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Submission for Reclassification VL187A - Application for .doc


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                                                                                                                                                           Updated: 05/08
                                                            SSO - SUBMISSION FOR RECLASSIFICATION
                                                              (To be attached to the VL187SSO form)

Please ensure that you have read the “Information Regarding Classification; Applications for Reclassification; & Reassessments” (available on the DECS
website) prior to completing this formal submission. This submission will enable the assessor to comprehend fully your job requirements and associated
responsibilities. Attachments may be used if the space provided below is insufficient to adequately respond to each of the questions.

1. Historical perspective.
   To the best of your knowledge, please provide a history of the job, including previous classification(s) of the position, highlighting the reasons for changes that
   have increased the level of responsibility.

2. Concise summary of the position.
   Provide a brief description of the position, giving: (A) its purpose in the organisation, (B) brief overview of the duties, and (C) functions assigned to the
                                                                                                                                                Updated: 05/08
3. Summary of position outcomes.

                                                                                                             Statistics/Evidence Relevant to the Position
          Main areas of Tasks/Responsibilities                         Specific Skills/Knowledge               (student enrolment, leadership positions,
                                                                                                               teaching staff, non-teaching staff, school
                                                                                                              card, computer system configuration, etc.)
EXAMPLE ONLY: Finance                                      EXAMPLE ONLY:                                    EXAMPLE ONLY:
Chart of Accounts: maintain chart of accounts, create      Approving & understanding the processes          Student enrolment: 654
new accounts.                                              Knowledge of cash flow and investment
Purchase Orders: raising purchase orders, voiding &        Understanding of bank statements                 School Card: 40% (262 students)
cancelling, adding a new supplier, adding an inventory     Interpreting paperwork/verification
item, editing, reprinting, return of goods.                Sound judgement & initiative, consistency        Teaching Staff: 56
Accounts Payable: direct entry of an invoice, print        Interpersonal/communication
cheques, release to general ledger, issue credit notes,    Use of programs and software                     Reports to: Principal
bank reconciliations, generation of cheques.               GST – codes, debt collection
Accounts Receivable: adding a new customer, raising        Understanding chart of accounts for direct       SSOs: 13
individual invoices, bulk billing, raising credit notes,   payments
school card credits, accounts receivable adjustments,      Accounts receivable, consequences of balancing   GSEs: 2
statements.                                                Ability to fix errors & understanding outcomes
Cash Register: CRE set-up and end-of-day functions,        Know how to respond/ramifications of not         School Governing Council Employees: 5
receipting cash/cheques/credit cards, applying invoices    performing back-ups
& credits, voiding CRE transactions.                       Cash flow                                        Site Budget: $4,820,000
General Ledger Module: general ledger journals, daily      Interpreting and reporting to different bodies
data integrity report and back-ups, balance day            Financial reporting and analysis                 Investment Account: $316,500
adjustments, clear school credit card, investing funds,    Human Resources, school priorities, governing
management of bad debts.                                   council, maintenance & repair, curriculum        Canteen Account: $10,500
Reports: global budget, prepare budget, budget             maintenance
documents, forecasting estimates.                          Budgeting principles                             School Governing Council Wages: $34,000
BAS: troubleshooting, EDSAS finance, finance for           Identifying and rectifying errors
OSHC, canteen, preschool, down-load financial software     Client service and management
updates, prepare school card claims, track transactions    Application of policy and decision making
and respond to all queries, external audit.                Planning, organising and preparing
Prepare employees’ wages, taxation, super and LSL          Reconcile resource profile to global budget
Governing Council Tools                                    statement
Reading & interpretation of financial statements           Journal processes
4. Skills, abilities and knowledge required to undertake the position.                                                                             Updated: 05/08

4.1   Describe the level of autonomy and personal responsibility, including accountability in decision making, requirement to provide advice and
      recommendations, etc.

4.2   Describe the level of initiative, expertise and discretion required to undertake the day-to-day duties of this position.
                                                                                                                                                            Updated: 05/08

    5.   Organisational Arrangements
         Attach a copy of the school’s organisational chart. This chart should include the title of each position and their relevant classifications,
         including that of leadership positions.
         If this is unavailable, please describe working relationships, including who you report to and who reports to you.

    6.   Attach a copy of your Job and Person Specification and, if available, the previous Job and Person Specification relevant to this position.

    7.   Summary
         Identify the PID(s) to which you compared your position and the associated level characteristics.

                                                                          Number                                POSITION

EXAMPLE ONLY:                                                         EXAMPLE ONLY:      EXAMPLE ONLY:
• Support the effective financial management of the school by         PID Number         I accept personal responsibility for a component of the school administrative
providing timely and accurate finance-related information and         SSO (F) 2.01       function.
attending to finance management matters by monitoring/managing
cash flow to ensure sufficient funds; recommending investment                            I exercise acquired administrative skills and techniques and apply knowledge
amounts and required redemption funds; analysing report formats and                      of relevant practices.
suggesting alternatives.
                                                                                                                                                   Updated: 05/08

8. For completion by your Principal/line manager
   (Please make any notation or comment appropriate to the circumstance. You should indicate whether the application is supported or not. If not supported,
   reasons for not supporting it must be provided to the applicant. As a Principal/line manager, you are not able to refuse an application or remove any
   information from the application).

Name of Principal/line manager: ______________________           Position: _____________________             Contact Details: _____________________

Signature of Principal/line manager: ___________________         Date: ________________________

If a VL187SSO form has not already been forwarded to Site HR, please attach this submission to the VL187SSO form and forward to your Site Human
Resource Consultant.

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