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									                                                      Beulah Beacon
                                                        Beulah United Methodist Church
                                                                       July 2009
      s the 227th session of the Virginia Annual Conference met, we gathered around the
A     theme: “More Diverse People.” Our Beulah delegation and I felt blessed to be
participating in such a rich gathering of people, songs, languages, and witnesses of God’s
                                                                                                also ask for your prayers for our youth
                                                                                                mission trip to Greenville, South
                                                                                                Carolina, as well as prayers for our
love for us all in his Son, Jesus Christ. God blesses us to welcome and be welcomed!            recent graduates.
   I mentioned in a sermon that the Galilee Youth Choir’s participation in the appointment      To learn from the past is also very
service brought back memories of the welcoming Galilee (an African-American                     important. Over the past year I have
congregation) and my family shared over forty years ago. Appointment fixing times can be        learned about and experienced many
filled with memory and with hope. As we were all “sent forth” in ministry from conference,      traditions of Beulah like the fall Bazaar,
three bishops blessed us, each in their native tongue.                                          apple fest, living nativity, fish supper on
                                                                                                Maundy Thursday, kits for Conference
Bishop Hee-Soo Jung, Korean-American, serving the Chicago Area:                                 and many other wonderful activities that
May the perfect, gathering love of God drive all fear from our hearts and strengthen            make Beulah so special. Yet I have also
us to serve.                                                                                    been privileged to experience God doing
Bishop Nhanala from Mazambique:                                                                 a “new thing” at Beulah through the
May the redeeming love of Jesus burn in our lives so that we can't help but be                  Community Dinner, Operation
witnesses to the Gospel.                                                                        Sharehouse, the bus ministry, and other
And our Bishop Charlene Kammerer:                                                               vital ministries. I am excited by the
May the transforming love of the Holy Spirit draw us forth as we go beyond these                power of God’s Holy Spirit guiding our
walls.                                                                                          mission to make disciples for the
Then we all responded:                                                                          transformation of the world.
To God be all honor, power, and glory. Amen.                                                       I am thankful for what God has done
  Your Pastor,                                                        Joe T. Carson III         through Beulah. I am thankful for what
.                                                                                               God is doing in our lives and at Beulah

J  oin me as we get ready for an exciting week of adventure, discovering God's presence,
   power, love, life and care. On August 2nd, the sanctuary and the church grounds will be
transformed into a swampy bayou as we prepare for this year's Vacation Bible School
                                                                                                through the outreach ministries of our
                                                                                                church right now. I look forward with
                                                                                                anticipation and hope for what God is
program - "Crocodile Dock"! Each evening will begin with dinner being served from 5:30-         leading us to do together at Beulah
6:00. At 6:00 everyone (adults and children) will gather in the sanctuary for an opening        Church, where for over one hundred
celebration featuring fun and upbeat songs and silly skits. By 6:30 everyone will be            twenty six years in this community,
separated into their own individual programs (preschool, elementary and adult). The             Beulah Church has been, continues to be,
program will end nightly at 8:00. This is a great opportunity for families to be together and   and will be a beacon of light and hope in
also for multi-generations to gather together in fellowship and discipleship. Watch your        sharing the love and grace of Jesus
bulletin for details and updates and mark your calendars. I guarantee you this will be a        Christ.              Blessings, Pastor Ben
week "swamped" with fun!                                                     Dianna Hastings
                                                                                                            Save the Date!
                               2009 Financial Report                                                          10th Annual Beulah
                                 Gifts Received      Budget Needs         Net                                  UMC Benefit Golf
             May 18 – June 21 $ 47,982               $ 62,540             -$14,558
             Jan. 1 thru June 21 $295,089            $312,700             -$17,611
                                                                                                                     Monday, Oct. 12,
                                                                                                                     Meadowbrook CC
                                         Christmas Cantata Choir                                  10:30-11:45 Registration, Range Open,
                           The Beulah UMC Christmas Cantata Choir will begin rehearsals                Lunch; 12:00pm Shotgun Start
                         on Thursday evening, September 10 at 7:00pm in the Fellowship          $300 per Foursome, includes: golf, cart,
                         Hall. This year the choir will perform Journey of Promise by Joseph    refreshments, contest prizes, and lunch.
                         Martin. The dress rehearsal will be on Thursday, December 10. We          It’s not too early to be thinking about
                         will perform the cantata on Sunday, December 13 at the 8:30 and        your team or to invite your friends and
                         11:00am worship services. All singers are welcome!                     neighbors to organize a team, donate door
                                                                                                prizes, or be a hole sponsor for $100.
                                                                                                Entry forms are available in the office, or
A    wise person told me that newsletter writing should focus on the future rather than the
     past. I think that is good advice because as followers of Christ, our God is one who
“makes all things new.” I am looking forward to my second year of appointment at Beulah
                                                                                                call Barbara Chapman, 706-4644.
                                                                                                Hole Sponsors to date:
UMC. Thank you for your prayers and presence that I felt as I was commissioned as a                Mariners Class, Barbara Chapman,
provisional elder at Annual Conference. I am so blessed by your support and                     Brian and Sarah Cole, Wesleyan-Stratton
encouragement in ministry and the ordination process of The United Methodist Church. I          Fellowship
Page 2                                                  Beulah Beacon                                                                 July 2009

                July 1 Doris Jackson,          5 Linda Wadkins                                     of me, and I thank you for that! I can’t wait to
                Bonnie Ramey                                                                       see what my future holds, and to use what I
                 2 Alec Sadler, Ken            The Bereavement Committee                           learn to help others! Love, Lindsey R. Taylor
   Brooks, Joie Jones, Jackie Geiger             The team would like to thank everyone             Dear Beulah Family, I just wanted to thank
 3 Brandon Grizzard, Gary Mitchell,           who has helped with the five receptions              you for your continued support of the
   LeAnne Cox                                 hosted here so far this year. We would also          scholarship program and for you generosity in
 4 Carl Griggs                                like to request your help in securing ceramic        providing me with the Lane Memorial
 5 Jim Eads, Michael Boraski, Nathaniel       white and glass serving bowls to be used in          Scholarship this year. Your support means so
   Ezell, John Geiger                         serving hot vegetables and cold dishes.              much to me, and I look forward to being a
 6 Cherie Spencer, Chuck Salmon               Contact the office if you can help.                  good representative of BUMC in each of my
 7 Cheri French                                                                                    endeavors.                     Love, Sarah Hall
 8 Karen Phillips, Linda Frazier, Peggy See               With Gratitude                           Dear Beulah UMC, I am so honored to again
 9 Caren Chamberlain, Bob Casler, P.T.        Thank you for your concerns, prayers, calls          receive a scholarship from the church. This is
   Holmer, Louise Peake, Brooks Taylor        and cards during my recent visit to the              my last year at school and I plan to make the
10 Judy Seamster, Harriett Loving             hospital. Pastor Joe’s visit was most                most of it to show you how much four years
11 Penny Coe, Sherry Harris, C.A. Cook,       appreciated. I’m expecting great improvement         of scholarships helped me to succeed. Thanks
   Tiff Armentrout, Kim Fitzgerald, Patsy     with the improved circulation to my brain. It        so much again. God bless.       Lauren Brooks
   Hayder, Evelyn Beasley                     is always a comfort to be a part of Beulah’s         Dear Beulah Friends: On behalf of my family,
12 Stacey Beville, Benzie King                loving and thoughtful family. Lucille Freeman        I would like to offer our sincerest appreciation
13 Amber Petrohovich, Jerry Copley, Robin     We would like to thank the church family,            to Beulah for opening your doors and heart in
   Perdue, Donna Copley                       Pastor Joe, Pastor Ben, and Raymond Mays             the unexpected loss of my Dad, John Woodlief.
14 Bertha Robertson, Lisa Morgan, Crystal     for all the cards, calls, visits, and prayers for    We extend a special thanks to Rev. Brown
   Finegan                                    their daughter, Cheryl, as well as the two of        O’Quinn and Beulah’s Bereavement
16 Jay Wright, Steve Grisham                  us.            Skip and Rosemary Studebaker          Committee for their kindness and generosity.
17 Linda Waterworth                           Thank you, Pastor Joe, for your prayers and          May God bless each of you,
18 Pam Tyler, Stella Allen, Richard           visits. Many thanks for the cards, calls, foods,                              Bridget & Ted Soyars
   Robertson, Rickey Blackard, Thomas         and visits from my Beulah family while in the
   Dunnavant                                                                                       Hello Beulah family! I just want to say thank
                                              hospital and after getting home. Dick                you for the scholarship. It was greatly
19 Todd Garrett, Shirley Williamson, Nancy    appreciated his cards and visits while at
   Pugh                                                                                            appreciated. Thank you.         Alex Ogunware
                                              Southerland Place, also.
20 Irv Wilson, John House, June Blevins,                            Rachel and Dick Ammons         Thank you to Beulah Church for giving me a
   Ray Crews                                                                                       scholarship for a second year! It will be put to
21 Charlotte Thompson, Michelle Guarniere     I want to thank you so very much for the
                                              visits, cards, meals, and especially prayers         good use as I begin my second year at
22 Brandon Brooks, Charlene Parker, Matt                                                           Randolph-Macon, and as I seek to understand
   Jones, Jacob Griffith, Marcia Abernathy    during my two recent surgeries. It was a
                                              difficult time for me and my Beulah family           what God wants me to do with my life.
23 Laura Mustian, Mike Armentrout,                                                                                                   Susanna Carson
   Timothy Goodrich                           overwhelmed us with their love and support.
                                              A special thank you to Pastor Joe for all the        With reference to Pastor Ben’s editoral in the
24 Donna French
                                              visits, phone calls and funny stories when I         June issue of the Beacon “The Psalms express
25 Paul Boos, Cindy Creasey, Sandra
                                              needed them the most. The Eads Family is             the range of emotions that are inevitable in
   Sanderson, Pat Chappell
                                              blessed.      Karen Eads                             life: joy, fear, praise, anxiety, depression,
26 Kathy Donovan, Jan Kean, Dorothy
                                              Many, many thanks to our beloved “Beulah             hope and a whole gamut of other emotions.”
   House, Bobby Wadkins, Barbara Byers,
                                              family” for all the care, concerns, calls, and       These were the ranges we experienced over
   John Hughes
                                              cards during Mike’s latest (and final we             the past several months of Lew’s life. We
27 Roberta Herndon, Aimee Crocker, Pat
                                              hope), hip replacement surgery. The hospital         were comforted by your prayers, cards and
   Crocker, Cathy Witherspoon, Jean
                                              visits, prayers and support from Pastors Joe         visits −especially especially our two
   Fulghum, James Niles, Jimmy Hart
                                              and Ben helped so much and, once again, the          wonderful pastors, and gained the strength to
28 Lee Goff, Wick Dyckes, Shirley Pfeil,
                                              Wesley-Stratton Fellowship is so precious in         see them thru. In all, we give thanks.
   Blake Soyars, Tom Anderson
                                              every way. God bless our church.                                              Shell Troxell and family
29 Debra Burris, William Dudley
30 Craig House, Jeffrey Walsh, Lisa                             Geneva, Mike & Scott Harris        Beulah thanks you. We appreciate the
   Davidson                                   I want to thank you for all your support when        dedication of those who helped start the
31 Russ Parrish, Jean Lane                    my mother died; also, for your care and              cleanup of Beulah’s woods on the workday,
August 1 Michelle Wagner, Heather Taylor,     concern during my ICD operation. Your                June 13. as well as those who provided
   Crystal Grady, Della Delbridge, Glenn      prayers, calls, cards, and food were greatly         sandwiches and other lunch items, and
   Magee, Bernice Clarke                      appreciated. A special thanks to our pastors,        those who organized and oversaw serving
 2 Tim Thomas, Margaret Schools, Walter       Joe and Ben, Their phone calls, visits, and          the lunch. You accomplished a lot. You
   Coleman, David Conner, Tom Chappell,       prayers helped me so much.                           may have started the transformation of the
   Ann McCutcheon, John Hall, Jason           Love in Christ,                       Jackie Corde   woody area and field into Beulah’s own
   Davis, Michelle Spencer, John Sherrill,    Friends and Family at Beulah, Thank you so           park that can provide new opportunities for
   Melanie Knowles, Lois Quaiff               much for awarding me one of the scholarships         ministry.
 3 Martha Vaughn                              again this year. It means so much to me, and I
 4 Marcia Lee, Louise Coleman, Aili           am proud to be a representative of our church
   Lenhart, Julia Grisham                     in this way. You have all been so supportive
Page 3                                                  Beulah Beacon                                                               July, 2009

           July Calendar                      the first time in a while, we will be camping      Thanks to the Springdale residents, Hazel
Wednesdays/Thursdays–AM Bible Studies         at T. Brady Saunders which shall be a great        Beninghove, Elizabeth Quaiff, Norma Tyler ,
6-11 Youth Summer Mission Trip                new experience for most of our younger             Harriet and Jim Loving for opening their
 6 Office closed for 4th of July holiday      scouts.            Adam Kerr, Troop Scribe         lovely homes to our Beulah friends from Lucy
 9 Hugging Hearts                                                                                Corr, Dale Duffy, Myrtle Langford and Mary
12 Youth Worship & Fellowship                           The Girl Scouts                          Hendrickson on June 2. The visit was such a
14 Life Line Screening; Finance Committee        Girl Scout Troop 228, sponsored by BUMC,        joyous time and the treat gift bags were so
15 Youth Bible Study                                                                             appreciated. The companions, June Weaver,
                                              was very busy during the 2008-2009 school
23 Hugging Hearts                                                                                Anne Williams, and Gloria Bradmon also
                                              year. They hosted a birthday party for several
26 Youth Worship & Fellowship                                                                    enjoyed the afternoon and treats, too. A
27-31 Soccer Camp
                                              troops on November 1, 2008 in honor of the
                                              founder of the Girl Scout movement, Juliette       picture of the day is on the bulletin board in
28 UMW Ice Cream Social                                                                          the hallway.
                                              Gordon Low. Scott Spencer of “Parrots of
                                              Paradise” brought several exotic birds to the         Much thanks to the Wesleyan-Stratton
         Lectionary: July                                                                        Fellowship for their time, gifts and
                                              birthday event for girls and parents alike to
5th: 2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10; Psalm 48; 2                                                           refreshments to Lucy Corr, for a Bingo party
                                              hold and learn about. The younger scouts were
Corinthians 12:2-10;Mark 6:1-13               introduced to old, classic Girl Scout songs, and   on June 17. Fun was had by everyone. A
12th: 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19; Psalm 24;       were taught how to play games from the turn        picture of this event is on the bulletin board in
Ephesians 1:3-14; Mark 6:14-29                of the century. There was also a craft session     the hallway.
19th: 2 Samuel 7:1-14a; Psalm 89:20-37;       where the girls made yarn dolls, a craft that         Special thanks to Bob Childrey, David,
Ephesians 2:11-22; Mark 6:30-34, 53-56        many girls in the troop learned on their trip to   Christian, and Caitlyn Hastings for lifting and
26th: 2 Samuel 11:1-15; Psalm 14;             Juliette Gordon Low’s House in Savannah,           loading 60 very heavy boxes (containing 660
Ephesians 3: 14-21; John 6:1-21               GA in July. The evening was capped off with a      conference kits) into Bob Childrey’s van,
                                              magnificent birthday cake and other                Friday June 12. How wonderful to see that
     “Beulah’s Best” TRIPS                    refreshments.                                      van full of UMCOR kits going to Annual
2009 July 1 (Wed): Fredericksburg-“Pajama        Troop 228 was happy to be able to help          conference. Thank you,
Game”; August 4-5: Abingdon-Barter            BUMC with their Bazaar by bussing the food         P.S. Sorry, Dale, if you did not have any
Theatre; Sept 28-30: Cape May, NJ; Oct 27     tables. The Holly Jolly Craft Fair for the         room for a suitcase!                June Weaver
(Tues): Natural Bridge, Bedford D-Day         Bensley Girl Scout Service Unit was held at
Memorial; Dec 1(Tues): Outer Banks            Beulah in December with troops bringing an         Have you heard?....
Theatre-Christmas Show; Dec. 17-19: NY.       assortment of food and crafts to sell to each      ●Beulah United Methodist Women’s “Special
2010: Feb. 6 (Sat.): VA Beach-“Stand By       other. The entrance fee was a donation of a toy    Friend” died at The Hermitage on June 12.
Your Man, The Tammy Wynette Story”;           for a needy child (the toys were delivered to      Mrs. Mary Wallenberg, who was born April
Apr. 17 (Sat.): VA Beach-“The Sound of        Sargeant Santa’s Workshop after the fair by a      26, 1926, was the daughter of a Methodist
Music”; May 1- 6: Bermuda Cruise              few scouts as part of their Girl Scout Bronze      minister. She moved to The Hermitage in
For trip info, call Ann Gould, 276-2264.      Award.) In lieu of a toy, donations of hand        March 2008, and Beulah UMW members
                                              lotions and other products were accepted as        have visited her each month since that time.
                                                                                                 Mrs. Wallenberg’s health condition
TOTAL # OF CONFERENCE                         part of a service project to help residents at
                                              Chippendale Assisted Living.                       necessitated her moving progressively from
  KITS COLLECTED FOR                                                                             Independent to Assisted Living, and then to
                                                 In January and April, girls from the troop
   UMCOR: ***660***                           hosted two tea parties for Daisy and Brownie       Health Care, where she was living at the time
Blessings and thanks from the UMW of          Troops. The girls were requested to bring can      of her death.
                BUMC.                         goods and/or peanut butter to donate to a food     ●Sherry Harris was honored at the 26th
                                              bank. Each girl received mementos at each of       Annual Outstanding Youth Awards
  Boy Scouts Staying Busy                     the tea parties.                                   program at L.C. Bird H.S. for serving the
                                                 This year, two of troop 228’s Seniors,          youths of Chesterfield Co. for the past 10
   Over the past month, Troop 2880 has
                                              Christina Nestor and Jennifer Moore, earned        years. volunteering with the Salem Church
been serving the community in many ways.
                                              The Gold Award, the highest award in Girl          M.S. PTA and Bird PTSA.
Besides a very entertaining weekend camp                                                         ●If you are a veteran, spouse of a veteran,
at Ryan Carter’s grandparents’ farm May       Scouting. Christina Nestor, daughter of Sheila
                                              and Tony Nestor, focused her project on music      or surviving spouse of a veteran, the Veterans
15, we are proud to say that all of our                                                          Administration has a “long term care policy”
outings have been spent serving our           in the schools and introducing young children
                                              to music. Jennifer Moore, daughter of Ernie        which will directly pay you a monthly amount
community. Saturday, May 23, we took a                                                           for your care needs. Go to
                                              and Paul Moore, focused on helping animal
trip to the Veterans Cemetery to post                                                            www.veteranaid.org and check out “aid and
                                              shelters and the animals there, by organizing a
miniature American flags at every
                                              collection of pet supplies in The Highlands        attendance” for help in filing for this benefit.
tombstone to show respect to our deceased     neighborhood. Their Gold Award Ceremony            ●At five minutes and six seconds after
soldiers for Memorial Day. The very next      was celebrated on May 16 in the BUMC               4:00am on the 8th of July this year, the time
weekend we attended L.C. Bird High            Fellowship Hall with family, friends, Troops       and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09. This will
School to help as much as possible and        form the Service Unit, and an important guest      never happen again in our lifetime!
participate in raising money for the          from the Girl Scout Council.
American Caner Society’s Relay for Life.         Troop 228 would like to take this time to
As we close out the school year, we all are   thank BUMC for all the love and support the
very excited about our one week Summer        congregation and staff has shown us.
Camp vacation away from our parents. For
Page 4                                                                  Beulah Beacon   July, 2009

                          Prayer Calendar
  “We offer opportunities for recreation, faith development and
cultural enrichment to young people in Hancock County, VA.
This year we’ve been able to take our youth to the beach at
Morehead City, N.C. They performed community service by
working at the town’s Salvation Army Thrift Store. They had
some time to play on the beach and enjoy themselves. They even
went to the Outer banks to watch the wild ponies run.”
                                                Randy Hildebrant
          Church and community worker, based in Sneedville, TN
Please pray for missions and missionaries in Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican
Republic, Puerto Rico, West Indies, and also Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina,
Louisiana, and Maine.
    The prayer calendar is published annually by the General Board of Global

                    Virginia U. M. Advocate
   When I was a teenager, my father was serving the Methodist
church in a town where his former college roommate was serving
the Baptist church. Alternating between church buildings, they
had Bible studies and special events for youth. That was my first
experience of ecumenism, and I saw no reason why churches
couldn’t always come together like that. Jesus prayed that his
disciples (that includes us) would be one, and anything that brings
us together across denominational lines enriches our lives and
strengthens His Church. Read about it in the June issue. (And
don’t miss the story of the Ferrum College students restoring a
soccer field in Brazil and what they found there that kept them
 The Advocate is available at the Welcome Center in the narthex.
Subscribe at any time by calling their office at 521-1100.
                  Barbara Tuttle, Beulah’s Advocate Representative

                  All God’s Children Camp
  The camp for children of incarcerated mothers will be held for
our area at Westview during the week of August 9-14. You can
be a mentor, provide funds to send a child to camp, donate
camping supplies, and/or give a child a ride to get there. Details
are in your weekly bulletins.

                School of Christian Mission
   Men, women, youth, and children will come together at
Blackstone to study mission issues in Sudan, Native American
life, and how faith and food are linked. The weekend session is
July 24-26, and the week session is July 27-30. The registration
deadline is July 10, and forms are available on the “Upcoming
Events” bulletin board in the narthex. Cost varies, and
scholarships are available. (Contact Pat Owens, 757-464-5565 or

                     Debbie Tuttle Phillips
  Debbie is the Education Coordinator at St. John’s Church, and
she wants everyone to know that the re-enactments of the Patrick
Henry speech are free every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 during the
summer. Tickets are required and are given out beginning at 1:00.
Also, Debbie portrays Eliza Poe for graveyard tours at 2:00 pm
on the following Saturdays: July 11, Aug. 8, and Sept. 12. The
cost is $6 adults, $5 seniors, and $4 children (under 7, free).

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