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									January - December 2007
                         SYNERGY  The Newsletter of The U. L. Coleman Companies
                                                                                                                                     Volume IX, Number 1

                                                       U. L. COLEMAN MAKES THE GRADE
                                                   U. L. Coleman Properties has                               property will be put to the same standard
                                                                                                              of questions.
                                               utilized a method of having secret
                                                                                                                 “The old system was somewhat
                                               shoppers visit and evaulate our multi-
                                                                                                              subjective. This new scoring system is
                                               family communities for 12 years.
                                                                                                              much more fair and definitive,” stated
                                                    Scotty Jones, Executive Vice
                                                                                                              Scotty Jones.
 Jill Marlow             Morgan Greif          President, felt the system that had

    W       elcome to Synergy, the
                                               been in place needed to be updated to
                                               produce more stringent guidelines.                    Gold Winners from left: Chris
newsletter for the U. L. Coleman                                                                         Yearwood, Kay Cross,
                                                     Previously our properties were                      Betty Herford, Cheryll
Companies. We are excited about the
                                               recognized for scores reading “Above                   Barbo, Property Supervi-
opportunity to produce the company                                                                      sor, and Vickye Breaux
newsletter. Since this is a company            Average”, “Excellent”, or “Perfect”
publication, we want each associate to         on the shopper’s questionnaire.                                                       Silver winners front: Lisa
                                                                                                                                     Matthews, Lisa Wilson,
feel a sense of pride and ownership            These surveys have been recon-                                                        Tracey Clark, Debbie Warren,
toward it. All of your suggestions for         figured to require the shopper                                                         Cheryll Barbo, Property Su-
articles are appreciated and we will                                                                                                 pervisor, and Debbie Warren
                                               to ask additional and more
                                                                                                                                     Back: Susan Hyman, Julie
look forward to your feedback.                 probative questions.                                                                  Pike, Marilyn Ferrier, Debra
    The word “synergy” means                        A minimum of 78 points                                                           Coffel, and Dallas Racquet
combined action or operation of two            will now be needed to qualify in the
or more people, organizations, or
                                               Silver category as opposed to the
things, which results in a total effect
                                               minimum 66 points in “Above Aver-                                  INSIDE . . .
that is greater than what the individu-                                                                           • GOING GREEN
als could have accomplished by acting          age” required previously. A score
alone. This title was chosen several           of 89-99 will now represent “Gold”                                 • NEW SOFTWARE
years ago to reflect the Coleman                status and a perfect 100% score will                               • MANAGER OF THE YEAR
associates’ positive and cooperative           be considered “Platinum” status.
                                                                                                                  • ABOUT US
attitudes, team effort, and the vast                 By asking questions that are site
knowledge and experience that com-             specific while touring the property,                                • HARASSMENT SEMINAR
prise this great company.                      the on-site associates will be giving a                            • RETENTION AWARD
    The goals of the newsletter are to         much more thorough tour and each                                   • KUDOS COMMERCIAL
recognize the successes of com-
pany associates and to honor those                                                                                  TEAM
                                                                              Platinum Winner:
achievements, to furnish relevant in-                                                                             • BIRTHDAYS
                                                                              Jennifer Airola with
formation on industry advancements,                                           Cheryll Barbo,
and to keep lines of communication                                            Property Superisor                  • ASSOCIATE
                                                                              Not pictured:
across the company open.                                                                                            ANNIVERSARIES
                                                                              Richana Vailes
                                                                                                                  • 2006 AWARDS RECAP

                                          THE MISSION         OF   THE U. L. COLEMAN COMPANIES
      To provide the best value and service to our clients through a fully integrated, cost effective approach to real estate services, delivered by
      a team of uniquely qualified professionals who dedicate hard work, attention to detail, integrity, and fairness to each step of the process.

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   GOES TO...                                          KUDOS
 In the continuing effort to shape the                  TO THE
future of our company, as well as our                 COMMERCIAL
community, by supporting examples of
excellence, leadership, and academic perfor-
                                                               January - May 2007
mance, U. L. Coleman Companies awarded
                                                    New building leases....28,175.15/sq. ft.
a $1000 scholarship to an outstanding
                                                    Renewed leases...........12,659.72/sq. ft.               Back: Stacy Odom, Arnold Cannon, Ann
student from Centenary College.                                                                           Danowsky, Roger Clark, Daniel Humble, Laurel
                                                    New land leases...........32,670.00/sq. ft.
   Recipient Tiffany Lake was selected by                                                                       Brightwell, and Jeremy Slaughter
                                                     Total............................73,504.87/sq. ft.     Front: Wayne Roper, Shannon Lucas, Lori
Dr. Chris Martin, Dean of Centenary                                                                                Stratton, and Karen Hannigan
                                                     Our agents have been hard at work!
Business College, and Dr. Barbara Davis of
Centenary Business College. The selec-
tion was based on her high grade point
                                                                       HARASSMENT SEMINAR
average, stellar work ethic, and enhanced
leadership qualities. These two professors           The U. L. Coleman Companies held               Director of Human Resources; and other
                                                                                                    representatives of the executive office;
accompanied Tiffany to the Central Office            a Sexual Harassment workshop at Pier            Linc Coleman, President; Scotty Jones,
                                                    Landing in March. It was important that         Executive Vice-President; David Lester,
downtown, where Scotty Jones, Execu-
                                                    the company’s view of “no tolerance” on Controller, and David Pettiette, Construc-
tive Vice President, and Jill Marlow, Office         any type of harassment                                            tion Manager.
Manager, introduced the award winner to             in the workplace be                                                   “I was pleased at
all associates present and presented her with       stressed to everyone.                                             the positive recep-
the check.                                          Gayla Godfrey, Human                                              tion and comments I
    Tiffany is a junior Finance and Business        Resource manage-                                                  received from the entire
                                                    ment consultant from                                              company regarding the
Administration major, and is currently
                                                    Monroe conducted the                                              training. The speaker
enrolled in a Finance Real Estate class as          seminar. She travels                                              was very informative
part of her curriculum. She is a Presidential       throughout the gulf re-                                           and the seminar was a
                                                                                  David Howard, and Mica Becton
Scholar, a member of the Zeta sorority, and         gion to conduct meetings         with speaker Gayla Godfrey success,” stated Jan Glass,
a dedicated student.                                for all types of businesses                                   Personnel Director.
    Tiffany has expressed an interest in in-        on harassment and safety management.               This workshop, along with others to
                                                        In order to reinforce how strongly the      come, will update associates on the latest
vestment property analysis that may one day
                                                    company feels about its harassment poli-        employment issues and laws in a variety
benefit a forward thinking commercial real           cies each of the four seminars was hosted of topics.
estate company smart enough to grab her             by Jill Marlow, Office manager; Jan Glass,
up and support her educational develop-
ment and business future. Since we are that
company, please welcome her as our new
intern in the downtown office.                                                               THE ULC MAILBOX
                                                                                               To the staff at Greenacres Village:
                                                                                                  We want to say thank you for providing us
                                                                                               a place to call “home” for the last year and a
                                                                                                  We were glad that you and everyone on the
                                                                                               maintenance crew were courteous and prompt
                                                                                               each time we needed issues addressed. Thank
                                                                                               you again for all your grace and hospitality.
 Dr. Chris Martin, Scotty Jones - Executive Vice
 President, Tiffany Lake - Scholarship recipient,                                                        Susan and James Haws
                Dr. Barbara Davis

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   2006 RESIDENT                                 2006 MANAGER OF THE YEAR AWARD
                                                    Each year the multi-family manage-              and flowers.
                                                                                                       Debbie joined U. L. Coleman in 1996,
                                                 ment team at central office works diligent-
   T    he Resident Retention Award is           ly to ensure that the selection process for
                                                                                                   as manager at the Oak Hollow commu-
                                                                                                   nity located in Longview, Texas, and was
a contest aimed at increasing resident           determining the Manager of the Year
                                                                                                   recognized as the Manager of the Year in
retention among all of the apartment             Award is conducted fairly and that it ac-
                                                                                                   2001.              “It is always nice to be
communities in the management portfolio.         curately reflects the individual who excelled
                                                                                                                        recognized for your ef-
Throughout the year, each community              beyond expectations and
                                                                                                                        forts. The staff at Oak
team will concentrate on earning the repeat      had an outstanding year.
                                                                                                                        Hollow works very
business of their residents by going “above      The Manager of the Year
                                                                                                                        hard and understands
and beyond” for each resident. At the end        Award is given to the
                                                                                                                        we have a budget, and
of the year, the property with the lowest        manager with a stellar job
                                                                                                                        they are the key
percentage of turnover among residents           performance.
                                                                                                                        elements to receiving
will be awarded $100 per team member.                 The award is based
                                                                                                                        this award. I feel very
This award is determined on a percentage         upon overall operation of
                                                                                                                        fortunate to be a part
basis, and each property has to beat their       the property. It is scored
                                                                                                                        of the U. L. Coleman
turnover rate from the previous year.            on categories factoring
                                                                                                                        Properties team. It is
   Greenacres Village won the award for          overall income, expenses,
                                                                                                                        an honor,” commented
2006. They were presented the award at           associate satisfaction,
the U. L. Coleman Properties holiday party       property maintenance,              Debbie Warren and Jan Jackson
                                                                                      Manager of the Year Award           When asked what
in December. Carla Matranga, Property            and dedication. The winner
                                                                                                                      qualities the multi-family
Manager, said, “Greenacres Village &             is honored during the annual Christmas
                                                                                                   team members look for in the Manager
Tallow Wood staff members were very              luncheon and awards ceremony held at
                                                                                                   of the Year, Scotty Jones, Executive Vice
thankful for having their accomplishments        the University Club. On this occasion, Jan
                                                                                                   President, stated, “An excellent marketer
acknowledged. Resident retention is done         Jackson, Property Supervisor, presented
                                                                                                   and motivator, and also an individual who
on a daily basis, from the moment a pros-        the 2006 award winner, Debbie Warren of
                                                                                                   is dedicated and pays attention to detail.”
pect comes in the door and all during their      Oak Hollow Apartments, with a plaque
residency with us. I have witnessed each
and every one of our team members help-           MULTI-FAMILY EXPERIENCES CHANGE
ing residents in a special way,” stated Carla.
    “I also want to send special thanks to
                                                     The multi-family group under-               The billing is based on a formula that
                                                                                             accounts for the number of residents
                                                  went a change as of the new year. New      and the square footage of each unit. “We
Joe, Emmire, Juan, Roy, and Richana for
                                                  residents and current residents must sign wanted a formula that was efficient and
helping me make Greenacres a great place
                                                  a lease addendum that requires them        fair to our residents. We decided on a
to call home.” She thanked her whole team
                                                  to pay their own water bill. There have    combination of formulas that NES uses
because it takes each member to make it
                                                  been a few obstacles during the transi-    based on similar properties across the
happen. It did not hurt that it was right
                                                  tion process, but with the hard work,      country,” stated Shannon Hollier, multi-
before Christmas either!
                                                  dedication, and patience of the on-site    family’s Portfolio Property Manager.
                                                  managers, these changes were handled       Each property still pays for its own com-
                                                  with success.                              mon area water consumption such as
                                                      The majority of the residents have     pools, laundry facilities, sprinklers, etc.
                                                  been very supportive of the additional         Shannon also mentioned that each
                                                  utility bill, understanding that this is a  property has taken strides to conserve
                                                  recurring trend in multi-family properties water, and has been replacing old
                                                  in the Shreveport/Bossier City area. Na- showerheads with new ones that are
                                                  tional Exemption Service (NES), the wa- water conservative.
 Roy Henry, Richana Vailes, Carla Matranga,       ter billing company, was selected based
  Joe Davis, Emmire Bowman, Stacy Waters
         Resident Retention Award
                                                  on their exemplary customer service.

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NEW SOFTWARE FOR MULTI-FAMILY                                                                            CENTRAL OFFICE
By David Lester
                                                                                                           GOES GREEN
   After months of researching software            at all locations to locate and review work
                                                  immediately, thereby eliminating the vast                 The central office’s new recycling
products available in the market, our com-
                                                  amounts of paper backup, email, and fax                program kicked off in April to honor
pany purchased new property management
                                                  files for reports to and from the properties            Earth Day. Founded in 1970, Earth
software at the beginning of the year which
                                                  and central office.                                     Day is intended to inspire awareness of
will be used at all of our properties.
                                                     Other enhancements that will be avail-              and appreciation for the earth’s environ-
    The new web-based property manage-
                                                  able with the new software are the                     ment. Celebrated on April 22, cities and
ment and accounting software is AMSI.
                                                  computerization of work orders and a web
The web-based design of the software                                                                     communities across the country host
                                                  portal available for our residents. The web
allows for easy setup at our properties and                                                              annual clean-up days or recycling drives.
                                                  portal will enable residents to log in and see
gives it a look and feel that allows for an                                                                  Taking recyclable materials that
                                                  upcoming property events, leave a work
easy transition for associates.                                                                          would otherwise be considered waste
                                                  order on line, and make on-line payments.
    While the new software will prove to                                                                 and processing them into new products
                                                    We began transitioning to the new soft-
have many advancements in comparison to                                                                  is a great way to economize and control
                                                  ware on March 5th and kicked it off with 3
our old program, the most important one                                                                  city trash sites. Because of unique pro-
                                                  days of training with a representative from
for our company is the centralization of                                                                 grams that stimulate public awareness,
data. Previously the data for each property                                                              America, as a whole, presently recycles
                                                     Due to the efforts of Cheryll Barbo,
was isolated in storage on the computer at                                                               approximately 28% of its waste, a
                                                  Cami Bradford, Vickye Breaux, Richard
that property. Now the data for all of the                                                               percentage rate that has almost doubled
                                                  Goff, Charlotte Taylor, and Stacy Waters,
properties will be stored centrally, allowing                                                            during the past 15 years.
                                                  the transition process has been a smooth
real time access to it by associates in the
                                                  operation and these staff members are                      As part of U. L. Coleman Company’s
central office such as property supervisors
                                                  greatly appreciated.                                   contribution to the environment, our in-
and accounting personnel.
                                                                                                         tent is to go ‘green.’ The first step taken
     The benefits to this networking capa-
                                                                                                         was to take a tour of Shreveport’s recy-
bility are tremendous. It enables associates
                                                                                                         cling center hosted by Shreveport Green
                                                                                                         and learn all the ways a company can
                          QUOTE         OF THE        QUARTER                                            contribute to the worldwide effort. The
  There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,                                      central office has begun to recycle items
             hard work, and learning from failure.
                          -- Colin Powell                                                                such as paper, phone books, magazines,
                                                                                                         newspapers, and soda cans.
                                                                                                             Spearheading the recycling com-
ABOUT OUR COMPANY                                                                                        mittee are Morgan Greif, Janelle Willis,

                                                                                                         and Shannon Lucas, all of whom have
     he U. L. Coleman Companies offer a complete
                                                                                                         worked diligently in getting the program
     range of real estate services, including:
                                                                                                         organized. Once the program is suc-
        Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Brokerage                                                 cessfully running, the goal is to branch
        Commercial and Industrial Leasing                                                               out and implement recycling programs
        Asset and Property Management                                                                   for the multi-family communities and
        Market Research and Consulting                                                                  Sequoia Construction.
        Commercial, Industrial, and Multifamily Residential Development
        General Contracting and Construction Management                                                        Why Recycle?
        Marketing Services                                                                               1. Save energy
We encourage each associate to be alert for new business opportunities                                    2. Save landfill space
for our company. Please call the Central Office (221.0541) to make a                                       3. Conserve resources
                                                                                                          4. Save clean air and water
                                                                                                          5. Save money and create jobs

                           SYNERGY: The Newsletter of The U. L. Coleman Companies −− Morgan Greif, Editor
                            U. L. Coleman Company, Ltd.−− U. L. Coleman Properties, Ltd. AMO −− Sequoia Construction, LLC
                               318.221.0541  207 Milam Street, Suite C, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101  ulcoleman.com

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