Using the movie “Crash” to help students practice for by pptfiles


									       Using the movie “Crash” to help students practice for
              EL Civics Assessments on Emergencies:
       Task 1: Role Play and Task 2: Written Police Report


      Identify the crime or emergency
      Make a telephone call to appropriate number (911 or 777-3333)
      Report the crime
           Describe what happened
           Describe the suspect (race, sex, hair color, height, weight, clothing)

Level: Beginning Low (could be adapted for any level)

Skill: Listening, Speaking, and Writing

General Overview: “Crash” is a movie that gives students an opportunity to view scenes
of emergencies (car accident) and crimes (shooting, carjacking). Because this is a movie
about race, many different races are represented and this gives students a chance to
identify different races. I use the film after I have spent considerable time teaching:
     the vocabulary needed to report a crime
     words to describe the criminal (race, sex, height, hair color, weight, clothing)
     role-playing calling the police to report a crime or emergency

    Before class, watch the movie “Crash” and choose emergency scenes:
       Chapter 1:
         Car accident (The movie starts with this scene. Two people have just had
            an accident and are asked by the police to remain in their vehicle. The
            driver gets out and starts arguing with the other driver that ran into her.)
         “Dead kid” (The car accident takes place at the scene of another crime,
            which happens later on in the movie – most of the movie is about what
            leads up to this crime and the car accident.)
       Chapter 2: Carjacking (elapsed time 9:44)
       Chapter 3: Shooting (elapsed time 10:28)
       Chapter 9: Burglary (elapsed time 41:35)
       Chapter 11: Illegal Drugs (elapsed time 50:22)

Lesson Plan:
      Introduction: Tell students that they are going to watch a movie with
       emergencies and crimes. Write on the board:
       o What’s the emergency or crime?
       o Do you call 911?
       Presentation: Watch the movie and pause after the first scene of car accident
       to solicit answers from students. Ask the students: Do you call 911? Ask the
       same question after each crime/emergency scene.
      Practice: Role play reporting the crime to the police after each crime scene in
       the movie. The teacher takes the role of the Police Dispatcher and students
       respond appropriately based on the scene in the movie that they just witnessed: If
       students have trouble responding, play the scene again.
       Police Dispatcher/Teacher: Oakland Police Department. How can I help you?
       Students: I’d like to report an accident.
       Police Dispatcher/Teacher (direct this question to one student): OK. I need
       some information about you. What is your name?
       Student: ___________________
       Police Dispatcher/Teacher (direct this question to one student): What is your
       Student: _______________________
       Police Dispatcher/Teacher (direct this question to one student): What is your
       phone number?
       Student: _________________________
       Police Dispatcher/Teacher: Now please tell me what happened?
       Students: ________________________________
      Practice: Students can practice the above dialogue with each other.
      Presentation:
       o Give students a copy of “Practice: Fill out a Stolen Car Police Report”.
       o Ask students what information will they be watching for?
       o Write the answers on the board: race, height, clothing, sex, age, height, hair
         color, make and model of the car, color of the car, license plate number
       o Show the scene of the carjacking.
      Practice: Students fill out the “Practice: Fill out a Stolen Car Police Report”
      Evaluation:
       o EL Civics Assessment Task 1: Role-Play to Report a Crime
       o Task 2: Fill out a Stolen Car Police Report”
      Application: Go to the Police Department and ask for a form for filling out a
       police report. Practice filling it out or report a crime that previously happened in
       your life, home, or neighborhood and that you have not yet reported.
      Reflection: Ask students:
           o Did you like watching the movie?
           o Was the test(assessment) easy , difficult, or so-so?
           o What part was difficult- the writing or the speaking?

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