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									  Hotel Central Res.com
            a division of
International Vacations Inc.
 Hotel & Air Consolidator Program

  A New Revenue Opportunity for
      Your Travel Company
      Table of Contents
  Contents                              Pages
 History                                     3
 International Vacations Services            4
 Why International Vacations                 5
 Agent Incentive                             6
 Hotel Booking Engine Tutorial            7-15
 Business & First Class                     16
              Air Consolidator Program
 Groups                                    17
 Profitability                             18
 Contacts                                  19
        International Vacations Inc.
 International Vacations was founded in February 2004 by John
  Przywara a 30 year travel executive and former founder and president
  of DFW Tours one of the industry’s most respected consolidator
  wholesale travel organizations.
 In 1997 DFW Tours joined four other travel companies to create Travel
  Services International. TSI became a publicly traded company on the
  NASDAQ and raising $32 million for expansion and acquisition
 In 2000 Travel Services International was acquired by Britain’s My
  Travel Group. (now The Thomas Cook Group plc)
 International Vacations continues on Mr. Przywara’s vision offering air
  and hotel consolidation with a fully inclusive tour operator offering
  air/hotel packages throughout the world.
    International Vacations Inc.
A Premier Hotel and Air Consolidator
  International Vacations Consolidator Hotel and Air
   program offers negotiated rates at 28,000 hotels
   worldwide as well as contract rates in Business
   and First Class on may of the world’s premier
   international airlines.
  In addition to consolidator fares the company also
   offers fully inclusive tours (air/hotel) packages to
   select destinations including Mexico, Hawaii, Costa
   Rica the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia
   and the South Pacific.
  Luxury and Business Class travel are a specialty
       Why Hotel Central Res.com
                       a division of
        International Vacations Inc.
 Our consolidator hotel program consists of negotiated rates
  at 40,000 online hotels in 160 countries
 10% Commission paid on all hotel bookings
 All commissions paid with 7 days of payment acceptance
 Instant confirmations
 Exclusive agent booking incentive - $100 gas card
 Group rates available for 6 rooms or more
 Travel Insurance available for bookings
       Hotel Central Res.com
          Agent Incentive
 International Vacations wants you to try our hotel
  booking engine, we think you will be quite pleased
  with its ease of navigation and surprised at the
  competitiveness of our international hotel rates.
 As an incentive to give us a try, International
  Vacations is offering agents a $100 gas card as a
  reward for every 10 bookings ,made and consumed
  by December 31, 2008.
 International Vacations’ system will track your
  bookings and automatically send out your reward
International Vacations Inc.
  Hotel Booking Engine Tutorial

  Sometimes There is No Competition!
      International Vacations
     Air Consolidator Program
 International Vacations has contracted air rates for
  international Business and First Class on many of the
  world’s premier airlines
 These rates will be quoted to you as Net
 Discover the savings you may provide your
  international clients compared to published fares and
  the increased profitability to your bottom line
 Consolidator rates apply for Trans-Atlantic and Trans-
  Pacific travel

 International Vacations offers
  group rates for bookings of
  10 passengers or more

 Call the group desk at
       International Vacations
        Partner in Profitability
 International Vacations realizes the need for
  agents to add an additional markup to the price of
  their services from time to time.

 Our system provides a field for additional markup
  prior to submitting credit card payment

 International Vacations provides our consolidator
  Air/Hotel Business and First Class quotes as Net

 This provides the agent the opportunity to apply an
  appropriate markup to the fare while still providing
  their client significant savings over published fares
International Vacations Inc.
15400 Knoll Trail
Suite 370
Dallas, Texas 75248
214-239-2840 local
800-727-0352 toll free
214-239-2841 fax

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