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                           Perth and Kinross Council
                  Development Control Committee – 1 August 2007
                 Recommendation by Development Quality Manager

     Erection of Dwellinghouse (in outline) at Land to the rear of Vicars
              Bridge Road, Blairingone for Mr & Mrs Wardrope

Ref No: 06/01622/OUT
Ward No: 8


This report recommends approval of the application


1.    The site is located in the settlement of Blairingone to the rear of houses
      on Main Street. The site is a flat piece of disused land approximately
      640sqm in size which neighbours the rear garden areas of a number of
      properties and a playground to the east.

2.    Access is taken off of Vicars Bridge Road to the west via a dirt track
      which accesses the rear of the houses on Main Street.


3.    Environment and Resources Policy 2 of the Perth and Kinross Structure
      Plan 2003 protects internationally designated habitats, such as Loch

4.    The site lies within the settlement boundary of Blairingone as identified
      on Map 4 in the Kinross Area Local Plan 2004. The principal relevant
      policies of the Plan are summarised as follows:

5.    Policy 2 indicates that development should regard the scale, form, colour
      and density of development within the locality.

6.    Policy 81 indicates that development should not adversely affect the
      density, character or amenity of the village.

7.    Policy 84 that new development within Blairingone should be
      accompanied by an engineer's report in relation to the old mine

PDS\ComReports\DC\Draft06-07\5.7.06\06/00042/FUL                              1

8.    None


9.    A previous application (ref: 06/00012/OUT) was refused for two houses
      on the site because the area of land was too small to adequately
      accommodate two houses, the development would adversely affect
      pedestrian and traffic safety by over intensifying vehicular traffic on the
      access track and there would not be adequate land to provide turning
      facilities for service vehicles, and there was no mining report submitted
      to determine the suitability of the ground conditions.


10. Scottish Water – No objection but they indicate there is insufficient
    capacity to accommodate the development at Blairingone Waste Water
    Treatment Works.

11. Fossoway Community Council – Objection due to inadequate access
    and increased traffic danger especially to children using the adjacent
    public park.


12. None


13. Outline planning permission is sought for the erection of a single
    dwellinghouse within the site.

14. The site is ‘white land’ within a settlement boundary so the principle of
    housing is normally acceptable. The site is a flat piece of disused land at
    approximately 640sqm in area which could easily accommodate a
    modest sized dwellinghouse. The site is not backland as it fronts onto an
    existing access track which leads on to Vicars Bridge Road.

15. Concerns have been raised over the increased traffic to the site and the
    potential risk to children from the adjacent park. However, the access
    track already exists and this provides access not just to this site but also
    to the rear of a number of houses which front onto Main Street. As such,
    the traffic increase from a single house would be negligible and would
    not pose any further risk to children using the play park.

PDS\ComReports\DC\Draft06-07\5.7.06\06/00042/FUL                               2
16. Scottish Water has indicated that there is insufficient drainage capacity
    to accommodate the development. However, drainage is not considered
    on outline applications and a suitable note should be attached to any
    consent granted.

17. A mining report has been submitted which indicates that there are no
    problems with the underlying ground conditions.

18. Most of the houses in the surrounding area are single storey. A condition
    should be added to ensure the house is single storey in appearance.


19. Approval of the application subject to the following conditions:


1.      The following reserved matters, the siting, design and external
        appearance of the development, the landscaping of the site, all means
        of enclosure, the car parking and means of access to the site shall be
        as approved by the Planning Authority.

2.      The reserved matters shall be submitted for the approval of the
        Planning Authority in the form of a written application accompanied by
        detailed plans not later than:-

        (i)    the expiration of 3 years from the date of the grant of outline
               planning permission.

        (ii)   the expiration of 6 months from the date on which an earlier
               application for such approval was refused, or

        (iii) the expiration of 6 months from the date on which an appeal
              against such refusal was dismissed;

        whichever is the latest.

3.      The development to which this permission relates must be begun not
        later then:-

        (i)    Five years from the date of the permission; or

        (ii)   Two years from the date of the final approval of all reserved

PDS\ComReports\DC\Draft06-07\5.7.06\06/00042/FUL                            3
4.      The dwellinghouse shall be single storey in appearance.

5.      Development shall not begin until a contaminated ground investigation
        has been carried out by a suitably qualified consultant and a scheme to
        deal with any contamination on the site has been submitted to and
        approved in writing by the Planning Authority. The scheme shall
        contain details of proposals to deal with contamination to include:

        (i)    the nature, extent and types(s) of contamination on the site
               including any source, pathway, receptor linkage.

        (ii)   measures to treat/remove contamination to ensure the site is fit for
               the use proposed

        (iii) measures to deal with contamination during construction works

        (iv) condition of the site on completion of remediation measures.

6.      The vehicular access shall be formed in accordance with the Council’s
        Roads Development Guide Type B Figure 5.6 access detail to the
        satisfaction of the Council as Planning Authority.

7.      The gradient of the access shall not exceed 3% for the first 5.00 metres
        measured back from the edge of the carriageway and the access shall
        be constructed so that no surface water is discharged to the public

8.      Turning facilities shall be provided within the site to enable all vehicles
        to enter and leave in a forward gear to the satisfaction of the Council as
        Planning Authority.

9.      Two off-street car parking spaces shall be provided within the curtilage
        of the site to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority prior to the
        occupation of the dwelling.

10.     The site shall be served by the existing private access which shall be
        provided with a bitumenously bound surface to the satisfaction of the
        Planning Authority.

11.     The indicative layout is not approved by this consent.

PDS\ComReports\DC\Draft06-07\5.7.06\06/00042/FUL                                 4

1.      This is an application in outline.

2-3.    In accordance with the terms of Section 59 of the Town and Country
        Planning (Scotland) Act 1997.

4.      In the interests of visual amenity; to ensure a satisfactory standard of
        local environmental quality.

5.      In order to deal with any potential contamination of the site as a result
        of its former use.

6-10. In the interests of pedestrian and traffic safety and in the interests of
      free traffic flow.

11.     To ensure a satisfactory standard of local environmental quality and to
        reserve the rights of the Council.


1.           There is currently no drainage capacity available at Blairingone
             Waste Water Treatment Works. This would prejudice approval of
             any subsequent Reserved Matters or Full application on this site. It
             is recommended that Scottish Water is contacted to clarify the up to
             date drainage situation prior to a further applications being
             submitted on this site.

2.           The applicant is advised that in terms of Sections 56 of the Roads
             (Scotland) Act 1984 he must obtain from the Council as Roads
             Authority consent to open an existing road or footway prior to the
             commencement of works. Advice on the disposal of surface water
             must be sought at the initial stages of design from Scottish Water
             and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

Background Papers:                 None
Planning Officer:                  Neil Williamson
Date                               9 July 2007


PDS\ComReports\DC\Draft06-07\5.7.06\06/00042/FUL                               5

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