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									        Excel and PowerPoint Tutorials and Information

Below are websites with Excel tutorials and information.

Website url                                    Description
http://www.usd.edu/trio/tut/excel/0.html       A website that provides an Excel tutorial. If you
                                               need to refresh your skills, this site will allow
                                               you to pick and choose the topic areas. It is
                                               fairly basic but thorough.
us/assistance/HA011161281033.aspx              A website with valuable Office Online Training
                                               courses that provide interactive, hands-on

Below are websites with PowerPoint tutorials and information.

Website url                                    Description
http://www.fgcu.edu/support/office2            A website that provides a tutorial for all Office
000/ppt/                                       2000 products. It was created by Florida Gulf
                                               Coast University.
http://frank.mtsu.edu/~oit/faculty/PP_Win.h    A website that gives you access to a tutorial
tml                                            from Middle Tennessee State University. It is a
                                               great way to get started.
http://homepage.cs.uri.edu/tutorials/          A website that provides a PowerPoint tutorial
csc101/powerpoint/ppt.html                     developed by the Computer Science Department
                                               at the University of Rhode Island. It is a great
                                               tool for the first time user.

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