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                  2010 Season Begins
The Panhandle Butterfly House will open for its 14th season on April 29th.

This year’s opening ceremony includes the dedication of the Blair Blage
Memorial Gazebo. Blair, a devoted and much loved volunteer, passed away              Volume 3    Issue 1
in 2009. He and his family requested donations be made to the Panhandle                  Spring 2010
Butterfly House.

To honor Blair and his commitment to education, the funds have been used         The Panhandle Butterfly House
to expand our ability to teach others.                                                  is a project of:

“The gazebo will be used as an outdoor classroom” said Theresa Friday,
Santa Rosa County Extension Agent and Chair of the Panhandle Butterfly
House Advisory Committee. “It’s not unusual for us to have large groups of
children attend our Kiderpillar School, an award-winning youth education
program. Due to limited space, we teach some lessons outside. Without
shelter, the children and teachers get very hot.”

The 12’ x 20’ gazebo is located just to the west of the vivarium. A vinyl
gazebo with a concrete foundation, this wheelchair accessible structure
provides a beautiful view of our butterfly gardens.

In addition to the ribbon cutting several other special events will occur. Now
that the cold weather is behind us, gardeners are looking to spruce up their
damaged gardens. If your garden took a hit from this winter’s cold, stop by
and stock up on butterfly-friendly plants. The plant sale will be held April
29 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and April 30 and May 1 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Plants being sold include heliotropes, geraniums, flambe’ yellows,
copperleaf, and Liberty Lace sweet potato vines.

The public is invited to participate in the release of butterflies in our
vivarium. Releases will be on April 29, 30 and May 1 at 11 am. Attendees
will be accommodated on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Butterfly related merchandise and resource materials will also be available          8581 Navarre Parkway
for sale. The PBH will be open all three days from 10 am to 3 pm.                         Navarre, FL


Panhandle Butterfly House                                                                                      Page 1
      Volunteers Needed                                    What You Can Do To Help
                                                           The cost of everything continues to rise, including
Volunteers are the life-blood of this exhibit.             the cost of butterflies. To keep our large exhibit
Volunteers are active in all aspects of the                stocked with beautiful butterflies, we purchase
Panhandle Butterfly House.                                 many each week. The very cold winter took its toll
                                                           on the butterfly farmers and prices have
Join our team of docents at the Panhandle                  skyrocketed. More than ever, your help is needed
Butterfly House. Docents are trained volunteers            to raise money for the Panhandle Butterfly House.
who act as ambassadors for our natural
world. They contribute by educating and helping            There are several programs that individuals,
visitors gain a better understanding of butterflies        groups, businesses and organizations can
and the natural habitat in which butterflies thrive.       participate in and help us.

As a docent, you will greet the public, provide            Butterfly Buddy: Do you work with a great
casual interpretations, and answer questions. You          group of people. Reward them by purchasing a
will have an opportunity to make a valuable and            week’s worth of butterflies. A special release party
enriching contribution to the community.                   will be scheduled for your invited guests.

To prepare you to be successful, we ask you to
attend a training course. After completing
the course, you will be prepared with the tools
and knowledge to be successful. Class size is
limited to ensure that we can provide individual
attention and training.

              Upcoming classes:
          May 8 - 10:15 am - 3:00 pm
           June - To be announced

                                                           Kaleidoscope Society: A flying group of
                                                           butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. Become a
                                                           member of our kaleidoscope by donating. Just
                                                           complete the form on page five and mail it to the
                                                           listed address.

                                                           Wish List: It takes a lot to keep our gardens
                                                           looking nice and the butterflies well fed. See if
                                                           you have anything on our wish list that you would
                                                           like to donate. Go to
                                                           www.panhandlebutterflyhouse.org to see our wish

                                                           Gift Shop: Looking for a butterfly related gift for
                                                           someone special. Fly into our gift shop and take a
                                                           look. Open Thursday-Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm.
Volunteer Fran Grissom helps a child release a butterfly

                                                           Donate Online: To make your donating easier,
                                                           you can donate online through PayPal. Just visit
All classes will be held at the Navarre Chamber of
Commerce and the Panhandle Butterfly House
located at 8543 Navarre Parkway, Navarre,
                                                           Commemorative Bricks: Honor someone by
                                                           purchasing an engraved brick to be permanently
                                                           placed in our conservation walk.
To register for a class or to request more
information about becoming a docent, please
email: docents@panhandlebutterflyhouse.org.

Panhandle Butterfly House                                                                                 Page 2
      Lepidoptera Lookout                                       How Does Your Garden
Named for its conspicuous target-shaped
eyespots, the common buckeye, Junonia coenia, is              Can weeds really be beneficial? Butterflies would
one of the most distinctive and readily-identifiable          answer with a resounding YES!
North American butterflies. It inhabits a wide
variety of open, sunny landscapes including old               Turkey tangle fogfruit, also known as matchweed,
fields, roadsides, utility corridors, gardens, parks,         is an important host and nectar plant.
yards, fallow agricultural land, scrubs, pine
savannas, and weedlots.                                       Turkey tangle fogfruit can be used as a ground
                                                              cover and is evergreen in warm years. It is also
The common buckeye is a resident across the                   evergreen in areas protected from frost. It
southern United States and much of Mexico. In                 spreads vigorously to the point of being a weed if
Florida, it can be found in all 67 counties. The              allowed to grow in the lawn.
butterfly regularly expands its range northward
each year to temporarily colonize much of the                 Fogfruit generally is a good nectar plant for
U.S., occasionally reaching southern Canada.                  butterflies. It is an attractive plant rambling over
                                                              boulders or the edges of hanging baskets. It also
                                                              can tolerate drought and flooding.

                                                              This species is a member of the verbena family
                                                              (family Verbenaceae), which includes about 75
                                                              genera and 3,000 species of herbs, shrubs, and
                                                              trees, mostly of tropical and warm temperate

                                                              It is a larval host plant for the common buckeye,
                                                              phaon crescent and white peacock butterflies.

                                                              It is a nectar plant for barred yellow, ceraunus
                                                              blue, field skipper, gray hairstreak, little
                                                              metalmark, Miami blue, Palatka skipper, phaon
                                                              crescent, queen, swarthy skipper, tropical
                                                              checkered-skipper and other butterflies.
Starting in late summer and continuing through
fall, huge numbers of adults migrate southward
into peninsular Florida. Adults overwinter.

The common buckeye is a medium-sized butterfly
with several large, conspicuous round eyespots.
Females are generally larger than males and have
more rounded forewings. The forewing has two
prominent orange bars. The upper surface of the
hindwing has two large eyespots and a broad
orange band.

The mature larva is black with numerous blue-
black branched spines.

The larvae utilize a variety of herbaceous plants
including: turkey tangle fogfruit, Phyla nodiflora
L.; toadflax, Linaria spp.; plantain, Plantago spp.;
twinflower, Dyschoriste spp.; false foxglove,                              mat lippia - Phyla nodiflora (L.)
Agalinis spp.; and American bluehearts, Buchnera
americana L.
                                                                     Richard Old, XID Services, Inc., Bugwood.org

Credit: Featured Creatures,

Panhandle Butterfly House                                                                                           Page 3
       Volunteer Spotlight                                 Donor Spotlight
 On December 5, 2009, Len Schellhorn lost his        Due to the generosity of our very special
 battle with cancer. Len was a beloved volunteer     donors, we are still able to offer free
 who gave generously to the Panhandle Butterfly      admission to the Panhandle Butterfly House.
                                                     Thanks to the following donors who
 Len was a Santa Rosa County Master Gardener         contributed during the first quarter of 2010.
 and joined the Panhandle Butterfly House
 volunteer group in 2000.                                          Goldmine Bingo

 He had many skills. During the construction of        Driftwood Garden Club, Gulf Breeze
 the new vivarium in 2003, Len was the first to
 volunteer and took on the role of building                         Lois Peterzen
 supervisor. He worked diligently demolishing the
 old house and building the new one.                                 Peggy Gray

 When the building of the new house started in          University of Florida Student Club
 January of 2003, Len worked through the cold,                   Milton Campus
 wind and rain. When told he should wait until
 better weather, his comment was, “This is
 important and we will open in early May.” The
 Panhandle Butterfly House opened on schedule as
 Len had promised. The volunteers that helped
 with the building will always remember him for
 his dedication to the Butterfly House and for his
 lasting friendship.
                                                          Chrysalis Corner
 Len was an avid gardener. He grew hot peppers       The third life stage of a butterfly is the
 and tomatoes and made his own salsa. He also        pupa. Butterflies form chrysalis. The word
 made his own smoked paprika. These are just a       chrysalis means an “object of gold”.
 couple of things he produced from his garden. He
 generously shared his garden produce and his        How does a caterpillar know when to form a
 knowledge. Len was a sought-after speaker for       pupa? Certain chemicals called hormones
 local garden clubs.                                 are released in the caterpillar's body when
                                                     it reaches a certain size. This causes the
 After completion of the Butterfly House, he         caterpillar to stop eating and start looking
 started another project. He became known as         for a site to pupate. Most caterpillars will
 “The Flag Man”. He wanted to have an American       look for a hiding spot where predators can't
 Flag in every classroom in Gulf Breeze and he       find them.
 accomplished this also.

 Len is survived by his lovely Suellen and three

                                                                The buckeye chrysalis

Panhandle Butterfly House                                                                        Page 4
  We are a non-profit 501c3 organization that relies on and receives 100% of your donation.
  100% of each donation is tax deductible.
  Address: _______________________________________________________________
  City: ___________________________________________ State: __________________
  Zip: ________________________ Phone: _____________________________________

  This donation can be “in memory” or “in honor” of someone special.
  When doing this, please advise to whom we should send the acknowledgement card and newsletter.
  Name: ________________________________________________________________
  Address: ______________________________________________________________
  City: __________________________________________ State: __________________
  Zip: ________________________ Phone: ____________________________________
  Special Notes: __________________________________________________________

  To join the Kaleidoscope Society, check the desired level of membership entitling you to receive
  newsletters and special mailings.

  □ Skipper $10            □ Swallowtail $50           □ Painted Lady $250     □ Zebra Longwing $1000
  □ Buckeye $25            □ Gulf Fritillary $100      □ Viceroy $500          □ Monarch $1500

                                              Please make checks payable to:
                                               Panhandle Butterfly House
                                                      PO Box 5208
                                                   Navarre, FL. 32566

                                                               Butterflies through a
        Caterpillar Capers
                                                                   Child’s Eyes
   The caterpillar of the common buckeye is a
                                                             Kiderpillar School will begin its 4th year of
   fearsome-looking creature.
                                                             tours in May.
   The spiny, black-and-white caterpillar has a
                                                             Many of our experienced tour guides have
   bright orange head. Its behavior suggests its
                                                             moved, causing a shortage of teachers of
   diet makes it virtually immune to vertebrate
                                                             this award-winning program. We hope to
   predation, but the pupa and adult are quite
                                                             rebuild the numbers during spring training.
                                                             It is so rewarding to work with the youth
   Along the Gulf Coast, the common cudweed is
                                                             and see the wonder in their eyes as they
   an excellent caterpillar food.
                                                             enter the world of butterflies in the

                                                             If you enjoy working with children, please
                                                             take the docent class. A short class on
                                                             teaching the tours will later be available,
                                                             complete with lessons plans to ensure a
                                                             positive experience!

                                                             As in past years, tours will be offered
                                                             Monday through Wednesday and
                                                             prescheduled by contacting our website:
                                                             http://panhandlebutterflyhouse.org/ or
            Photo credit: Sturgis McKeever,
             Georgia Southern University,                    calling the Santa Rosa County Extension
                     Bugwood.org                             office at 850-623-3868.

Panhandle Butterfly House                                                                                    Page 5
                    Panhandle Butterfly House
                                8581 Navarre Parkway

                                 Open to the Public
                            Thursday, Friday and Saturday
                                   10 am to 3 pm

                           Scheduled Tours Available
                                  Send an email to
                                to request your tour.
                         Groups of 15 or more only please.


Panhandle Butterfly House                                      Page 6

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