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March 2009 - Albury Newsletter


									Albury Newsletter

   March 2009

                            Regular Events and Information
Last Sun of Month: Patmore Heath Volunteer Group 10 a.m. - 12 noon

Every Mon:            Albury Badminton Club at the Village Hall 8 – 10 pm

1st Tues of Month:    Albury Parish Council Meeting
                      Village Hall 7.30pm

2nd Tues of Month: Little Hadham & Albury Parish Club
                   Little Hadham Village Hall 7.45 for 8pm start

4th Tues of Month   Mobile Police Station Albury Village Hall, 10.45-11.30 am
                     Contact No: 0845 3300222
                     Albury‟s Police Constable; Tracey Fegan Pc 2374
                     Contact No: 01992 533166 / 07736 225354
Every other Tues Mobile Library:-
                     10.00-10.30 at Village Hall car park
                     10.35-10.55 at Parsonage Lane
                     11.05-11.25 at Patmore Heath (opp. Mill House)
Albury’s Acorns Pre-School: (village hall)
Sessions available for children 2 to 5 yrs. Also suitable for Early Years children of
Albury School with transport of children from school to hall provided.
Every Weekday Morning: 9am-1pm:
Contact: Zoey Kelly / Fiona Clarke 07826 303560 and e-mail;

                         Albury Village Website;

EDITOR; Pam Blevins .Pear tree Cottage. Patmore Heath. Albury. Herts. SG11 2LX
    Tel: 01279 771999. E-MAIL; ALL EDITORIAL, ADVERTS &
ADVERTISING; Colette Moase; Tel: 01279 771615

Cover Picture: Julie Cooper

                                                       NEED A VENUE FOR A WEDDING
                      Meets each Monday
                                                            OR FAMILY PARTY?
                     At Albury Village Hall
                                                          How about your own award-
                          Adults 8 -10 pm
                                                       winning Village Hall? Close to the
                                                       School and Church, Albury Village
                                                        Hall is a beautiful and accessible
                                                        venue for business or pleasure.
                 E-mail:                       For booking details call
                                                          Linda Cole on 01279 771577
      Tel: 01279 771833 / 01279 813387
                                                       Or visit
                                        Church Diary
                              ASH AND QUIN VALLEYS TEAM
St Mary’s Albury, St Cecilia’s Little Hadham, St Andrew’s with Holy Cross and St Thomas’ Much
Hadham, St Mary’s Braughing, St Mary’s Furneux Pelham, St Mary’s Stocking Pelham.

Churchwardens:     Giles Pitman, Penny Cottage, Patmore Heath, Albury. Tel: 771293
                   Dr Peter Radley, Christy’s, Albury End. Tel: 771291

Sunday 1st March   First Sunday of Lent
11.15 am Parish Communion and Sunday School                                                    St Mary‟s

Sunday 8th March   Lent 2
9.30 am Shared Communion                                                      St Cecilia‟s, Little Hadham
5.00 pm Taizé style service                                                 St Andrew‟s, Much Hadham

Sunday 15th March Lent 3
8.00 am   Holy Communion                                                     St Cecilia‟s, Little Hadham
9.15 am   Shared Communion                                                  St Andrew‟s, Much Hadham
9.30 am   Family Service                                                     Village Hall, Little Hadham
6.00 pm   Evensong                                                                               St Mary‟s

Tuesday 17th March
5.00 pm   Governors meeting                                                                Albury School

Wednesday 18th March
8.00 pm   Meeting of St Mary‟s PCC

Sunday 22nd March Lent 4 Mothering Sunday
11.15 am Family Communion
          and baptism of Cuan Marc Swalesson of Tristin and Janine of The Oaks Clapgate        St Mary‟s
6.00 pm   Evensong                                                         St Cecilia‟s, Little Hadham

Sunday 29th March Lent 5
9.15am       Benefice Communion                                             St Andrew‟s, Much Hadham
10.30am      Benefice Communion                                                       Stocking Pelham
6.00pm       Deanery Evensong                                               St Andrew‟s, Much Hadham

Team Rector: Chris Boulton Tel: 01279 842609 Email:
Team Vicar: Revd. Jeanette Gosney Tel: 01920 822619 Email:
Lifts to church: Should anyone need a lift please contact the churchwarden.
Roman Catholic Mass:
Furneux Pelham, Chapel of the Annunciation – Saturdays 6pm – Tel: 771322
Puckeridge, St Thomas of Canterbury – Saturday 6pm
Much Hadham, St Andrew‟s/Holy Cross - Sundays 11 am
Old Hall Green, St Edmund of Canterbury - Sundays 11 am

                                         Rector’s letter

March 2009      Lent

A very mournful looking Andy Hornby, former chief executive of HBOS, said “sorry” before a
Treasury Committee. He moved from ASDA to lead the Bank in 1999, and in 2008 aged 42,
resigned on a salary with bonuses of £1.93 million. He, along with many other senior bankers
across the world, has been cast in the role of penitent: sinners called to repentance for causing all
our financial woes, for being greedy and profligate with our money. It is like an extended Lenten
exercise of examination.
The spectacle of politicians, clerics and journalists falling over themselves to point the finger of
blame at the bankers is not all together edifying. The bankers may be at the top of the pile, but no-
one was complaining when shares were high, assets increasing in value, credit flowing, and
prosperity increasing. We have to question how sincere is the penitence or the moral indignation,
when we would perhaps all do the same again, given the chance. Saying sorry is only useful when
we do something to make amends, or change future conduct; otherwise it is hypocrisy and
This all makes the 2009 season of Lent, beginning on February 25 th and ending with Holy Week
on the 5th of April, more relevant perhaps than in recent years. A time to re-examine moral
priorities, to take stock, to put the brake on consumption, to simplify one‟s life, and of course to
seek spiritual experience, has always been advocated by the Church. It is a good exercise, even
for those who have no faith in God at all. In the Churches we give opportunity for Christians to
increase giving to charity, study and discuss fundamental issues, and examine their consciences.
Very often the consequence of this time of self examination is not to make huge changes in our
lives; but to realise that a few small steps and simple adjustments to the way we manage our time,
attitudes or habits, can make a big difference. This may also be true of society at large; and if all
this penitence has some effect, then maybe it will be worthwhile. If however we only blame the
bankers, nothing will really change.

Chris Boulton
 Funeral of Ted Harvey on Wednesday 18th February at St Andrews Much Hadham

Ted Harvey of Upwick hall sadly died on February 4th having been diagnosed with cancer in late
2008. He was a long term resident of Albury and was a regular supporter of the church with his
wife Marigold. He was a regular reader in the services and always read from his family bible
which had been passed down through the generations.

 Over the years he carried out many civic duties being a magistrate for almost 30 years and in
1992 was made High Sheriff of Hertfordshire – the Queens judicial representative in the county.
He also chaired the local Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, Riding for the
disabled and the Country Landowners Association. His proudest moment however was when his
horse, Little Polveir, won the Grand National in 1989 for which he was presented a bronze statue

Ted was born into a Cradle End near Little Hadham

Ted married Marigold Sporborg in 1962 and they have 3 sons and 6 grandchildren.

                 Children’s Quiz                                            SUDOKU

                                                                   Fill in all the squares so that
                                                                  Every row, column and all nine
                                                                    3x3 squares contain all the
                                                                          digits from 1 to 9
                                                                         Answers on page 10

1. How many notes are in a musical scale.                                  7         5 3          6
2. How many legs has a spider.                                   5       4 6                  8
                                                                                 8                9
3. Approx. How many kilometres equal five miles.
                                                                 2                 7 4
4. Where is the larynx.
                                                                     5 9         6   1 7
5. In which country did Cricket begin.
                                                                       1 3                        8
                     Recycling Days for March                    1               4                2
                                           th   th
                           Green Box     10 /24                      9 2             6 7
                           Brown Bin     4th/18th
                                                                 3           5       2   9

                                        Pot Luck Supper

              The next Pot Luck Supper will be on Thursday, 5th March from 7.30pm.

                           Please contact the host to confirm attendance!
                                     Sadie Nine: Tel: 771993

Music @ St. Mary‟s Church, Braughing

Saturday 14th March, 7.30pm

                               Jazz – The Dixieland All Stars
A top quality group of professional jazz musicians come together to perform a fantastic
programme of Dixieland jazz. Led by John Bridge on trombone, band members‟ credits include
BBC Big Band, Diana Ross, the Midnight Follies Orchestra and Pasadena Roof Orchestra. The
Band performs at events ranging from the concert hall to the open air fete and aim for high quality
and thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.
Tickets: £12, £10 or £15 on the door. Children – free.

For further information and tickets please email, telephone or fax:- Tel: 01763 289073
                                    Albury Primary School
                        Hertfordshire Schools Cross Country Race in St Albans

On Saturday the 18th of January Albury Primary School competed in the annual Hertfordshire Schools Cross
   Country Championships. We are very proud of the six hardy souls who turned out on a day that saw sub
                    zero temperatures, to take on 200 of Hertfordshire’s best young runners.
 In a very competitive and fast girls race Kitty Ewin finished highest of the Albury team in a very solid 60th
   position. Rebecca Cole was next home, only 1 min behind, and she was followed by her sister Alice and
   Imogen Halliday. We would like to express a big special thank you to Imogen who stepped in to fill the
 breach at the last minute, after Sofi Jayne was unavoidably detained by a very important exam. In the boys
   race Joseph Callaghan proudly defended Albury School’s honour. In a race of over 200 students Joseph
  recovered well after falling in the starting mêlée. Through the race he fought hard to make up places and
     was constantly passing people eventually finishing in the first half of the field. (At this time Joseph’s
position is unavailable).Very well done to the whole team who did the school, village and themselves proud!
                                     Speed Stacking Event at Birchwood

  On 20th January Albury Primary yr 3/4 Speed Stacking team turned out at the District Primary Schools’
   Speed Stacking Tournament. The team had trained hard on a daily basis and was full of confidence, in
particular Jack Hancox, Elanore Ewin and Issy Wright did well to overcome their pre tournament nerves and
   put in a sterling performance at their first competitive event. The team’s training turned out to be very
worthwhile as fast times were chalked up by Jordan Badman and Mia Welsh. However, it was Lewis Trow
 who stood out collecting medals in no less than two events. Overall the team did exceptionally well and is
  excitedly awaiting the announcement of the County team, where Albury can expect to be represented by
                                      some of these talented youngsters!
                                          Yellow Pages Competition

  Albury School has decided to enter the Yellow Pages Competition again this year. We have to collect as
 many Yellow Pages as possible in order to win. If anyone has any old Yellow Pages they would like to be
 recycled then please either drop them into the school or call the secretary and we will endeavour to arrange
for someone to collect them from you. (Perhaps while you are at the school you might like to have a look at
                                                our new hall!)
                                       Street Dance Class Mornings

 Commencing on Friday 6th March the school will be hosting a Street Dance Class for all those who wish to
get fit for the summer. The event will be held every Friday between 9.15 am and 10.15 am in the school hall
at a cost £4.50 per session. Alex, who will be taking the class, has run a Salsa Night for the school and was
                                       asked back by popular demand.
                                         Friends of Albury School

    The Friends of Albury Primary School are looking for somebody to take over as Treasurer from 1st
November 2009, for a year, on a voluntary basis. If you enjoy working with Excel spreadsheets, are happy to
 work with figures and are looking for something as a part time interest, we would be pleased to hear from
you. The Friends of Albury Primary School raise money to buy much needed equipment and other items for
 our village school. If you would like to help please contact our school secretary Rachel Waight on 01279
                            771253 or e-mail her at

Just one last thing! Everyone at Albury School would like to wish all the year six students in the village
good luck with their secondary school applications and hope that they get their first choice.
                                            Upcoming events

6th March                           Street Dance Classes begin
20 March                            Children’s School Disco
Come along to the school disco in our own school hall. We will serve tea for the children and there will be a
tuck shop for those children who would like to buy some homemade cakes, cookies, crisps etc. – Lee Ewin
                                Driving licence photocard

This was bought to my attention – I thought I would share it with you. – Joan Crow
"Unwitting motorists face £1,000 fines as thousands of photocard driving licences expire.
Thousands of motorists are at risk of being fined up to £1,000 because they are unwittingly
driving without a valid licence.
They risk prosecution after failing to spot the extremely small print on their photocard
licence which says it automatically expires after 10 years and has to be renewed - even
though drivers are licensed to drive until the age of 70.
The fiasco has come to light a decade after the first batch of photo licences was issued in
July 1998, just as the they start to expire. Motoring organisations blamed the Government
for the fiasco and said 'most' drivers believed their licences were for life.
A mock-up driving licence from 1998 when the photocards were launched shows the imminent
expiry date as item '4b'
They said officials had failed to publicise sufficiently the fact that new-style licences -
unlike the old paper ones - expire after a set period and have to be renewed.
To rub salt into wounds, drivers will have to a pay £17.50 to renew their card - a charge
which critics have condemned as a 'stealth tax' and which will earn the Treasury an
estimated £437million over 25 years.
Official DVLA figures reveal that while 16,136 expired this summer, so far only 11,566
drivers have renewed, leaving 4,570 outstanding. With another 300,000 photocard licences
due to expire over the coming year, experts fear the number of invalid licences will soar,
putting thousands more drivers in breach of the law and at risk of a fine. At the heart of the
confusion is the small print on the tiny credit-card-size photo licence, which is used in
conjunction with the paper version. Just below the driver name o n the front of the
photocard licence is a series of dates and details - each one numbered. Number 4b features
a date in tiny writing, but no explicit explanation as to what it means. The date's significance
is only explained if the driver turns over the card and reads the key on the back which
states that '4b' means 'licence valid to'.
Even more confusingly, an adjacent table on the rear of the card sets out how long the driver
is registered to hold a licence - that is until his or her 70th birthday.
A total of 25million new-style licences have been issued but - motoring experts say - drivers
were never sufficiently warned they would expire after 10 years. Motorists who fail to
renew their licences in time are allowed to continue driving. But the DVLA says they could be
charged with 'failing to surrender their licence', an offence carrying a £1,000 fine.
AA president, Edmund King said: 'It is not generally known that photocard licences expire:
there appears to be a lack of information that people will have to renew these licences.
People think they have already paid them for once over and that is it. It will come as a
surprise to motorists and a shock that they have to pay an extra £17.50.'
The AA called on the Government to use the annual £450million from traffic enforcement
fines to offset the renewal charge. Before photocard licences were introduced, old-style
paper licences were valid until the age of 70. Many motorists still believe this to be the case
with the new ones".

              Results of Parish Council survey 2008/09
In December 2008 the Parish Council was approached by a group of Albury residents and asked
to officially contest the proposed development at High Hall. In delicate matters such as this we are
keen to represent all the village and therefore felt that we had to ask the people of Albury whether
they wanted us to stand against or for this Affordable Housing development at High Hall. In early
January every household received a prepaid card with a clear YES, NO or NO OPINION option to
tick. With the card was a short letter to explain that the PC would not act on behalf of the Stop
Albury From Expansion group WITHOUT the parishioner‟s approval. On the card people were also
given the opportunity to leave their name and address (optional) as well as space to comment with
a deadline of January 31st.
By February 2nd at our first Parish Council meeting this year we had received 143 responses (out
of 230 )
68 % voted for YES ( PC to act on behalf of the Stop Albury From Expansion and AGAINST the
development at HIGH HALL )
29% voted for NO ( PC not to stand against proposed development at High Hall )
3%     had ticked the box of NO OPINION

I took the time and analysed the information we have received from those cards as follows:

Clearly the majority of people in Albury ARE NOT HAPPY with the proposed site at High Hall and
felt that the Parish Council must act on their behalf.

       40 of those who voted against the project DO NOT LIVE in or around the area of High Hall
        and therefore would not be affected by such a new development themselves.
       9 felt that it was the site at High Hall that was the problem
       4 do not want to see any new developments within the green belt area
       6 feel that a lack of infrastructure in Albury would not benefit Affordable Housing schemes
       8 feared that such a development would increase the burden of traffic problems even
       1 was very concerned about the spoilt views and appearance of the village
       1 was alarmed that one such development would sent a precedence for even more
       5 wanted to save Albury‟s real village character
       1 is worried that the development would decrease Albury‟s popularity
       2 were extremely alert to the fact that this development is likely to attract people who have
        absolute no connections with Albury and outsiders who have no interest in enriching village
       6 were not at all convinced that a need for such a development has been established
       1 feels so strongly about it that they feel no other way but sadly having to leave Albury if
        this project was allowed to go ahead
       1 suggests that we should better concentrate on improving our infrastructure such as
        bringing back the long gone post office
       1 had concerns with environmental issues for newly build housing
       1 said that the village school is full to capacity and could not take in any more children

For THE DEVELOPMENT comments made :
      Only 13 voting for the development were happy to give their name or address
      Not a single one of those lives in or close to the proposed site, with 3 at Patmore Heath at
       the closest.
      15 felt very strongly that ANY Affordable Housing must be given to people with a proven
       link or connection to Albury ONLY
      1 demands that the Parish Council must have nomination rights
      2 feel that a small Affordable Housing Scheme would be welcome but it must NOT set any
       precedent for further development
      1 felt that one pressure group protesting against the development is enough
      1 felt that the problem started when Council Houses were sold off
      1 is convinced that we cannot escape expansion
      1 rather goes along with Affordable Housing than a government compulsory purchase for a
       traveller‟s site
      2 think that Affordable Housing is necessary for the future of the school in expensive
      1 welcomes the range of different houses a project like this might offer
      1 is of the opinion that too many PC members might have a personal interest in this ( The
       Affordable Housing issue is being dealt with by the 3 members who DO NOT live in the
       area concerned and would not be affected by the development , the remaining 2 have no
       input in any discussions or decisions )

We hope that the collected information will be shown the consideration it deserves as we all act in
the best interest for our village community.
We understand Aldwyck‟s desire to build a new development and as an alternative to Albury
village itself would like to draw your attention to an Albury resident who has approached the PC
with the willingness to sell prime development land within the area of Albury/ Little Hadham. We
have passed on the potential vendor‟s details to Aldwyck Affordable Housing for further
I would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to return the card as it clearly has helped
our decision making process. Your opinion and comments matter to us!

Brigitte Webster

Albury Parish Council

                          Little Hadham and Albury Social Club
February is when we discuss if everyone is happy with the club, outings, speakers etc., view
details of finances and do so over a glass of wine. A few of us ventured out on a chilly evening
and those present seemed happy with the way things are organised.
Our March meeting, on Tuesday 10th is to be a Wine Tasting evening, organised by „The Mixed
Case‟ of Little Hadham. There will be an entry fee of £5 and the evening will start at 8 p.m.
Everyone is welcome. Do come along and support both your neighbours and a village business.
Phone 771580 and 658585 for information. - Ennis

                 Doorstep Hotline
                                                                        918 725 346
            A local call telephone number                               534 691 287
            for anyone wishing to pass on                               627 483 519
             information about a doorstep
                 seller. The number is:                                 283 917 465
                                                                        459 268 173
                     0845 60 444 66                                     761 354 928

               Children’s Quiz                                          175 849 632
1.   8                                                                  892 136 754
2.   8                                                                  346 572 891
3.   8
4.   In the throat
5.   England
                                      A Seat on the Heath

How disappointed we were to find the seat in memory of Frank Hutchin, a member of this parish,
who lived and worked all his life upon the heath, completely smashed and the name plate gone.
It was slightly damaged a few weeks ago, the centre strut being broken but sometime after 4
o‟clock on Saturday evening of the 31st January, the back was completely wrecked. The police
are aware of the vandalism, and are making a point of checking the area more often.
Such a shame that vandalism has crept in to our quiet village. – Several residents of the Heath &
Update: Many thanks to Reg Crafter for all his hard work in repairing the ‘Seat on
the Heath’.

Further update: 17th February, Unfortunately, 2 lads have decided to damage the seat again,
shame on you!

As you can see Lewis, Jack, Ruby, Dan, Callum, Ellie and Euan are having lots of fun being
kept home from school because of the snow. - Tracy Saggers
                     Little Hadham and Albury Garden Club

The talk by Robin Carsberg at our January meeting gave us a whistle stop tour round the Great
and Small gardens of Wessex was very interesting and brought back memories for many
members and also inspired others to visit the region.

Our March meeting on the 19th is the A.G.M. and our Chairman gives a short appreciation of the
previous year‟s events and we launch our 2009/2010 list of events and outings along with the new
Autumn show schedule, so come along and join the club meet other gardeners and would be
gardeners, have a nibble and drink. The doors open at 7.45 p.m. for an 8.00 start. - Karin Green

                             THE CATHERINE WHEEL
                                     March Meal Deal
                         Dine For Nine in 2009 @ The Catherine Wheel
     (Enjoy a Main Course Meal, Half Draught Beer, House Wine (175ml) or Soft Drink)
                  Only £9.00 Available Mon-Thurs am & pm & Sat lunchtime

                          Don’t forget Mothers Day 22nd March
                                    A gift for all you mum’s!

                            Patmore Heath Work Party Dates
Work Parties are held on Patmore Heath on the last Sunday of the month from 10.00 -12.00
September to April. The work parties are a great way to keep fit and get outdoors in to the
countryside and fresh air. They also help protect the rare wildlife that is found at Patmore Heath.
Everyone welcome – the next dates are;      29th March

                                        Patmore Wildlife

             Roughly, fifty different types of fern occur in Britain and at least three of these;
             narrow buckler fern, broad buckler fern and male fern can be found on Patmore
             Heath. The two buckler ferns also form a hybrid.

               The most interesting one is the narrow buckler-fern. This is a heathland or wood
pasture speciality, and the colony around the marshy area on Patmore Heath is one of the best of
its kind in the County.

Ferns are some of the oldest and most primitive plants found alive today. Dating back to before
the dinosaurs, they are non-flowering and reproduce by means of spores usually produced on the
underside of their fronds or leaves. – Gavin Vicary

Gardening tips from the Heath – Pat Dyson

March Checklist
                                                           The Mixed Case Wine Merchants
1)   Plant early potatoes.                                             are holding a
                                                                  Wine Tasting Evening
2)   Keep some garden fleece handy in case of                         on behalf of the
                                                                 Little Hadham & Albury
     severe frost.                                                      Social Club
                                                            at the Little Hadham Village Hall
3)   Sow carrots, beetroot, and parsnips directly into   on Tuesday, 10th March, 2009 at 8 p.m.
     well prepared seed beds.                                  Admission £5.         Raffle.

4)    Plant onion sets, shallots and garlic.                     Everyone welcome

5)   Deep sowing calabrese, cauliflowers, chard
     and lettuce as follow-up crops and gap fillers.

                    Dont forget to check out the advetisers
               They could be just what you are looking for!


         And associates

    The Folly, 18 Hadham Road,
Bishop’s Stortford, Herts. CM23 2QR

        Tel 01279 506216

   Home visits can be arranged.

                                           PAINTING & DECORATING
                                            INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
                                                High Standard
                                             25 years + experience

                                             References available
                                                 Free Quotes

                                               IAN BARKER

                                              TEL: 01920 821598
                                              Mob: 0777 1511632

                       for AGA Service & Maintenance
Covering a wide area, including North London, Hertfordshire and Essex, we are a
small local family run company based in Bishops Stortford offering a full range of
services for your AGA including Relocation, Refurbishment and Re-Enamelling. In
addition, we can supply and fit Re-Conditioned AGA‟s including Flue and Fuel Lines;
so for all your AGA requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for a

     Give Your AGA a Treat and Save *10% on Your First Service
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                           CORGI &OFTEC Registered Installer
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        Clouds Catering
             Quality Home-made Foods
                                                                        Interior and Exterior
               Local Catering Service
                                                                            Painting and
                 Anniversaries 

                    Birthdays 
                                                                            Over 25 years experience
          Christenings and Funerals 
                                                                          David Price-Cousins
                 Dinner Parties 

                                                                                 27, Friars Road,
             Full service or delivery only
                                                                                Braughing, Herts.
               Catering equipment hire                                              SG11 2NN
                    Jan Williamson

            01279 771272 / 07710 325363
                                                                              Tel. 01920 822339
                                       Mob: 07595 341443
      Clouds, Ford Hill, Little Hadham SG11 2AZ

  HERTS AND ESSEX                                  Reiki Healing for all Animals
                                                     Reiki is a complimentary therapy
Both Commercial and Domestic                       used alongside veterinary treatment or
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning                                    by itself.
                                                   Energises & stimulates the body‟s own
New Carpets Supplied and Fitted                           natural healing system.
   Used Carpets re-adapted
                                                          Used to treat Physical,
    Duncan Woodcock                                 emotional/mental problems, or as a
                                                         General wellbeing Treat.
           Violets Lane
         Barleycroft End                                 Fully qualified practitioner
         Furneux Pelham
          Herts SG9 0LF                                         Please call:
                                                                 Jody on
       Tel: 01279 777329
       Mob: 07711 082896                                       07743530187

     The Riverway Workshop
                                                        E J SAVORY
    Independent Volvo Specialist

  Fully qualified Volvo technician with
                                                       Quality Carpentry and
45 years experience on all Volvo models             Purpose Made Fitted Furniture
Genuine Volvo diagnostic equipment & tools
 Genuine Volvo service schedules & times                  40 Years experience
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                              Lesley Taylor


                             Healing Treatments
                            & Teaching of 3 levels
                               Of Reiki Healing

                              Albury Hall Farm

                                01279 776068
                                07714 826008

Joe Miller
Sports Injury Clinic

Joe Miller
Physiotherapist HPC

Lodge Farm Cottage
Furneux Pelham

01279 777893

Mob 07789 692587

                                              Over 30 years experience
                                              All Repairs, Inc. Modern,
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     Computerised photographic
  enlargements & repairs. Invitation &
 greeting cards created with your own
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  Have your photographs copied or
 enlarged for framing using the latest
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Damaged and old photos scanned and
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   Enlargements up to 16’x10’ (A3)

           Telephone Ray
Between 9am & 5pm Monday to Friday
or leave a message with your phone No.
    Tel 01279 842630 or 0771 952 8307


                 Established 1997

                  Secured Loans
                Commercial finance
               Asset backed finance

         Evenings             01279 771084

         Day                  01992 650423

               Absolute discretion

     Your home may be repossessed if you
        do not keep up payments on a

       Authorised and regulated by the
        Financial Services Authority

          Offers a bespoke service for your

       curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.

        My service includes advice on design

       tailored towards your home, and fabric

               sourcing where required

     Please contact me for a no obligation quote on:

                 Tel: 07919180432

            Est. 1984

      All Electrical Work,
     Domestic & Commercial

Electrical Inspection, Testing &


    TEL:01279 771510 / 652588

                             Learn to Drive With
               Fully qualified professional driving instructor
              dealing with all aspects of driving from beginner
                     to advanced and motorway tuition.

           First lesson free & further discount on block bookings.

                              Pass Plus registered

                    For more information, call or txt now
                        or visit

         D. BONNEY & SONS

     MOT testing.    Diesel     and      Catalyst


             LABOUR RATE.

          Bishops Stortford 813315 or 815946

         ‘The Mixed Case’
              Wine Merchants
             Unit 4, Church End,
          Little Hadham, SG11 2DY
              Tel. 01279 776113

           Specialist Importer of
              Boutique Wines
            from the Languedoc

          Parties and Group Events
          are our speciality. Wines
          supplied on sale or return
            basis. Free glass hire

        Tuesday – Thursday 11am - 5pm
              Friday 11am - 6pm
             Saturday 10am - 4pm

              Visit our website:


       Holiday House in South
            West France
         18th century farmhouse near
               Vic Fezensac, Gers,
             Sleeps up to 8 plus cot.
     Mature fenced garden with views over
                   the Pyrenees.
        Four bedrooms, bathroom and 2
              further shower rooms.
       Fully equipped kitchen and laundry
     room, 2 sitting rooms, dining room and
                    games room.
      Fenced and alarmed swimming pool.

     Tel: Emma Somerville 01279 776271

            GAP YEAR STUDENT

                Available for

     Pet / House sitting and Dog walking.

         Contact: Leela Chakravarti

              Tel: 01279 771492


                                      “Discover a Different World”

Sue Lewis Travel specialises in tailor-making holidays for discerning travellers seeking authentic experiences
around the world. We offer an exclusive service which will cater for all your travel needs. All you need do is
advise us of your “must sees” and we will put together the perfect itinerary for you.

If you like being in a small group of like-minded people, we also run a number of guided tours where the
numbers are strictly limited. Sue Lewis Travel tries to provide the best planned, best led and altogether the
most enjoyable tours available. Currently we have tours arranged to Vietnam & Cambodia, Italy and a
cruise around the gardens for the Mediterranean.

                                        Manuden, Bishops Stortford

                                  Tel 01279 816 699 Fax 01279 647 018

                     Email Web:


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