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                          PrETTY LITTLE LIArS
                          Talks work, life, friendship,
                          and inspiration.
                          He said vs. sHe said
                          Guys and Girls speak out on
                          dating, love and the opposite sex.

                          TeeN daTiNG
                          aNd viOleNCe
                          The truth about abusive
                          relationships and how
                          to tell if you’re a victim.
                          Black history
                          Professionals, entertainers,
FEBRUARY                  and civic leaders open up about
Winter 2011 v.49          what BHM means to them.

                          GReYsON CHaNCe
                          Exclusive interview with
                          the talented musician.
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    FEBRUARY 2011
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                                                  Libra 9/23 – 10/23
                                                  Talking to friends will spark a set of ideas that fly among all of you like
                                                  fireflies. Socializing will lead to intellectual discovery, and you’ll be the
                                                  one to communicate just how revolutionary everyone has become.

                                                  Scorpio 10/24 – 11/22
                                                  This month you will feel like you’re watching a really awful horror movie.
                                                  All you’ll see is the cracks in other people’s logic, just like those props
                                                  and fake sets in a bad flick. Instead of getting annoyed, let it crack
                                                  you up.
                                                  Sagittarius 11/23 – 12/22

         12 TECHNOLOGY
                                                  Brand-new ideas and intellectual musings will swim through your head
                                                  all day like schools of tropical fish. Be the tour guide and share your
                                                  colorful thoughts, because those around you want to listen.
                                                  Capricorn 12/23 – 1/20
                                                  Solitary high jinks will have you giggling with secrets and fun. Break out

         14 LIFESTYLE
                                                  of your shell and do something just sideways of normal, because you
                                                  know there’s a whole lot of life you haven’t done yet.
                                                  Aquarius 1/21 – 2/19
                                                  Your natural stubbornness will keep you from rushing into a bad
                                                  decision this month. Don’t be afraid to throw obstinate words at those
                                                  who try to push you into too-fast choices. You know what’s right for you.

                                                  Pisces 2/20 – 3/21
                                                  You’re on the launchpad, suited up and ready to blast off with your
                                                  new idea. Don’t slow down the plans with details -- take off into the
                                                  atmosphere with what you have already. People will want to follow.
                                                  Aries 3/22 – 4/21
                                                  Artistic impulses overtake you. The form of the project may mutate to

                                                  embrace more ideas, but the artistic endeavor in and of itself will drive
                                                  you as it has driven most great artists. Enjoy the process, you baby
                                                  Taurus 4/22 – 5/21
                                                  High energy, equal to that of wiggling puppies, readies you for physical
                                                  and philosophical exercise today. A brisk walk and long talk could get

         29 ACADEMICS
                                                  your heart rate up and ideas jumping in fruitful, fascinating ways.
                                                  Gemini 5/22 – 6/21
                                                  A swarm of new viewpoints will inspire you to see the world from
                                                  different perspectives. Toward evening, you’ll settle on the most
                                                  interesting worldview and think about it deeply, like an undersea diver
                                                  exploring new waters.
                                                  Cancer 6/22 – 7/22
                                                  Oh you brainy, sexy fool. You’re busy intellectualizing and philosophizing
                                                  today, and people will be impressed. In the evening, put some of that
                                                  energy into family matters and practice your management skills.
                                                  Leo 7/23 – 8/22
                                                  Look for chipmunks, flowers, golf balls or chocolate drops today,
                                                  because you’ll find beauty in the smallest and oddest things around
                                                  you. Share some of the best with your friends, because they’ll
                                                  appreciate your personal touch.
                                                  Virgo 8/23 – 9/22
                                                  Stay logical early in the day. In the evening, slip into pajamas and let
                                                  visions of overseas adventures return. Travelogues and documentaries
                                                  inform your dreams. The more you know, the more vivid your night
                                                  visions become.

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                                 February is the month of Love, but more                              E-mail:
                                 importantly, it’s Black History Month. African                       Website:
                                 American’s have contributed or invented
                                 numerous things that we use on a daily basis.
                                 From the super soaker, to spark plugs for a car, to
                                                                                                      STA F F L I ST I N G
                                 a coin changer. The list goes on and on.
                                                                                                      Celebrity High, Inc.
                               Throughout this month of February, let us keep
                               in mind the role of Black History in our nation’s                      nick Cannon
                               narrative. And as the calendar turns to March, our                     Founder / publisher
                               homes, schools, churches, and town halls need                          Coline Witt
                               to execute the vision of our forefathers, and make                     Executive Director
       EVERY month, a time in which Black History is not only celebrated,                             Mackenzie Woods
       but revered.                                                                                   Vice president
                                                                                                      otis Collins
                                                                                                      Harut Dzhuryan
       In this month’s issue we covered how video games are becoming more
                                                                                                      Editor in Chief
       and more addictive. Video game addictions in some cases have also lead                         Henry l.n. Anderson, Ed.D
       to death. But you have to prioritize and take care of your school work first                   Managing Editor
       before consuming yourself with hours of fun.                                                   Dorian graham
       The city of Los Angeles will be hosting this year’s NBA All-Star game and                      Stephen Witt
       my man Kobe Bryant will be leading the way for the West team, as well as                       Editorial
                                                                                                      Edgar Rodriguez
       Blake Griffin. Enjoy the festivities Feb. 18th-20th.
                                                                                                      Creative Director
                                                                                                      nir gutman
       We shouldn’t wait to show love or appreciation for people until a certain
                                                                                                      Staff & online Writers
       time of the year. It should be done all year round.                                            nyvia Weathersby         Singh Harjindiv
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AltERnAtIVE, pAnorAMA, ARlEtA, EASt VAllEy, grAnt, noRtH HollyWooD, polytECHnIC, SAn FERnAnDo
,SylMAR, VAn nuyS, VERDugo HIllS, CREnSHAW, DoRSEy, HAMIlton, lACES, loS AngElES, MARlton, MCBRIDE,
unIVERSIty, VEnICE, WEStCHEStER, WIDnEy, BElMont, ContRErAS, DoWntoWn MAgnEt, EAglE RoCK,
FAIRFAx, FrAnKlIn, HollyWooD, loS AngElES SCHool oF gloBAl StuDIES, MARSHAll, HIgHlAnD pARK,
nEW tECH JE ERSon, oRtHopEDIC, AngElES, rAMonA, RooSEVElt, SAntEE EDuCAtIon CoMplEx, WIlSon,
BEll HIgH, ElIzABEtH lEARnIng, HuntIngton pARK HIgH, oDySSEy, SAn AntonIo,SoutHEASt HIgH,
IntERnAtIonAl StuDIES, SoutHgAtE, FREMont, HopE, JoRDAn, KIng DREW MED MAg, loCKE, MAnuEl ARtS,
RIlEy, RoDIA, tRItH, WESt ADAMS, youtH oppoRtunIty unlIMItED, BAnnIng HIgH, CARSon, gARDEnA,
AnIMo, AnIMo lEADERSHIp, AnIMo rAlpH BunCH, AnIMo JuStICE, AnIMo pAt BRoWn, AnD SAnDIEgo
CoMplEx CH IS AlSo DIStRIButED to loCAl 7 ElEVEn AnD gRoCERy StoRES
                                                                WWL: 3 sounds like the magic number for everybody
                                                                but the bottom line is to relax. Stay calm; you don’t
                                                                want your new crush to go from BF/GF potential to
                                                                trying to change their number.
       Mystified over what you crush may be thinking? Al-
       ways wondered what the other side had to say? You        You’re interested, but then that guy or girl says or
       may be scared to ask, but we aren’t! We’ll tell you      does something that turns your ‘yes’ into a ‘no’. You
       what we heard from the guys and the girls and what       absolutely hate it when __________
       we learned *(WWL) from it all along the way.
                                                                He said: “I hate it when girls are overly fake. I
       You’ve just gone out with someone and you want           thought this girl was really hot but then when we
       to text them after to let them know you had a great      hung out she started batting her eyes and whining,
       time. You want them to know you’re really interest-      I mean who does that?! I didn’t really like her after
       ed but where is the line between like and “stalker”?     that.” – Chris

       He said: “By about the third time you text me in row     “I don’t like it when a girl spends too much time
       without me responding back. Once I had left my           talking about her ex. If you mention him more than
       phone in the other room and when I got back to it        lets say twice in a single date without me asking I’m
       like an hour later this girl had text me like 20 times   going to be really irritated.” -- John
       and we had just met! Her last text was like ‘why are
       you ignoring me?’ it was just too much.” ~ Mike          She said: “I don’t like it when guys are too aggres-
                                                                sive or playerish. If I’m hanging out with you I prob-
       She said: “Three times is the limit. But it’s more       ably like you, or would at least like to get to know
       genuine when you call” ~ Brit                            you, but I don’t like to feel pressured. Just relax and
V S.

let me take my time and have my space.”         “I like it. But I want my own name. I don’t      jerk and you pretty much dodged a bullet in
– Kayla                                         like being called ‘baby’ if you call everyone    not being with them; and if you’re success-
                                                that and I don’t want the same nickname as       ful then… *smiles*
“Dirty clothes or shoes. I say this dude that   your ex either” - Carlyn
was cute from across the mall but then he                                                        What’s the one thing you wish the other
got closer his shoes were just gross, ugh       WWL: We were kind of surprised because a         sex knew?
I swear he smelled weird. Then I wished         lot of people said they don’t like pet names
he never came over and I had to act like I      but everyone’s been somewhere and heard          He said: “… oh does that mean they don’t
thought he was someone else.” – Cynthia         “pookie bear” being called. But for the          read minds? I feel like girls expect me to
                                                most part we say a nickname can be cool          read theirs. If they like you I wish they
WWL: Obnoxious or rude behavior can             and cute if it’s some sort of variation on the   would just say ‘I like you too’ or whatever.
quickly turn a ‘yes’ into a ‘no’. Be yourself   person’s name or has some sort of special        Instead I have to guess.” – Malik
and consider the other person. Good hy-         meaning that is unique to them or some-
giene and grooming never hurt either , the      thing you experienced together. Anything         “I wish girls knew that being overly loud is
second someone thinks “ugh” your chances        embarrassing or generic is a no go.              not a good thing. My ex used to show off in
are pretty much over.                                                                            front of her friends really loud all the time
                                                Someone is crushing on you but you               and I always wish she knew when to stop.”
Pet names … cute or nauseating?                 haven’t noticed them yet … what should           – Jason
                                                they do?
He said: “Pet names are great. They’re                                                           “I don’t like it when girls try to tell other
easy because you don’t have to remember         He said: “Just let me know directly. Hit me      people you’re in a relationship before you
everyone’s name all the time; as long as        on facebook or text or whatever.” – Mike         really are. Then you have to try to play it off
you don’t get your ‘Sugar Bears’ mixed up                                                        or explain. Awkward.” - Cameron
then you’re fine …” (no we meant how do         She said: “You could just send me a note
you feel about being called pet names by        or aim or something. Just whatever you do        She said: “I wish my boyfriend knew when
your GF) “…oh. Well that’s just gross!” –       say it and if I don’t respond then let it go.”   to joke and when to be serious. Its ok to be
Riley                                           -- Sarah                                         goofy sometimes but he plays too much.”
                                                                                                 – Alyah
“They’re ok as long its just when we’re         WWL: Everyone wants so much straight-
together. There is a time and a place. Like     forward honesty but are they willing to give     “I wish guys would just be honest instead
don’t EVER do it in front of my guy friends.”   that back in return? We’re not so sure, and      of telling me what I want to hear.” – Nicole
– Evan                                          its also a lot harder then it sounds; we know
                                                facing possible rejection can feel like facing   “He should know that random gifts when
She said: “No thank you. Please don’t. I’d      a bullet and a firing squad. The good news       you don’t expect it are the best … even if its
rather not. My actual name will do just         is that even if you do get shot down you         like a piece of pie or something.” – Rachel
fine.” – Alexis                                 (usually) live to see another day. Honesty
                                                might really be worth a try, if your crush
                                                ends up embarrassingyou publically then
                                                honestly they’re a


   You have a great friendship going,                              1. If you’re doing 80% of the communicating
   you’re hanging out and talking, but                             2. He de-tags himself in a picture you posted of the two of you
   you suddenly wonder if maybe this                                  on Facebook, explaining, “I don’t want other chicks to think
                                                                      we’re together.”
   friendship could be something more.                             3. He or she checks out or talks about other people they are
   Maybe your relationship with your                                  interested in.
   crush is more casual but either way                             4. He or she actually says they aren’t into you like that (this
   you want to know. But how do you                                   sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people
   know if it’s a possibility or if you’ve                            ignore this statement)
                                                                   5. They never want to hang out one on one, they always
   been forever placed in the infamous                                invite friends/back up (and then gives the friends most
   “friend” box? Honesty is often the                                 of their attention)
   best policy but before you risk your                            6. They encourage you to date others
   pride and your friendship getting                               7. She accidentally says to her guy friend “girl guess what just
   sliced by a katana blade, there are                                happened…” or he starts calling his girl friend by her last
                                                                      name (you’re just like one of my football buddies!)
   signals as to whether or not they like
   you in that way. Seven signs he/she
   just may not be that into you…
         By Kayla ThorTon
         no offense to anyone who happens to love the sport, but
         I hate baseball. It feels like a group of guys standing
         around looking bored waiting for the off chance a ball may
         come their way. Basketball and football offer a little more
         action but its still a little “been there done that” isn’t it?
         From each region of the world, along with the very popular
         common sports there are also those really popular but
         sometimes weird sports. So I started to wonder what type
         of sporting events that might be out there that could add
         some out of the ordinary excitement. all I can say is ESPn
         is missing out. What was out there are sports even more
         awesome than what you’d normally see on the television.
         here are a few of our favorites but note some of these are
         so mindboggling odd and or dangerous,
         we beg you not to try this at home.

                                            not compulsory, but are usually worn and       The Tulu Camels are specially bred for the
                                            apparently are often accompanied by a          competition, and decked out with bells
                                            costume (not sure why but got to love a        and colorful ornamentation. They’re then
                                            sport that takes every opportunity to up the   sent into the ring with another camel to
                                            ante on entertainment value). Fastest time     do battle over a hot camel-babe in heat.
                                            wins. In 2010 a new world record was set       That is not a metaphor. When male camels
                                            at 1m30.66s.                                   get aroused, streams of viscous milky
                                                                                           saliva start frothing from their mouths
                                                                                           and nostrils. oh, and camel liquid doesn’t
                                                                                           stop there. Eyewitnesses say the camels
                                            Mountain Unicycling                            also urinate profusely, and since they
                                            I admit it, I thought unicycles were only      aim backward, spectators have to guard
                                            ridden by clowns at the circus; I was so       against getting sprayed during a battle.
                                            wrong. Chuckles juggling around the clown      Camels can win by either making their
                                            car may be lame but mountain unicycling        opponent fall, scream or gallop away in
                                            is just plain incredible. The amount of        a comical leg-flapping manner. Trainers
Cardboard Tube Fighting                     strength and balance required to make          try and install fighting methods in their
This is exactly what it sounds like. If     it through a race is phenomenal. To be         camels but a camel’s grasp of advanced
you ever battled with empty wrapping        honest, watching the whole race isn’t that     fighting practices is notoriously poor, and
paper tubes and loved it this sport might   exciting. however, seeing a unicyclist go      thus it seems they just bang into each
be for you. There is actually a global      up a tough hill, or down a rocky path is       other in a saliva-filled clattering until one
organization called The Cardboard           as exciting as anything on the television.     topples over.
Tube Fighting league (CTFl) that            Think Tony hawk on one big wheel.
hosts cardboard tube based events in
Seattle, Washington; San Francisco,
California; and Sydney, australia. The                                                     Bossaball
CTFl hosts tournaments and battles          Ladder Racing:                                 Bossaball is my favorite on this list. If they
where cardboard tube fighters go head-      have you ever seen those competitions          brought this to the USa I would totally
to-head in an attempt to break their        firemen have where they climb their            want to try it out. Bossaball is somewhat
opponents tube without breaking their       ladders? This is that, if the firemen were     like volleyball, but way better. Think
own. Cardboard tubes are provided and       like part spiderman part ninja. The main       volleyball but in a pimped out bounce
all events are free for participants.       thing I learned watching this sport is         house. The game is played on an inflatable
                                            that if I’m ever caught in a multistory        volleyball court, and in front of the net
                                            building during a fire, I hope my fireman      on each side is a round trampoline so
                                            is Bulgarian. The goal is simple; first guy    players can get some serious height when
Bog Snorkelling                             to the top wins. The entertaining part is      spiking. Teams are comprised of three,
Bog n. - wet, spongy ground with soil       these guys move freaky crazy fast. Whew!       four or five players, one of which must be
composed mainly of dead and decayed                                                        on the trampoline (the attacker), whilst
plant matter. Snorkeling v. - the sport                                                    the other four must set the ball up for the
of swimming with a snorkel and face                                                        attacker to spike. and of course everyone
mask. Bog Snorkeling v. – The sport         Camel Wrestling                                is bouncing around the whole time.
of swimming with a snorkel and face         The Spanish have bullfights, the Italians      Invented in Belgium there are now clubs
mask in a trench of totally gross water     have cockfights, and we have Michael           in Brazil, Germany, Spain and even Kuwait
including decayed plant matter and all      Vic. Meanwhile the Turks have camel            (but no l.a.? Total travesty!) overall it
sorts of other crud you’d really rather     wrestling. This is not to be confused with     includes elements of soccer, gymnastics
not stick your face in with or without a    bullfighting where a human challenges          and capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) all
mask.                                       a bull, this is camel vs. camel in a knock     thrown together then bounced into the
                                            down drag out match. not into violence?        air, producing something which is mind-
Each year in Wales they hold a world        Don’t worry. While it sounds like a recipe     blowingly awesome. I got next!
championship where competitors              for camel WWF and animal rights activists
race basically half the length of a         would really like to see it go away, camel
football field and back. Competitors        wrestling is more akin to comedy than to
must wear snorkels and flippers, and        blood-sport (wait maybe it is like WWF
complete the course without using           after all).
conventional swimming strokes, relying
on flipper power alone. Wet suits are
             (YES IT’S REALLY A THING)
             By: Joseph Ackerly

             You don’t drink it, eat it, smoke it, or snort                   other parts of your life. When you’re willing to give up
                                                                              grades, friends, family or even food for the game. Video
             it but some think its becoming as addictive                      game designer Erin Hoffman said it perfectly: “Addiction
             as drugs and alcohol and it has started                          is not about what you DO, but what you DON’T DO
             claiming lives; figuratively and literally. Some                 because of the replacement of the addictive behavior.”

             may say its ridiculous to consider video
                                                                              JUST WHAT IS IT?
             game addiction a “real” addiction but half                       Addiction is not just associated with substances such
             of you know a World of Warcraft addict or                        as drugs and alcohol. Doctors recognize addictive
                                                                              behaviors as well. Too much gaming may seem
             someone who won’t leave their house for                          relatively harmless compared with the dangers of a
             fear of dying crops on Farmville and if you’re                   drug overdose, but Keith Bakker, director of Smith &
             still in doubt experts are pretty unanimous                      Jones Addiction Consultants says video game addiction
                                                                              can ruin lives. Teens who play four to five hours per
             that it is a thing. The headlines have been                      day have no time for socializing, doing homework, or
             pretty horrific; from social death to actual                     playing sports, he says. “That takes away from normal
                                                                              social development. You can get a 21-year-old with
             death compulsions to play these games has                        the emotional intelligence of a 12-year-old. He’s never
             taken a toll and the numbers keep going up.                      learned to talk to girls. He’s never learned to play
                                                                              a sport.” In older addicts, compulsive gaming can
             Video games can be fun and in some cases even educational.       jeopardize jobs or relationships. In a WebMD feature on
             For most teens, playing games on a computer, video game          the definition of addiction, psychiatrist Michael Brody,
             console, or handheld device is just a regular part of the day.   MD, set forth the following criteria:
             Most are able to juggle the multiple demands of school,
             sports, work or chores, friends and family life. Where it        • The person needs more and more of a substance or
             becomes a problem is when it starts to get in the way of         behavior to keep him going.
                                                                              • If the person does not get more of the substance or
                                                                              behavior, he becomes irritable and miserable.

                                                                              Kimberly Young, PsyD, clinical director of the Center
                                                                              for On-Line Addiction and author of Caught in the Net:
                                                                              How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction -- and
                                                                              a Winning Strategy for Recovery, says compulsive
                                                                              gaming meets these criteria, and she has seen severe
                                                                              withdrawal symptoms in game addicts. “They become
                                                                              angry, violent, or depressed. If [parents] take away
                                                                              the computer, their child sits in the corner and cries,
                                                                              refuses to eat, sleep, or do anything.”

                                                                              WHY ARE THEY SO ADDICTIVE?
                                                                              After quitting War of Worldcraft, also known as
                                                                              “Warcrack” by the seriously obsessed, Gary Haran
                                                                              started up so that “anyone could
                                                                              anonymously write their reasons for quitting the
                                                                              game.” He says he got over 20,000 posts after only
                                                                              a few months. That’s a lot of people with a serious
                                                                              problem. Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
                                                                              (MMORPGs) like WOW can be especially addictive
                                                                              because there’s no ending. Unlike traditional games like
Super Mario Brothers, where you win when you save the            • You spend more time with your keyboard or controller
princess, you can’t rescue the princess in an MMORPG.            than physically hanging out with your friends.
And that’s a big part of why its so hard to stop.                • Your friends or parents ask what you spend all your
                                                                 time doing, and you lie about it or laugh it off, but inside
Once upon a time video game creators built games. They
                                                                 you know they may have a point.
charged you $40 or $50 for said game hoping you’d like it
enough to buy the next version without                                              • You get up in the middle of the
really worrying how often you were going                                            night to check your e-mail or your
to play it. That was then, this is now                                              MySpace comments because you’re
where video game creators make money
from game subscriptions which require
                                          “It’s like a food                         having a hard time sleeping.

players to keep on playing until the world
ends or they literally pass out (which has   addiction,”                              It’s a tough habit to kick. Treatment
                                                                                      for video game addiction is similar to

                                          Young explains.
actually happened). They also now make                                                detox for other addictions, with one
money from advertising within the game,                                               important difference. Computers
which also makes them more money if
they can show that you will spend hours
upon hours playing. But anyone would       “You have to                               have become an important part of
                                                                                      everyday life. You need it for school
                                                                                      and to stay in touch with your friends.
get tired of anything eventually right?
Right. So here’s where it gets a little
creepy because what that means is that
                                            learn to live                             If you’re a gamer, most of your
                                                                                      friends may also be gamers, meaning
some video games need to be designed
to keep you playing even when you’re
                                             with food.”                              that you would not have anyone to
                                                                                      hang out with if you stopped playing
not enjoying it. Have you ever noticed                                                completely.
how certain games might randomly drop
bonuses or things you need to collect
in the game? (Of course you can’t stop
now because the next thing might help
you win!) Or that level ups are so much harder to get at higher “It’s like a food addiction,” Young explains.
levels or even that sometimes a game can punish you if you      “You have to learn to live with food.”
don’t play? (My crops are dying help!) All of these are game
tools to keep you playing, even when it stops being fun.        Because video game addicts can’t avoid computers,
                                                                 they have to learn to use them responsibly. Bakker
Obviously not all games are bad, and even the most habit         says the toughest part of treating video game addicts
forming can be ok if you aren’t trading passing grades in        is that “it’s a little bit more difficult to show somebody
biology for healthy Farmville crops or skipping time with        they’re in trouble. Nobody’s ever been put in jail for being
friends to reach the next level in Halo. Some games can even     under the influence of [a game].”
be educational but when there is a problem it is time to get
                                                                 The key, he says, is to show gamers they are powerless
                                                                 over their addiction, and then teach them “real-life
                                                                 excitement as opposed to online excitement.”
If you think there might be a problem, there probably is. And
you certainly wouldn’t be the first. Some experts say as many    If you think you or someone you know has a problem the
as 10 percent of all people who use the Internet or play video   best thing to do is talk to an adult you trust. Chances
games are addicted to them. Five signs the “fun” is over:        are, the games aren’t the real issue. Some gamers use
                                                                 the controller to avoid doing things they don’t want to do
• You feel really happy when you’re online or when you’re        or thinking about things that are stressful. Sometimes
playing games, but as soon as you have to stop, you get          that’s okay - grownups do it, too. But when it’s keeping
angry or upset.                                                  you from sleeping, or causing you to be angry with the
• You think about going online or playing when you are           people who love you, there’s a better way. So go on. Get
supposed to be focusing on other things, like doing school       off the computer or send an e-mail to someone asking
work or having dinner with your family.
                                                                 for help. And that’s a good sign.
            A    Unifying
              It is often said by many, that black history is American history. In essence Black History
            Month is a healing period, a connecting point that can bring us more together as a new
            nation. We are all the victims and the benefactors of the black experience in America. Since
            1976 February has offered an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of this one
            particular group of American’s who overcame obstacles to fashion some of the greatest
            educational, scientific, architectural, agricultural and social accomplishments this country
            has seen; Whose very existence is a testament to the undying power of the human spirit.
            It offers, equally, opportunity to people not of obvious African dissent to discover and
            appreciate their historic role in the ever-evolving grand experiment of democracy that
            currently defines us as Americans and citizens of the greatest country on the planet.
              last year marked an especially historic black history month as it witnessed both the
            100th anniversary of the nAACp as well as the election of Barack obama as the first
            African –American president.
            Frederick Barron, 17, a senior at north Atlanta High School in Atlanta states “Barack obama
            is opening our hearts and minds to the true meaning of Black History Month,” Barron said.
            “African Americans won’t be viewed as just a minority but as people who make a difference.”

             This year we decided to ask a group of professionals, entertainers and civic leaders what
            Black History Month means to them:

            “Black History Month allows us to reflect on the work of our ancestors,
            rejoice in the present and look ahead to new possibilities. It is about
            honoring the accomplishments of African Americans who have helped to
            build this country.”
            – Kamala Harris – California Attorney General

            on January 3, 2011, Harris became the first woman African-American, and Asian-American
            attorney general in California and the first Indian-American attorney general in the
            united States. She has taken a stand for civil rights, immigration rights, education and has
            advocated for strong enforcement of environmental protection laws.

            “Black History Month is a time of remembrance and appreciation. It’s a
            time to reflect on what our ancestors and forefathers have fought for in
            the past and to make sure that their fight was not in vain.”
            - Harvey Mason, Jr. – Producer

            Harvey Mason, Jr. has penned and produced songs for superstars such as Justin timberlake,
            Beyonce, Chris Brown, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. Major motion picture studios
            have called upon Harvey’s talent to produce music for films like Shrek 3, Kung Fu panda

            and Dreamgirls. Harvey serves on the Board of trustees of the los Angeles Chapter of the
            Recording Academy. He has been involved in grammy Camp, grammy in the Schools, and
            the Music Cares Foundation.

“Black History Month to me means Freedom. Freedom to be able to
talk to who I want, hang out with who I want and skate with who I
want. It just means everyone being looked at as one.”
-Terry Kennedy – Professional Skateboarder

terry Kennedy – professional Skateboarder
tK is sponsored by Baker, Supra, Boost Mobile and KR3W. He is featured in the video
game “Skate” and has had his own reality show on BEt.

“Black History Month is an opportunity to combine the knowledge
and pride of where we have come from with our collective plans for
the future. Its not just about black American’s… it’s a chance for all
Americans to celebrate resilience, strength, and to move forward in
creating a better world together.”
– Coline Witt, Publisher Celebrity High Magazine.

“Black History Month reminds us that life is really all
about human history and human dignity.” -Dr. Alveda C. King

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., is a pastoral Associate
of priests for life and Coordinator of our African American outreach

Black History Month Events in l.A.
Long Beach Aquarium The aquarium will host its 9th Annual African American Festival.
The festival includes live entertainment, arts and crafts, food vendors, and more. Also there will be
scheduled performances by hip hop and break dancers, live jazz bands, and West African dancers.
The festival will be held Saturday and Sunday, February 26-27 at the aquarium. Admission is
included in the regular ticket price for the aquarium. It is free to aquarium members. guests of
members will receive 20% off. parking is $8.

The California African American Museum
located near the California Science Center in Exposition park, each Sunday during February
the museum will be running workshops at 2 pm. Some workshop topics are famous African
Americans, canning and preserving foods, creating Victorian style keepsakes, and other
informative topics. The museum is free, but donations are requested. parking is $8.

Pan African Film and Arts Festival now in its 19th year, the film festival showcases
films that are about or made for people of African descent. The movies range from comedies,
dramas, documentary, shorts, animation, and romantic comedies.
The pan African Film festival will be held February 16-21 in los Angeles, CA.
In conjunction with the film festival will be special programs and venues for all members
of the family. .

       16       photo courtesy of ABC   *
                            By priscillia oman
                            Cover photo and photos
                            by Michael Williams

                            SHAy MITCHELL MAKES
                            HEr SCrEEN-ACTING
                            in the one-hour drama Pretty Little
                            Liars, based upon the popular book
                            series from Alloy Entertainment, as
                            Emily Fields, an athletic girl who is
                            struggling with her sexuality. Born
                            Shannon Mitchell, to a Filipino
                            mother and Irish/Scottish father, is a
                            native of Toronto, Canada. As a young
                            child, Mitchell was interested in the
                            performing arts. By her late teens,
                            Mitchell had successfully modeled for a
                            variety of companies in cities as varied
                            as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Barcelona.
                            Wanting to focus on her true passion,
                            Mitchell returned to Toronto and began
                            to study acting with great focus and
                            determination. Her hard work paid off
                            and, after signing with her first theatrical
                            agency, she appeared in the hit series
                            DeGrassi: The Next Generation and
                            CH: Which character do you most relate to in Pretty Little
                            Liars and why?
                            SM: I see a little of myself in every character, but that’s the
                            great thing about Pretty Little Liars, it is very easy to relate to
                            all of the characters.
                            CH: Pretty Little Liars revolves around one big secret
                            everyone is hiding, what can you tell celebrity high something
                            that most people might not know about you?
photo courtesy of ABC   *   SM: I have a passion for interior design and love watching
                            home decorating shows.
                            CH: For people that don’t know how would you best describe
                            your character on the show of Pretty Little Liars?
                            SM: Emily is the sweetest out of the group and is an extremely
                            loyal friend with a competitive edge, as she is captain of the
                            swim team. She has been raised with a very conservative family
                            and is finally discovering who she truly is.
                            CH: What do you miss about living in Toronto and how
                            would you compare it to living in Los Angeles?
                            SM: It’s like apples and oranges, they are completely different.
                            Toronto is more of a city with an urban vibe that feels like
home to me, but you really can’t beat the perpetual sun in Los      meet me at interviews or hotels in the snow to meet me and get
Angeles. The biggest thing I miss about Toronto is my friends       an autograph or picture, is amazing.
and family.                                                         CH: Before becoming an actress you used to do modeling.
CH: What made you decide to take on a character that was            Which do you prefer?
going through such a sensitive situation as figuring out her        SM: I prefer acting, hands down.
sexuality?                                                          CH: What are some future aspirations that you have?
SM: The fact that I thought this was a character a lot of girls     SM: Future aspirations I have are going to Cambodia and
and guys could relate to. There are so many similar issues in       visiting Somaly Mam and the women’s shelters and making
society and I think the show and Emily’s character is helping       even one girls life a little bit better
people learn how to accept other people’s differences.              CH: How would you describe your high school life? Where
CH: What advice would you have for a girl who is going              you very popular?
through a similar situation?                                        SM: I wouldn’t call myself popular. I went through all the
SM: I would say to be true to yourself and know you’re not          stages in High School from eating lunch alone to having a
alone. There are a lot of great support lines out there that you    close group of friends. At one point or another I was a friend
can talk to, as opposed to holding everything in and                    with every group.
potentially hurting yourself.                                                  CH: What advice would you give to a teen trying to
CH: The girls of PLL have such individual                                          get into your position of being a famous actress?
and unique styles. What is it like being a
fashion icon and how would you describe
                                                  “I look up                           SM: Never give up, and don’t let anyone tell
                                                                                          you no.
your personal style?
SM: My personal style is a mix
                                                 to Angelina                                CH: What can we expect from you in the
                                                                                              near future? Can we get an inside scoop?
between many different styles. I                Jolie. She has                                 SM: Continue to work on this amazing
                                                                                                show and embrace other opportunities
actually wouldn’t even say I have a
style; I just wear what I like and feel         used her name                                   as they arise and hopefully please the
comfortable in. I go how I feel in the
morning, punk, bohemian, prep- it
                                               to shed light on                                 fans.
                                                                                               CH: Is there someone in the
changes depending on my mood.                 issues that really                              entertainment business that you admire,
                                                                                            respect or look up to?
CH: Are you as athletic as your character
Emily?                                             matter to                              SM: I look up to Angelina Jolie. She has
SM: Well I’m not on a swim team, but I can
be athletic. When I have free time I love to ride
                                                     her.”                             used her name to shed light on issues that
                                                                                   really matter to her.
my bike, play basketball, hike, and even rock climb.                          CH: What were some of your favorite TV shows
CH: What do you like to do in your free time?                       growing up?
SM: Hang out with friends and watch movies in bed, and sleep.       SM: Home improvement, Will & Grace, and
CH: If you were not in entertainment what would                     I Love Lucy.
you be doing?                                                       CH: Have any of the schools you’ve attended been like PLL or
SM: I would love to be a traveling food editor and try out          Degrassi?
different dishes around the world.                                  SM: No, I am very happy my school was not like Pretty Little
CH: How does it feel to be on a hit show on television?             Liars because I wouldn’t be able to handle a character like “A”.
SM: Words cannot describe it, I am living my dream and it just      My school was somewhat similar to Degrassi, but everything is
keeps getting better and better.                                    always exaggerated for TV.
CH: How do your peers respond to you being famous?
SM: I definitely don’t use the word “famous,” it’s a word I will
never get used to. But having them see me on TV is a neat
experience for them but also weird because they are seeing me
be someone who is not my everyday self.
CH: Do you watch yourself on tv?
SM: yes of course, but I don’t watch to see myself. I love to see
how everything comes together: lighting, music, etc. I also kind
of need to know what the fans have seen so I don’t give any
secrets away.
CH: What pressures do you feel as an actress?
SM: For Emily’s character, I felt a certain pressure to put life
into a book character and I really wanted to do her justice since
she is already is so many girls minds.
CH: Have you ever had a crazy fan moment that you
can share?
SM: Just having amazing girls and guys waiting outside to
LAUSD Schools Move Forward
in Cyber Competition
Students from local high schools will be going to Washington DC for national competition.

Students from local high schools will                  Commissioner. “These students are doing
be going to Washington DC for national                 something that is both exciting and
competition.                                           challenging, and we wish all the teams
  Two Beyond the Bell student teams                    the best of luck.”
have won invitations to attend the                        Beyond the Bell (BTB) schools,
nationwide championships of the                        representing LAUSD, has had more teams
CyberPatriot program. The championships                in each of the qualification rounds than
will be held in Washington DC on April                       any school district in the nation.
1st and 2nd. Out of 180 teams that                           That strong trend has produced two
entered the competition last year only                        of the last twelve teams in the
twelve have been invited to attend this                       Finalist round, the ones that will
prestigious event. The schools are                                be wearing the Beyond the Bell
Franklin High School out of Eagle                                  logo.
Rock, and Locke High School from                                      “One of our best CyberPatriot
Watts.                                                               team members grew up in a
  CyberPatriot, an education                                         disadvantaged family. He
initiative produced by the Air                                      never had strong support,”
Force Association, is a one-of-a-                              said Carey Peck, Program Director
kind computer programming and systems                           for the CyberPatriot Program.
competition designed to introduce                                “Until CyberPatriot came along
students to cyber security. It provides                           he never had regular access to a
high school students hands-on learning                            computer, but now he does, and
about cyber defense in a fun and                       he      has been posting some of the
exciting environment.                                  highest scores in the nation. He will be
  “This is an incredible accomplishment                a star, and CyberPatriot opened the door
for our students.” says Alvaro Cortes,                 for him.”
LAUSD Assistant Superintendant and the                    CyberPatriot will host its finals at
head of the Beyond the Bell Branch                     the Gaylord National Convention Center
which sponsors the program for the Los                 in Washington, D.C. in April 2011, in
Angeles Unified School District. There                 conjunction with AFA’s CyberFutures
are twelve teams left, two of which                    Conference and Technology Exposition.
come from our program. This shows what                    CyberPatriot is presented by Northrop
a commitment those students have made.                 Grumman, with founding partners SAIC
  “There’s an incredible amount of                     and the CIAS at the University of
enthusiasm for cyber security displayed                Texas-San Antonio. More information
by these students as they compete, and                 can be found on CyberPatriot at
we are thrilled about their response,”       
said Bernie Skoch, CyberPatriot
 Greyson Chance   By: Joshua Diaz

     When 12-year-old               The clip, shot by Greyson’s dad, shows the
                                    Cheyenne Middle School sixth-grader at
     Greyson Chance                 the piano, singing his heart out at a choir
                                    event as the female-dominated audience
     posted a clip of himself       looks on slack-jawed with amazement.
                                    Greyson is already earning kudos for his
     performing Lady Gaga’s         original compositions. YouTube clips of him
                                    performing “Stars” (about a woman with
     “Paparazzi” on YouTube         cancer who reunites with her husband in
                                    heaven) and “Broken Hearts,” have racked
     in April, he never             up more than nine million collective views.
                                    “I want people to be able to feel what I’m
     dreamed that the video         feeling when I’m singing,” he says. “That’s
                                    what it’s all about for me.”
     would become a viral           Greyson is currently in the studio working on
                                    his debut album with veteran songwriter/
     sensation viewed by            producer and Geffen Records chairman Ron
                                    Fair (Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas,
     more than 30                   PussycatDolls). Greyson is the first artist
                                    signed to Ellen Degeneres newly formed label
     million people.                Eleveneleven Records.

CH: When can we expect a full album?         performing arts department?               The arrangement was incredible
GC: My record will be out sometime           GC: I do online school. So, if YouTube    and Gaga’s voice was amazing on
this year.                                   doesn’t count at school then…not          the record. I think it is one of the
CH: Can you tell us more about your          really.                                   best records of all time.
latest single?                               CH: What was your parents’ and            CH: What kind of music do you
GC: “Waiting Outside the Lines” is           peers reaction to seeing you perform      listen to?
about getting over something that is         paparazzi at your school?                 GC: I listen to a lot of old music.
bothering you and haunting you. It has       GC: My parents were very proud of         Madonna, Michael Jackson, KISS,
a positive message and anybody any           me! My friends loved the performance      Journey.
age can relate to                            as well.                                  CH: Who would you like to
the song!                                    CH: You have been playing piano for       collaborate with?
CH: What advice would you give to a          over 3 years now. Do you have any         GC: I would love to collaborate
student trying to become a famous            interest in any other instruments?        with Christina Aguilera and Taylor
musician?                                    GC: Not really. I love Piano and that’s   Swift.
GC: To keep following your dreams            my only instrument.                       CH: If you could have any super
and never let anyone get                     CH: What do you like better singing or    power what would it be and why?
in your way by telling you that              playing instruments?                      GC: I would want to be able to
you can’t do it.                             GC: I like performing. I love putting     fly! So I could see anything I ever
CH: You have a strong stance on              them both together and making             wanted to see.
Bullying where does that come from?          something incredible.                     CH: If you weren’t singing what
GC: I was bullied as a kid; I was an         CH: Who and what inspires you?            would be your ideal career?
outcast. I got through it by escaping        GC: I am very inspired by Coldplay        GC: I would love to be a
in music and building my confidence.         and Snow Patrol. I also love old          photographer.
One of my records on my album is             Rock n Roll like Journey.                 CH: If you were stranded on a
called “Purple Sky” I want kids to           CH: What was it like becoming an          island who and what would you
listen to it and feel confident.             overnight sensation?                      bring, if you you could only choose
CH: Do you write a lot of your own           GC: It has been so incredible. I have     three items and one person?
music?                                       the most amazing fans in the world        GC: I would bring an iPod, endless
GC: Yes. A lot of the record is written      and they mean everything to me. This      amount of McDonalds, and a
by me.                                       has always been my dream so it is         record player. And I would bring
CH: What does it feel like to be signed      awesome to see it come true               Paul McCartney.
to Ellen?                                    CH: Coolest thing you’ve been able to
GC: It feels incredible! I love Ellen. She   do since being discovered?
has become such an amazing role              GC: It was probably meeting Lady
model and friend.                            Gaga. She is a very big inspiration to
CH: What’s your favorite subject in          me and she is so nice.
school?                                      CH: Why did you choose the song
GC: My favorite subject in school            paparazzi to perform at your school?
would probably have to be math.              GC: I loved the song because it was
CH: Does your school have a                  such a different song.
Types of Abuse                               1. In the Tension Building phase,
                                             things start to become difficult between
                                                                                         Spotlight on
Dating violence may look differ-
                                             you and your dating partner. You may
                                             feel like you need to tip-toe around him    Technology
                                             or her, or that you’re always getting
ent in each relationship. Here are
just a few examples of what each
                                             into fights and taking the blame.
                                             2. During the Explosion, an incident
type of abuse can include:                   of abusive behavior happens. It can be      We often think of love like it is
                                             something like yelling at you in front of   portrayed in the movies, consuming-
• Physical abuse is any unwanted             people or hitting you for the first time.   can’t-stop-thinking about-you, want-
physical contact like hitting, slapping,     Explosions tend to get more severe          to-spend-every-waking-minute-with-
holding you down, pulling your hair,         each time and happen more often as the      you love. But in the real world,
pushing, blocking your way or spitting.      relationship goes on.                       that kind of love is not only
It doesn’t have to leave a mark or even      3. In the Honeymoon, an abuser tries        unrealistic, it’s unhealthy. Telephone
hurt for it to be abusive.                   to make you forgive and forget whatev-      by Lady GaGa featuring Beyonce
• Verbal/emotional abuse includes            er happened in the Explosion. He or she     makes the important point that
threatening you, calling you names,          might apologize, promise it will never      obsessive relationships can be
setting rules for you or trying to control   happen again, buy you gifts or blame it     stressful and exhausting:
your behavior. Verbal and emotional          on something else like being drunk or
abuse is sometimes disguised as jokes.       stressed out.                               The stress from being in constant

                                             What Can You
If your boyfriend or girlfriend makes                                                    communication with your partner can
jokes that make you feel threatened or                                                   affect you in

bad about yourself – that’s not okay.                                                    many negative ways. Checking your
• Sexual abuse can be pressuring you                                                     phone constantly and nonstop texting
into doing something sexually you                                                        can make it
don’t want to do, rape, unwanted touch-                                                  impossible to live in the moment. This
ing or kissing and refusing to use or                                                    song sends an empowering message
                                             If you see warning signs of
damaging your birth control method.                                                      to anyone
It’s important to remember: No matter        abuse now, it is likely that it will        in this kind of unhealthy relationship.
what you’ve down with someone sexu-          get worse. Here are some tips on            Change your routine, ditch your
ally in the past, you always have the        how to keep                                 phone,
right to say “no” and be respected for       as safe as possible if you                  hang out with friends, family or just
that choice.                                                                             have some “me” time.
                                             or someone you know is think-
• Technological abuse is when your
partner demands your passwords to so-        ing about leaving an abusive                To learn more visit:
cial networking sites like Facebook or       relationship:                     
mySpace, sets rules about who you can
be friends with online, sends unwanted       • Tell someone you trust (a family
texts or phone calls, checks your phone      member, a friend, teacher or coach)
history or damages your computer.            about the abuse
                                             • Keep records of anything the abuser
Cycle of Abuse                               sends like texts, voicemails and
                                             emails and store them in a safe place.
                                             They may be helpful later in getting a
In many abusive relationships,
abuse is not a one time incident.
                                             restraining order.
                                             • Create a safety plan. To learn
                                                                                         popQuiz: Is Your
While every relationship is differ-
ent, many abusive relationships
                                             more about safety planning, visit
                                             • File for a restraining order. It’s
follow a repeating pattern called            free and can keep an abuser from
the Cycle of Abuse. The Cycle of             threatening, contacting or coming
Abuse has three phases: Tension              near you or your friends. Visit             Everyone deserves to be in a safe and
Building, Explosion and Honey-      to find out the law in    healthy relationship. Do you know if
                                             your state.                                 your relationship is as healthy as you
moon.                                                                                    deserve? Answer “yes” or “no” to the
                                                                                         following statements to find out! Have
                                                                                         a piece of paper and pen nearby. At the
                                                                                         end you’ll find out how to score your
                                                                                         answers. (QUIZ IS ON NEXT PAGE) popQuiz
     The person I am with:

     01. Is very supportive of things that I do. [YES] [NO]
     02. Encourages me to try new things. [YES] [NO]
     03. Likes to listen when I have something on my mind. [YES] [NO]
     04. Understands that I have my own life too. [YES] [NO]
     05. Is not liked very well by my friends. [YES] [NO]
     06. Says I\’m too involved in different activities. [YES] [NO]
     07. Texts me or calls me all the time. [YES] [NO]
     08. Thinks I spend too much time trying to look nice. [YES] [NO]
     09. Gets extremely jealous or possessive. [YES] [NO]
     10. Accuses me of flirting or cheating. [YES] [NO]
     11. Constantly checks up on me or makes me check in. [YES] [NO]
     12. Controls what I wear or how I look. [YES] [NO]
     13. Tries to control what I do and who I see. [YES] [NO]
     14. Tries to keep me from seeing or talking to my family and friends. [YES] [NO]
     15. Has big mood swings - gets angry and yells at me one minute, and the next minute
         is sweet and apologetic. [YES] [NO]
     16. Makes me feel nervous or like I\’m \”walking on eggshells. [YES] [NO]
     17. Puts me down, calls me names or criticizes me. [YES] [NO]
     18. Makes me feel like I can\’t do anything right or blames me for problems. [YES] [NO]
     19. Makes me feel like no one else would want me. [YES] [NO]
     20. Threatens to hurt me, my friends or family. [YES] [NO]
     21. Threatens to hurt him or herself because of me. [YES] [NO]
     22. Threatens to destroy my things. [YES] [NO]
     23. Grabs, pushes, shoves, chokes, punches, slaps, holds me down, throws things or
         hurts me in some way. [YES] [NO]
     24. Breaks things or throws things to intimidate me. [YES] [NO]
     25. Yells, screams or humiliates me in front of others. [YES] [NO]
     26. Pressures or forces me into having sex or going farther than I want to. [YES] [NO]

     Give yourself 1 point for every “no” you answered to numbers 1-4; 1 point for every “yes” response to numbers 5-8; and 5
     points for every “yes” to numbers 9-26.
     Now that you’re finished and have your score, the next step is to find out what your score means. Simply take your total score
     and see which of the boxes below applies to you.

     Score: 0 points
     You got a score of 0? Not to worry—it’s a good thing! It sounds like your relationship is on a pretty healthy track. Fostering
     healthy relationships takes some work—keep it up! Remember that while you may have a healthy relationship, it’s possible
     that a friend of yours may not. If you think you know someone who may be in an abusive relationship, Visit
     to learn how you can help that person end the abuse.

     Score: 1-2 points
     If you scored 1 or 2 points, you may be noticing a couple of things in your relationship that may be unhealthy, but it doesn’t
     necessarily mean they are warning signs. It’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them to make sure there isn’t a pattern. The
     best thing to do is to communicate with your partner and let them know what you like and don’t like. Encourage them to do the
     same. Remember, communication is always a step forward to building a healthy relationship. It’s also good to be informed so
     that you learn to recognize the warning signs. Visit to learn more about the different types of abuse.

     Score: 3-4 points
     If you scored 3 or 4 points, it sounds like you may be seeing some warning signs of an abusive relationship. Warning signs
     should never be ignored. Something that starts small can get much worse over time. Relationships are never perfect—they
     take some work! But in a healthy relationship you won’t find abusive behaviors. If you think your relationship may not be as
     healthy as you deserve, Visit to get more information.

     Score: 5 points or more
     If you scored 5 points or more, you are definitely seeing warning signs and may be in an abusive relationship. You don’t have
     to deal with this alone. Break the Cycle can help. We can help you learn about your different options and legal rights.

     Visit to learn more.

By April Woodrow

In 1996, two young computer science students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had a hypothesis that
there was a better way to find information on the web. They did their research, tested their theories
and built a search engine which (eventually) changed the way people found information online. Larry
and Sergey were fortunate to be able to get their idea in front of lots of people. And that little idea
became the tech giant known as Google. But how many ideas are lost because people don’t have the
right forum for their talents to be discovered?

Are you a student who loves science? Do you have a good idea for an experiment that you’d like to
share with the world? If so break out the baking soda volcano, your bottle rockets and your Bunsen
burners. Google has announced a first of its kind, worldwide, web-based science fair; inviting students
from all over the world to compete. Now any student with an idea can participate from anywhere, and
share their idea with the world. You build and submit your project—either by yourself or in a team of up
to three—entirely online. Students in India (or Israel or Ireland) will be able to compete with students in
Canada (or Cambodia or Costa Rica) — and the prizes won’t just be shiny blue ribbons, either. Prizes
include once-in-a-lifetime experiences (like a trip to the Galapagos Islands with a National Geographic
Explorer), up to $50,000 scholarships and real-life work opportunities (like a five-day trip to CERN in
Switzerland). And if you’re entering a science fair locally, please feel free to post that project online
with Google Science Fair, too!

“We believe that science can change the world—and one way to encourage that is to celebrate and
champion young scientific talent as we do athletes and pop idols.” Google spokesperson explains.
The contest is open to students around the world who are between the ages of 13-18. All you need
is access to a computer, the Internet and a web browser. You can enter in a variety of categories
including Computer Science & Math, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Behavioral & Social Sciences,
Flora & Fauna , Energy & Space, Inventions & Innovation, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science,
and Electricity & Electronics . To enter, register online and create your project as a Google Site.
Registration is open through April 4, 2011. Please note: you must get parental or guardian consent
in order to compete. Fifteen finalists will be invited to bring their projects to Google headquarters on
July 11 to compete in the final, live event, where world-renowned science judges will select a winner in
each age category, as well as a grand-prize winner.

To help make today’s young scientists the rock stars of tomorrow, the global science competition is
being hosted in partnership with CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), LEGO,
National Geographic and Scientific American. The goal is “to create a new kind of online science
competition that is more global, open and inclusive than ever before.”

So if you think you’re the next Albert Einstein, Marie Curie—or Larry Page or Sergey Brin—sign up

today for the Google Science Fair. Prove once again how science can change the world!

For full rules and to enter visit
also visit the official Google Science Fair YouTube page!

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