,100 kg                   Ground clearance front                             278 mm                       278 mm

 Rear axles                                             19,000 kg                     19,000 kg                  Ground clearance rear                              221 mm                       249 mm

 GVM                                                    26,000 kg                     26,000 kg                  Cab tilt angle                                     70˚                          70˚

 GCM                                                    Up to 55,000 kg               Up to 55,000 kg            Turning circle (wall to wall)                      16.0 m                       16.0 m
                                                                                                                 Frame width at rear                                760 mm                       760 mm
Weights and dimensions shown are to specifications with no fuel, full AdBlue, oil, water and tools.
Tare weights are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of ±3%. MBAuP reserves the right to alter
specification or equipment without notice.

• Axle ratio 3.431                                                           • Dual plate clutch                                                    • PTOs
• 3050 mm wheelbase                                                          • Bi-xenon headlamps                                                   • Safety package includes:
• Low cab roof                                                                • Fuel tank package 550 litre RHS                                         - Telligent® lane assistant
• Long cab                                                                   • Fuel tank package 550 litre RHS & 450 litre LHS                          - Telligent® proximity control
• MegaSpace cab                                                              • Front foglamps, halogen                                                  - Voith retarder
• Air deflector cab roof                                                     • Painted grille                                                       • Grammer, comfort, co-driver seat
• Aerodynamic fairing with side air deflectors                               • Painted steps and bumper                                             • Lower bunk, M-cab
• Wood trim dashboard                                                        • High output 100 Amp alternator                                       • Upper bunk, L- and MegaSpace cabs
• Refrigerator                                                               • Vertical exhaust outlet
         ,              ,
• Driver s and passenger s sunblind                                          • Air intake under cab
• Chrome plated mirrors                                                      • Polished Alcoa rims

   Authorised Dealer

   To speak to your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer call 1300 66 22 30

*Telligent Stability Control and Active Brake Assist only available with rear axle air suspension.
Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd offers a 4 year / 800,000 km driveline Warranty on engine, transmission, propshafts and driving axles. For full Warranty details and limitations contact your authorised
Mercedes-Benz Dealer. Specifications and information referred to herein is correct at the time of publication. Some of the equipment depicted either on vehicle illustrations or separately may be non-standard or
optional at extra cost. Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd reserves the right to discontinue or modify any vehicle or optional equipment at any time without prior notice to meet any requirement of a manufacturing
or commercial nature which it may deem appropriate. Consult your authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer for the latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability. www.mercedes-benz.com.au/trucks
Telligent® is a registered trademark of Daimler AG. LMCT 6776 Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd, ABN 23 004 411 410. 44 Lexia Place, (PO Box 4214) Mulgrave, Victoria 3170 Telephone: (03) 9566 9266
Facsimile: (03) 9566 6282. The       and the words Mercedes-Benz are registered trademarks of Daimler AG, Germany. Printed in Australia. MBS112 10/10.

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