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					                                                          Beulah Beacon
                                                            Beulah United Methodist Church
                                                                          September 2009
                         “Who Is Jesus, and Why Should I Care?”
                          “Why Am I Not Where I Want to Be?”                                          I    love inspirational quotes and
                                                                                                          oftentimes find myself in need of
                                                                                                      finding just the right quote to begin my
                               “What Happens When I Die?”
                                                                                                      day. This morning as I was looking for a
                “If I Don’t Feel Lost, Why Do I Need to Be Found?” and                                little inspiration I stumbled across a quote
          “Why Should I Join Any Group That Will Have Me as a Member?”                                that made me chuckle. The author is

O     n Wednesday evenings this fall I look forward to sharing in a teaching/learning time
      around ―beginnings: An Introduction to Christian Faith.‖ Developed by Andy
Langford and Mark Ralis, with video presentation by Rob Weber, this study offers
                                                                                                      unknown and the quote states "Why are
                                                                                                      there so many people who never miss an
                                                                                                      opportunity to miss an opportunity?" This
opportunities for discoveries about ―who Christians believe God is, how God touches                   seemed to be a timely quote because the
human lives, and how we may strengthen our relationship with God.‖                                    staff is busy planning daily for a Fall
   These discoveries are very important for folk who are seeking to know God, and for                 season full of opportunities. From
folk who are beginning their walk of faith. As Beulah Church seeks ―to make disciples                 Wednesday night programs to Children's
for the transformation of the world‖ (Book of Discipline, 2008), this study can be helpful            activities, there will be opportunities for
in a couple of ways. It could be a place for you to bring with you a person(s) who has                everyone. I hope that you each find
questions about the Christian faith. Beginnings could be a study that God could use to                something that is of interest to
grow your faith and your ability to serve as a strong witness for the Gospel. It could also  your weekly bulletins and
be a time to begin, or even a time to begin again.                                                    remember "God provides a worm for
   Let‘s be in prayer for this study time, and for those God leads us to invite, and for those        every bird, but he doesn't throw it into
God leads to participate.                                                          Joe Carson         their nest!"
.                                                                                                     Blessings for an opportunity filled Fall!
                                 2009 Financial Report                                                                          Dianna Hastings
                                     Gifts Received     Budget Needs           Net
         Aug. 1 thru Aug. 24
         Jan. 1 thru Aug. 24
                                     $ 48,908
                                                        $ 50,032
                                                                               ($ 1,124)
                                                                               ($27,301)              I   hope you all enjoyed your fellowship
                                                                                                         time at Heith's Ice Cream this past
                                                                                                      month! It was great to see you all there,
                                                                                                      and I appreciate your support
I  n my mind, September has always been a time of beginnings. The beginning of school, the
   beginning of the football season, the beginning of somewhat cooler weather—September is
also a time to leave the rhythms of summer behind. That can be hard to do as we enjoy the late
                                                                                                      of Beulah's Red Bird Missionary Team.
                                                                                                      Many thanks also to those who lived out
                                                                                                      the Gospel this past month by
evening light, cooking out and listening to birds chirping before they retire for the evening.        participating in the Clothing Hunt. In
There can be wistfulness in leaving the comforts of summer. But even now we can tell that the         Matthew 25: 34-36, Jesus says, "The
sun is setting just a little earlier. ―September Song‖, composed by Kurt Weill with lyrics by         King will say to those on His right,
Maxwell Anderson expresses this well: ―Oh it‘s a long, long while from May to December,               ‗Come, you who are blessed by my
but the days grow short when you reach September. When the autumn weather turns the                   Father; take your inheritance, the
leaves to flame, one hasn‘t got time for the waiting game‖.                                           kingdom prepared for you since the
   The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time and place for everything under the sun.   creation of the world. For I was hungry
September is often a time of movement, from one grade to another, one school to another,              and you gave me something to eat, I
perhaps from school to work; September is a get up and go kind of month. In the next few              was thirsty and you gave me something
months, in both Wednesday evening Bible study and Sunday youth fellowship, there will be              to drink, I was a stranger and you
new opportunities to explore God‘s Word and to grow in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus           invited me in, I needed clothes and you
Christ. One of the studies that I am particularly excited about will help to equip our youth in       clothed me, I was sick and you looked
making responsible media choices. The most recent research indicates that the average 8 to 18         after me, I was in prison and you came
year old is engaged in media use (tv, phone, internet, music, etc.) for about 6.5 hours a day.        to visit me.‘" The many, many
The goal is for our youth to be equipped to launch into adulthood with the ability to think           donations of clothing and volunteer
about media in faithful, obedient, and God-honoring ways.                                             hours were greatly appreciated not only
   This fall the youth group, on the third Saturday of the month, will join the bus ministry in       by me, but by your brothers and sisters
sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. I hope Beulah can have a strong contingent, of all         in Christ who had their needs met
ages, participating in the Crop Walk on November 8. There are two fall Conference retreats,           during this difficult economic time!
the middle school retreat (November 13-15) and the senior high Conference retreat                     There certainly will be some well-
(December 4-6). Blessings,                                                             Pastor Ben     dressed children heading back to school
                                                                                                      this month!               Christa Helms
Page 2                                                   Beulah Beacon                                                         September 2009

                 September 1 Travis Brooks          Abernathy, Rebecca Mendoza, Marian             The Richmond District Mini-School of
                   2 Barry Iglehart, Nancy          Brown                                        Christian Mission will be held at Bon Air
                 Beasley, Buster Pugh,                                                           UMC on Fri., Sept. 11, 5:15-8:30pm. More
     Taylor Loftin                                         With Gratitude                        information is available on the ―Upcoming
 3   Brenda Ridgeway, Bridgette Harrison,       Church Family: Thanks so much for awarding       Events‖ board in the narthex. Registration
     Geoff Walters, Curtis Litton, Sarah        me with a scholarship. It was so nice and        deadline is August 28.
     Inman                                      much needed. This church has been my home
 4   Lynne Holicky, Amanda Collins, Claire      for 18 years now and has seen me grow up. I       On the Road Again in Mission:
     Adams, Peggy Beebe
                                                know even while I‘m at ECU, you guys will             Going West in the Fall
 5   Chase Thompson, Carol Oguich, Donna
                                                always stand behind me and be praying for           On Friday, October 16, the district bus will
 6   Ashley Jamison, Harry Trimble, Shirley     me. Thanks again.                 Haley Taylor   travel to Community Outreach of Roanoke,
     Bondurant, Betty Wade, Linwood Cook        Dear Friends, We all know that there are         Ferrum College, and Henry Fork Community
                                                snow showers, rain showers and other             Center. The one-day trip is scheduled for
 7 Pam Collins, Margie Spencer, Jeff Connor,    showers. Beulah friends sent the best king of    7:30am-8:00pm, and the cost is $64.25 per
    Kathy Truesdale, Bev Roderick, Kelsey       showers-―Showers of Love and Kindness‖           person. Financial arrangements can be made.
    Cunningham                                  during my recovery after three surgeries in      More information is available on the
 8 Kelsey, Newton, Shelby Beck, Shane           May. Your calls, cards, food, visits and         ―Upcoming Events‖ bulletin board.
    Mims, Vicente Mendoza                       especially your prayers sped up my recovery.
 9 Kathleen Sanderson, Charlie Byers            Now that I am able to write, I want to say                  Prayer Calendar
10 Morgan Leonard, Carolyn Fowler, Miguel       ―Thank you‖ for all you‘ve done. God has           ―In the Faith Engine Ministry, we offered
    Mendoza, Karen Carter, Kyle Creasey         blessed me with my Beulah friends – Joe and      the very first mechanics training for young
11 Beth Spitzley, Doug Walden, Hannah           Ben, too! Know that I love you, each and
    Letellier, Sandra Goodman                                                                    women. We believe this is not just new for
                                                every one.                  Hazel Beninghove
12 Ami Moore, Jennifer Bowles, Angela                                                            the Methodist Mission in Cambodia, but in
                                                                                                 the Kingdom of Cambodia. This is one
    Yeatts, Louis Corde, Shelby Ward
13 Marty Coltrain
                                                             Flu “Shots”                         opportunity of empowering women to gain
                                                   Yes, it‘s that time again! Time to protect
14 Elizabeth Bowers, Stephen Bates, Maddox                                                       skills and find jobs formerly offered to the
    Wright, Bruce Sadler, Jim Magee, Gina       yourself from the flu.
                                                   Once again, in cooperation with IVNA,
                                                                                                 men only. We also included basic English
    Evans, Debbie Hickman                                                                        conversation and computer skills.
15 Dottie Davis, Walt Hayden, Sandra Archer     Beulah is sponsoring an influenza
                                                immunization clinic on Wednesday,                Foremost, we continue to share God‘s
16 Joseph Carson
17 Ricky Hart, Rob Childrey, Jake Rotz, Pam     October 14 from 3-6pm. The clinic will be        love.‖          Emmanuel and Beverly Barte
                                                held in Rooms 249-250, 2nd Floor, FH.                                        Missionaries, Cambodia
    Bradshaw, Tucker Bradshaw
18 Ray McKinney, Rachel Ammons,                    Registration Forms will be available at       Please pray for missions and missionaries in Cambodia,
    Elizabeth Quaiff, Freda Agyeman, Weldon     the Volunteers‘ Desk several weeks prior to      Australia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Tonga, Viet
    Hazlewood                                   the clinic. Watch for them. Take one and         Nam, and also Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada and New
19 Addie Brooks, Randy Dudley                   complete it before coming. It will save you
20 Parker Eads, Terri Griggs, Michael Primm     time. Those of you receiving Medicare Part        The prayer calendar is published annually by the
21 Raven Davis, Joan Parrish, Christa Helms                                                             General Board of Global Ministries.
                                                B must bring this card with you.
22 Avis Lancaster, Linda Connor, Arlene            For those who are wondering – Swine
    Mays, Tina Cunningham                       Flu immunization will not be a part of the                Wesleyan Stratton
23 Ashley Morgan, Bill Mustian, Greg            annual flu serum. Pneumonia shots will be                 Fellowship Meeting
    Smiley, Ryan Moats                                                                              It‘s time to start our Fall meetings and
                                                available for those who need one.
24 Lyn Dowdell, Gwen Hart
                                                   For answers to your questions, call           we will gather Wednesday, September
25 Ryder Sadler, Will Adams, Diane Clark
26 Gayle Crutchfield, Rick Hensel, Brad
                                                Pauline Sherrill, 275-8128.                      16, at 1 pm at Sandra Sanderson‘s home
    Spencer                                                                                      at 8600 Hopkins Road. We‘ll carpool
27 Allan Spencer, Kathy Stearns, Dianna             Virginia U. M. Advocate                      from the church at 12:45pm.
    Hastings, Presley Melton                    I know I‘m repeating myself, but ―My                We are fortunate to have a program on
28 Jennifer Cary, Michelle Niccoli              favorite issue!‖ The August issue includes       ―Heart Haven‖ homes presented by Kiki
29 Sean Walden, Wallace Corbitt, Robert         the ―Mission Opportunities‖ insert, which        Nusbaumer from the VA Conference
    Beasley                                     tells us where our mission dollars go. It        office. Heart Haven is the group that
30 Libby Davidson, , Kevin Garrett, Emily       explains the apportionments, lists our           provides a home for folks across VA with
    Hastings, Sean Clark, Nancy Cowardin,       missionaries, and describes the inistries
    Ninna Smith, Martha Atkinson, Bill Payne
                                                                                                 intellectual disabilities. You may know
October 1 Daisy Parker, Kaitlyn McMillan, Sue
                                                supported by our conference, including           someone who is fortunate enough to be a
    Thompson, Caleb Wallace, Fay Lohr,          many that we can participate in, and we          resident in one of them. The need is great
    Christian Wallace, B.B. Taylor, David       do! There are also resources for anyone          for many more as this is an opportunity
    Moore                                       who needs an idea for a missions program.        for our brothers and sisters to live a more
 2 Rosemary Hager, Beth Wilson, David Orr,      (And yes, that‘s Yours Truly in the              independent life.
    Roy Hartless, Roy Desper                    background of the ―Stop Hunger Now‖                 We will also be planning for the Fall
 3 Margie Tedder                                photo on p. 11.)           Barbara Tuttle        Bazaar. Everyone is welcome. Hope to
 4 Helen Cordova, Emily Shaffer, Erin Harris,             Beulah‘s Advocate Representative       see you there.
    Margaret Grisham, Wendell Kleis
 5 Faye Hoover, Rachel Holmes, Robyn                       Save the Date!
       September Calendar                         675-2910 or email me at                           This requires helpers to be there at 1:00pm to
Mon. & Tues. beginning 9/14 &15:         for your               help wheel residents to the church service.
―Esther‖ Bible Study                              reservation.                                      You will be doubly blessed in helping these
 2 Evangelism Committee                             All Beulah men are automatically                dear people and also hearing a dynamic
                                                  members of the United Methodist Men. I            message from their pastor. If you would like
 4 Mariners Dinner; Cub Scout Leaders
                                                  invite each of you to attend the meeting on       to help, please call June Weaver, 706-5869.
                                                  the 22nd, and am looking forward to seeing        September 13 will be the next service.
 7 Labor Day Holiday – Bldgs. closed
 8 First Day Gathering; Mary E. Farmer;           you there.            Carl Griggs, President
                                                                                                           Prayer Lunch and
    Finance Committee
 9 ESOL classes begin; Wednesday                          FALL BIBLE STUDY                                World Thank Offering
    Night Activities resume                                 INFORMATION                                      Saturday, September 19
10 Hugging Hearts; Cantata Choir begins              It's time to begin looking forward to our          11:00am- 1:00pm, Fellowship Hall
13 Promotion Sunday                               Fall classes, and we will again have a Beth           (Note change from brunch to lunch)
14 Compassionate Friends                          Moore study. We will do "ESTHER", who                Lunch will follow a short business
                                                                                                    meeting and our program. Lunch will be
15 UMM; Friendship Circle                         is one of the most courageous women in the
                                                                                                    Brunswick stew by Cathy Turner,
16 Circle of Love; Wesleyan-Stratton              Bible. As in the past, we will have two
                                                                                                    homemade rolls by Dale Childrey, and
19 UMW luncheon                                   sessions each week: Monday morning and            dessert by June Weaver. A $3.00 donation
21 Beulah‘s Best; COM                             Tuesday evening. We will start Sept. 14/15        would be appreciated to cover lunch
22 Prayer Shawl Ministry                          and go for 13 weeks (with a short break in        expenses. Any profits will be added to our
24 Hugging Hearts                                 the middle.) As before, the workbooks will        World Thank Offering. Reservations are
25 Girl Scout Ceremony                            be available at the first class (cost, $20). If   not necessary, but would be appreciated.
                                                  you wish to attend, please call Margaret          Please call your small group leader or June
    Lectionary: September                         Burke at 714-2353, or the Office to register.     Weaver 706-5869, by Wednesday,
6th: Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23; Psalm                                                             September 16, if you plan to attend this
125; James 2:1-10. (11-13), 14-17; Mark                        10th Annual Beulah                   event.
7:24-37                                                             UMC Golf                           The UMW of Beulah is inviting all ladies
13th: Proverbs 1:20-33; Psalm 19; James                          Tournament to                      to join us on this date to hear Carole
3:1-12; Mark 8:27-38                                                                                Morris share her many experiences with
20th: Proverbs 31:10-31; Psalm 1; James                           Benefit World                     mission trips to Haiti. The purpose of the
3:13-4:3, 7-8a; Mark 9:30-37                                        Missions                        The Haiti Mission, is to provide for the
27th: Esther 7:1-6, 9-10, 9:20-22; Psalm               Monday, Oct. 12, Meadowbrook CC              general welfare of Haitians in the Grison-
124; James 5:13-20; Mark 9:38-50                     10:30-11:45 Registration, Range Open,          Garde, Tovar and Latannerie Haitian
                                                         Lunch; 12:00pm Shotgun Start               Communities in northern Haiti. In the past
       “Beulah’s Best” TRIPS                      $300 per Foursome includes: golf, cart,           this included construction of churches,
2009 Oct 27 (Tues): Natural Bridge, Bedford D-    refreshments, contest prizes, and lunch.          schools and medical clinics. More recently,
Day Memorial; Dec 1(Tues): Outer Banks               Entry forms are available in the office, or    THM, has focused on the physical, and
Theatre-Christmas Show; Dec. 17-19: NY.           call Barbara Chapman, 706-4644.                   emotional well-being of these communities
2010: Feb. 6 (Sat.): VA Beach-―Stand By Your                                                        by providing medical care, medicines,
Man, The Tammy Wynette Story‖; Apr. 17
                                                             Hole Sponsors to date:                 nutritional supplements, food and water.
(Sat.): VA Beach-―The Sound of Music‖; May        Mariners Class; Barbara Chapman; Brian &             World Thank Offering will be collected,
1- 6: Bermuda Cruise; July: Pacific NW &          Sarah Cole; Express Auto Center; Dottie &         along with the opportunity to be richly
Canadian Rockies; Aug. 14 (Sat.): Kennedy         Carlton Davis; Alex Sadler; Glynn Soyars          blessed to hear about Haiti and how we too
Center-Broadway‘s ―Mary Poppins; Sept. 10-        Wesleyan-Stratton Fellowship; Jeff & Donna        can be of service. Please join us on
11: Lancaster, PA-―Joseph‖ (New); Nov. 6-12:      Cole and family; Friends; Robert & Lynda          September 19.
Branson                                           Spencer; Finance Committee, WordSeekers
     For trip info, call Ann Gould, 276-2264.                                                                   Josh is back!
                                                         Ministry at Lucy Corr                        Beulah‘s Best will have its September
           Methodist Men                          ♦Due to recent budget cuts, the activity          gathering on September 21 at 11:00am
 The summer vacations are over, and that          directors at Lucy Corr are severely               with Josh Wortham presenting his yearly
means it is time for the Methodist Men to         handicapped in their efforts to provide game      Piano Concert. This is a covered dish
start our fall programs. Our first meeting is     prizes. If anyone would like to donate prizes,    lunch. Bring entree, side, salad and/or
scheduled for September 22. This is a             please drop these prizes in the box labeled       dessert. All are invited especially the
change from our regular third Tuesday             GAME PRIZES for Lucy Corr in the outer            young-at-heart. See you then!
meeting date to the fourth Tuesday for            narthex. Please no travel size products. (Items
September only, and is being made because         they like are full size Kleenex [cube box],
of several conflicts. Please mark your            toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash,
calendar accordingly.                             toothbrush, necklaces that fit over head, socks
   As always, we will have a meal and a           (especially men‘s white), small boxes of
speaker. It is my intention to have someone       chocolates, packaged peanut butter or cheese
of interest to all speak to us at each meeting.   crackers, etc. Any questions, call June
Please reserve the 22nd at 6:00pm for this        Weaver, 706-5869.
kick-off meeting. Because of the meal, I will     ♦On the 2nd Sunday each month, the residents
need a ―head count,‖ so please call me at         are invited to attend The Amazing Grace
                                                  church service at Lucy Corr from 1:30-2:30.
                                     Fall 2009
                                   Music Schedule

Children: M&M’s Begins Wednesday, September 16
 Kidz Bells – 6:15pm; Choirs Begin @ 6:45pm
                     (Please note time change)
Ages 3-4          Cherub Choir         Christa Helms, Director
Grades K-2        Music Makers         Robin Henderson, Director
Grades 3-5        Kidz Bells           Sherrie Lizarraga, Director
                  Voices of Praise     Sherrie Lizarraga, Director

Youth Music (Grades 6-12): Begins Sunday, Sept. 13
Celebration Ringers      4:00pm Celebration Singers      4:45pm

Adult Music: Begins Thursday, September 3
Bells of Praise        6:00pm Sanctuary Choir            7:00pm
               (On September 10, Sanctuary Choir
             changes to 8:00pm, after Cantata Choir)

2009 Cantata Choir: Begins Thursday, September 20
       Rehearsal from 7:00-8:00pm in the Fellowship Hall

        8th Annual 9-11 Memorial Program
September 11, Harry Daniel Park Memorial Garden, 6:00pm
   This program was created by Woodmen of the World to pay
tribute to the Heroes and Victims of September 11, 2001, and to
salute our local heroes such as police officers, firemen and
members of the Armed Forces who defend and protect our
communities. Participants this year will include the Honor Guard
of the Chesterfield Police, the Fire Department, Zone 4 Ruritan
Clubs, Scouts and Woodmen Rangers, Jim Holland, Dale District
Board of Supervisors, and David Wyman, Dale District member
of the County School Board.
   When entering the Park from Ironbridge Road, you will take
the first right putting you at the basketball courts and the
Memorial Garden. After the program light refreshments will be
served in Shelter #1 which is directly across from the Memorial

             UMW District Annual Meeting
    Saturday, September 26, 9:30-11:45am, Providence UMC
         Offering will be taken for work in Mozambique.

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