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									                             Unit Organizer Map (P10) for: Spreadsheet (Excel)

                             Current Unit: Spreadsheet (Excel)                   Rubric             Back to Curriculum/Course Map for Computer

Standard(s)/Benchmark(s) – Restated as question, “Can I …?”                          Relevance – How will I use this knowledge and these skills right now? How
                                                                                     are knowledge and skills used by adults?
Can I use Excel to
     enter and format data on a spreadsheet?                                            I can use this knowledge in math, science, and other courses requiring
     make calculations using formulas?                                                   calculations, such as on research projects that require collecting and
     create graphs (charts) to represent the data?                                       representing data.
     create templates?                                                                  I can use this knowledge in the work force, as spreadsheet s are
                                                                                          commonly used for record keeping in businesses

          This Unit is About – What is the main concept,                 Assessment(s) – How will I show my                   Instruction – What study strategies
          theme, or big idea?
                                                                         teacher I’ve met/exceeded these                      and resources will I use to help me
                                                                         standards/benchmarks?                                perform well on the assessment(s)?
          Using Spreadsheets (in particular Microsoft
          Excel) to represent and manipulate data
                                                                            I will complete a variety of
                                                                             spreadsheet assignments,                             Read and follow instructions
                                                                             demonstrating my ability to perform                  Use class time wisely and fully
           by creating                       by learning                     the different spreadsheet skills.                    Practice skills on the computer
                                                                            I will participate in all directed class             Complete assignments
                                                                             work and class discussions                           Edit work
worksheets and                                 terminology                  I will take a quiz on spreadsheet                    Explore and take initiative in
workbooks with                                 associated with               skills.                                               learning Excel skills
data and charts                                spreadsheets                                                                       Ask questions
                                                                                                                                  Use additional handouts/reference
                                                                                                                                  Participate in discussions/
    data and charts                        files created to                                                                        reviews/guided practice
                                           correct errors                                                                         Help peers

          formulas                     templates

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