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					about lodge-ical's modules...

Reservation Cloning:

Clients who are using this module have a high repeat business percentage. Lodge-ical allows you
to quickly create a new reservation based upon an existing reservation. When the Jones leave in
August and want to rebook for next year, you will simply press a button and "clone" all or some of
the reservation components (i.e., room assignments, rates, guest links, activities, etc...).

Reservation Quotes:

        This module is designed for Lodge-ical clients who work with corporations and large
         groups who are interested in a price estimate prior to the actual booking. The
         components include the following:
        One form allows you to view and manage all of your outstanding quotes. A new quote
         consists of a client's name, assumed arrival and departure dates, and the appropriate
         reservation costs. Activities can also be entered to show the contact person a suggested
         itinerary (it can include both meals and activities).
        A quote confirmation including both the pricing and suggested itinerary to send to the
         prospect. Once the quote is confirmed you can easily convert the quote to a reservation.
        If the quote is rejected, you can cancel the quote.
        The following quote is direct from the client describing his reason for the custom
         requirement: "Prior to this module, I used to prepare all of our quotes using another
         system. Once the quote was confirmed, then I would go into Lodge-ical and enter the
         reservation. The Reservation Quote module has provided me the following advantages:
         a) I do not have to rely on another system, b) the quote confirmation that I send is
         consistent with other Lodge-ical correspondence, c) once I confirm a quote I just have to
         press one button and it becomes a confirmed reservation, and d) the module is very easy
         to work with." -Kim Cannon, Greystone Castle.

Menu Planning

This module is designed for the client who interacts with corporate clients. This module allows
you to:

    1.   Create menu items based upon a meal type (i.e. appetizer, breakfast, lunch, dinner) and
         assign a cost per person
    2.   Prepare a document to send to a corporate contact with sample menu selections
    3.   Assign a menu to an activity
    4.   Print meal reports including the specific menu
    5.   Track meal costs for one reservation or for all reservations within a certain time period

Horse Assignment:

        This module is designed for clients who are interested in tracking specific horse usage.
         The component includes the following:
        Horse Inventory
        Tack Inventory
        Form to assign one or more horses to each reservation
        Calendar to show you the daily horse usage
        Horse Usage report to report the frequency of use for each horse

Snowmobile Scheduler

    1.   Allows you to assign snowmobiles on a half or full day basis.
    2.   A calendar will allow you to view snowmobile availability "at-a-glance" for any date range
    3.   Maintain snowmobile inventory.
    4.   Print snowmobile assignments for each reservation.
    5.   View snowmobile availability for a date range.
Prepaid Birds

   1. This module is designed specifically for the wingshooting lodge and preserve and works
      in conjunction with the Membership module.
   2. Record monthly prepaid birds prices.
   3. Enter 'beginning of year" member balances.
   4. View member's hunting history and prepaid bird bank balances.

Exotic Animal Harvest

       1. Track exotic animals that have been purchased for upcoming guest harvests.
       2. Track animal harvests and animals found dead as the occur to reduce inventory.
       3. Record guest information such as license number, taxidermy notes and other notes.

Food and Beverage Analysis:

      This module is used by clients who are interested in the relationship between the price of
       a guest/employee meal versus the actual food and beverage expense account. It
       features the following:
      Maintenance - enter each meal that you serve, the price of the meal, and the category
       (food/beverage, and adult/child/employee).
      Each time you receive a food or beverage delivery, enter the amount of the invoice.
      Enter food and beverage sales - on a periodic basis (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly), enter
       the number of meals you have served.
      Food and Beverage Cost Analysis report - this report breaks down the food cost and
       beverage cost as a particular date in time.
      The following quote is direct from the client describing his reason for the custom
       requirement: "The Food and Beverage portion of your guest ranch is a very important
       cost/revenue producing center. This is one area that can be monitored, it can be
       improved and it can make or break your season. Lodge-ical helped us create a Food and
       Beverage module that allowed us to track "sales" in the dining room and to utilize proper
       food cost analysis that created a very clear picture of what it cost to feed each guest as
       well as each crew member. With very little time spent entering in inventory and
       guest/crew meal numbers you can have a report which will show you how your kitchen is
       doing. The Food and Beverage module is not a "fixed" cost. You can control it and you
       can find a way to make it work for your operation. Kristin and Paul at Lodge-ical are easy
       to work with, great at customer service and even better at understanding the needs of our
       operation. This F&B module is just another great tool in helping you to provide your
       guests with the best service available." -Doug Hare, Red Rock Ranch

Client Import:

      This module is designed for clients who purchase mailing lists from outside agencies.
       This module is based upon an Excel format and allows you to import large quantities of
       data into Lodge-ical without individual data entry. Checks for duplicate client names are

Taxidermy and Meat Processing:

      Using a Harvest History View, select an animal to enter a meat order and/or taxidermy
      Meat Orders contain the name and address of the client, the meat processor, a meat tag
       number, and specific meat cutting instructions
      Taxidermy Orders contain the name and address of the client, the taxidermist, a cape tag
       #, horn tag #, and specific instructions
      Reports include Meat Processing Orders, Taxidermy Orders, Animals Ready to Ship,
       Animals Already Shipped

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