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									By: Mark Chamberlain
 Introduction
 Task
 Process
 Evaluation
 Conclusion
 Teacher Page
                 HURRY, HURRY, HURRY
                  Daily Sunshine
Are you ready for an exciting opportunity? We are a thriving
  community looking for businesses to grow with us. The
  village of Anywhere U. S. A. is looking to fill a brand new
  shopping mall with stores. Or are you interested in
  building your own store, we have vacant lots available that
  are zoned for commercial use . If interested, please contact
  the village hall at 555-1234 for further information.
You read about a thriving community in the newspaper.
  They are looking to open a new shopping mall and
  have lot for sale to build a new store. You are
  interested. You own just one store, but are looking to
  expand your business. You call the village hall for more
You call the village hall and find out that you have a
  choice of buying space in the mall or building your
  store. You will work in a team to put together a
  $500,000.00 budget and present it to the village
  trustees in a PowerPoint presentation for approval.
The Start Your Own Business WebQuest is most successful as a
   group project. Lessons leading up to the final result should
1.   Advertising
    Store
    Product
    Employment
2. Type of Store
    Shopping mall
    Stand alone
3. Balance a Budget
    On Budget
    Over Budget
4.  The spreadsheet should include these additional
    columns: Utilities, inventory, insurance, payroll, and
To achieve these results, use these suggested internet
 Small Business Administration
 Chicago Tribune
 Chicago Sun-Times
 SouthtownStar
 Shopping mall list
 Chicagoland Banks
 General Contractors
Maintaining a spreadsheet with all facts and figures from the
  beginning of the unit will help the students keep track of
  expenses. Remember you have a budget of $500,000.00.
The student process page introduces the project step-by-step.
Students should team up in groups of 4.
Before you begin the project, designate each person, by
  choosing an index card, with the following titles:
 The ACCOUNTANT is responsible for keeping track of the
  budget using Microsoft Excel. He will contact the banks if
  over budget. The budget is $500,000.00.
 The ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE is responsible for putting
  ads in the newspapers for the store, product, and
 The ARCHITECT is responsible for the store layout in the
  mall or is in charge of building a new store.
 The BUSINESS MANAGER is responsible for coordinating
  everyone, as well as, checking with the Small Business
  Association on the guidelines for setting up a new business.
To make this work, everyone must do his/her share.
No one is more important than the next. Remember, work as a team.
Work in your teams. Decide what type of store to open. Put together an
  action plan to stay under budget, if possible.
The BUSINESS MANAGER checks with the Small Business
  Administration on the guidelines.
The ARCHITECT, depending on the type of store, can either check out the
  different styles of store layouts in different shopping malls or contact
  different contractors.
The ACCOUNTANT is keeping a running tab of all expenses.
The ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE checks the prices of placing ads through
  the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, and the SouthtownStar newspapers.
Report back into your groups. The accountant will let everyone
   know the total amount of the budget. If under budget or on
   budget, go to STEP5. If over, go to STEP 4.
If over budget, then the ACCOUNTANT must get a loan at a bank.
If under budget, on budget or over budget, make a PowerPoint
   presentation to present to the village trustees.
Repeat steps 1-5 for the other option.
Present the best store option to the village trustees. Each member
   explaining their area of responsibility.
This will tell you how well you did in presenting your

             Beginning       Developing      Accomplished    Score

PowerPoint Presentation
                0 points         2 points         4 points
             No set           Some slides    Every slide
 Technical   pattern. No      follow a       follows a set
 Quality     flow to the      pattern.       pattern. Nice
             presentation.    Choppy flow.   easy flow.
             Hard to          Semi-hard to
             follow.          follow.
             Beginning       Developing      Accomplished    Score

                0 points         2 point        4 points
             The             The layout is   The layout is
             background      ok. The color   easy to read.
             makes it        and type size   The color is
Aesthetics   hard to         have some       easy on the
             read. The       variations.     eyes and the
             color and                       type size is
             type size are                   used well and
             poorly used.                    consistent.
Grammar         0 points         1 point          2 points
and          There are       1-2             No grammar or
Spelling     more than 3     misspellings    spelling
             misspellings    and/or          mistakes.
             and/or          grammatical
             grammatical     errors.
Collaboration-how well you worked together as a team.
                 Beginning     Developing      Accomplished       Score
                   0 points         1 point        2 points
                 Everyone      Some needed     Everyone had a
                 did not       extra time to   helping hand in
Cooperation      have all      get their       bringing this
                 their         information.    project to life.
                 in on time.
Responsibility     0 points        2 points        4 points
                 No one        Some took       Everyone took
                 took their    their job       their job
                 job           seriously.      seriously.
Compilation-how well you did on your budget
            Beginning       Development      Accomplished Score
               0 points         2 points         4 points
            Spreadsheet     Spreadsheet is   Spreadsheet is
Selection   is messy. Has   nice and neat.   nice and neat.
Criteria    quite a few     Has 1-2          Has all the
            (3-4)           columns          required
            columns         missing.         columns.
               Beginning   Development Accomplished        Score
Organization     0 points     2 points      4 points
               Over budget Came in on    Came in under
               by          budget.       budget.
               or more.
               Had to
               from a

Score                                              Total
Congratulation! The village trustees have approved both
   of your plans. They are very anxious to hear from you
   on whichever plan you choose.
In this real world exercise, you learned three things.
   One, and this is the most important, you learned how
   to balance a budget and two, how to start up your own
   business, and three, how to work together as a team.
If you have any other ideas other than the two scenarios
   in this exercise, please let me know at
I would appreciate and answer all inquiries.
                   Start Your Own Business
             A Webquest for 11-12th Grades (math)
                          Designed by
                      Mark Chamberlain
Content Area and Grade level
This lesson is designed for eleventh and twelfth grade
Curriculum Standards
The main objective of this lesson is so the student has a clear
 understanding of how the real world works in regards to
 business applications.
As a result of this WebQuest students will be able to:
Standard 10B-…, Design data collection methods, gather and
  analyze data communicate findings.
Preferably 10.b.5-design a statistical experiment to answer a
  question about a realistic situation, conduct the
  experiment, use statistics to interpret the data, and
  communicate the results, individually and as a member of
  a team.
At the beginning of the scenario, the class should be divided
  into groups of 4. You should make index cards with the
  titles of the members of the group, with a description of
  their responsibilities.
You will set a time frame for how long this project will take.
Step 1: The class will work in their teams. You set the time limit on
  how long they have to come up with an action plan.
Step 2: In this phase, you should have four computer stations, with
  at least 2 computers each, designated with each title. Again give
  them a time limit so others have a chance to research.
Step 3: The groups should meet for at least 15 minutes prior to class
  ending to report back their findings. (You may set a time frame
  that you feel is appropriate to let the groups meet).
Step 4: At this step, give the ACCOUNTANT more time to research
  the banks.
Step 5: Give the students a due date to accomplish this task.
Step 6: Give the students a due date to accomplish this task.
Step 7: Give the students a time limit to present their study.
You may use the rubric that is with the lesson or feel free
  to include your own.
Feel free to email me with any improvements you feel are
  necessary or just drop a line on how the lesson played
  out. I would really like to hear from you.

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