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                                                                                 Last Modified date: Aug 2007

This document describes the high-level roadmap for HR-Lite.
HR-Lite was developed and launched since 2001. It has helped many companies effectively and
efficiently managing their payroll, MPF, taxation and many other human resources related activities. Over
time, we have received many requests from these users to put in additional features. This is a list
compiled based on their input, together with the analysis from our research team, which will guide HR21
to continuously enhance HR-Lite to be a more comprehensive, flexible and effective HR software.


Since the initial version 1.0.0, HR-Lite has gone through 7 versions of enhancements. The enhancements
incorporated so far are as follow:
1. Various reports enhancement
2. Payroll Process Rollback
3. Import/Export to/from MS Excel
4. Export reports to various formats (including MS Word, Excel, and PDF)
5. Taxation enhancement
6. Updated MPF Amendment Bill 2004 in October 2004
7. Smart Reminders
8. More sophisticated Security and Access control
9. Increasing Internet Bank file formats
10. Leave associates with Payroll
11. Leave Plan Entitlement (by Service Year)
12. Time Card and Attendance
13. Company Intranet
14. Employee Self-Service

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                                                                             HR21 Website: http://www.hr21.com.hk
                                                                                   Last Modified date: Aug 2007

                              Enhancement Roadmap
As a continuous effort to make HR-Lite a more sophisticated and user-friendly HR management system,
we are planning to work on the following new features or items in the coming period:
       Feature:                                    Description:                               Schedule
Attendance                System can capture the attendance record of individual staff        Completed
                          using electronic time clock or other means.                           in V2.0

Work Hour Type            With different shifts in a company, user can setup different        Completed
                          work hour types to handle roster easily.                              in V2.0
Company Intranet          With different standard company policy templates readily
                          available, managing posting and sharing essential company
                                                                                                In V2.0
                          information can be done effectively and efficiently through
Employee Self-Service To minimize paper work and to make the HR job more
                          efficient, individual employee can submit personal                  Completed
                          information and leave applications for management                     In V2.0
                          approvals through intranet.
Reports enhancement       Page break function added in various reports                        Completed
                                                                                               in V1.7.2
                                       Personnel Information:
Import Employee           Users are able to import their staff pictures for their HR
Photos                    management. Staff cards can also be prepared with the aid           V2.1 in Oct
                          of staff photos
Salary information        For data security reason, hiding salary information can be
                                                                                              V2.1 in Oct
masked                    enabled selectively.
                          MPF/AVC/ORSO/Benefits Administration:
Functions to help         For handling new employment ordinance effective on July
generate payroll for new 07, payroll processes will involve recurrent payment, annual         V2.1 in Oct
Employment Ordinance leave, LSP/SP, MPF and early notice payment calculation.
Final Payment             Automatic generate final payment for terminated staff.
                                                                                              V2.1 in Oct
Leave payments            Leave payments auto generated to payroll cycle (sick leave,
                                                                                              V2.1 in Oct
                          no pay sick leave etc)
Time card systems         Integrate and support major time-card systems available in
                                                                                              V2.1 in Oct
integration               the market
Attendance                More flexible (support up to six time slots) for attendance
                                                                                                In Plan
enhancement               definition and report
Company property for      User can keep track the properties loan to the staffs.                In Plan

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                                                                               HR21 Website: http://www.hr21.com.hk
                                                                                     Last Modified date: Aug 2007

Benefit Administration    Insurance record and many other benefits can be kept track
                                                                                                  In Plan
                          by the HR department
ORSO handling             More ORSO reports can be generated directly from the
                                                                                                  In Plan
                          system and those reports will accepted by ORSO trustees

                                        Bank and MPF file formats:
Support additional Bank Supporting the electronic autopay file format of Bank of East
                                                                                                V2.1 in Oct
/ MPF trustee file format Asia, DBS and many more are in progress
                                         Intranet Administration:
E-Payslip                 Payslip can be generated and a reminding email can be sent
                          to each of their staffs. Staffs can log into the Intranet to            In Plan
                          download their own payslip
E-Appraisal               Appraisal of all staffs can be generated and sent through
                          E-mail. Analyzes can also be done based on the data from                In Plan
                          the system
E-Survey                  Company internal survey can be generated and sent through
                                                                                                  In Plan
E-mail Reminder           All the reminders from our system can transfer to E-mail
                          reminder which can link with most of the major E-mail                   In Plan
Key Dates                 More free-style Key dates can be set and reminders can be
                                                                                                  In Plan
Enhancement               generated by the system when user login
Export to ACCPAC or       Payroll records can be generated to a file which can be
other accounting          imported to the 3 -party accounting software                            In Plan
Data extraction and       Data extraction with mail merge support (allow field selection
                                                                                                  In Plan
Mail Merge                and filter)
Organization Chart        Chart-form report of the Organization can be generated so
                                                                                                  In Plan
                          that the structure of the company can be easily seen
Recruitment               Recruitment web page can keep track of all the potential
                          candidates for the company                                              In Plan

User-defined formulas     User can setup various formulas for deduction or
                                                                                                  In Plan
for various calculation   commission payments

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