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					                                Shawnee County CDDO
                               Affiliate Meeting Minutes
                                   February 11, 2008

I. CDDO Updates:
    Jan. 2008 Affiliate report – handout

    Family-Individual Supports Needs Assessment –The Shawnee County CDDO
     proposed contract language last year to be given the flexibility to increase services
     based on need because the current contract language does not allow this. This was
     not included in the contract and assigned to the Statewide Funding Committee to
     address. Several members on the committee volunteered to develop the Needs
     Assessment tool which was done. This is a newly developed Needs Assessment tool
     and will be used in all CDDO areas. Until now, only 13 of the 27 CDDOs had a Needs
     Assessment process. The majority of Case Managers received training on completing
     the Needs Assessment last week and additional training will be offered to those who
     were not able to attend. SRS requested that CDDO areas complete 50% of all SHC
     recipients in their area. Case Managers will complete the Needs Assessment for all
     individuals receiving supportive home care with December – May birthdays. The data
     gathered will be shared with the statewide funding committee to determine if it is
     financially possible to increase funding based on the statewide allocation. The newly
     developed tool will replace the current Needs Assessment in Shawnee County. The
     PCSP, BASIS and Needs Assessment should reflect consistent information regarding
     supports needed. The Needs Assessment excel spreadsheets will be made available
     to Case Managers on the CDDO web based system. The tool is designed to indicate
     support need required based on the individuals disability. It was suggested that the
     CDDO mail a letter to supportive home care recipients explaining the purpose of the
     Needs Assessment.

    BASIS Screener position – Donna Holstein’s last day was 2/8 and Coleen Hernandez
     transferred from the Screener I to Screener II position. The CDDO is in the process of
     hiring for the BASIS Screener I position which will be announced at a later date.

    Dual Diagnosis Task Force (DDTF) – Ramona participates on the DDTF task force.
     There are representatives from the mental health and developmental disability
     organizations across the state. The task force has already identified the need for cross
     training of staff and crisis homes. The CDDO and Sheltered Living shared that they
     have had great success working with Valeo. The CDDO and Valeo continue to provide
     training to Case Managers and hope to expand this opportunity to direct support staff.
     The Dual Diagnosis task force developed a survey for determining how many persons
     live in a state institution and how many receive community based services have a dual
     diagnosis. A copy of the survey was distributed and Ramona will e-mail affiliates the
     web link to complete the survey.

    Legislative update – House Bill 2761 was introduced by Senator Jerry Henry. It is a
     multi-year funding bill for $250 million over a three year period for MRDD
     reimbursement rates and to increase direct support staff wages.
     Senate Bill 408 involves transferring the Tiny K program from the Kansas Dept. of
     Health & Environment to the Kansas Dept. of Education.
     MR/DD Waiver Amendment Timelines –
      The following timelines were reviewed from the SRS memo received 1/31/08.
      March 1, 2008 the new version of the HCBS MR/DD Handbook will be posted on the
      SRS website www.srskansas.org/hcp/cssindex.htm
      February 15, 2008 providers may begin to enroll for the new Personal Assistant and
      Supported Employment services.
      March 15, 2008 will be the official implementation date for all of the new waiver
      amendments. Plans of Care for the new services can be submitted once the service
      provider has completed its enrollment for the new service.
      April 15, 2008 the updated Provider Manuals will be completed and posted on the
      KMAP website.

    Upcoming changes to the Technology Assistance (TA) Waiver – Currently 350 children
     receive ACIL services which is a medicaid state plan to provide nursing services to
     medically fragile children. The ACIL recipients will be transferring to the TA Waiver
     upon a functional eligibility and needs assessment being completed. The nurse case
     manager should be contacting individuals regarding the assessments. The changes
     are to be completed by 07/01/08. SRS will be submitting a TA waiver amendment to
     Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). There are 87 children statewide
     who also receive DD waiver services and CMS informed SRS individuals may not
     access two waiver services. The CDDO will encourage children DD eligible continue to
     have their annual BASIS completed and be reflected on the waiting list with the
     anticipated transition date to the DD waiver. It was also mentioned it may not be
     possible to have two case managers.

    Money Follows the Person Grant – The grant is to be effective July 1, 2008. The target
     populations include: individuals with a physical disability, frail and elderly, traumatic
     brain injury and developmental disability. Individuals who have been institutionalized
     for a minimum of six months and have requested community based services are
     eligible. The five year grant is set up to serve at least a thousand people. The targeted
     case manager will have an important role assisting individuals pursue this option.

    Upcoming contract negations – Please be thinking of any recommendations you may
     have to the current contract language. There was discussion about the timeliness of
     POC approvals. It was questioned why SRS isn’t held accountable to the contract
     language for POC approvals. The SRS Quality Improvement staff (Kathy B.)
     mentioned there have been difficulties at the NE Regional office due to changes in
     staff/supervisors in the Economic Assistance division. Please contact her directly with
     identifying information for any person(s) POC being delayed for this reason. She will
     provide assistance by following up with the EA Worker.

    Frank Stahl, Assistant Director CSS, verbally shared HCP/CSS has changed their
     name to The Division on Disability & Behavioral Health Services/Community Supports
     & Services because people were getting them confused with Health Policy & Authority.

III. Agency Announcements:
       Congratulations to Individual Support Systems on their success with direct support
       professionals’ successful completion of the College of Direct Support training. There is
       an article in the College of Direct Support Partner Profiles about their success which
       included how Individual Support Systems has reduced staff turnover.
IV. Other Discussion:
        Self-Determination – There was a question about the status of the Self
          Determination program and individuals receiving individual family support. The
          CDDO does not have information since this a TARC service program.
          TARC’s Executive Director shared that staff is still working collaboratively with SRS
          on details for FY2009 and information will be forwarded at a later date.

V. Info/updates/trainings:

         Supporting Challenging Behavior: March 19th from 1:00-3:30pm at TARC. Flyer to
          be sent via e-mail soon.

         The Building a Better Tomorrow: Best Practices in Supporting People with
          Developmental Disabilities conference will be held in Kansas City, Missouri on
          June 10 - 12, 2008, at the Clarion Hotel (soon to be Sheraton) Sports Complex.

                         Next meeting is scheduled March 10, 2008

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