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					                                   POSITION DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:              CATERING ASSISTANT                               DATE:      JULY 2010


AWARD:                  AGED CARE AWARD 2010                             CLASSIFICATION: ACE L2


SIGNATURE:              _____________________________________

DATE:              ______________ 2010


The role of the Catering Assistant is to enhance the quality of life of Glenview clients through the provision of
high quality catering services which meet the needs of clients. The Catering Assistant contributes to the services
and direction of Glenview through being a key member of the Hotel Services team and provides relevant and
timely feedback and information to the Residential Services Manager (RSM) to ensure Glenview’s ongoing
compliance with all legal, statutory and contractual obligations as they relate to catering and food handling


The Catering Assistant is directly responsible and accountable to the the Residential Services Manager (RSM)
and has responsibility for contributing to overall catering services by participating in the effective and efficient
provision of all services offered to clients and staff.


The Catering Assistant has responsibility for providing the full range of catering services for all Glenview
programs and contributing to the overall direction of Glenview as directed by the RSM through:
 Contributing to the provision of a ‘customer focused’ catering service which is flexible and responsive to
    the changing needs of clients
 Providing full catering and kitchen services to residents of Glenview, and other clients, as directed
 Assisting and supporting the RSM with the day to day running of all catering services and the kitchen
 Actively participating in regular performance review; departmental evaluation processes and all appropriate
    and required training provided by Glenview
   Participation in, and providing catering services for, a range of formal and corporate functions at Glenview
    as well as catering for client and staff functions and parties
   Assisting with the induction and orientation of new staff in the Catering Services Department, as directed by
    the RSM
   Patience, respect and empathy for all Glenview clients and their families particularly in times of illness,
    weakness and frailty and during the dying process
   An understanding of Accreditation in the Aged Care industry and active participation in quality
    improvement systems and outcomes
   Commitment to constant updating of knowledge as it relates to commercial catering, including food safety
    standards and hazardous substances usage and storage
   Contributing to a safe workplace through adherence to all Glenview Occupational, Health and Safety
    (OH&S) policies and procedures and a commitment to OH&S improvements;
   Performing other relevant duties, within appropriate qualification and skill capacity, as required by the
    RSM, Head Cook, Director of Corporate Services or the Chief Executive Officer


The Catering Assistant may be required to perform other relevant duties, within the scope of their training and
competence, as directed by the RSM, Head Cook, Director of Corporate Services or Chief Executive Officer.

To develop a working knowledge of the direction and obligations imposed by relevant legislation such as:

                o   Food Act 2003
                o   Food Safety Standards
                o   Aged Care Act 1997
                o   Privacy Act 1988
                o   Personal Information Protection Act 2001
                o   Anti Discrimination Act 1998
                o   Relevant requirements of the Aged Care Standards Agency
                o   Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and relevant regulations
                o   Aged Care Award 2010

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                                          SELECTION CRITERIA


1. Demonstrated experience in food preparation or kitchen support services within a residential environment or
   commercial kitchen including an understanding of food safety standards

2. Well developed inter-personal skills within clearly understood boundaries of confidentiality

3. Demonstrated ability to work as an effective member of a small team in a busy kitchen and within a
   framework of accountability to senior management.

4. Demonstrated understanding of Occupational Health and Safety requirements and practices as they relate to
   kitchen services particularly within an aged care residential environment

5. Demonstrated ability to contribute to a small team to achieve a productive and harmonious work
   environment with aged care experience being a particular advantage


    o   Provision of a National Police certificate that meets the suitability requirements of Glenview
        Community Services Inc for unsupervised work in aged care in accordance with the Aged Care Act

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The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee
to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals
with disabilities to perform the essential functions. The questions are asked in order to ensure that Glenview is able to
provide the safest and most appropriate work place and employment conditions for all its employees, and to ensure safe
service delivery for its clients.
SURNAME:                                             FIRST NAME:
APPLICATION FOR POSITION:                            Catering Assistant
Please attach any additional information you wish to explain your situation and      Please Tick Appropriate
any health condition you believe may be affected by your work.                               Column

 I declare the following as part of my application that I have                         YES                NO
   demonstrated capacity to access and use client bathrooms, fittings,
    wardrobes, standard lifting equipment and beds, including making

   demonstrated physical fitness and movement capability to be active
    and undertake manual handling tasks for up to 5-6 hours at a
    productive output level without a rest break
   demonstrated physical fitness and mobility to assist client movement,
    including transfers from bed / chair / vehicle etc, and access areas
    within residential settings including bathrooms, toilets, small
   demonstrated functional vision (with relevant aids) to enable
    utilisation of screen based electronic records
   demonstrated functional hearing (with relevant aids) to enable use of
    telephone equipment and in order to converse normally with clients
   ability to sit for lengthy periods (with relevant aids) and utilise
    ergonomic work station arrangements
These roles are also exposed to minor amounts of non-ionising radiation
from the use of mobile telephones. Whilst this is not an issue to many, if it
is a concern to you please tick NO.

If you have answered NO to one or more of the above questions, please explain your
situation and attach information which will help us understand your application for
employment and any workplace adaptations you may require. Glenview may
require you to obtain additional information from your own doctor to support your
If ‘NO’ please explain:

                                  We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

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I have received a copy of the Position Description and have read and understand its contents and
acknowledge that this document forms an essential part of my contract of employment with
Glenview Community Services Inc.

     Employee Name (Please Print)

_________________________________                         __________________________
       Employee Signature                                             Date

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