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					                 Learning Spanish Online a Universal Alternative

With over 400 Million people world wide using Spanish as their primary language, Spanish is one of
the most used languages on the planet. Here in the United States, the Spanish speaking population is
growing geometrically, with immigrants continually arriving from the south. Spanish is the prevalent
language throughout South and Central America, as well as having a significant presence in Europe.
There is no shortage of methods by which you can learn new language skills. You can find Text as well
as phrase books in most public Libraries. You can visit a nearby college or University bookstore to find
what resources are available there, which may well include MP3, CD and video material. There is
always the availability of night school classes, either at a local community college or university, if you
care to undertake the investment in time and money. And of course you can find some information
online. You can find information on how to learn to speak Spanish online for free, the BBC Spanish site
is noted for a nice beginning Spanish course offered in Video form.

Because of common history, most English speaking people know at least a little Spanish, and the
reciprocal holds true as well, our cultures are intertwined and the use of Spanish on English speaking
media is common. For the most part, we know some basic terms, like “hola” for hi, “si”, for yes and
the infamous Terminator line, “Hasta la Vista, baby”, which formally translates as roughly “until I see
you again” or farewell.

Due to the fact that such a large percentage, 7% of the world’s population uses Spanish as a primary
language, the available resources for a student of Spanish comprise a broad spectrum of media. There
are introductory Spanish videos available on YouTube, and you can view a series of Free introductory
Spanish videos on the BBC website, which will allow you to gain a basic framework for the language
free of charge. You will find that these sources will allow both formal and slang terminology to be
included in your basis of learning. But in the long run, you will find there are some limitations in
learning Spanish on these mediums.

It is important to remember that when you learn a new language the conversation must be repeated
frequently in order to establish a level of fluency. For that reason, there are inherent disadvantages in
using the free resources in both scope and availability. If your intent is to gain a fluent knowledge of
the language, you will need access to more comprehensive resources than those which are available
free online. In order to gain command of fluency in the language, you will need to go to further depths
than are available via the free venues. You will have to choose whether the method and time frame in
which you learn Spanish online are important to your ultimate goal. With Rocket Spanish, You can
Rapidly gain fluency, the same may be true with higher priced courses. We have provided you the
resources here with which you can make a primary decision, why not check out the free version of
Rocket Spanish, and begin your risk free venture into Learning Spanish online.

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