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									 Delivering Value with Dynamic Simulation
             and Optimization


                       The World’s Premier Wastewater
                            Treatment Simulator

Academic and
Educational Brochure
GPS-X is a software program specifically                     How can GPS-X help you?
designed for the modeling and simulation
of municipal and industrial wastewater       If you are interested in:
treatment plants. Whether you are              + teaching the fundamentals of process design,
designing a new facility, or simulating an     + operation and optimization,
existing plant, GPS-X will help improve
your design quality and operating              + providing your students with a powerful thesis support
efficiency.                                      tool,
                                               + developing models, or
GPS-X has an easy-to-use interface             + simulating systems from bench-scale to full-scale,
connected to an extensive library of
simulation models. This greatly reduces       then GPS-X is the simulation tool for you.
the effort of carrying out simulation
studies, making it a valuable engineering    GPS-X was originally developed as a research tool, and
tool.                                        continues to be used as the primary research /
                                             development environment for academics around the
With GPS-X you can improve capacity,         world.
operating efficiency and effluent quality
by properly optimizing your existing         Some examples of how GPS-X is used as a teaching and
facilities. This can result in capital       research tool, in the academic environment, are:
savings and lower operating costs.
                                             +   New activated sludge models have been developed,
Getting started is easy. Open one of our         calibrated and verified using GPS-X.
preconfigured layouts that come with         +   GPS-X is used as a teaching aid to demonstrate
GPS-X, or build a model of a plant by            wastewater treatment process engineering to
dragging-and-dropping unit processes             undergraduate and graduate students. The impact of
onto the drawing board.                          design and operating control strategies can be
GPS-X is a sophisticated simulator with
on-screen sliders, switches, and controls    +   GPS-X gives students a ‘hands-on’ experience of
that mimic the operation of any plant.           running a virtual plant, and interactively seeing the
The calibration tools help you fine-tune         relationship between key parameters and components
any plant model to accurately depict             in the wastewater processes.
actual plant performance.
                                             +   GPS-X serves as an effective research tool for
                                                 academics investigating new process designs and
                                                 strategies (such as Bio-P removal), as well as the
                                                 development of new wastewater models.
                                             +   GPS-X is used by process engineers to investigate the
                                                 merits of different control strategies on the plant model.
                                                 This way they can stress the treatment plant and
                                                 evaluate their hypothesis without risking performance
                                                 loss at an actual plant.
Unit Processes
Hydromantis is committed to the continual growth of GPS-X. The latest developments in
wastewater process model technology are constantly being incorporated into the product, to
provide you with the ability to have a comprehensive and realistic model of your treatment

Our biological unit processes include carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, in various
suspended growth and fixed film configurations. We also have ‘user-defined’ components in
our product that allow you to model new customizable components (such as industrial toxic

                                            Activated Sludge
   Influent                                 (Suspended Growth)                    Tertiary Treatment
          Wastewater Influent                    Completely-Mixed Tank                     Sand Filter

          Chemical Dosage                        Plug-Flow Tank                            Membrane Filtration

          Batch Influent                         Dual-Inlet Plug-Flow Tank                 Disinfection Unit

   Flow Control/ Routing                         High-Purity Oxygen               Biosolids Treatment
          Control Splitter                                                                 Dissolved Air Flotation
                                                 Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

          Flow Splitter                                                                    Thickener
                                                 Completely-Mixed MBR

          Flow Combiner                                                                    Aerobic Digester
                                                 Sequencing Batch Reactor
   Preliminary Treatment                                                                   Anaerobic Digester
                                                 Oxidation Ditch
          Pumping Station
                                                 Powdered Activated Carbon
          Equalization Tank
          Grit Chamber                                                                     Black Box

                                                 Deep Shaft
          In-line Chemical Dosage                                                          Modeling Toolbox

                                            Activated Sludge
                                            (Attached Growth)                              Discharge
          Circular Primary Clarifier             Trickling Filter

          Rectangular Primary Clarifier          Aerated Biofilter

          Circular Secondary Clarifier           Rotating Biological Contactor

          Rectangular Secondary Clarifier        Submerged Biological Contactor

                                                   Hybrid (fixed film/suspended) Reactor


 The foundation for all modeling and simulation features found in
 GPS-X, this module allows you to run simulations of more than 50
 preconfigured plant models included with GPS-X, as well as your
 own custom-designed layouts.


 This module uses GPS-X’s graphical interface to custom-design and
 build plant layouts or modify existing process flow diagrams.


 The Analyzer automates the task of performing sensitivity analyses
 on model parameters in either steady-state or dynamic simulations.
 For example, the Analyzer will allow you to automatically develop an
 operational chart showing the extent of
 nitrification versus key parameters such
 as sludge age or temperature.


 This module assists you in optimizing
 your plant operations. For example, you
 may want to determine the best air flow
 distribution in an activated sludge tank to
 optimize effluent quality and minimize
 aeration costs. The Optimizer can also
 be used to automate and save time in
 the model calibration process, where one
 or more parameters are fine-tuned so
 that the predicted and measured data fit
 more closely.

 Advanced Tools (optional extra)
 This package includes the Dynamic Parameter Estimator (DPE)
 and Advanced Control Module. DPE optimizes time-varying
 model parameters critical for linking to real-time treatment plant
 *the advanced tools package is available as an addition to the academic license.
 Please contact us for details.

                  Influent Advisor                                       Model Developer
Based on the algorithms used in GPS-X to
                                                      Based on the Petersen Matrix model presentation
calculate applicable state and composite
                                                      approach, this tool is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-
variables, this tool is a Microsoft Excel-based
                                                      based application that facilitates the generation of
application that takes the guess work out of
                                                      biological models for reactive process units in GPS-X.
influent characterization.
                                                      Use Model Developer to:
Use Influent Advisor to:
                                                       +   Customize existing models in GPS-X or create a
 +   Characterize influent wastewater so that the
                                                           brand new model
     modeled influent is consistent with the
                                                       +   For new and existing models you can:
     measured data
                                                              + add new components,
 +   Examine the inter-relationships of the state
                                                              + add or change model processes,
     and composite
                                                              + change the process rate equations, and
                                                              + change the stoichiometry
 +   ’De-bug’ a set of
                                                      How does it work?
     influent data
                                                       1. Enter the model into a worksheet using a
How does it work?
                                                          Petersen Matrix format, or begin from one of the
                                                          existing models.
 1. Compare all
                                                       2. Generate the new model by simply clicking a
    measured data
    to the calculated
                                                       3. The new model is now available in a wide array of
                                                          process units in GPS-X (CSTRs, PFTs, clarifiers,
 2. Debug problematic calculations by tracing
                                                          trickling filter, etc.). It is ready to be incorporated
    the calculations and adjusting applicable
                                                          into a layout and no knowledge of the
    parameters to troubleshoot non-negative
                                                          programming code was required.
    state variables and improve agreement
    between measured and calculated values
 3. Enter the corrected data into the GPS-X
                                                       +   Automated calculation of stoichiometric
                                                           coefficients for oxygen, nitrate, phosphorus, and
                                                           alkalinity based on COD, nitrogen and charge
                                                           balances, from conservation matrix specifications
 +   Biological model-dependant influent models
                                                       +   Automated calculation of Arrhenius coefficients
     consistent with the influent calculations used
     in GPS-X
                                                      Application Examples
 +   User-input cells consistent with the forms
     used in GPS-X
                                                       +   Industrial components can be easily added to
 +   Color-coded cells for the easy identification
                                                           existing models (e.g. toxic components and
     of state variables with negative values
                                                           toxicity reactions)
                                                       +   Process rates can be easily customized
                                                       +   Unpublished ‘in-house’ models can be

GPS-X has a selection of unit process                                 Over 100 Universities and Colleges have purchased
operations that describe the interaction and                          GPS-X, including:
relationship between the various wastewater
components. GPS-X now features ‘point and                             hAsian Institute of Technology - Thailand
click’ help, ideal for new users and students as                      hÉcole Polytechnique of Montréal - Canada
it identifies parameter ranges and provides                           hMcMaster University - Canada
                                                                      hUniversity of Guelph - Canada
calibration tips.
                                                                      hFudan University - China
                                                                      hInstitute of Water Quality Control and Waste
We offer our friends in the academic                                   Management, Technische Universität München -
community fully functional GPS-X licenses for                          Germany
a fraction of the regular selling price. GPS-X is                     hUniversität Karlsruhe - Germany
available in Academic Single and Academic                             hDepartment of Civil, Structural and Environmental
Site configurations.                                                   Engineering, Trinity College Dublin - Ireland
                                                                      hENEA - Italy
                                                                      hUniversita Degli Studi di Brescia - Italy
Academic Single - The Academic Single                                 hUniversita di Cagliari - Italy
configuration is a powerful thesis support tool.                      hUniversity of Florence and Ferrara - Italy
It is also ideal for those professors who are                         hUniversity of Trento - Italy
interested in their own research and model                            hUniversity of Udine - Italy
development of wastewater systems.                                    hUniversity of Venice - Italy
                                                                      hUniversity of Toyko - Japan
                                                                      hLebanese American University - Lebanon
Academic Site - The Academic Site                                     hInstituto Tecnologico de Orizaba - Mexico
configuration allows an Academic Single                               hCracow University of Technology - Poland
configuration to be shared on a network by 20                         hTechnical University of Gdansk - Poland
concurrent users. This is an great way to                             hISEL, DEQ - Portugal
teach the fundamentals of process design and                          hUniversidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal
optimization. Additional concurrent licenses                          hKyonggi University - Republic of Korea
are available. Please contact us for more                             hJ. Stefan Institute - Slovenia
                                                                      hNational Institute of Chemistry - Slovenia
                                                                      hUniversity of Girona, Lequia - Spain
                                                                      hChemical Engineering Department of National
                                                                       Taiwan University - Taiwan
                                                                      hENIT - Tunesia
                                                                      hMiddle East Technical University - Turkey
                                                                      hMichigan State University - U.S.A.
                                                                      hNew Jersey Institute of Technology - U.S.A.
                                                                      hWestern Michigan University - U.S.A.
                                                                      hBrigham Young University - UK
                                                                      hCranfield University - UK


 GPS-X in a lab setting running off a local area network connection
Technical Specifications
Documentation                                                         Wastewater Process Models
 +  User’s Guide: Installation instructions and detailed              Biological Models
    description of interface features.                                 + ASM1
 + Technical Reference: Detailed description of all libraries,         + ASM2d
    models and simulation tools.
                                                                       + ASM3
 + Tutorial Guide: 10 step-by-step lessons for beginners.
                                                                       + Mantis (modified version of the ASM1)
 + Advanced Control Module Manual: Design advanced
                                                                       + TwoStepMantis (variation of the Mantis
    process controllers and implement them in GPS-X. Includes
                                                                         model, with two-step nitrification)
    tutorials and technical reference.
                                                                       + NewGeneral (ASM1 extended for bio-P
*All documentation is directly accessible from the software (in
Adobe PDF format)
                                                                       + Prefermenter
Advanced Simulator Features                                            + Basic Digestor
Customizable, open model code (user can change models,                 + ADM1 (IWA’s anaerobic digester model)
change interface forms, and add new models)
 + Robust steady-state solver                                         Settling Models
                                                                       + Double exponential (extended
 + Contains built-in routines for On-Off, P, PI, PID, and
   feedforward controller simulation                                     Vesilind/Takàcs model)
 + Built in PID controller tuning                                     Influent Models
 + Automatic sensitivity analysis module, for performing steady-        + BODbased (input BOD, TSS, TKN and
   state, time dynamic and phase dynamic analyses                         stoichiometry)
 + Optimization module for calibrating models (i.e. parameter           + TSSCOD
   estimation) and optimizing processes                                 + CODfractions
 + Dynamic Parameter Estimation module (optional extra) for             + States (input basic variables)
   the estimation of time-varying parameters using on-line or
                                                                        + Sludge
   historical data
                                                                        + Acetate
Reporting Functionality                                                 + Methanol
GPS-X has a reporting feature that allows users to export               + Water
simulation data, layout schematics, output graphs and model data
directly to a Micorsoft Excel spreadsheet. There are two report       Filtration Model
types available:                                                       + Iwasaki-Horner suspended solids capture
  + Basic Report:                                                         model
     This report generates a complete summary of the model, as
     well as a full presentation of the simulation results, in an     Miscellaneous
     easy-to-read preconfigured format.                                + pH model
     The summary includes:
                                                                       + Empirical models for grit removal
        ? the name of the layout,
        ? an image of the plant schematic,                             + Pond/Lagoon processes
        ? details of each unit process,                                + Dewatering
        ? all parameter settings, values, and user notes (including    + Disinfection
                                                                       + Filtration
        ? images of all output graphs
        ? tables of all the data used to generate output graphs        + Black box
        ? date and time of report generation
  + Custom Report:
     This report feature allows the user to create their own
     template that describes how the resulting report is laid out,
     and what is included in it.
Wastewater Process Laboratory
    An Interactive Teaching Tool for Activated Sludge Processes

Hydromantis recognizes that planning
and developing a wastewater treatment
course can be very time consuming.                                                                                         TM

The Hydromantis Wastewater Process Laboratory, an add-on module to GPS-X, has been
specifically designed by our process engineering experts to be a valuable instructional tool for
teaching process related wastewater treatment topics.

                                                                       Interactive Learning

                                                                       The Wastewater Process Laboratory is ideal
                                                                       for those who are interested in teaching
                                                                       activated sludge process behavior through a
                                                                       virtual ‘hands-on’ and interactive approach in
                                                                       a laboratory setting.

            The Wastewater Process Laboratory includes
            + 3 Lessons each with:
                 + An interactive model
                 + Slides that lead the students through the lesson
                 + Lesson questions
            + A complete set of answers to the questions
            + The ability to add, remove, or edit questions

             For more information about our Wastewater Process Laboratory and/or GPS-X, please
              contact us at info@hydromantis.com or visit our website at www.hydromantis.com

                                                           Hydromantis, Inc.
      1685 Main Street West, Suite 302, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8S 1G5     Phone: +1 905 522 0012   Fax: +1 905 522 0031

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