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					   Section One
Gymnastics Booklet
   2009 – 2010
                              Section One
                           Gymnastics Calendar
                              2009 – 2010
First Practice permitted November 9, 2009
First Scrimmage permitted after 10 Practice days for Team - 8 days for Individual
First Game permitted after 15 Practice days for Team – 13 days for Individual
Minimum Number of Contests required for Team/Individual for Sectional/State
competition – 6 contests. Each athlete must have been eligible for 6 contests prior to
Sectionals. An athlete who is too injured to play cannot count that contest as one of
the 6. A waiver must be approved by the Section One Athletic Council to allow a
student to participate with less than 6 contests.
Maximum Number of Contests – 18.

Round                                  Date           Site                          Time

                       Divisional Championships
Division One Tournament                2/1/10         Lakeview ES in Mahopac
Division Two Tournament                2/2/10         Roy C Ketcham HS

                        Sectional Championships
Final                                  2/4/10         Carmel High School

                            State Championships
Final                                  2/27/10      NYSPHSAA Gymnastics Tournament
                                       Section 8 – Cold Springs Harbor HS

                               Coaches Meetings
Pre-Season Meeting                     11/2/09       Mahopac High School         7:30 p.m.
Seeding Meeting                        1/28/10       BOCES                       9:00 a.m.
All League/All Section Meeting         2/24/10       Mahopac High School         7:30 p.m.

  REMINDER: Athletic Directors should make bus reservations well in
  advance of regional and state play.

Section One tournament times and sites are tentative. The Sports Committee will finalize the
tournament at the Seeding Meeting.
                         DUTCHESS COUNTY
                          PUTNAM COUNTY
                         ROCKLAND COUNTY
                        WESTCHESTER COUNTY

Interscholastic Athletics is an inherent part of the total education program for
students in the secondary schools of Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland and
Westchester Counties. Our athletic programs will be properly organized,
administered, and conducted, to provide opportunities for students to
participate in athletic activities which ensure the health and safety of the
athletes and spectators, promote growth and development, teach social and
recreational skills, and develop leadership qualities. These values are more
rapidly attained when the program is founded upon the highest standards and
ethical practices developed and adhered to by all member schools.
This handbook sets forth the policies and practices for participation in Section
One post-season competition. It is designed to inform and update all coaches,
athletic directors, principals and superintendents of the procedures set forth by
the NYSPHSAA and the National Federation. These procedures and policies
apply to all schools participating in post-season competition beginning with
Sectional play and continuing through the State Tournament. Although dates
may change from year to year, most information will remain constant.

                           Section One
                  GYMNASTICS HANDBOOK
                          Table of Contents
                      Section One Regulations
                                                                Page No.
Calendar 2009 – 2010………………………………………… Inside Front Cover
Introduction………………………………………………………………………                               1
Table of Contents………………………………………………………………..                           2
Gymnastics Sports Committee……………………………………………….                        3
BEDS Alignment Classification Numbers…………………………………. 4, 5
Sportsmanship Standards…………………………………………………….                          6
Ejection and Card Accumulation……..……..……..……..……..……..…               7
Sectional Representation………………………………………………………                         8
Media Information………………………………………………………………                             9
Post Sectional Guidelines / Procedures……………………………………                  10
Gymnastics Regulations

Code of Ethics……………………..…………………………………………….                            11
Participating Schools………………………………………………………….. 12-14
Policies…………………………………………………………………………….15, 16
Qualifications for Divisionals / Divisional Championship…………….        17
Qualifications for Sectionals / Sectional Championship / Officials…   18
Tournament Information / New York State Championship …………..           19
Novice Tournament / League Alignment…………………………………..                   20
Equipment Specifications / Time Requirements…………………………                21
High School Time Cards……………………………………………………….                          22

                       ****** APPENDICES ******
                           Code of Conduct
                       School Commitment Form

                      Section One Gymnastics
                            2009 – 2010

                    Sports Committee Members

Chairperson: Vin Collins                      Co-Chairperson: Chris Fiori

Address: Mahopac High School                  Address: Eastchester High School
         421 Baldwin Place Road                        2 Stewart Place
         Mahopac, New York 10541                       Eastchester, New York 10709

Phone:      (Day) (845) 628-3256 X546         Phone:     (Day) (914) 793-6130 X4230
            (Eve) (914) 962-4579                         (Fax) (914) 793-1753
            (Fax) (845) 628-4380

Committee Members:


    I, II, III      Athletic Director         Chris Fiore, Eastchester High School

    I, II, III      Coaches Rep               Sandra Mitchell, Ossining High School

Other Members:         Paul Hagan, Carmel High School
                       Jamie Winkler, Clarkstown South High School

Official Association Reps:        Tracy Lemer

Coaches Association Rep:          Vin Collins

Section One tournaments will be divided into groupings based upon the present New York
State classifications.  A school may not request to move up in class for sectional
competition. In the event of a two-year realignment or longer, a school forced to move up or
down in classification as a result of a change in BEDS enrollment will not be penalized.
Their school’s winning percentage will be used to determine their seeding.
This is the Classification structure for all sports as approved by the NYSPHSAA, Inc. and
member Sections. If the enrollments for Classification are adjusted in the NYSPHSAA, Inc.,
the placement enrollment figures will be adjusted to mirror the State Placement Parameters .

                       TEAM SPORTS
                       5 Classes                     3 Classes             2 Classes
                       AA 950-up                     A 915-up              A 800-up
                       A    550-949                  B 914-450             B 799-below
                       B    325-549                  C 0-449
                       C    193-324                                        Boys’ Volleyball
                       D    0-192                    Field Hockey

                       Boys' Soccer
                       Girls' Soccer
                       Boys' Basketball
                       Girls' Basketball

                                     Individual Sports

                       2 Classes                             1 Class
                       Division I 600-up                     Bowling
                       Division II 0-599                     Golf
                       Wrestling                             Riflery
                       Outdoor Track & Field                 Skiing
                                                             Boys’ Tennis
                                                             Girls’ Tennis
                                                             Winter Track
                                                             Boys’ Swimming
                                                             Girls’ Swimming

                                 Classification Variations

 Football       Boys Lacrosse      Girls Lacrosse        Cross Country       Volleyball
 AA 1051 +      A 1000 +           A 1134 +              AA 1083 +           AA 1020 +
 A 626-1050     B 650-999          B 750-1133            A 712-1082          A 690-1019
 B 441-625      C/D 649-below      C 749-below           B 468-711           B 436-689
 C 276-440                                               C 290-467           C 270-435
 D 275-below                       Winter Track          D 289-below         D 269-below
                                   A 800 +
 Boys’ Volleyball                  B 400-799             Ice Hockey
 A 800-up                          C 399-below           Division I and II determined
 B 799-below                                             by each section.

                             New York State
                 Public High School Athletic Association
                             BEDS Numbers

   Arlington                     2646         Peekskill                 677
   New Rochelle                  2588         Rye                       646
   North Rockland                2159         Pearl River               638
   Mt. Vernon                    2108         Byram Hills               630
   White Plains                  1737         Sleepy Hollow             604
   John Jay – East Fishkill      1642         Our Lady of Lourdes       595
   Roy C. Ketcham                1541         Ardsley                   571
   Mahopac                       1298         Pelham                    568
   Carmel                        1160         Nanuet                    507
   Gorton                        1160         Riverside                 487
   Clarkstown South              1155         John F. Kennedy           474
   Clarkstown North              1150         Edgemont                  473
   Suffern                       1139         Briarcliff                455
   Ramapo                        1133         Westlake                  451
   Lincoln                       1124         Pleasantville             450
   Scarsdale                     1090         Irvington                 449
   Mamaroneck                    1088         Putnam Valley             439
   Poughkeepsie                  1048         Croton Harmon             434
   Ossining                      1046         Dover Plains              420
   Yorktown                      1033         Hastings                  409
   Ursuline                     *1032         Lincoln Hall             *382
   Fox Lane                       988         Albertus Magnus           353
   Saunders                       985         Dobbs Ferry               346
   Horace Greeley                 981         Pawling                   345
   John Jay – Cross River         964         Valhalla                  304
   Port Chester                   921         Blind Brook               295
   Roosevelt                      909         Solomon Schechter         250
   Brewster                       905         Bronxville                339
   Spring Valley                  880         Woodlands                 338
   Lakeland                       875         Rye Neck                  326
   Beacon                         846         North Salem               316
   Tappan Zee                     795         Alexander Hamilton        240
   Somers                         739         Haldane                   236
   Harrison                       728         Keio                      229
   Yonkers                        701         Tuckahoe                  196
   Nyack                          699         Martin Luther King        162
   Walter Panas                   686         Leake & Watts             137
   Eastchester                    681         Hawthorne Cedar-Knolls    109
   Hendrick Hudson                677         Clark Academy              79
                                              Palisades                  74

* Ursuline’s enrollment is multiplied by 2 – all girls’ school
* Lincoln Hall’s enrollment is multiplied by 2 – all boys’ school

                       ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, INC.
The Association recognizes and appreciates that the influence and responsibility of the
school administration with regard to good sportsmanship extends to all levels of
competition. However, it must also be seen that the NYSPHSAA has been vested with the
responsibility to ensure that all contests under its jurisdiction are constructed
satisfactorily. This standard applies to all regular and post-season play.
                            SPORTSMANSHIP STANDARDS
Effective with the 1996-97 school year, a statewide Sportsmanship Standard shall be
implemented. NYSPHSAA Executive Director stated, "… the passage of the standard sends
a strong message that sportsmanship is an integral component of scholastic sports in
New York." The new standard applies to all regular season play, as well as, to all post
schedule competition. It shall read as follows:
The Association recognizes and appreciates that the influence and responsibility of the
school administration with regard to good sportsmanship extends to all levels of
competition. However, it must also be seen that the NYSPHSAA has been vested with the
responsibility to ensure that all contests under its jurisdiction are conducted
Any coach excluded by a certified official from an interschool competition for
unsportsmanlike conduct is ineligible to coach any interschool competition in that sport
until after the next previously scheduled contest at the same level (e.g. junior varsity,
varsity, etc.) has been completed. The coach may not be present at the game site. NOTE:
"Not being physically present at the site" means the disqualified coach is not to be present
in the locker room, on the sidelines, in the stands or site area before, during or after the
A coach who strikes, shoves kicks or makes other physical contact with the intent to do
so to another person (e.g. official, another coach, player, fan) shall be expelled
immediately and banned from further participation or coaching in all sports for one year
from the date of the offense.
Any member of a squad ruled out of a contest for unsportsmanslike conduct or for a
flagrant foul shall not participate in that sport in the next previously scheduled contest
with a member of school or in NYSPHSAA Tournament play. Disqualification from one
season carries over to the next season of participation.
Any member of the squad who strikes, shoves, kicks or makes other physical contact with
the intent to do so to an official shall be expelled from the game immediately and banned
from further participation in all sports for one year from the date of the offense. NOTE:
Member of the squad includes player, manager, scorekeepers, timers, and statisticians.
Unprofessional conduct on the part of the official such as, but not limited to taunting,
baiting, use of profanity, shall be reported by a school administrator from the aggrieved
school to the Section Executive Director. A request will be made to the appropriate sport
officials’ chapter to investigate the incidents and to report their action to the section in a
timely manner.

                               SECTION ONE

1. When an athlete is ejected from a contest, the following action will be enforced:

  a. First ejection - that player cannot attend or participate in the next scheduled
  b. Second ejection - that player cannot attend or participate in the next two
     scheduled games.
  c. Third ejection - that player cannot attend or participate in any remaining
     contests including sectionals or any post season games.
   Note: If an athlete is ejected in the final game of the season and participates in
   a sport during another season, he/she is ineligible to participate in the first
   scheduled contest. Example: A football player is ejected in his final game and
   also participates in baseball in the spring. He is ineligible for the first game of
   the baseball season.


                                          No. of
Sport               Ind      Team      Participants     No. Team        Classes
                                        Team Ind         Sports
    FALL
Tennis-G             X                        11                           NA
Cross                X         X              (5)         (7) 12            5
Cross                X         X              (5)         (7) 12           5
Football                       X                            40              5
Soccer-B                       X                            25              5
Soccer-G                       X                            25              5
Swimming-G           X         X                                           NA
Field Hockey                   X                            25              3
Volleyball-G                   X                            19              5
Volleyball-B                   X                            19              2
W Track-B            X                        52                           NA
W Track-G            X                        59                           NA
Gymnastics-G         X                        15                           NA
Swimming-B           X                                                     NA
Bowling-B            X         X              (6)         (8) 14           NA
Bowling-G            X         X              (6)         (8) 14           NA
Skiing-B             X                        12                           NA
Skiing-G             X                        12                           NA
Wrestling            X                        15                           NA
Ice Hockey                     X                            25              2
Basketball-B                   X                            16              5
Basketball-G                   X                            16              5
Golf                 X                        14                           NA
S Track-B            X                        84                            2
S Track-G            X                        84                            2
Tennis-B             X                         9                           NA
Lacrosse-B                     X                            25              3
Lacrosse-G                     X                            25              3
Baseball                       X                            23              5
Softball                       X                            23              5

No. of Participants includes players, coaches, statisticians and other personnel.

    Determined by State qualifying times.

                        MEDIA OUTLETS


The Journal News        One Gannett Drive
                        White Plains, NY

                        Phone: 696-8888 (White Plains)
                        Fax: 696-8118 (White Plains)
                        Phone: 578-2464 (Rockland County)
                        Fax: 578-2477 (Rockland County)

The North County News   Phone: 962-4748

Poughkeepsie Journal    85 Civil Center Plaza
                        Phone: 1-800-933-7267-Results line
                                 (845) 437-4954-Results line
                                 (845) 437-4845
                        Fax:   (845) 437-4879

Westchester Gannett     Weekender: 696-8122
                        Fax: 637-2230


News 12                 Phone: 378-8916 (Dave Wolf)
                        Fax: 378-8938

MSG Metro Guide         Phone: 212-324-8606
                        Fax: 212-324-8699

RNN                     Phone: 1-800-824-3302 Ext. 265


WLNA                    Phone: 737-1124

WFAS                    Phone: 693-1900
                        Fax: 693-3201 (Fred Mulharin)

WVOX                    Phone: 636-2900
                        Fax: 636-2900 (Matt Murphy)

New York State Code of Conduct:

Students may not participate in post Sectional play without a completely filled
out and signed Code of Conduct form. These forms are to be collected at the
site of each Regional and State level contest. It is recommended to have four (4)
completed signed Code of Conduct forms for each athlete.

School District Responsibilities:

Each participating school should keep accurate records and receipts, which
should be sent to the Section One Treasurer immediately following the
completion of post Sectional play.

Section One does not reimburse any expenses for Regional contests.

Expenses for State Semi-Final contests are reimbursed only if the Semi-Final is
played at the same site as the State Final (e.g. Football Semi-Final is held in
Kingston. The reimbursement that a participating school would receive is
transportation at the rate of $1.00 per mile.) All transportation is reimbursed
according to the State mileage chart.

Section One will      provide   meals,   housing    and   some    allowance      for

The current meal allowance for individuals including gratuities is:

                                Breakfast $ 6.00
                                Lunch     $ 7.00
                                Dinner    $14.00

Additional expenses are the responsibility of the appropriate school district.

The school district is ultimately responsible for the behavior of its team while
participating in post Sectional play.

Teams will be housed in the designated tournament headquarters only.
Coaches must check all rooms for damage or misuse before paying the motel
bill. The section will not be responsible for telephone or movie charges.

School districts must provide supervision appropriate for the activity. Some
important considerations are crowd control, relationship with the opponent,
the time of the event and facility limitations. Districts must also have same sex
chaperones for teams with coaching staffs of the opposite sex.

Game and practice equipment, scorekeepers, trainers, medical support and
other related personnel might not be provided at the Regional level. Athletic
Directors are encouraged to contact the host director for instructions regarding
game conditions.

                       GYMNASTICS CODE OF ETHICS

1.    A coach is required to have his/her own updated NYSPHS Technical
      Handbook for Girls Gymnastics 2006-2009.

2.    A Head coach having a complaint should address the Head official.

3.    A coach or gymnast should not harass any official regarding scores.

4.    The gymnast should present herself to the judge before and after her

5.    The gymnast should wait for a signal from the judge before beginning her

6.    A coach will treat each player, opposing coach, official, parent, and
      administrator with respect and dignity.

7.    A coach must know the fundamental skills, teaching and evaluation of
      techniques and strategies of the sport.

8.    A coach must know the rules of the sport.

9.    A coach must know the objectives of the program with which affiliated.
      The coach will strive to reach these objectives and communicate them to
      the players and parents.

10.   The coach will uphold the authority of the officials who are assigned to
      the contests in which they coach, and will assist in every way to conduct
      fair and impartial competitive contests.

11.   The coach will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the gymnasts to
      then place them into situations where they have a maximum opportunity
      to achieve success.

12.   The coach will conduct practices and games so that all players have the
      opportunity to improve their skill level through active participation.

13.   The coach will communicate to the gymnasts and parents the
      responsibilities of individuals on the team.

14.   The coach will cooperate with the administrator of our organization in the
      enforcement of rules and regulations, and will report any irregularities
      that violate sound competitive practices.

                             PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS

                        Athletic Director          Coach

Brewster                Lance Pliego               Vin Savastano
                        Foggintown Road            110 Prospect Hill Road
                        Brewster, NY 10509         Brewster, NY 10509
                        (845) 279-5051             (914) 760-6070 (Cell)
                        FAX (845) 279-7405
              Colors:   Green & White
              Mascot:   Bears

Carmel                  Jim Sangirardi             Paul Hagan
                        30 Fair Street             356 Van Wagner Road
                        Carmel, NY 10512           Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
                        (845) 225-8441 x 460       (845) 485-6522
                        FAX (845) 228-0156
              Colors:   Red & Blue
              Mascot:   Rams

Clarkstown So. HS       Vincent Louther            Jamie Winkler
                        Clarkstown South HS        641 Sierra Vista Lane
                        31 Demarest Hill Road      Valley Cottage, New York 10989
                        West Nyack, NY 10994       (845) 480-5388
                        (845) 624-3448
                        FAX (845) 624-2640
              Colors:   Brown & Gold
              Mascot:   Vikings

Eastchester             Chris Fiore                Lola Hope
                        2 Stewart Place            6 Fairway Drive
                        Eastchester, NY 10707      Eastchester, NY 10709
                        (914) 793-6130 x4230       (914) 793-6130 x4230
                        FAX (914) 793-1753
              Colors:   Red & Blue
              Mascot:   Eagles

Edgemont                Ray Pappalardi             Jennifer Dooley
                        White Oak Lane             Franklin Ave., Apt. 6S
                        Scarsdale, NY 10583        White Plains, NY 10601
                        (914) 725-1500 X592        516-639-3956 (cell)
                        FAX (914) 472-5284
              Colors:   Blue & White
              Mascot:   Panthers

Lakeland                Dennis Robinson            Sorin Cepoi
                        1349 East Main Street      14 Richard Drive
                        Shrub Oak, NY 10588        Mahopac, NY 10541
                        (914) 528-2537             H: (845) 526-4895
                        FAX (914) 528-0521         W: (914) 528-5437
              Colors:   Black & Gold
              Mascot:   Rebels

                       PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS (continued)

                       Athletic Director            Coach

Mahopac                Frank Miele                  Vin Collins
                       421 Baldwin Place Road       288 Andrea Road
                       Mahopac, NY 10541            Yorktown Hts., NY 10598
                       (845) 628-3256 x546          (914) 962-4579
                       (845) 628-5517
                       FAX (845) 628-4380
             Colors:   Royal Blue & Gold
             Mascot:   Indians

Ossining               Jim Dennett                  Sandra Mitchell
                       29 South Highland Avenue     29 Prospect Street
                       Ossining, NY 10562           Brewster, NY 10509
                       (914) 762-7427               (845) 278-0453
             Colors:   Maroon & Gold
             Mascot:   Indians

Scarsdale              Mike Menna                   Jennifer Roane
                       Post Road                    109 Campfire Road
                       Scarsdale, NY 10583          Chappaqua, NY 10514
                       (914) 721-2157
                       FAX (914) 722-2805
             Colors:   Maroon & White
             Mascot:   Raiders

Suffern                Bob Buono                    Lisa Hansell
                       49 Viola Rd                  6 Graniks Way
                       Suffern, NY 10901            Suffern, NY 10901
                       (845) 357-7283
                       FAX (845) 357-4947
             Colors:    Blue & Black
             Mascot:    Mounties

Tappan Zee             Liam Frawley                 Jamie Winkler
                       15 Dutch Hill Road           641 Sierra Vista Lane
                       Orangeburg, NY 10962         Valley Cottage, NY 10989
                       (845) 680-1640               (845) 480-5388
                       (845) 680-1953-Fax
             Colors:   Red & White
             Mascot:   Dutchmen

                                           - 13 -
                       PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS (continued)

                       Athletic Director            Coach

Wappingers             Pat Mealy                    Marisa Bisaccia
                       99 Myers Corners Road        7 Doyle Drive
                       Wappingers Falls, NY 12590   Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
                       (845) 298-5061               (845) 298-1837
                       (845) 298-5086-Fax
             Colors:   Red & Blue
             Mascot:   Indians

Yorktown               Fio Nardone                Teodora Cepoi
                       2727 Crompond Road         14 Richard Drive
                       Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Mahopac, NY 10541
                       914-243-8070               H: (845) 526-4895
                       FAX 914-243-8078           W: (845) 528-5437
             Colors:   Green & White
             Mascot:   Huskers

                               GYMNASTIC POLICIES

1.    All meets and individual performances will be conducted under the F.I.G. code of
      points for women/N.Y.S.H.S. modifications.

2.    There may be six (6) entries per event. The best five (5) scores will be counted in
      determining team scores for the event. An individual may compete in four (4)

3.    The meets will run in Olympic rotation with all members of the same team
      competing consecutively at the same event, except when a flexible order is agreed
      upon by the coaches involved (Olympic rotation: vault/bars/beam/ floor).

4.    When two officials are assigned, two events will run simultaneously:

5.    Warm-up Procedures: Warm-up/Compete Format

      There will be a maximum of 30 minutes and a minimum of 15 minutes of “open
      gym” prior to the official start time of the competition.

      Warm-up Format:
          Vault: Gymnast will be allowed a maximum of 3 vaults. Gymnasts who are
      competing round-off entry vaults on the vault table will have a maximum of four
      (4) vaults. Vaulting board safety zone mat is required for all round-off entry
          Uneven Bars: Each team will have block time of 12 minutes; gymnasts may
      “touch” in between routines.
          Balance Beam: Each team will have block time of 10 minutes; gymnasts
      may “touch” in between routines.
          Floor Exercise: Each team will have block time of 6 minutes; gymnasts may
      tumble in between routines.

6.    When one official is assigned, the same order of competition will be followed and
      warm-ups will be going on for the next event.

7.    All dual meets will begin at 4:30 PM, except when mutually agreed upon by both
      schools. The school requiring the change from 4:30 PM must notify BOCES and
      the opponent.

8.    The home team shall provide individual score sheets for both teams and these
      sheets shall be submitted to the judges prior to the event.

9.    All music for the meet shall be on audiocassette or CD only. Home team must
      supply a cassette/CD player but visitors may use their own cassette/CD player.

10.   A formal introduction of teams should be held prior to the meet and an Olympic
      handshake should take place between both teams at the conclusion of the meet.

                                          - 15-
                              GYMNASTIC POLICIES (continued)

11.      If a school is unable to meet the required approved equipment specifications,
         the host team shall forfeit seven (7) points for the event or schedule their meets
         away. According to State guidelines; at schools/sites where a vault table is
         used, the vault horse must also be provided for competition.

12.      When the traveling team is delayed in arriving, the host team shall wait one
         half-hour beyond the scheduled starting time before the meet is cancelled.

13.      There shall be a maximum of fourteen (14) competitors per event except when
         mutually agreed upon by both coaches to increase beyond fourteen. Coaches
         should communicate prior to the day of the meet.

14.      Awards:
         A. The team having the best record within each league will receive the
            Championship plaque.
         B. All League plaques for individuals shall be awarded as follows:
      Plaques to all section gymnasts, remaining plaques divided between both leagues.

15.      If any participating school in the Sectional competition is unable to compete
         due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sectional Championship will be

16.      In any dual meet, Tournament, Divisional or Sectional competition, a school
         district must provide a person employed by the school district to act as a coach.

17.      According to N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A. regulations:
              -   Individual practices required prior to first scrimmage:    8
              -   Team practices required prior to first scrimmage:         10
              -   Individual practices required prior to first contest:     13
              -   Team practices required prior to first contest:           15

18.      Difficulty requirements:        3 A's @ .1     =   .3
                                         4 B's @ .3     =   1.2
                                         1C    @ .5     =   .5

19.      No jewelry shall be worn; gymnast will be disqualified in that event.

20.      Appropriate warm-up attire will be leotards and spandex only. The wearing of
         boxer shorts, loose sports shorts, large tee shirts, etc., and leotards hanging
         down by the waist are NOT PERMITTED.
         Sports bras must be the same color as the leotard

1.     All gymnasts must compete in the Divisional Tournament in order to advance to
       Sectionals. Injury waivers for the Divisional Tournament must be approved by
       the Section One Gymnastics Committee prior to the Divisional Tournament.
2.     Any gymnast, who, because of medical reasons or unforeseen circumstances, is
       unable to compete in the divisional tournament and has previously competed at
       the Section One Gymnastics Tournament or the New York State Public High
       School Athletic Association Gymnastics Tournament, may petition the Section
       One Gymnastics Committee prior to the divisional tournament for approval to
       compete at the Section One Gymnastics Tournament.           Medical or other
       documentation will be required. State requirements regarding competition
       must be adhered to.
3.     No team will be allowed to bring additional equipment to the meet sites. (The
       vaulting board or “Sting” mat may be brought and used by all teams).
4.     All gymnasts must compete in five (5) varsity meets and will use the top four (4)
       scores to qualify. An All-Around (AA) must compete in four (4) meets as an AA
       and will use the top three (3) scores to qualify.
5.     The average of her best four (4) meets or tournaments as an individual must
       equal or surpass these scores:
       Vault   7.7    Uneven Bars 5.5      Balance Beam 6.8      Floor Exercise 7.3
       The All-Around score is 27.3. Gymnasts must have been an AA in four (4)
       meets, using the average of the top three (3) scores.
6.     A maximum of six (6) teams achieving the best team scores based on five (5)
       scores per event will be evenly divided into the two (2) Divisional Tournaments
       for the team competition.
7.     Team scores to Vin Collins at Mahopac HS by Wednesday, January 27, 2010 @
       (845) 628-3256 X546 or (914) 962-4579.

                            DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
1.     Division One Championship:          Monday, February 1, 2010
       Lakeview ES - Mahopac               Host: Vin Collins
       Division Two Championship:          Tuesday, February 2, 2010
       Roy C. Ketcham HS                   Host: Marisa Bisaccia
2.     There will be four (4) events going simultaneously with one (1) judge per event
       at the Divisional Championships. Each team will compete in Olympic rotation.
       There will be no attempt to seed gymnasts.
3.     Divisional time schedule (warm-up/compete format):
       3:15 – 4:15 PM      Open Workout
       4:20 PM             Processional
       4:30 PM             1st warm-up/compete rotation

                    PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO 3:00 PM!

1.    The top ten (10) gymnasts in each individual event from each Divisional
      Tournament qualify for the Sectional Championship. An All-Around (AA)
      gymnast may place in an individual event. The top seven (7) AA or any
      AA who scores 31.0 or above also qualifies for the Sectional
2.    Any gymnast who, because of injury, is unable to continue competition
      at the Divisional Tournament, has been disqualified by a medical
      authority, and has previously competed at the Section One Gymnastics
      Tournament or the New York State Public High School Athletic
      Association Gymnastics Tournament, may petition the Section One
      Gymnastics Committee for approval to compete at the Section One
      Gymnastics Tournament.
3.    The winning team in each Divisional Championship will compete for the
      Sectional title. Six (6) entries per event, the top five (5) scores count
      towards the team score.
4.    Any gymnast who scores .5 or above the tenth place score from the
      opposite Divisional, in an individual event, will qualify for the Sectional
      Championship in that event.
5.    Any team involved in the Divisional team competition which scores
      within 2.25 points of the first place team, from either Divisional, in the
      total team score, will qualify for the team competition at the Sectional

                       SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
1.    Thursday, February 4, 2010 Carmel High School
                                 Host: Paul Hagan
2.    Sectional time schedule (warm-up/compete format):
        3:15 – 4:15 PM Open Workout
        4:20 PM         Processional
        4:30 PM         1st warm-up/compete rotation
3.    The Sectional Championship will run four (4) events simultaneously with
      two judges per event.

                    PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO 3:00 PM!

SWBOCES will assign officials for ALL Section One contests in cooperation with
individual Sports Chairpersons.

Teams with individual gymnasts qualifying for the Divisional Tournaments will
be notified by the Section One Gymnastics Committee as to which Divisional
Tournament they will be participating.
The Section One Gymnastics Committee will notify teams selected for the
Divisional team competition.
The host of each Divisional and Sectional competition is designated as the meet
Any score inquiry must be in writing and submitted to meet director prior to
the start of the next rotation. The meet director will then submit inquiry to the
It is recommended that the timers on balance beam and floor exercise be
Ticket sellers are provided by the host school.
Please request the help of the host school athletic directors in administering
DO NOT PAY ANY BILLS FROM GATE RECEIPTS: All bills will be paid by
check from the Section One Treasurer, and all the gate receipts, in the form of
a bank draft, shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit. Any incurred
expenses (ticket takers, crowd supervision, etc.) will be paid by Section One.
Judges assignments for Divisional and Sectional competition are made by the
gymnastics coordinator consistent with the current contract in effect with the
judges association.
Team and individual awards are provided by Section One.
Radio/TV coverage should be arranged through Section One.

                     NEW YORK STATE CHAMPIONSHIP
1.    Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010 @ Cold Spring Harbor HS - Section 8.
2.    Qualifiers will be three (3) All-Arounds and 12 specialists (3 per event).
      Individuals may compete in one event only.
3.    Alternates for each event will be selected from within the 15 gymnasts
      qualified for the State Team as to the possibility of warm-up per event or
      possible event change.
4.    The roster for the State Tournament will be filled in the following
      - The top three (3) All-Around gymnasts automatically qualify.
      - Competitors in individual events will be selected by the Section One
        Gymnastics Committee based upon the individual gymnast’s place in
        the following order: uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and


The philosophy of the Novice Tournament is to provide an exciting competition
for our lesser skilled girls who have not qualified for the Divisional
TOURNAMENT. A gymnast may enter up to two events OR the All-Around.
There will be no team scores recorded at this meet. A gymnast may not use
this meet to get "one more score" in the hope of qualifying for the Divisional

                             LEAGUE ALIGNMENT

Gymnastics is a cross-conference sport in which there are two competitive
leagues; the Gold League and the Blue League. The leagues are set-up based
on ability to compete with the Gold League being the "stronger" league. There
is a yearly "bumping" of the last place league finisher in the Gold League with
the first place league finisher of the Blue League based upon the final league

Alignment for 2009 - 2010:

                  GOLD LEAGUE                BLUE LEAGUE

                  BREWSTER                   CARMEL
                  CLARKSTOWN                 EASTCHESTER
                  LAKELAND/PANAS             EDGEMONT
                  SUFFERN                    MAHOPAC
                  TAPPAN ZEE                 OSSINING
                  YORKTOWN                   SCARSDALE

                                     - 20-
                           EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS
                            AND TIME REQUIREMENTS
        1.    Height: 120 cm (47¼")
        2.    The height of the table horse is determined by measuring the distance from the
              surface on which the board will be placed to the top of the horse.
        3.    The runway should be a maximum of 25 meters (82') and a minimum of 23.8
              meters (78')
        4.    Gymnast has 30 seconds to begin vault after signal from judge. Failure to do so
              is a void vault.

              Mats: Landing area is 8' x 18', and must be matted with a minimum of 1¼" base
              mat plus a 4" landing mat.

     1.   High bar: 230 cm (92 1/32")
     2.   Low bar: 155 cm (61 1/32")
     3.   Distance between the bars: minimum 60 cm (23 5/8"); maximum 105 cm (41
     4.   Bars may go closer than 60 cm but any bar used in competition must close to at
          least 60 cm (23 5/8"). Bars may go further than 105 cm, but any bars used in
          competition must open to at least 105 cm (41 1/3").
     5.   The vertical measurements are from the floor to the top of the bar.
     6.   The gymnast has 30 seconds to re-mount after a fall. At 20 seconds, the timer
          will say “10 seconds remaining”. The routine must resume by the end of the 30
          seconds; not just re-mount the bars. The judge can and will stop the routine if
          the gymnast is injured and should not continue for her own safety.

              Mats: Matted area under the bars must be 42' 6" by 7' 6". Landing area
              minimum is 6" x 36'. Mat thickness should be 12 cm (4") over a 1¼ base mat.

     1.    Height: 120 cm (47¼")
     2.    The height of the balance beam is determined by measuring the distance from
           the surface on which the balance beam is placed to the top of the balance beam.
     3.    Time: The routine time is 1:10 - 1:30 (Warning at 1:20).
     4.    Falls: The gymnast has 30 seconds to re-mount the balance beam. At 20
           seconds, the timer will say “10 seconds remaining”. The judge can and will stop
           the routine if the gymnast is injured and should not continue for her own safety.

              Mats: Landing area minimum is 6' x 12' at each end and a minimum of 12' wide
              x 15½' long matted area under the beam. A 12 cm (4") mat thickness is
              required with a 1¼" base mat.

     1.   Dimensions: 12 meters x 12 meters (39' 4 7/16" x 39' 4 7/16").
     2.   The measurement is from the outside of the tape or where the surface changes
          color. The floor surface must be a minimum of 1¼" thick to a maximum of 7"
          thick. The top of the surface must be joined into one continuous level surface.
          A wrestling mat surface is permitted.
     3.   Time: The routine time is 1:10 - 1:30 (Warning at 1:20). The clock starts with the
          gymnast's first movement (not when the music begins). The clock stops when
          the gymnast stops (not when the music stops).

                      HIGH SCHOOL TIME CARD


Fall Time: 30 seconds

At 20 seconds, the timer will say “10 seconds remaining”.

The routine must resume by the end of the 30 seconds; not just re-
mount bars.


Routine Time:         Maximum: 1 minute 30 seconds
                      Warning at 1 minute 20 seconds

Timing the routine:
The clock starts when the gymnast’s feet leave the floor.
The clock stops when the gymnast’s feet land on the floor.
If the gymnast falls, the routine clock stops. The clock resumes
when the gymnast resumes her routine (not just re-mounts).

Timing Falls:
The fall clock starts when the gymnast falls.
The fall clock stops when the gymnast re-mounts the beam.
The gymnast has 30 seconds to re-mount the balance beam.
At 20 seconds, the timer will say “10 seconds remaining”.


Routine Time:         Maximum: 1 minute 30 seconds

Timing the routine:

The clock starts when the gymnast moves (not when the music

The clock stops when the gymnast stops (not when the music


     Code of Conduct

 School Commitment Form
                                                SECTION ONE
                                          SCHOOL COMMITMENT FORM

SCHOOL                                                CLASS: AA      A         B   C   D

This is to certify that we, as designated representatives of our school district, commit our high
school team/individual to participate in the Section One Tournament this year. We agree to
abide by the rules, regulations, and playing conditions as set forth in the approved sport
specific handbook. Furthermore, we hereby commit our school to participate in post-sectional
competition as scheduled by NYSPHSAA, Inc.

It is also understood that if our facility does not meet appropriate site specifications, we will not
be permitted to host a sectional game. We may offer a suitable neutral site no less than 24
hours before the contest. This site will serve as the “home” site for the higher seed. Failure to
do this will result in the lower seed hosting the contest.

We further understand that for ALL home games, it is our responsibility to provide appropriate
supervision and be responsible for costs associated with hosting a home contest. We also
understand that it is our responsibility to provide appropriate supervision for any contests
played at away or neutral sites.

Please check below:

Section One Tournament

   In the event of a postponement, we will play a Sunday game
                                                                         Yes           No
   We will play a night game
                                                                         Yes           No
Regional Semi-Finals
                                                                         Yes           No
State and Federation Championships
                                                                         Yes           No

       Coach (signature)                                   Athletic Director (signature)

      Principal (signature)                                         Date



Please return this sheet to:

Sport Chairperson
                         SOUTHERN WESTCHESTER
                               SECTION ONE
                                     2 Westchester Plaza
                                  Elmsford, New York 10523
Phone: (914) 592-2526                                                      Fax: (914) 592-2940

                                       Jennifer Simmons

                                EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                      John Ventura, President
                               Dr. Scott Mosenthal, 1 Vice President
                                      TBA, 2 Vice President
                          Jennifer Simmons, Executive Director/Treasurer
                             TBA, District Superintendent, SWBOCES
                     Mr. Frank Pepe, Superintendent Representative, Dutchess
             Dr. Daniel McCann, Superintendent Representative, Northern Westchester
                   Dr. Brian Monahan, Superintendent Representative, Rockland
           Dr. Donald Antonecchia, Superintendent Representative, Southern Westchester
           Dr. Michael V. Yazurlo, Superintendent Representative, Southern Westchester
                           Dr. Scott Mosenthal, Principal Representative
                          James Sangirardi, Conference I Representative
                           Eric Romanino, Conference II Representative
                          Frank Mazzuca, Conference III Representative
                          John Bauerlein, Conference IV Representative

                                       ATHLETIC COUNCIL
                                     John Ventura, President
                             Dr. Scott Mosenthal, 1 Vice President
                                     TBA, 2 Vice President
                         Jennifer Simmons, Executive Director/Treasurer
                             TBA, Conference I Principal Representative
                             TBA, Conference II Principal Representative
                    Dr. James Haubner, Conference III Principal Representative
                            TBA, Conference IV Principal Representative
                          Joe Casarella, Conference I AD Representative
                            Frank Miele, Conference I AD Representative
                            Joe Durney, Conference II AD Representative
                           Jim Dennett, Conference II AD Representative
                            Hank Roth, Conference III AD Representative
                         Joe DelVecchio, Conference III AD Representative
                         Henry Sassone, Conference IV AD Representative
                           Jim Lindsey, Conference IV AD Representative
                                Fio Nardone, At Large Representative
                              Rich Silverstein, At Large Representative

                                 CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE
                                    Fio Nardone, Chairperson
                             Jennifer Simmons, BOCES, Section One
              Alan Malden                                John Bauerlein
              Steve Young                                Frank Mazzuca
              Roman Catalino                             Jim Spano

Copies of booklets and forms can be viewed on our web site at

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