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					                                Kristin Anne Dewine
                                    5709 Lyons View Pike
                                     Knoxville, TN 37919
                                        (865) 207-5782

Education:     The University of Tennessee Knoxville
               Bachelor of Arts in English, August 2005
               Emphasis in Technical Communications & Editing

               The University of Tennessee Knoxville
               Bachelor of Science in Nutrition,
               Projected graduation date May 2011

Employment:           WMG Benefits, LLC                  Knoxville, TN
Jan. 06 – Jan 08      Assistant Account Manager
                          Assist in preparing and organizing reports and spreadsheets.
                          Provide administrative support consistent with the achievement
                             of company goals.
                          Successfully coordinated after hour events and dinners.

                      Richard H. Perry, CPA              Knoxville, TN
Jan. 07 – June 08     Tax Accountant Assistant
                          Responsible for delivery of payables to clients
                          Successfully prepared and delivered corporate tax returns to
                          Various administrative responsibilities.

                      The Rush Fitness Complex             Knoxville & Chattanooga, TN
May 05 – Jan. 07      Certified Personal Trainer
                            Designed and implemented unique fitness plans for individual
                             gym members.
                            Successfully earned several fitness and health certifications
                            Provided weight-lifting instruction.
                            Prepared and conducted health assessments
                            Taught weekly aerobic and cycling classes for gym members.

Other Experience:     The University of Tennessee, Healthy Eating and Activity
                      Laboratory (HEAL)                 Knoxville, TN
Jan 08 – Oct 10       Undergraduate Research Assistant
                           Responsible for data management and data entry
                           Maintain correspondence with study participants
                           Assist with orientation meetings, assessment visits, and
                            intervention groups.

Aug 09 – May 10    Knoxville Parks and Recreation Centers – N.E.A.T Program
                   Inskip Recreational Center, Knoxville, TN
                        Provide nutrition, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle
                        Teach weekly lessons, activities, and games.

May 10 – Aug 10    East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Pediatric Gastroenterology &
                   Nutrition Services
                        Responsible for filing and processing WIC forms
                        Maintain correspondence with patients
                        Assist the Registered Dietitian with providing patient care to
                           pediatric patients facing a wide variety of nutritional and dietary

                           Boys and Girls Club of the TN Valley Advisory Board, July 08 -
                           Secretary of the Undergraduate Nutrition Student Association,
                            Aug.09 – May 10
                           Member of the Undergraduate Nutrition Student Association,
                            Aug. 10 – present
                           Member of Knoxville District Dietetic Association, Aug. 08 -
                           Kappa Delta Sorority Aug. 01 – Aug. 03

Technical Experience:
                           Sales Force Experience
                           Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word Outlook, Power Point,
                            and Excel)
                           Certified weight training consultant obtained through The Rush
                            Fitness Complex
                           Certified aerobic and cycling instructor obtained through The
                            Rush Fitness Complex
                           ServSafe Certification in food safety through the National
                            Restaurant Association

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