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                           Wine List

                          Winter 2010

Champagne and Sparkling Wines                      2-4
French Country Wines                               4-7
South West France                                  7
Bordeaux                                           8-9
Burgundy and Beaujolais                            9-12
Alsace                                             12-13
Rhône                                              13-14
Loire                                              15
Hungary                                            16
Italy                                              16-19
Austria                                            19
Spain and Portugal                                 19-22
Germany                                            22 - 23
South Africa                                       23-25
USA                                                25 - 26
England                                            26
Chile                                              26-28
Argentina                                          28 - 29
Australia                                          29 - 32
New Zealand                                        33 - 34
Dessert Wines                                      35
Sherry                                             35
Madeira                                            35
Port                                               36
Armagnac                                           36
Cognac                                             36
Cider Brandy                                       36
Malt Whisky                                        37
Calvados                                           37

              Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Vintage   Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                      Price Price
NV        Louis de Custine Brut,                                                      19.99     227.88 (12)
          Champagne Medot
          Our House Champagne is a very attractive, soft, easy-drinking style
          showing great finesse.

NV        Ayala Brut Majeur, Aÿ                                            Bt    23.99          273.48 (12)
                                                                           Mag   57.00          324.90 (6)
                                                                           Jeroboam             148.00 (1)

NV        Medot Brut, Champagne Medot                                                 24.50     279.30 (12)
          Based in Epernay, Medot consistently produce soft, easy drinking Champagnes
          with universal appeal. Easy-going and fresh, they make a great step up from House

NV        Carte Blanche 1er Cru, Camille Saves                                        24.99     284.89 (12)
          40% reserve wines go in to this complex, minerally Champagne. It is mightily
          impressive with a full bodied palate and rich, clean finish.

NV        Ayala Rich Majeur, Demi-Sec, Aÿ                                             25.99     296.28 (12)

NV        Réserve Premier Brut, Champagne Montaudon                                   26.99     307.69 (12)
                                                  ½ Bt                                14.99     170.88 (12)
          The Reserve Premier is a great introduction to the Montaudon range, with an
          attractive toasty nose, lemon and mineral tinged fruit, with good length and a long creamy finish.

NV        Grande Rose, Champagne Montaudon                                            29.99     341.89 (12)
          A delightful, pale pink rose with a soft, rounded palate of strawberry fruit and crisp, fresh acidity.

NV        Cuvée Pierre Moncuit-Delos, Grand Cru                                       30.99     353.28 (12)
          Situated in Le Mesnil, possibly the finest Grand Cru village in the Côtes des Blancs,
          Pierre Moncuit produce Blanc de Blancs Champagne with impressive elegance,
          complexity and length.

NV        Esprit, Champagne Henri Giraud, Aÿ                                          33.00     376.20 (12)
          The fabulous wines of Henri Giraud are relatively new to the UK market, and until
          recently have only been sold to a discerning army of private customers in Europe.
          70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, this Champagne is rich and full bodied, with the first
          fermentation taking place in specially selected oak barrels. This is a stunning wine that knocks
          the socks off many a more famous name.

NV        1er Cru Vertus, Blanc de Blanc, Andre Jacquart                              33.00     376.20 (12)
          Following much investment and a complete overhaul of their vineyards, Andre Jacquart are
          now producing incredibly good value Champagnes that show an impeccable balance of richness
          and elegance. (91/100 – Wine Spectator)

NV        Esprit Rosé, Champagne Henri Giraud                                         33.00     376.20 (12)
          This stunning pale pink, copper tinged rose is a dry, full-flavoured blend of 70% Pinot Noir and
          30% Chardonnay, giving a wealth of fruit and fine acidity…fabulous!

NV        Bollinger Special Cuvée                                                     36.00     410.40 (12)
          A unique style of champagne with a richness all of its own.

NV        Hommage Francois Hemart, Henri Giraud, AŸ                                   38.00     433.20 (12)
          Another stunning wine from the Henri Giraud house, showing that attention to detail
          is second to none. Rich, toasty and beautifully deeply flavoured from oak fermentation, this
          house deserves to be better known given the price to quality ratio.

NV        ‘Le Mesnil’ Grand Cru, Andre Jacquart                                       41.00     467.40 (12)

Vintage   Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                      Price Price
NV        Gosset Grande Réserve                                                       44.00    501.60 (12)
          This delightfully elegant wine is a blend of three different vintages and
          comes from one of the oldest houses in Champagne.

NV        Classe M, Champagne Montaudon                                               36.99    210.84(6)
          Rich and powerful, this is the pinnacle of Montaudon production, and a
          Champagne that will age gracefully for some time.

NV        Marie Demets Brut                                               Mags        43.00    245.10 (6)
          A delightfully fresh, floral and fruity grower Champagne that represents great value.

NV        Bollinger Rosé, Champagne Bollinger                                         47.00    267.90 (6)
          6 years in development, this delightful rose is true to the Bollinger style, with a dominance of
          Pinot Noir in the blend.

2000      Bollinger La Grande Année                                                   67.00    381.90 (6)
          Only released in the best years and aged for a minimum of five years
          this is the pinnacle of the Bollinger range.

NV        Code Noir Rosé, Champagne Henri Giraud                                      98.00    558.60 (6)
          One of the finest Pink Champagnes around, the Code Noir has a complex nose
          of cooked pear and cherries. With a floral, honeyed and slightly spicy character.
          The palate is deep and balanced, yet extremely elegant.

1998      Fût de Chêne, Henri Giraud, Aÿ Grand Cru                                    120.00 684.00 (6)
          We were quite literally blown away by this Champagne. A deep golden colour
          from 1 year in oak, the palate is rich and complex whilst remaining balanced and elegant.
          Only 4000 bottles a year are produced of this outstanding Champagne.


NV        Cava, J. Raventos Roig, Spain                                               7.50     85.50 (12)
          Crisp and refreshing, this is the perfect easy drinking sparkling wine.

NV        ‘Howzat’ Brut, One Chain Vineyards, South Australia 8.75                             99.75(12)
          A perfect sparkler for any occasion, with plenty of fragrant fruit on the nose, and
          fresh citrus and lime flavours on the palate. The perfect toast to cricketing victories!

NV        Rosé Legatura Frizzante, Mionetto                                           8.75     99.75(12)
          This semi-sparkling rose is a fantastically refreshing wine with a fresh cherry
          fruit character and crisp, zingy acidity.

NV        Prosecco ‘Spago’ Frizzante, Rive della Chiese                               8.99     102.48 (12)
          Clean, fresh and elegant, this is ideal, easy drinking Frizzante at a great price.

NV        Prosecco ‘Spago’ Rose Frizzante, Rive della Chiese 8.99                              102.48 (12)

NV        Prosecco Castello 4357, Vini Fabiano                                        9.45     197.73 (12)
          Soft, dry and easy drinking, with a gentle, rounded palate.

2008      Malvasia Frizzante Dolce, Colli Piacentini                                  10.45    119.13 (12)
           Supremely elegant with a delicate Elderflower fruit and gentle fizz from the quirky
          Castello di Luzzano in Lombardy, this is a delicious and classy alternative to Asti and at only
          6.5% it is also a great lunchtime wine in Summer.

NV        Prosecco Colli Trevigiani Extra Dry, Vittorio Follador 10.99                         125.29 (12)
          Supremely elegant with a soft, gentle floral character.

NV        Sergio Rosado, Mionetto, Valdobbiadene                                      13.99    159.49 (12)
          Stunning cherry and strawberry scented Rose that is the perfect celebration wine.
          The stylish shape of the bottle only enhances the enjoyment and sense of occasion.

Vintage       Wine                                                                     Bt    Case
                                                                                       Price Price
2006          L’Hereu Brut Reserva Cava, Josep Maria Raventos                          13.99     159.49(12)
              Fully committed to sustainable viticulture, Raventos I Blanc produce wines of
              immense purity . This stunning Cava is lees aged for 14 months to give added
              richness and flavour.

NV            Cremant d’Alsace, Wunsch et Mann                                         13.99     159.49 (12)

NV            Miru Miru Brut, Hunters, Marlborough, New Zealand 14.49                            165.18 (12)
              Yeasty, balanced and appealingly complex.

2007          Penley Pinot Noir, Penley Estate, Coonawarra                             14.99     170.89 (12)
              This stylish sparkling red simply screams for the barbeque to be lit
              and the gardening to be put off for another day.

NV            Tradition Brut, Jean-Louis Denois, France                                14.99     170.88(12)
              Jean-Louis is a bit of a star in the Limoux and it is not difficult
              to see why when you taste his exquisite wines.

2006          Cremant de Limoux Rose, Jean Louis Denois                                14.99     170.89 (12)

2006          L’Hereu de Nit Rosado, Raventos i Blanc, Penedes                         17.99     205.09(12)
              This stunning pale rose coloured sparkler is quite simply delicious. In the mouth,
              the flavours start as a rich, bready Cava and then the palate develops an elegant red
              berry and pomegranate fruit character before finishing cleanly with beautifully balanced acidity.

2007          Ridgeview Bloomsbury, Ditchling, Sussex, England 21.95                             250.23 (12)
              A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the Bloomsbury is a
              wonderful home grown alternative to Champagne. Crisp, fresh fruit of the Chardonnay is given
              depth and complexity by the Pinots. Enjoy now, or leave for a year or two to develop further.


White Wines

2008/09       Les Calades Blanc, VdP du Comté Tolosan                                  5.65      64.41 (12)
              A modern style of Ugni Blanc and Colombard showing a lively yet dry, aromatic
              palate with easy going fruit and lovely balancing freshness.

2009          Les Bories Chardonnay, IGP Pays d’Oc                                     6.99      79.69 (12)

2009          Le Jongleur Sauvignon Blanc, Cotes de Gascogne                           6.45      73.53 (12)
              Crisp, dry and grassy style of Sauvignon Blanc – very refreshing.

Vintage      Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                        Price Price
2009         Le Duc Viognier, IGP d’Oc                                                  6.99    79.69(12)
             Great value Viognier with a gentle white peach and blossom fruit character
             and clean acidity keeping the wine fresh, delightful!

2009         Pays d’Oc Blanc, Domaine de Fontareche                                     7.49    85.38 (12)
             This delicious spritely blend of Sauvignon, Viognier and Colombard is great year
             round drinking. There is something for everyone here, with a ripe, fruity character,
             decent body and lovely crisp acidity on the finish.

2009         T’air d’Oc Chardonnay, Domaine Gayda, Pays d’oc                            7.85    89.49 (12)

2009         Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Gayda, IGP Pays d’Oc                              8.99    102.49 (12)
             Enjoying a relatively cool aspect between the foothills of the Pyrenees and the
             Black Mountains, Gayda are able to produce a surprisingly crisp, grssy and fresh style of
             Sauvignon with finely balanced, mineral tinged acidity.

2008         Viognier, Domaine Fontareche                                               8.99    102.49(12)
             Expertly poised Viognier with a beautiful texture and great weight of fruit.

2009         Picpoul de Pinet, Domaie de Guillemarine                                   8.99    102.49 (12)
             Elegant pear, lemon and pineapple fruits mingle with delicate floral notes.

2006         Bergerie de L’Hortus Blanc, Cuvée Classique                                11.99   136.69 (12)
             Domaine de L’Hortus, Pic Saint-Loup
             Domaine de L’Hortus are widely regarded as the pioneers of modern
             Languedoc winemaking. The Cuvée Classique is a wonderfully unique
             wine that oozes sophistication.

2008         Brise Marine Blanc, Château de la Negly                                    11.99   136.69 (12)
             Coteaux de Languedoc
             Chateau de la Negly is fast becoming recognised as the rising
             star of the Languedoc, and it is not difficult to see what all the fuss
             is about. The Brise Marine is a sumptuous blend of Bourboulenc,
             Roussanne and Marsanne, all vinified separately to create a complex
             and vibrant wine.

Rosé Wines
2009         Les Calades Rosé, IGP Pays l’Hérault                                       5.65    64.41 (12)
             Grenache and Cinsault provide a delicate, gently fruity rosé with crisp acidity.

2009         Monplo Rosé, IGP Pays l’Hérault                                            6.99    79.69(12)

2009         Grenache/Cinsault Rose, Dom. Cabrials                                      7.99    91.09(12)
             A delightful, pale rose with elegant red berry fruit flavours and a soft, creamy
             texture which is followed by crisp, dry acidity.

2009         Aubun Rose, Domaine de Lansac, VdP Alpilles                                9.95    113.43(12)
             This incredibly pale ‘onion skin’ rose is a delightful new addition to our list.
             Soft, floral and citrus spiked fruit, long, creamy finish and fresh acidity make
             it a winner all year round.

2009         Pink Floyd Rosé, Chateau Miraval, AC Provence                              13.99   159.49 (12)

2009         Château Fontvert Rosé, AC Luberon                                          14.99   170.89 (12)

Red Wines
2009         Les Calades, IGP Pays l’Herault                                            5.65    64.41 (12)
             A blend of Grenache, Carignan and Merlot that produces a wine with a deep
             red colour, plummy bouquet and smooth soft fruit on the palate.

2009         Roc d’Opale Grenache/Cabernet/Merlot, Pays d’Oc                            6.25    71.25 (12)
             Modern winemaking techniques make this traditional blend of Merlot, Cabernet and
             Grenache very soft and approachable whilst not detracting from the character of the wine.

Vintage   Wine                                                                      Bt    Case
                                                                                    Price Price
2009      St. Chinian, Domaine du Barres                                            6.99        79.69(12)
          Medium weight, beautifully perfumed Grenache blend that has enough
          weight to withstand a mid week bangers and mash, yet is soft enough to
          be enjoyed on its own.

2009      Largesse Merlot, IGP Pays d’Oc                                            6.99        79.69 (12)
          Packed with juicy, rich fruit and a decent earthy undertone, this is great drinking
          whatever the occasion.

2008      VdP de l’Aude Rouge, Domaine Fontareche                                   7.49        85.39 (12)
          As usual with the wines from this excellent property there is plenty of approachable fruit and
          great balance. Alicante and Carignan provide the bulk of this easy drinking yet very interesting

2008      L’Etoile du Midi Merlot/Syrah, VdP d’Oc                                   7.49        85.39 (12)
          Using Francois Gimie’s award winning Merlot as a base (60%), this delicious wine is up
          front and juicy and packs heaps of slightly spicy, perfumed dark berry fruit in to a neatly rounded

2008      Grenache, Domaine de Mus, Vin de Pays d’Oc                                7.85        89.49 (12)
          A massively enjoyable wine showing medium weight, perfumed, mulberry scented
          fruit, a rounded juicy palate and great balance on the finish. Great value for money.

2008      Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Cabrials, VdP d’Oc                            7.99        79.69 (12)
          Another serious wine from Domaine Cabrials that punches well above its weight with good
          Cabernet fruit and structure, this AC quality at Vin de Pays prices.

2009      Pinot Noir, Domaine Cabrials, IGP Pays d’Oc                               7.99        79.69 (12)
          A delicious Pinot displaying soft, strawberry fruit balanced with fresh acidity and nicely
           weighted tannins. This is yet another varietally precise wine from Domaine Cabrials that
          represents excellent value for money.

2007      Corbieres Rouge Vielle Vignes, Château Fontareche 7.99                                79.69(12)
          A terrific effort showing good deep fruit, fine structure and a long balanced
          finish…this is a lot of wine for the money.

2007      Syrah ‘Le Petit Jaboulet’, Jaboulet Aine, Vdp                             7.25        82.65(12)
          This new wine from Jaboulet is a brilliant example of the grape. It has plenty
          of ripe, elegant red berry fruit and a tantalising peppery spice to the finish.

2008      Merlot, Domaine du Peras, VdP d’Oc                                        7.99        91.09(12)
          Plump, juicy and rounded with a fantastic depth of earthy plum fruit and great balance, this is
          massively enjoyable stuff from a great producer.

2007      Le Petit St-Jacques, Château Saint-Jacques D’Albas 7.99                               91.09(12)
          Dating back to Roman times, this property simply oozes history, boasting a villa
          and 7 century Visigoth tomb, and a priory within the grounds of its self sufficient farm
          and winery. The wine is perfumed, full flavoured and is a great example of the rich, spicy style of
          this region.

2008      Syrah, Domaine Gayda, Vin de Pays d’Oc                                    8.99        102.49 (12)
          This beautiful Syrah provides a great deal of complexity for its humble price tag. The palate
          builds from rounded blackcurrant and dark berry fruit in to a more savoury character before
          finishing with a lick of Rhône like spice.

2008      Le Loup dans La Bergerie, Jean Orliac, Pic St.Loup 8.99                               102.49(12)
          New from the pioneering team at Bergerie de l’Hortus, this terrific medium weight
          wine is soft with plenty of garrigue flavours.

2006      Cuvée Occitane Rouge, Domaine Gayda                                       12.99       148.09 (12)
          A Jancis Robinson favourite and one of the finest wines produced in the Languedoc. Select
          parcels of grapes from prime vineyard sites including La Liviniere, are hand picked and then
          expertly crafted in to this stunning wine. Syrah, Mouvedre, Grenache and Carignan make up the
          blend in this multi layered, complex wine.

Vintage       Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price
2007          Pinot Noir, Jean Louis Denois                                              12.99      148.09(12)
              Maverick winemaker Jean Louis Denois is certainly not one to compromise on
              quality, and will only release his wines when he feels they are ready, not when the market
              dictates. This Pinot Noir has to be the best value example of this grape to be found anywhere in
              France. It has heaps of fresh strawberry fruit, fine balance and acidity, followed by a terrific finish
              that would make many a burgundy producer blush!

2006          Terra Solis, Domaine des Grecaux, Montpeyroux                              13.99      159.49(12)
              This relatively new estate produce fabulous spicy and rich wines that reflect
              the wild, herbaceous terrain in which they are grown, with virtually no oak, just heaps of
              flavour…a true vin de terroir!

2008          Figure Libre Cabernet, Domaine Gayda                                       15.99      182.29 (12)
              Figure Libre translates as Free Style’, and this wine reflects winemaker Vincent’s desire to
              produce wine as naturally as possible with minimal intervention. 89% Cabernet Franc and 11%
              Cabernet Sauvignon the wine is opaque and perfumed with black cherry and cassis fruit, full
              bodied and intense with multi-layered blackcurrant, cedar and graphite characters. The dense
              fruit is bound up by a structure of fine grained tannins and lively acidity – absolutely delicious!

NV            La 50/50, Anne Gros/Jean Paul Tollot, Vin de Table                         16.99      193.69 (12)
              A joint project between two of Burgundy’s finest winemakers but down in Minervois. This 2008
              blend of 20 – 40 year old Carignan, Cinsault and Grenache needs to be tried regardless of
              whether this is your thing or not. Deeply flavoured and supremely elegant the wine is drinking
              beautifully showing racy, mineral tinged fruit alongside well structured tannins.

2007          La Falaise, Château De La Negly,                                           17.99      205.09(12)
              Coteaux du Languedoc
              Soft, deep, rich and spicy, this stunning wine is made from 50% Syrah,
              40% Grenache and 10 % Mouvedre and really does showcase the very
              best the Languedoc has to offer.


White Wines

2009          La Lande Côtes de Gascogne                                                 5.95       67.83 (12)
              A delightfully dry white made from Ugni Blanc and Colombard.

2009          Côtes de Gascogne, Domaine Alain Lalanne                                   6.49       73.99 (12)
              Alain Lalanne is somewhat a star in this region and he concentrates
              on producing wines that are very precise and ultra clean with good
              citrus flavours.

2009          Le Jongleur Sauvignon Blanc, Cotes de Gascogne                             6.45       73.53 (12)
              Crisp, dry and grassy style of Sauvignon Blanc – very refreshing.

2007          Jurançon Sec, Cuvée Marie, Charles Hours                                   13.99      159.49(12)
                                                                              Hlvs       6.49       73.99(12)
              Charles Hours makes wines that are so distinctive that they command
              your attention. The Cuvée Marie is 90% Gros Manseng and 10% Petit
              Courbu, and is a brooding giant that is extremely complex and concentrated.

Vintage    Wine                                                                    Bt    Case
                                                                                   Price Price

White Bordeaux
2008       Grand Bateau Blanc, AC Bordeaux                                         10.99    125.29 (12)
           A blend of 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Semillon that has a floral nose intermingled with
           touches of buttery richness. The palate is broad and rounded yet retains freshness from the
           Sauvignon. Accomplished winemaking – as one would expect from the team behind Chateau

Red Bordeaux

2006       Château des Antonins, Bordeaux Supérieur                                8.49     96.79 (12)
           Terrific value Claret from a great vintage across the board, showing soft
           approachable fruit and well integrated tannins.

2006       Château Haut Grelot, 1eres Cotes de Blaye                      Bts      8.95     102.03(12)
           This cracking Bordeaux blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet
           Sauvignon produces a hugely enjoyable wine which has rich, plummy
           fruit supported by good tannins.

2008       Château Belle-Garde, AC Bordeaux                                        8.99     102.49 (12)
           Eric Duffau’s wines are held in high regard in France where they
           regularly pick up many awards for their softness and expressive

2005       Château Peyrouley, AC Bordeaux                                          8.99     102.49 (12)
           Tremendous value claret from the stellar 2005 vintage. We snapped up as much
           of this parcel as we could so grab it while you can as t won’t last forever.

2006       Château Le Barrail, Medoc                                               10.45    119.13(12)
           This is the second wine of Chateau Le Pey and is remarkably fine Claret,
           with an abundance of ripe, soft fruit and good soft tannins to add balance.

2006       Grand Bateau Rouge, AC Bordeaux                                         10.99    125.29 (12)
           A delicious, forward Merlot dominated Claret from the team behind the highly acclaimed
           Château Beychevelle in St.Julien.

2006       Château Grand Bertin de St.Clair, Medoc                        Bts      11.49    130.99(12)
                                                                          Mag      26.99    153.84(6)
           “If you are looking for a good drop to drink over the next couple
           of years, Grand Bertin de Saint Clair is the pick”

2006       Château Le Pey, Cru Bourgeois, Medoc                                    11.99    136.69(12)
                                                                          Half     5.99     136.57(24)
           This Chateau is situated just north of St-Estephe and produces a
           beautifully rich Cabernet dominated blend with a fine structure and
           well-integrated oak.

2005       Château Labadie, Cru Bourgeois Medoc                                    12.85    146.49 (12)
           Traditional and very dependable Medoc from the fabulous 2005 vintage, this
           is great drinking Claret and represents very good value.

2004       Château du Pavillon, Canon Fronsac                                      12.85    146.49 (12)

2006       Château Les Bertrands Cuvée Prestige                                    12.99    148.09(12)
           This property has been in the same family for 8 generations and intense attention to
           detail helps them to make elegant wines with easy going fruit and fine balance.

2004       Chateau Cissac, Cu Bourgeois Medoc                                      13.99    159.49 (12)
           Classic Cissac that is so much softer and more approachable than the pre 2000 vintages.

Vintage       Wine                                                                         Bt    Case
                                                                                           Price Price
2005          Mademoiselle de L, Château La Lagune                                         14.99   170.89(12)
              This new offering from La Lagune is a revelation, showing lush Cassis fruit, earthy depth with
              leathery notes and soft, plummy Merlot on the finish.

2004          Château Fontestau, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Medoc                                 15.45   176.13(12)
                                                 2002 Mags                                 26.99   153.84 (6)
              Soft, approachable and classic style of Claret showing up front fruit,
              balanced tannins and hints of cedar. This medium weight Bordeaux is
              drinking well now but has the ability to develop with further time in bottle.

2006          Château Grand Bert, St.Emilion Grand Cru                                     15.99   182.29 (12)
              80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc, this wine spends 18 months in oak barrels
              prior to release. It is smooth and approachable with up front, velvety fruit.

2006          Les Croix des Moines, Lalande de Pomerol                                     15.99   182.29 (12)
              This juicy, merlot dominated claret from the satellite region of Lalande de Pomerol
              represents brilliant value and is massively enjoyable.

2004          Sarget de Gruaud Larose, St. Julien                                          20.99   239.29 (12)

2004          Château Bellegrave, Pomerol                                                  28.99   330.49(12)
              Medium bodied and deliciously fruity, the 2001 is just hitting it’s stride now,
              and will continue to drink well until 2012.

2003          Chateau Meyney, St.Estephe                                                   28.00   319.20 (12)

1997          Chateau Gloria, St.Julien                                                    31.00   353.40 (12)

2002          Chateau Ferriere, 3ieme Cru Margaux                                          33.00   376.20 (12)

1999          Château Petit Villages, Pomerol                                              37.95   432.63(12)
              A terrific and hugely enjoyable wine that is drinking beautifully now, showing lush ,
              sweet fruit and great balance.
1999          Les Carmes Haut Brion                                                        39.99   455.89 (12)

***We often buy small parcels of Bordeaux that do not appear in our main list. Please
                            ask for up to date listings.***


2008          Chablis, Domaine Billaud-Simon                                               13.99   159.49 (12)
              The wines from this excellent domaine get better and better each year.
              They rank amongst the best in Chablis and are complex, delicate and
              show great balance.

2008          Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons, Domaine Billaud-Simon                              20.99   239.29 (12)
              Full and rich with excellent nutty and mineral overtones which will develop
              given extra time in bottle.
              “Billaud-Simon is an impeccable producer…they are right at the top of the Chablis ladder”
              MATTHEW JUKES

Red Wines
2007          Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Chauvenet Chopin                                    13.99   159.49(12)
              This delightful Pinot Noir is soft and fruit driven and great value from a
              superb producer of rich, stylish wines.

Vintage       Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price
2006          Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Maume                                             13.85      157.89 (12)
              The wines from this Domaine are always distinctive and can take a while to come round. Rich,
              wild and somewhat stinky this is classic Maume.

2006          Bourgogne Rouge Les Pressoniers, Joseph Roty                               17.99      205.09 (12)
              The wines from Joseph Roty are dazzlingly good at all levels, but this
              Bourgogne Pinot Noir is a particular bargain.

2006          Côtes de Nuits Villages, Domaine Chauvenet Chopin 19.45                               221.73 (12)
              Rich and complex with pure fruit flavours.

2007          Marsannay, Joseph Roty                                                     22.99      262.09 (12)
              This stunning wine is big, concentrated and complex produced from old vines.
              It is “top value Marsannay” ANDREW JEFFORD, THE NEW FRANCE

2007          Chambolle Musigny, Chauvenet Chopin                                        28.00      319.20 (12)
              Another first class offering from Chauvenet Chopin, approachable but
              with the ability to develop further.

2007          Gevrey Chambertin, Lucien Boillot                                          28.99      330.49 (12)
              Medium to full bodied with great complexity showing black cherry fruit, liquorice and
              pencil lead alongside raspberry jam and a touch of smokiness.

2006          Nuits St.Georges, 1er Cru Les Prulières,                                   43.00      490.20 (12)
              Robert Chevillon
              Since taking over from his father, Bertand Chevillon has quietly taken
              these amazing wines to another level, making them amongst the best in

2003          Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru, Les Faconniers                                  37.95      216.31(6)
              Domaine Lignier-Michelot
              Another stunning wine from Lignier-Michelot, situated next to Gevrey Chambertin.


White Wines
2007          Bourgogne Blanc, Bachelet Monnot                                           15.99      182.28 (12)
              Limited Quantities

2006          Bourgogne Blanc ‘Cuvée des Forgets’                                        16.99      193.68 (12)
              Patrick Javillier
              Providing the taste of Meursault at Bourgogne prices, this is always a bargain – Stocks limited.

2008          Bourgogn Blanc, Maison Janotsbos                                           17.99      205.08 (12)
              Produced from a mixture of well sited Puligny and Meursault vineyards, this wine has an
              incredible nose of white flowers and sweet stone fruit (Puligny influence). The decently
              weighted palate is kept in check by tight, mineral tinged acidity giving a texture that is quite

2006          St. Aubin, La Princee, Hubert & Olivier Lamy                               18.99      216.49(12)
              Lamy is widely considered to be the best producer in St. Aubin and his
              wines are often believed to be a match for any domaine in neighbouring
              Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet.

2006          Santenay Blanc, Domaine Chevrot                                            25.00      285.00 (12)

2006          Meursault Vielle Vignes, Michel-Buisson Charles                            25.99      296.28 (12)

Vintage       Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                          Price Price
2008          St.Aubin 1er Cru, Maison Janotsbos                                          29.45      335.73 (12)
              A new wine to us, the quality is screamingly high with Thierry Janots (right
              hand man at the mighty Comte Lafon), teaming up with Richard Bos to produce something really

Red Wines

2006          Bourgogne Rouge, Maison Camille Giroud                                      15.99      182.29(12)
              Made of mostly old vine Meursault with a splash of Beaune, this is a very
              grown up wine for this level. Heaps of crunchy, perfumed fruit and a terrific
              mouthfeel make this an exceedingly enjoyable Pinot Noir. (Limited quantities)

2008          Bourgogne Rouge ‘Les Champans’, Janotsbos                                   17.99      205.08 (12)

2002          Chassagne Montrachet, La Goujonne                                           17.99      205.08(12)
              Hubert & Olivier Lamy
              The wines from this domaine are simply too good to ignore for such a
              reasonable price tag. We will be adding further wines from Lamy in the
              near future.

2006          Maranges 1er Cru les Roussots, Domaine Chevrot                              18.99      216.48 (12)
              Part of a small parcel we snapped up – Limited Stocks.

2006          Beaune de Chateau 1er Cru, Bouchard                                         23.99      273.48 (12)


White Wines
2007          Bourgogne Blanc, Domaine Michel Juillot                                     10.99      125.29(12)
              This beautifully balanced Bourgogne Blanc is so exquisite because a high
              proportion of grapes come from the Mercurey vineyards of this superb producer.

2003          Mercurey Blanc, Domaine Michel Juillot                                      16.45      187.53(12)
              Juillots flagship white is stylish and refined and a fitting testament to
              both the region and estate.

2007          Montagny Le Clou, Domaine Clos Salomon                                      15.99      182.28 (12)
              This single vineyard Montagny is exceptional Burgundy. Young, vibrant and
              drinking perfectly in its youth, it will continue to develop over the next 3 – 4 years.
              If you’re looking for value in a terrific white burgundy vintage, then this is the wine for you.

2004          Rully Blanc, 1er Cru, Les Margotés                                          15.49      176.58(12)
              Domaine Jean-Claude Brelière
              Beautifully layered wine from the southern part of Burgundy from a
              grower rapidly gaining a first class reputation. Last Stocks.

Red Wines

2006          Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Michel Juillot                                     11.99      136.69(12)
              The red wines of Michel Juillot are every bit as stylish, elegant and
              true to their origins as the whites. This entry level Bourgogne Rouge
              offers remarkable value drinking from one of the most respected domains
              in the Côte Chalonnaise.

2004          Mercurey Rouge, Domaine Michel Juillot                                      16.45      187.53(12)
              This fantastic red shows impeccable balance and plenty of up-front,
              violet scented fruit fruit.

Vintage       Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price

White Wines

2008          Mâcon Charnay, Clos des Tournons                                   Bts     10.45     119.13(12)
              Didier Tripoz                    2008                              Hlvs    5.99      136.57(24)

              Made from grapes from one single walled vineyard,
              (the Clos des Tournons), this is a beautifully fresh, clean wine with
              rich fruit on the palate. Excellent value.

2006          Macon Chardonnay ‘Les Combettes’, Guillot Broux                            13.99     159.48 (12)
              Exemplary, organic oaked Macon with plenty of rich fruit and a wonderful streak of purity.

2006          Saint Veran, Michel Chavet                                                 10.95     124.83(12)
              For pure drinking pleasure at a great price it is difficult to beat this
              well-balanced fresh Saint Veran.


2008          Beaujolais Villages, Emeringes, Dominique Morel                            8.99      102.49(12)
              Generous fruit and hugely enjoyable.

2006          Brouilly, Benoit Trichard                                          Hlf Bt 6.99       159.37 (24)
              After masses of hard work and investment, the Trichard wines are now
              considered amongst the best of the appellation.

2008          Fleurie, Domaine Gry Sablon, Dominique Morel                               13.45     153.33 (12)
              Delicate, light and fresh with an abundance of cassis and raspberry fruit, this
              is terrific cru Beaujolais.

2007          Morgon, Domaine de Rochemure                                               11.95     136.23 (12)
              An altogether more serious style of Beaujolais displaying good structure
              and a wealth of ripe fruit alongside fresh acidity and firm yet soft tannins.

2007          Pinot Gris Reserve, Cave de Hunawihr                                       10.45     119.13 (12)
              Lightly spicy fruit with a good richness to the off-dry palate. The wine finishes clean
              and fresh with good acidity balancing out the broad mouthfilling fruit.

2008          Pinot Gris, Domaine Gocker                                                 10.99     125.28 (12)
              In the same family since 1568, Gocker own prime vineyard sites in Mitelwihr, Hunawihr
              and Riquewihr amongst other spots, and they produce restrained and elegant wines that
              represent excellent value for money.
2008          Gewurztraminer, Domaine Gocker                                             10.99     125.28 (12)

2005          Pinot d’Alsace, Andre Kientzler                                            11.99     136.69(12)
              A classic clean cut example of Pinot Blanc, perfect for summer drinking.

2006          Pinot Blanc ‘Kritt’, Domaine Gressler                                      14.99     170.89(12)
              Rich and characterful yet elegant and fresh, this is supremely balanced and a true
              expression of carefully worked soils, having been in the same family since 1520.

Vintage      Wine                                                                      Bt    Case
                                                                                       Price Price
2004         Riesling, Domaine Rolly Gassmann                                          14.95   170.43 (12)
             A sublime example of Alsace Riesling.

2006         Riesling Reserve, Andre Kientzler                                         17.99   205.08 (12)
             Andre Kientzler is just around the corner from the world renowned
             Trimbach estate on the outskirts of Ribeauville. Whilst all of his wines
             are superb examples of this special region, he excels at producing pure,
             crisp, dry Rieslings.

2008         Pinot Gris ‘Brandoff’, Remy Gresser                                       15.99   182.28 (12)
             An outstanding Pinot Gris produced organically from only the very healthiest grapes,
             producing a wine of immense purity and multi layered complexity.

2008         Pinot Noir Reserve, Trimbach                                              16.99   193.68 (12)

2006         Riesling Grand Cru Geisberg, Kientzler                                    24.50   279.30 (12)


Northern Rhône
White Wine
2005         Saint Joseph Blanc ‘Le Clos’, Domaine Florentin                           15.99   182.28 (12)

2006         Condrieu, Les Ceps du Nebadon, Alain Paret                                25.95   295.83(12)
             Alain Paret won the inaugural ‘Viognier Trophy’ at the International
             Wine Challenge. This wine is quite stunning with lovely peach and
             apricot flavours enhanced by subtle use of oak.

Red Wines
2007         Crozes Hermitage, Domaine Colombier                                       17.99   205.08(12)
             The wines of Domaine Colombier come from old vines on their 17
             hectare estate and are characterised by being perfumed and seductive.

2006         Crozes Hermitage, Cuvée Gaby, Domaine Colombier 21.99                             250.68 (12)
             This special cuvee exhibits a wonderful balance of rich, spicy fruit,
             great tannic structure and an elegant perfumed palate.

2006         Saint-Joseph Rouge, Pierre Gaillard                                       19.99   227.88 (12)
             Pierre Gaillard aims to produce wines which are always well balanced
             and reflect their terroir. His straight Saint Joseph is full of soaring
             blackcurrant fruit and wonderfully textured oak.

Southern Rhône

White Wine

2007         Côtes du Rhône Viognier, Domaine Grand Veneur                             11.99   136.69(12)
             This stunning Viognier from Chateauneuf-du-Pape exhibits a wonderful
             purity of fruit and impeccable balance. This is a wonderful wine from a
             property that is on the up and up.

2004         Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Fontaine                                           28.95   330.03(12)
             Domaine Grand Veneur
             Grand Veneur is run by Alain Jaume and his sons and is a particularly
             good source of white Chateauneuf. This wine shows his hallmark style of
             pure fruit and good value for money.

2006         ‘LE’ Clavel Blanc, Domaine Clavel                                         15.99   182.28 (12)

Vintage     Wine                                                                     Bt    Case
                                                                                     Price Price

Red Wines

2007        Vins de Pays de Vaucluse, Les Plans                                      7.95     90.63(12)
            Domaine Santa Duc
            Yves Gras is somewhat a superstar in Gigondas and he has started making
            this remarkable Vin de Pays in the same style as his own wines. This
            generous red is full of rich fruit character and a touch of spice.

2008        Côtes du Rhône La Gerbaude, Daniel & Denis Alary 8.99                             102.49 (12)
            The Alarys produce some of the richest, most complex and complete
            wines in the southern Rhone. Their entry level Cotes du Rhone has
            been a firm favourite ever since we first tasted them.
            Sadly, supply is limited and there is rarely enough of these wonderful
            wines to last the uk market the whole year.

2006        Côtes du Ventoux Rouge, Château Unang                                    9.49     108.18 (12)
            This property has much more going for it than just a great name! The vineyards
            are tended biodynamically, letting nature take it’s course. The wine is wonderful showing
            richness and elegance in equal measures, with fine balance and wonderfully pure fruit.

2007        Côtes Du Rhône, Domaine de la Mordorée                                   9.95     113.43(12)
            Domaine de la Mordoree produce full and rich wines that show that
            Cotes du Rhones can be every bit as serious as some better thought
            of appellations in this neck of the woods.

2007        Visan Côtes du Rhône Villages Nature, Fourmente                          11.95    136.23 (12)
            Impressive organic blend of Grenache and Syrah (60/40) with wonderfully pure,
            herby and spicy fruit making it a great match for roasted red meats.

2004        Lirac, Domaine de La Mordorée                                            12.99    148.09(12)
            This Lirac is the flagship of Domaine de La Mordoree and is rich and spicy,
            with a great, meaty concentration of fruit.

2006        Cairanne, Domaine de l’Ameillaud                                         11.99    136.80(12)
            Rich and well balanced with good body and approachable fruit, this is great stuff from the hottest
            part of the Southern Rhone.

2006        Côtes du Rhône, Bouquet de Garrigues                                     14.99    170.89(12)
            Domaine Clos du Caillou
            The Clos du Caillou is a walled enclave surrounded by vineyards all
            classified as Chateauneuf-du-Pape. It is immensely seductive and fragrant
            with a velvety texture to the full bodied fruit. Absolutely stunning.

2004        La Croix, Chateau Unang, Cotes du Ventoux                                15.99    182.29 (12)
            Bold and well structured, this fabulous wine from high altitude vineyards is
            wonderfully pure and ripe with good structure and terrific length.

2006        Gigondas Tradition, Domaine Santa Duc                                    19.99    227.89 (12)
            The stunning Cuvée Tradition seems to acquire extra depth, earthiness
            and density with each vintage. It is difficult to praise these wines enough.

2006        Gigondas ‘Cap Jugunda’. La Ferme du Mont                                 23.00    262.20 (12)
            Exceptionally well made and grown organically, this is a tremendous wine that will age gracefully.

2006        Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine de Cristia                                  25.99    296.28 (12)
            Hailed by Robert Parker as “potential new superstars from
            Châteauneuf-du-Pape”, Domaine de Cristia produce extremely well-crafted,
            complex red wines that any fan of the Rhone cannot afford to overlook.

Vintage       Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price


White Wines
2009          Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Haut Bourg                                        7.99      91.08 (12)
              This cracking Vin de Pays Sauvignon comes from a traditional Muscadet producer who is
              branching out in to new varieties with great success. Dry, grassy and crisply refreshing, this is
              very accomplished Sauvignon and represents tremendous value.

2009          Sauvignon de Touraine, Alain Marcadet                           Bts        8.95      102.03(12)
                                                                              Hlvs       4.75      108.30(24)
              Our best selling wine, this Sauvignon is quite simply fantastic
              with a hugely expressive nose of pure elderflower and gooseberry,
              a decent dollop of rich fruit in the mid palate and elegant, balanced acidity on the long finish.

2009          Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie                                        8.99      102.49(12)
              Domaine de la Bretonniere
              This is textbook Muscadet, crisp, fresh and with a touch of richness, it
              Is the perfect accompaniment to many seafood dishes.

2009          Chardonnay, Val de Loire, Alain Marcadet                                   9.99      113.88 (12)
              Delicious unoaked Chardonnay from our favourite Loire producer.

2009          Vouvray, Cuvée de Silex, Dom. Des Aubuisières                              10.45     119.13 (12)
              The Cuvée de Silex is a blend of fruit from three vineyards. The resulting
              wine shows a wonderful richness of honeyed fruit, balanced by crisp,
              mineral tinged acidity.

2009          Cheverny Blanc, Pascal Bellier                                             10.95     124.83 (12)
              80% Sauvignon & 20% Chardonnay from a relatively new AC.

2008          Sancerre ‘La Côte de Sury’, J&M Pastou                          Bts        12.95     147.63 (12)
                                                                              Hlvs       6.95      158.46 (24)
              This great value Sancerre displays pronounced blackcurrant leaf
              and gooseberry fruit flavour that are the hallmarks of good Sauvignon Blanc.

2009          Sancerre, Chêne du Roy, Pierre Girault                                     13.45     153.33 (12)
              Pierre Girault is making very good wines from an area in the south-west
              of Sancerre that is renowned for the production of wines with a generous,
              ripe fruit character.

2008          Pouilly Fumé Villa Paulus, Dom. Masson Blondelet                           14.99     170.88 (12)
              This high quality 20 hectare domaine uses low yields and a gravity fed winery to
              produce a very classic style of Pouilly Fumé.

2002          Savennieres ‘Clos du Papillon’, Baumard                                    17.99     205.08 (12)
              Baumard are generally regarded as being one of the very best producers in the
              Loire, and this 100% Chenin from the butterfly shaped vineyard of Clos du Papillon
              is a stonking example of their art.

Rosé Wine
2009          Touraine Rosé, Alain Marcadet                                              8.99      102.49(12)
              This wine from Marcadet is every bit as impressive as his white. Delicious year round drinking.

Red Wine
2004          Chinon, Domaine de Beausejour                                              9.99      113.89 (12)
              Deliciously ripe with red berry fruit and the telltale stalkiness of good Cabernet Franc.
              Equally delicious when chilled.

2006/07       Sancerre Rouge ‘Le Grand Moulin’, Girault                                  12.75     145.35 (12)

Vintage       Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                          Price Price

2009          Priest’s Hill Pinot Grigio, Melegen Estate                                  5.65      64.41 (12)
              Aromatic, fresh and elegantly fragrant...everyday drinking at its best!

2009          Priest’s Hill Pinot Grigio Rosé, Melegen Estate                             5.65      64.41 (12)
              This succulent dry rose shows a luscious strawberry and raspberry character
              coupled with zesty peach fruit. A great summer quaffer!


North East

White Wines

2009          Trebbiano/Gargenega, Ponte Pietra, Veneto                                  5.95       67.83(12)
              Crisp and dry with nicely weighted fruit and fine acidity. A great everyday white.

2009          Pinot Grigio, Soravalle, Trentino                                          7.95       90.63(12)
              Fresh, soft and gently aromatic, a versatile food wine.

2007          Soave Classico, San Michele, Ca’Rugate                                      11.45     130.53(12)
              Ca’Rugate are seen as among the top producers of Soave Classico,
              and this fresh, unoaked version is a delicious example of the region.

2007          Soave Classico Monte Fiorentine, Ca’Rugate                                 14.99      170.88 (12)
              Awarded ‘Three Glasses’ by Gambero Rosso for the third year running, this
              stunning wine was also noted for being best value white in Italy.

Red Wines

2008          Valpolicella Valpantena, DOC, Corte Figaretto                               9.45      107.73(12)
              This is classic cherry-powered Valpolicella, with a plump and fresh palate.

2007          Valpolicella ‘Negraro’ Classico Superiore Ripassato 12.99                             148.09 (12)
              Vini Fabiano
              This is serious stuff from Fabbiano with youthful Valpolicella being passed
              over the pressings left from the Amarone fermentation, resulting in a wine that
              displays vibrant cherry fruit and rich, raisiny structure with firm drying tannins.

2006          Storica Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Fabiano 25.99                            296.28 (12)
              Chocolate, plums and wood smoke are some of the intense flavours to
              be found in this rich, unusual red.

North West
2008          Malvasia ‘Tasto di Seta’, Castello di Luzzano,                             11.45      130.53 (12)
              A stunning, aromatic yet dry wine with an elegant floral nose, sublime palate and
              tremendous balance and freshness to the finish.

Vintage         Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                           Price Price
2008            Gavi di Gavi, Tacchino                                                     11.99      136.69(12)
                Elegant citrus fruit and excellent minerality are the hallmarks of this fresh, vibrant wine.

Red Wines
2008            Barbera, Cantine di Casteggio, Oltrepo Pavese                              7.99       91.08 (12)

2006            Merloblu, Castello di Luzzano                                              9.99       113.89(12)
                Juicy, earthy and rounded.

2008            Vena Rossa, D.O.C. Gutturnio, Castello di Luzzano                          11.45      130.53(12)
                60% Barbera & 40% Bonarda, this bold rich and juicy wine is incredibly more’ish
                and one of the most popular wines we sell.

2006            Luzzano 270 Rosso Riserva, Oltrepo Pavese                                  17.95      204.63 (12)
                90% Barbera with judicious use of oak, this is the pinnacle of the Luzzano range
                and shows the same elegance and impeccable balance of fruit that the rest of their wines do.

2005            Barolo Vigna dei Pola, Cantine Ascheri                                     29.99      341.89(12)
                This unusually forward style of Barolo displays a complex palate and fine silky texture.

2003            Barolo La Serra, Marcarini                                                 25.99      296.29(12)
                Soft and appealing with vanilla pod overtones.

Central Italy

White Wine
2009            Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Roberto Falchini                               9.95       113.43(12)
                Crisp, fresh citrus fruits and a wonderful, soft creamy texture, this is a delicious food friendly wine
                from Roberto Falchini.
Red Wines
2009            Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Umani Ronchi                                      7.99       91.08 (12)
                A fruity wine with the telltale gaminess, firm tannins and fresh acidity that
                is the hallmark of this grape.

2006            Tutto Bene Rosso, Tenementi Angelini                                       8.50       96.90 (12)
                Straightforward juicy blend of Sangiovese and Merlot for everyday drinking.

2005            Assisi Rosso, Sportoletti, Umbria                                          9.45       107.73(12)
                Sportoletti are one of the most respected producers in Umbria and this delightful, elegant
                Sangiovese is perfumed and soft and makes a good alternative to Chianti.

2008            Chianti Colli Senesi, Roberto Falchini                                     9.99       113.89(12)
                Fresh, juicy and just good old fashioned, delicious drinking!

2005            Moro, Fattoria Montellori                                                  10.99      125.29(12)
                Described by the winemaker as a “mini Supertuscan”, this delicious
                Cabernet/Sangiovese blend exhibits succulent cherry fruit and a fine texture.
                Great presentation make this the perfect wine to take to any dinner party.

2006            Rosso di Montepulciano, Tre Rose                                           11.75      133.95(12)
                Tenimenti Angelini
                Soft and fruitily seductive, this is excellent value from a top class producer.

2007            Chianti Classico Villa Trasqua                                             12.75      145.35 (12)
                Villa Trasqua has seen a massive amount of investment in recent years
                and this has translated in to a marked improvement in quality. This improvement
                has not gone unnoticed by the critics either, and the wines are starting to win over
                many a new customer to the delights of real Chianti.

2007            Rinascita, Tenuta Rissecoli, IGT Toscana                                   12.99      148.08 (12)
                A powerful blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot that is the perfect partner to
                rich, autumnal dishes. Decant in plenty of time to fully appreciate this wine.

Vintage       Wine                                                                     Bt    Case
                                                                                       Price Price
2006          Piantate Lunghe, Rosso Conero, Montepulicano                             13.99      159.48 (12)
              Savoury, rustic and unbelievably easy to drink, this Montepulciano at its relaxed best.

2006          Caburnio, Tenuta Monteti, IGT Toscana                                    13.99      159.87 (12)
              The Caburnio shows a toasty, minerally nose with dark fruits leading to a more serious
              palate than the price tag suggests.

2008          ‘TRE’, Brancaia, IGT Toscana                                             16.99      193.69 (12)
              TRE is a blend of 3 varieties, Sangiovese (80%), Merlot (10%) & Cabernet (10%), from
              Brancaia’s 3 Tuscan vineyards. It is delicious and chracterful with a great depth of fruit that is
              beautifully balanced, elegant and well – integrated. Once tasted, we are sure that you wil agree
              ‘TRE’ really is the magic number!

2006          Petit Verdot, Rissecoli                                                  18.45      210.33 (12)

2006          Rosso di Montalcino, Val di Suga                                         14.45      164.73(12)
              Tenimenti Angelini
              Angelini have overhauled all the vineyards and wineries at each of
              their three estates in Tuscany. As a result the wines that they are
              producing are beautifully refined.

2003          Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Tre Rose                                   15.99      182.29(12)
              Tenimenti Angelini
              “Tre Rose is one of the estates which is leading Montepulciano out of
              the wilderness…into an era of sexiness and sheer drinkability”

1999          Brunello di Montalcino, Donatella Cinelli Colombini 24.99                           284.88 (12)
              Elegant and complex with a nose that is rich in spices with hints of vanilla and ripe
              berries. The palate is harmonious with good tannins and a long finish

The South and Islands

White Wines
2009          Fiano, Mandrarossa, IGT Sicily                                           6.99       79.69(12)
              This multi award winning wine is brimming with crisp, clean mineral tinged fruit
              and is ultra refreshing given the heat of Sicily.

2009          Segreta Bianco, Planeta, IGT Sicily                                      8.99       102.49(12)
              The Segreta Bianco blends the crisp, mineral character of Grecanico with
              the ripe, up front fruit of Chardonnay to give a deliciously balanced wine with
              real regional character.

2007          Malvasia Bianca, Paolo Leo, Salento                                      9.45       107.73(12)
              With so much crisp, pure fruit and fine,minerally acidity it is difficult to imagine
              that this gorgeous wine comes from such a hot climate. Enjoy with all kinds of shellfish.

2006          Chardonnay, Planeta, IGT Sicily                                          19.99      227.89(12)
              The flagship wine of Planeta, and the one responsible for putting them,
              and Sicily, on the world winemaking map. Intense, rich and very stylish,
              this is almost Californian in style.

Red Wines
2007          Donna Marzia Negroamaro, IGT Salento                                     7.95       90.63(12)
              Conti Zecca
              Conti Zecca produce an extremely drinkable range of warm, rich and
              spicy wines that strike a perfect balance between being both approachable
              and complex.

Vintage     Wine                                                                      Bt    Case
                                                                                      Price Price
2009        La Segreta Rosso, Planeta, IGT Sicily                                     8.99          102.49(12)
            Predominantly Nero d’Avola with Merlot and Syrah to make up the blend, this
            wine is packed with spicy red fruit and a lovely twang of acidity on the long finish.

2007        Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Planeta, DOCG, Sicily                              11.99         136.69(12)
            The first, and only, DOCG to be granted in Sicily, this wonderful wine is a
            blend of Nero d’Avola (60%) and Frappato (40%). The wine simply oozes
            Mediterranean charm with cherry, fig and strawberry fruit, ripe acidity and terrific balance.

2004        Salice Salentino DOC, Rocca dei Mori                                      11.99         136.69 (12)
            Stylish, fruit driven and with an almost dangerously drinkable edge to them, the wines from
            this property manage to combine Puglian power with a touch of the new world, whilst never
            forgetting their roots.

2006        Copertino DOC, Rocca dei Mori                                             11.99         136.69 (12)
            70% Negroamaro & 30% Montepulciano, this is a dark and broody wine full of tarry
            richness. It is warm and satisfying with plenty of acidity and length.

2004        Primitivo del Salento ‘Briaco’, Rocca dei Mori                            14.99         170.88 (12)
            This is classic Primitivo being big, bold and packed with vanilla tinged blackcurrant fruit
            with a long, rich finish. 100% Primitivo.

2000        Squinzano ‘Ujliesa’ DOC, Rosso Riserva                                    18.99         216.48 (12)
            The pinnacle of the Rocca dei Mori production is this true steel fist in a velvet glove.
            This hugely impressive wine has a powerful nose of menthol and blackcurrant with the
            palate being rich and smooth showing tremendous length.
            70% Negroamaro, 10% Sangiovese, 10% Malvasia Nera di Lecce & 10% Malvasia di Brindisi.

2008        Grüner Veltliner Collection, Domaine Wachau                               8.99          102.49(12)
            Rich citrus fruit with fine peppery acidity and great length make this an excellent food
            wine, especially with spicier dishes.

2009        Grüner Veltliner Kamptal, Jurtshitsch                                     9.95          113.43(12)
            The Jurtschitsch family has owned this estate since 1868 and it has been
            ranked amongst the leading wineries of the region since the beginning of
            the 20 century. Ecologically minded vineyard management helps to
            produce a wine that is beautifully pure, and quite unlike any other white
            grape around.

2008        Gruner Veltliner Gmörk, Anton Bauer                                       12.50         142.50 (12)

2009        Rioja Rosado, Bodegas Navajas                                             6.99          79.69(12)
            50% Tempranillo & 50% Viura showing heaps of fresh, juicy fruit - this is eminently quaffable.

Red Wines
2009        Navajas Tinto Sin, Bodegas Navajas                                        6.99          79.69(12)
            Medium weight, violet scented Rioja that flies off the shelves. Although
            Joven by name, the winemaker adds a couple of barrels of crianza at blending
            just for added complexity.

2007        Rioja Crianza, Bodegas Navajas                                            8.99          102.49(12)
            85% Tempranillo and 15% Garnacha which spends 18 months in American
            oak to impart the wine with an irresistible toasty vanilla character that compliments
            its cherry fruit and spice. Exceptional stuff from a first class bodega.

Vintage    Wine                                                                         Bt    Case
                                                                                        Price Price
2006       Rioja Crianza, Bodegas Lan                                                   10.95      124.83 (12)
                                                                  2005       Mags       23.50      119.64(6)
                                                                  2005       300cl      47.00      47.00 (1)
           Perfectly sited vineyards, low yields and painstaking attention to detail
           all help to make Bodegas Lan one of the leading estates in Rioja. The
           Crianza is smoothly textured and perfectly balanced.

2005       Rioja Crianza, Bodegas Ontañon                                               10.99      125.29(12)
           The fruit for this wine is sourced from high altitude vineyards, which helps to
           impart a light and fresh touch in to the resultant wine. Deeply coloured with
           dark berry and forest fruits, this medium bodied Rioja is a fabulous new addition to our list.

2007       Rioja Joven, Heredad de Aduna, Rioja Alavesa                                 11.75      133.95 (12)

2004       Rioja Crianza, Bodegas Amezola                                               12.85      146.49 (12)
           A fantastic old fashioned Rioja with bright fresh, fruit, supportive creamy oak
           and fine balance of acidity on the long finish.

2005       Rioja Reserva, Bodegas Lan                                                   14.95      170.43 (12)
                                                                             Mags       31.00      176.70 (6)
           Classic traditional Rioja at its very best. Spicy notes with strawberry and vanilla oak.

2003       Rioja Reserva ‘Seleccion de la Familia, Luis Canas                           18.99      216.48 (12)
           Fabulous Reserva style which is given a little added ‘Oomph’ by the addition of some Cabernet
           Sauvignon to the blend. Impressive.

2001       Rioja Reserva, Bodegas Ontanon                                               18.99      216.48 (12)
           Great structure and huge depth of fruit.

2004       Rioja Reserva, Bodegas Baigorri                                              23.50      267.90 (12)
           Jesus Baigorri is somewhat a wine visionary with perhaps the most modern winery in Rioja.
           His glass cubes sits atop a hill housing his winery which has been dug a full 7 storeys in to the
           hillside. 100% of the production is gravity fed and it will come as no surprise to learn that his
           style is unashamedly modern, producing wine is complex, multi-layered and dangerously

2005       Rioja Edicion Limitada, Bodegas LAN                                          38.00      433.20 (12)
           A blend of 85% Tempranillo, 10% Mazuelo & 5% Graciano, all hand picked from LANS finest
           vineyard sites that would once have been destined for Gran Reserva status. Only 5 months in
           French Allier oak and 4 in tight grained Russian oak mean that this wine takes on a generic Rioja
           DOC status, but it is anything but ordinary. Right from pulling the cork one is greeted by a huge
           extraction of fruit and tremendous depth and length.

Ribera del Duero

2007       Arrocal, Bodegas Arrocal                                                     10.99      125.29(12)
           “lusciously fruity, opulent, and hedonistically as well as intellectually satisfying”
           ROBERT PARKER, THE WINE ADVOCATE. With praise such as this it is
           difficult to believe that this wine is so reasonably priced. Sadly, the price is
           bound to rise once this pioneering winery becomes better known.

2005/06    Viña Pedrosa Crianza                                                         20.99      239.29(12)
           Vina Pedrosa are one of the most established and highly regarded producers in
           Ribera del Duero. This rich and concentrated wine is mostly Tempranillo with a dash of
           Cabernet, is powerful and complex and has great ageing potential.

2004       Palomero, Bodegas Uvaguilera                                                 55.00      627.00 (12)
           Made from a single 70 year old vineyard, this mightily impressive wine shows a “flamboyant
           nose of charcoal, spice box and vanilla mixed with blueberry and blackberry Liqueur. Full-
           bodied, intense and multi-layered.” Robert Parker 93+ Points

Vintage      Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                        Price Price

2007         Eternum Viti, DO Toro                                                      10.45      119.13(12)
             Bold, rich and showing a great deal of complexity for a wine of its price, this is a very
             impressive effort produced at the Viñagueareña winery from 50 year old Tempranillo vines.

North East Spain

White Wine
2009         Cantiga Viura, DO Campo de Borja                                           5.75       65.55 (12)
             Lively, lemony and grape fruit scented wine that is dry, crisp and refreshing.

2007         Silencis, Raventos I Blanc, DO Penedes                                     10.99      125.29(12)
             Raventos I Blanc were the first winery in Catalunya to obtain the Integrated
             Production Certificate in recognition of their commitment to the vineyards and the
             health of both the soil and the grapes. Silencis is ripe and pure with a terrific balance of fruit and
             structure making it a terrific food friendly wine.

2008         Libalis, Castillo de Maetierra, VdT Valle de Sadacia                       11.99      136.68 (12)
             Sublime 90% Moscatel with aromatic fruit and tantalising, velvety texture, this is off
             dry but with beautifully poised acidity.

Red Wines

2008         Cantiga Garnacha/Tempranillo, DO Campo de Borja 5.75                                  65.55 (12)
             Great value red showing a nice depth of fruit and a good deal of complexity for the money.

2006         Vierlas, Guelbenzu, Ribera del Quieles                                     7.99       91.08 (12)

2008         Piedimonte Gamma, Semi-Crianza                                             7.99       91.08 (12)
             Equal parts Cabernet, Merlot and Tempranillo that is lightly oaked for 3 months, this
             wine has a deep cherry red colour and a complex nose of liquorice, red fruits and spice. The
             palate is smooth and rounded with sweet tannins and great length. This wine shows great
             personality and represents excellent value.

2005         Inurrieta Sur, Bodegas Inurrieta, DO Navarra                               9.99       113.89(12)
             Predominantly garnacha and syrah with 6 months in American oak, this
             wine has a slightly baked fruit character with a vibrant combination of violets,
             red fruits, vanilla and black pepper.

2006         Guelbenzu Azul, DO Ribera del Queiles                                      9.45       107.73(12)
             Predominantly Tempranillo with some cabernet and merlot, this wine
             spends 9 months in barrel resulting in a rounded, satisfying combination
             of red and black fruits with a hint of cedar.

2006         Mas Petit, Pares Balta, Penedes                                            9.95       113.43 (12)
             Very elegant Garnacha/Cabernet blend produced organically by a very forward thinking winery in
             the heart of Penedes.

2002         Vessants, Montsant, Cellers Capafons-Osso                                  10.99      125.29(12)
             Garnacha is the dominant grape in this beautifully balanced wine from an up
             and coming region in the north east of Spain.

2006         Guelbenzu Evo, Ribera del Quieles                                          19.99      227.88 (12)
             A serious Cabernet dominated blend with great tannic structure and
             beautifully balanced fruit.

2003         Sirsell, Priorat, Cellers Capafons-Osso                                    15.99      91.14 (6)
             The reputation of Priorat seems to go from strength to strength and it is
             thanks to stunning finds such as this wonderful Bordeaux grape dominated red.

Vintage       Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                          Price Price

Rias Baixas
2009          Diluvio Albariño                                                            11.99       136.69(12)
              This is a beautifully fresh, relatively full and aromatic wine that exhibits the
              very best that this grape has to offer.

2009          Santiago Ruiz Blanco                                                        14.99       170.88 (12)
              Ownedby the fabulous Rioja producers, Bodegas LAN, this property produces delicate,
              individual wines that make the perfect match for a variety of fish dishes.

Other Regions

2009          Castillo del Moro Airen/Sauvignon, Tierra de Castilla 5.45                              62.13 12)
              Delightful modern Spanish white blending the soft, grapey Airen with Zesty Sauvignon Blanc.

2009          Con Class Sauvignon Blanc, Sitios de Bodega Rueda9.75                                   111.15 (12)
              Fresh, zippy and ultra clean Sauvignon that would convert many a die hard
              New Zealand fan back to the old world – this is great stuff from a brilliant producer.

2009          Castillo del Moro Tempranillo/Syrah, La Mancha                              5.45        62.13 (12)
              Soft, ripe and approachable with a decent spicy depth, this is with a decent
              spicy depth, this is great value.
2007          Torre de Barreda, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla                             8.99        102.49(12)
              Big, rich and juicy, this wine is made from 40 year old Cencibel (Tempranillo) vines,
              with the winemaking overseen by George Pauli of Chateau Gruaud Larose.
              Great value and distinctive.

2007          TAVS Monastrell/Syrah, D.O. Jumilla                                         9.99        113.89(12)
              Hacienda del Carche produce this fresh and unoaked wine from select vineyard
              sites with the very healthiest of grapes. Elegant, rounded and very moreish!


2008          Vinzelo Tinto, Quita de Ventozelo, Duoro                                    6.99        79.68 (12)
              This cracking value blend of traditional Port varieties is a great introduction in to
              the table wines of Portugal. Deliciously different.

2007          Pedra Basta, Alentejano                                                     12.95       147.63 (12)
              Pedra Basta is a joint venture between English wine writer Richard Mayson and Portuguese
              winemaker Rui Reguinga. This wine is ablend of Trincadeira, Aragniez, Alicante Bouschet and
              Cabernet Sauvignon grown in granite soils on the highest slopes in Southern Portugal. Aged for
              12 months in oak the wine is deep, rich and full flavoured and a true pleasure to drink.


2009          Estate Riesling, Dr.Loosen, Mosel                                           8.95        102.03 (12)
              Typical Mosel Riesling harmony of delicate fruit and acidity. The
              wines of Loosen are a great advertisement for Germany and his 2007
              has an extra zing of acidity.

2008          Villa Wolf Pinot Gris, J.L. Wolf, Pfälz                                     8.95        102.03 (12)
              Luscious, fat fruit with a sweetness to the middle palate and great acidity.

2006          Villa Wolf Dry Riesling. J.L. Wolf, Pfälz                                   8.50        96.90 (12)
              Now owned by Decanter ‘man of the year’, Ernst Loosen, this weighty,
              dry Riesling illustrates how versatile the grape is.

2004          Dönnhoff Riesling Qba, Dönnhoff, Nahe                                       9.99        56.94(6)
              “Having tasted the greatest wines in the world year in year
              out, as a wine merchant and critic, it did not prepare me for this awe
              inspiring experience of tasting…they are magical, emotional, breathtaking.
              Words cannot do them justice.” ROBERT PARKER, THE WINE ADVOCATE

Vintage   Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                      Price Price
2006      Rüdesheimer Magdalenenkreuz Riesling Spätlese                               13.99     159.49(12)
          Leitz, Rheingau
          Leitz is a first class producer of Rheingau Rieslings and this exemplary
          Spatlese is a tremendous example of the region and the Riesling grape.

2005      Wehlener Sonnenhur Riesling Spätlese, Dr.Loosen                             17.99     205.09(12)
          A wonderful example of Riesling from the sundial vineyard at Wehlen with a
          pure fruit character mingled with hints of slate and minerality, with beautifully
          poised acidity.

2007      Riesling, Egon Müller, Mosel                                                18.99     216.49(12)
          If there was a crown for the ‘King of Mosel’, Egon Muller would have it moulded
          to his head. His genius as a winemaker is apparent in all his wines. This Riesling shows
          impeccable balance of minerality, fruit and acidity and is simply wonderful!


2009      Chenin Blanc, Klippenkop, Coastal Region                                    5.95      67.83(12)
          A beautiful example of clean, fresh, unoaked Chenin.

2010      William Robertson Chenin Blanc, Robertson                                   5.99      68.29 (12)
          Lively, fresh and impeccably balanced, this is great value, everyday drinking.

2009      Rooiberg Chenin Blanc, Robertson                                            5.99      68.29 (12)
          Another cracking value Chenin from a well respected co-operative in Robertson.

2008      Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc, Bradgate                                      7.50      85.50(12)
          This unusual blend shows the beat characteristics of both varieties, with
          rich honeyed fruit coming from the Chenin, whilst the Sauvignon delivers
          crisp, zesty acidity.

2010      The Ruins Chardonnay/Viognier, Bon Cap                                      8.45      96.33(12)
          This wine effortlessly blends the aromatic ripe peach fruit of the Viognier
          with the freshness and body of Chardonnay. The texture is soft and creamy with
          the palate perfectly balanced.

2009      Quando Sauvignon Blanc, Fanus Bruwer, Robertson 8.95                                  102.03(12)
          Fanus Bruwer only makes 3000 cases of this fabulous dry, minerally Sauvignon. Careful
          handling of grapes and a long, cold fermentation together with extended lees ageing all helps to
          produce a very elegant wine.

2010      Chamonix Blanc, Cape Chamonix, Franschhoek                                  8.99      102.49(12)
          A crisp, stylish blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Chenin from one
          of South Africa’s most accomplished producers. LIMITED STOCKS – ARRIVING AUTUMN.

2008      Barrel Fermented Chenin, Jordan Estate                                      8.99      102.49(12)
          Partial barrel fermentation adds a spicy complexity interlaced with layers of
          tropical fruit and creamy citrus acidity.

2009      Original Unwooded Chenin Blanc, Raats Family                                9.45      107.73 (12)
          Widely regarded as the best producer of Chenin Blanc in South Africa, Bruwer Raats
          has aimed to produce the purest expression of the grape with this bright and tasty wine with
          pineapple and citrus fruit with hints of ginger, honeysuckle and orange blossom and fine

2007      Weisser Riesling, Hartenberg, Stellenbosch                                  9.45      107.73 (12)
          Delicious example of the grape with a spatlese level sweetness balanced by terrific, racy acidity.

2007      Sauvignon Blanc, Jordan Estate, Stellenbosch                                9.45      107.73(12)
          Husband and wife team, Chris and Kathy Jordan, specialise in producing
          wines which are perfect expressions of their grape variety and region. This
          wonderfully crisp Sauvignon has plenty of zingy gooseberry fruit, great balancing
          acidity and an underlying richness that adds a little weight to what is a terrific wine.

Vintage     Wine                                                                          Bt    Case
                                                                                          Price Price
2009        Chenin Blanc, Cederberg, Olifantsriver                                        10.95   124.83 (12)
            With their vineyards at an altitude over 1000 metres above sea level,
            Cederberg are able to produce a fresh, crisp Chenin Blanc that retains
            a characteristic of honeyed richness typical of good Chenin Blanc.

2008        Babylons Peak Viognier, Swartland                                             11.95   136.23 (12)
            Rich, ripe and rounded with a soft,creamy texture.

2008        Chardonnay, Hartenberg, Stellenbosch                                          11.99   136.69 (12)
            This Chardonnay displays a wonderful balance between fruit, careful use of oak,
            and an old world elegance not often found in New World wines.

2007        Sequillo White, Eben Sadie, Swartland                                         17.45   198.93 (12)
            60% Chenin Blanc, 20% Grenache Blanc with the difference being made up of
            Roussanne and Viognier, this gentle wine is beautifully textured with perfect balance
            and a rich, bready finish.
Rosé Wine
2008        Chameleon Rosé, Jordan Estate, Stellenbosch                                   8.99    102.49 (12)
            Pinky-mauve with crunchy redcurrants and tart raspberry fruit, hints of green
            pepper and a crisp finish. Impressive stuff from one of South Africa’s finest producers.
Red Wines
2006        Cabernet Sauvignon, Porter Mill, Robertson                                    6.99    79.69 (12)
            Soft and approachable, this is a classic Cabernet showing good blackcurrant
            fruit, soft tannins and a smooth velvety finish.

2009        William Robertson Shiraz, Robertson Winery                                    7.65    87.21 (12)
            A surprisingly light, soft and quaffable style of shiraz with juicy red fruits.

2007        Bradgate Melot/Cabernet, Jordan Estate,Stellenbosch7.95                               90.63 (12)
            Produced by the award winning team at Jordan, this is great value and punches
            above it’s price tag.

2009        The Ruins Organic Pinotage, Bon Cap Organics                                  8.45    96.33 (12)
            Fruit driven, perfumed and fresh, this enjoyable, approachable and pure Pinotage
            from South Africa’s largest organic producer is a real delight.

2007        Syrah/Carignan, Babylons Peak, Swartland                                      8.45    96.33 (12)
            Well rounded with a sweetly fruited core and touches of spice to the medium
            length finish, this is approachable and above all, massively enjoyable.

2008        Chamonix Rouge, Cape Chamonix, Franschhoek                                    8.99    102.49 (12)
            Gottfired didn’t make any of his top cuvee, Troika, in 2008 so most of the fruit
            ended up in this tremendous Bordeaux blend that spends time in old wood adding character
            to the minty, cool climate Cabernet fruit. Sadly stocks are limited.

2004        KC Cabernet/Merlot, Klein Constantia                                          8.99    102.49 (12)
            Whilst new world in situation, Klein Constantia has as much history as most European
            winemakers, but thankfully it declines to remain stuck in the past. This beautifully honed
            Bordeaux blend exemplifies the talent and style brought to the property by its new winemaker
            Adam Mason.

2005        Aprilskloof Red Red Wine, Lammershoek                                         9.45    107.73 (12)
            Initially we were sceptical about a blend that contained 8 different grape varieties
            but there would be ‘many rivers to cross’ to find such a seamless combination. UB40 jokes
            aside, this is a ‘Red Red Wine’ that delivers a ‘sweet sensation’.

2005        Edgebaston Raigmore, Stellenbosch                                             9.49    108.19 (12)
            Merlot, Cabernet and Shiraz make up the blend in this impressive, well structured
            wine made by David Finlayson who used to make Glen Carlou with his father, but has now
            branched out on his own.

2006        Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz, Hartenberg                                         9.99    113.89 (12)
            Rich and hearty yet rounded and soft, this is a great introduction to the wines of this stellar

Vintage       Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price
2009          The Pepper Pot, Edgebaston, Stellenbosch                                   9.99       113.89 (12)
              A blend of Mouvedre, Tannat and a touch of Syrah, this new arrival from
              Edgebaston is surprisingly light given the grapes that go in to it. It is, however,
              well-made with a tantalising, spicy backbone and would make a great partner to
              lighter game dishes in the autumn.

2008          Meerlust Red, Stellenbosch                                                 9.99       113.89 (12)

2007          Zinfandel/Syrah, Lammershoek, Swartland                                    10.99      125.29 (12)
              This unusual blend shows a deep, full bodied and spicy wine with firm tannins and
              good structure supporting deep berry fruits and hints of vanilla from its 14 months in American

2004          Cabernet Sauvignon, Jordan Estate                               Bts        12.49      142.49(12)
              Stellenbosch                                         2001       Mags       27.99      106.36(4)
              For its sheer drinkability at such an amazing price, the Cabernet Sauvignon
              from Jordan would have to be one of my desert island wines. It is packed full
              of ripe blackcurrant fruit, well balanced oak and too many other well integrated
              flavours to mention, without any hint of a tough edge anywhere. There is only
              one thing better than a bottle of Cabernet from Jordan, and that’s a magnum!

2007          Troika, Cape Chamonix, Franschhoek                                         11.99      136.68(12)
              Cabernet Franc plays an important role (48%), in this Bordeaux blend that displays
              plenty of classic cool climate, eucalyptus flavours, juicy fruit and a firm yet richly textured
              structure from 24 months in French oak...fabulous stuff from a first class producer. Very Limited

2004          Thelema Shiraz, Stellenbosch                                               14.99      170.89(12)
              Whilst justly well known for their show stopping Sauvignon Blanc, Thelema
              are also extremely accomplished red wine makers too. This deeply rich and
              spicy Shiraz is testament to that.

2005          Cobblers Hill, Jordan Estate, Stellenbosch                                 19.99      227.88 (12)

2005          The Foundry Syrah, Chris Williams, Stellenbosch                            19.99      227.88 (12)
              Chris Williams is winemaker at Meerlust but makes the amazing Foundry wines from
              his own vineyards. Truffle and Cassis on the nose give way to warm dark fruits, pepper
              and a touch of gameyness on the palate, this is concentrated and powerful yet balanced and

White Wines
2004          Oregon Pinot Gris, Firesteed                                               12.99      148.09(12)
              This unoaked Pinot Gris is a delightful wine with the perfect balance of
              rich fruit and fresh, clean acidity.

2004          Fumé Blanc, Grgich Hills, Napa Valley                                      20.99      239.29(12)
              Mike Grgich, (pronounced Gurgich), makes wines that have an impeccable
              balance and are always varietally precise. His Fumé Blanc is mineral tinged,
              full and rich yet with a brilliant, balanced freshness.

Red Wines
2006          Sandstone Merlot, Wente, Monterey, California                              9.95       113.43 (12)
              Voluptuous, fruit driven style of Merlot displaying plump, plummy nicely weighted fruit.

2008          Beyer Ranch Zinfandel, Wente, Monterey                                     10.95      124,83 (12)
              Soft and approachable with a rich peppery fruit core.

2009          Wildflower Valdiguié, J.Lohr Estate                                        10.99      125.28(12)
              Incredibly broad, mouth-filling wine that is fruity, fresh and equally delicious when chilled.
              Think Beaujolais but good value!

2005          Reliz Creek Pinot Noir, Wente, Monterey, California                        15.99      182.29(12)

Vintage       Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                          Price Price

2006          Sonoma Counry Zinfandel, Seghesio                                           17.99      205.09(12)
              Complex, spicy and rich, this wine manages to hide it’s whopping 16% alcohol
              well behind a wall of raspberry and black cherry fruit. Impressive but certainly
              not one for a midweek bottle!

2009          Special Reserve, Sherborne Castle                                           7.99       91.08 (12)
              Crisp and fresh with a delicate floral character and zesty acidity. (Limited Quantities)

2009          Sea Pink Rosé, Furleigh Estate, Dorset                                      9.99       113.88(12)
              Produced from Rondo (85%) and Pinots Noir and Meunier, this cherry pink rose
              has a juicy palate of strawberries and cream and a well-balanced, smooth silky palate.

2008          Coastal Dry Portesham Vineyard, Dorset                                      10.99      125.29(12)
              Produced from 100% Phoenix Vines on slopes just a stones throw from Dorchester,
              this delicate elderflower and pear drop wine is crisp, light and refreshing. (Limited Quantities)

2009          Ammonite Reserve, Furleigh Estate, Dorset                                   11.99      136.68 (12)
              Predominantly Bacchus with 9% Chardonnay that is steel fermented and matured in oak
              barriques for 5 months for a bit of added weight and texture. Elderflower and citrus dominate
              with hints of vanilla on te long finish.

2007          Ridgeview Bloomsbury, Ditchling, Sussex, England 21.95                                 250.23 (12)
              A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the Bloomsbury is a
              wonderful home grown alternative to Champagne. Crisp, fresh fruit of the Chardonnay is given
              depth and complexity by the Pinots. Enjoy now, or leave for a year or two to develop further.

White Wines

2010          Kintu Sauvignon Blanc, Maule Valley                                         5.65       64.41(12)
              Up front tropical fruits, crisp, zesty acidity and very approachable, this wine shows why Chile has
              done so well in the UK market.

2009          Kintu Chardonnay, Maule Valley                                              5.65       64.41(12)
              This is clean and unoaked with lovely ripe fruit dominating the palate.

2009/10       Alameda Sauvignon Blanc, Viña Frey Leon                                     5.85       66.69(12)
              Crisp, fruity and with the tell tale gooseberry fruit of Sauvignon Blanc, this is
              an easy-going everyday style that is hugely popular.

2008          Classic Sauvignon Blanc, Rio Alto, Aconcagua                                6.75       76.95(12)
              Crisp and dry with a classic Sauvignon nose of Gooseberry and nettles and nicely weighted

2007          Estampa Chardonnay/Viognier, Colchagua Valley                               6.95       79.23(12)
              A wonderful blend of the soft creamy, white peach character of Viognier and the
              rich, vibrant fruit of Chardonnay, this is great stuff from a winery that truly believes
              in the art of blending.

2009          Nostros Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, Casablanca                                 6.99       79.69(12)
              Located in the cooler Casablanca Valley, this is a crisp, fruit driven and quite
              punchy style of Sauvignon.

2008          Sauvignon Blanc, Julio Bouchon, Maule Valley                                7.45       84.93(12)
              The Bouchon estate consists of 1000 acres of vines in three impressive
              vineyard sites in the Maule Valley. The average age of vines is 60 years old.
              Their entry level Sauvignon shows a fine definition of crisp, gooseberry fruit
              character with perfectly balanced acidity.

Vintage     Wine                                                                         Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price
2008        Unoaked Chardonnay, Julio Bouchon, Maule Valley 7.45                                    84.93(12)
            The ripe, rich flavours of new world Chardonnay shine through in this
            stunning value wine from one of Chile’s top producers.

2008        Santa Digna Gewurztraminer Reserve, Torres Chile 8.45                                   96.33 (12)
            There is 15% Riesling in this blend which adds a tantalising citrus steeliness to the
            more aromatic Gewurztraminer…deliciously different and very refreshing.

2009        Tamaya Sauvignon Blanc, Limari Valley, Chile                                 8.45       96.33 (12)

2008        Duette Chardonnay, Indomita, Casablanca                                      9.99       113.89(12)
            Brilliantly balanced Chardonnay with rich creamy fruit, a nice touch of oak
            and good crisp acidity.

Red Wines
2008        Kintu Cabernet Sauvignon, Maule Valley                                       5.65       64.41(12)
            Soft, fruit driven and refreshingly light in alcohol, this is great value, easy drinking.

2008        Kintu Merlot, Maule Valley                                                   5.65       64.41(12)
            A rich, juicy Merlot with soft rounded fruit.

2009        Alameda Merlot, Viña Frey Leon, Central Valley                               5.85       66.69 (12)
            Chilean Merlot as it should be, plump, rounded and with plenty of reliable up front fruit.

2008        Cabernet Sauvignon, Santiago, Maipo Valley                                   6.45       73.53(12)
            This great value Cabernet is a pure joy, offering heaps of soft, approachable fruit.

2007        Classic Shiraz, Rio Alto, Aconcagua                                          6.75       76.95(12)
            Terrific Chilean Shiraz showing lot of ripe fruit, leathery spice and creamy texture.

2009        Nostros Carmenere Reserva, Casablanca                                        6.99       79.69 (12)
            A great value example of the grape that Chile has made its own, this has bright
            wild strawberry and raspberry fruits on the soft, supple palate leading to a warming,
            rounded finish.

2009        Nostros Pinot Noir Reserva, Casablanca                                       6.99       79.69(12)
            Stunning value Pinot Noir showing soft strawberry fruit, a lush rounded palate
            with terrific mouthfeel and a fine balanced finish. Very appealing indeed!

2007        Cabernet Sauvignon, Julio Bouchon, Maule Valley                              7.45       84.93(12)
            As with all the wines from this excellent estate, the Cabernet really delivers
            an impressive mouthful of wonderful fruit, great balance and a degree of
            complexity seldom found in wines so reasonably priced.

2008        Merlot/Sangiovese, Viña Casa Tamaya, Limari Valley 7.95                                 90.63 (12)
            Juicy, fresh and a great expression of the Sangiovese with ripe cherry fruit and good
            acidity to match the deeper, more plummy characteristics of the Merlot.

2009        Carmenere Reserva, Casas del Bosque, Casablanca 8.65                                    98.61 (12)
            Casas del Bosque was one of the first wineries to be established in the cool climate region of
            Casablanca and today they farm 245 hectares of vines. The winery philosophy is based on the
            constant search for excellence with quality way ahead of quantity on the agenda. The results
            are wines which show tremendous depth and elegance.

2008        Armador Carmenere, Oddfjell, Maipo                                           8.99       102.49 (12)
            Savoury, cream and lush with spicy, olive laced fruit and great structure.

2008        Nostros Gran Reserva Merlot, Indomita, Casablanca 8.99                                  102.48 (12)
            Careful hand selection of the best grapes followed by ageing in oak gives this wine a
            full, rich and chocolatey character with hints of eucalyptus to the succulent blackcurrant fruit.

2005        Carmenere Reserva, Julio Bouchon, Maule Valley                               9.49       108.19(12)
            This deliciously warm, rich and spicy red is packed full of plum and damson
            fruit with chocolate overtones and soft oak flavours.

Vintage       Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                         Price Price
2006          Cordillera, Reserva Privada, Torres Chile                                  10.99      125.29(12)
              A distinctive and unusual blend of old vine Carignan (63%), Merlot (15%) and
              Shiraz(22%) this great wine shows old world elegance coupled with purity of new
              world fruit wrapped up in finely balanced, subtle tannins

2004          Assemblage Syrah, Estampa Gold, Colchagua                                  11.99      136.69 (12)
              Seriously smooth and silky, this Syrah dominated blend displays rich and rounded
              chocolatey fruit and fine structure form 15 months in a mixture of French and American oak.

2007          Gran Reserva Syrah, Casas del Bosque                                       12.45      141.93 (12)
              Made with grapes gown in one of the coldest areas of the Casablanca region, this is elegant,
              restrained Syrah showing aromas of black papper and blueberry jam. The palate is nicely
              weighted with juicy, fresh fruit and a well balanced, rich finish.

2006          Amayna Pinot Noir, Leyda Valley                                            18.99      216.49(12)
              Soft, juicy rounded and immensely complex, this is one of the finest Chilean Pinot
              Noirs available. It will continue to develop handsomely over the next few years.

White Wines
2008/09       Torrontes ‘Seleccion’, Viñas Riojanas, Famatina                            5.85       66.69 (12)
              Crisp, fresh and floral with citrus and apple fruit and gentle acidity. A great
              partner to spicier dishes.

2008          Finca Los Prados Chenin/Semillon, Bianchi                                  5.95       67.83(12)
              Hugely enjoyable and straight forward white from the Mendoza region.

2009          Finca la Linda Viognier, Luigi Bosca                                       7.95       90.63(12)
              Intense ripe peach and apricot flavours with a rich palate kept together by fine
              balancing acidity. A terrific example of this tricky grape.

2009          Finca La Linda Unoaked Chardonnay, Luigi Bosca                             7.95       90.63(12)
              A fine Chardonnay that is richer than one would expect for the absence of oak.

2008/09       Torrontes, Bodega Colomé, Salta Region                                     8.99       102.48(12)
              Complex and powerful yet stylish and elegant, made from grapes grown between
              1700 and 2300 metres above sea level, resulting in a wine with immense purity and balance.

2006/07       Gala 3, Viognier/Chardonnay/Riesling                                       17.45      198.93(12)
              This fruity, floral and spicy wine is a “beacon for the entire wine world…others please copy”.
              Robert Joseph, Wine International. (Winner of Best Argentinian Blend)

Red Wines
2009          Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Seleccion’, Viñas Riojanas                             5.85       66.69 (12)
              Soft, rounded and abundantly fruity, this juicy, easy going Cabernet is a
              great value everyday wine.

2008/09       Finca Los Prados Cabernet/Malbec, Bianchi                                  5.95       67.83(12)
              Soft and approachable yet showing a good depth of ripe blackcurrant fruit.
              Great everyday drinking.

2008          Finca La Linda Malbec, Luigi Bosca                                         7.95       90.63(12)
              Soft, berry fruit character with warming, toasty oak, this is a lot of wine for the money.

2008          Finca La Linda Tempranillo, Luigi Bosca                                    7.95       90.63(12)
              Another terrific value offering from Luigi Bosca, this is an approachable, well-structured
              wine that drinks well with a variety of grilled red meats. Terrific with barbequed lamb.

2006          Amalaya, Bodega Colomé, Salta Region                                       7.99       91.09(12)
              Colomé own the highest vineyards in the world and their wines shown a
              remarkable purity and freshness as a result. This blend of Malbec, Cabernet,
              Tannat and Bonarda is easy to drink yet rich and ahas bright red fruit aromas and spicy notes
              wrapped up in soft tannins.

Vintage       Wine                                                                        Bt    Case
                                                                                          Price Price
2006          Don Baltazar Petit Verdot, Vina Casa Montes                                 9.95       113.43 (12)

2008          Coleccion RoblePinot Noir, Trapiche, Mendoza                                9.99       113.88(12)
              This delicious example of Pinot Noir shows some lovely ripe cherry fruit
              supported by soft, creamy oak with a terrific rounded finish.

2007          Malbec Reserva, Luigi Bosca                                                 11.99      136.68(12)
              Aromas of berries, coffee and spices on the nose, with a rounded rich palate
              and soft sweet tannins.

2008          Pinot Noir Reserva, Luigi Bosca                                             11.99      136.68(12)
              This is not your typical elegant Pinot Noir, with heaps of rich, velvety
              extracted fruit and a decent whack of oak, it is, nonetheless an impressive wine.

2007          Felino Cabernet Sauvignon, Viña Cobos, Mendoza                              11.99      136.68(12)
              With the help of Napa Valley Cabernet Star Paul Hobbs, Vina Cobos are now turning
              out truly impressive wines. This youthful red is crammed with succulent Cassis, olive and
              coffee flavours bound up with tremendous structure.

2007          Broquel Cabernet Franc, Trapiche, Mendoza                                   12.45      141.93(12)
              Great example of Cabernet Franc showing ripe, dark berry fruit and the tell tale
              vegetal edge of the grape variety.

2005          Gala 1, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Luigi Bosca                           18.95      216.03(12)
              Bosca’s flagship blend is an impressive, broad wine that sees 14 months in
              oak to add structure and complexity. The wine is beautifully balanced, elegant
              and with a very long finish.

White Wines

2009          Brookford Colombard/Chardonnay, South Australia 5.95                                   67.83(12)
              Typical Colombard spicy lemon and lime notes apparent on the nose. The
              palate offers full punchy citrus and white peach flavours followed by a clean and
              refreshingly crisp and clean finish.

2008          ‘The Opportunist’, One Chain Vineyards                                      5.95       67.83(12)
              A beautifully crisp, clean and grassy blend of Colombard, Sauvignon and Riesling that
              punches well above it’s price tag with a tantalisingly refreshing palate of grapefruit tinged fruit,
              fine zesty acidity and long finish.

2009          ‘The Googly’ Chardonnay, One Chain Vineyards                                6.95       34.75(12)
              Lovely ripe melon and apple characters mingle with touches of pear and honey.
              Bright, zingy and well balanced, it is ideal with meaty fish or supped on its own.

2005          Redfin Chardonnay, S.C. Pannel                                              6.99       79.69(12)
              This elegant and restrained Chardonnay is more Chablis than Australian in
              character, with a clean, fresh minerality and good balancing acidity.

2008          Semillon/Chardonnay, Brushwood, South Australia 7.49                                   85.39(12)
              The Brushwood wines are made by Rob Dundon from the award winning
              Beresford Winery. With such a good pedigree it is little wonder that this
              wine is beautifully crafted and superb value for money.

2007          Billi Billi Pinot Grigio, Mount Langhi, Victoria                            7.99       91.09(12)
              Dry and fresh with a ripe melon and citrus fruit character and clean, crisp acidity.
              A great alternative to the Italian styles.

2006          Marsanne, Chateau Tahbilk, Nagambie, Victoria                               9.45       107.73(12)
              Very much an iconic wine in Australia and one which enjoys a small loyal following
              in the UK. When young it shows citrus, honeysuckle and elderflower, becoming richer and
              nuttier with age whilst retaining good zingy acidity.

Vintage   Wine                                                                          Bt    Case
                                                                                        Price Price
2008      Devils Corner Sauvignon Blanc, Tamar Ridge                                    9.99    113.89(12)
          Really crisp and fresh style of Sauvignon from one of the Islands top producers.
          “Brilliant work from a star estate” MATTHEW JUKES

2006      Brightview Semillon, Simon Hackett, McLaren Vale                              9.99    113.89(12)
          Clean, bright and refreshingly packed with rich citrus fruits, this is a terrific
          value Semillon from this small family owned winery.

2008/09   The Dreamer Viognier, Philip Shaw, Orange, NSW                                10.99   125.28(12)
          Soft and creamily textured this is a great example of restrained Viognier from Philip Shaws
          high altitude vineyards in New South Wales.

2008/09   The Architect Chardonnay, Philip Shaw, Orange                                 10.99   125.28(12)
          Crisp, fresh Chardonnay with fresh green apple and citrus fruit and finely balanced acidity.

2009      Pitchfork Semillon/Sauvignon, Margaret River                                  10.99   125.28(12)
          Crisp, clean and very restrained, this unoaked blend manages to show the best
          characteristics of each grape shine through.

2007      Kayena Gewurztraminer, Tamar Ridge, Tasmania                                  11.95   136.23(12)
          Tasmania’s cool climate is perfectly suited to the Gewurztraminer and other Alsatian
          grape varieties. This has to be one of the least pungent gewürztraminers we
          have ever come across. The wine is soft and wonderfully textured with incredible length.

2008      Kayena Sauvignon Blanc, Tamar Ridge, Tasmania                                 11.95   136.23(12)
          With a soft, creamy texture and beautifully rounded palate, this is a stunning
          Sauvignon , and very different from the vibrant Marlborough style from New Zealand.

2009      Semillon/Sauvignon, Schild Estate, Barossa                                    11.99   136.23(12)
          Pure, unadulterated Barossa with rich, rounded up front fruit and brilliantly balanced acidity –
          classy and hugely enjoyable.

2007      Cygne Blanc, Benson Rise, Limestone Coast                                     12.99   148.09(12)
          Cygne Blanc is a unique variety ; being a white Cabernet whose genesis is a bit
          of a mystery. It is citrussy and mineral with nettle flavours and zippy acidity and
          quite unlike anything you may have tried before.

2006      Verdelho, David Traeger, Victoria                                             12.99   148.09(12)
          This vibrant wine shows tropical fruit, white peach and citrus flavours on the nose,
          with the palate displaying intense tropical aromas and fine acidity on the long finish.

2005      Chardonnay No.11, Philip Shaw, Orange, NSW                                    13.95   159.03(12)
          A fantastic Aussie Chardonnay that shows terrific oak integration to its ripe,
          rounded and slightly buttery character. The finish shows great balance of fruit and
          acidity with freshness from the relatively high altitude of the vineyards. Special Bin End Price.

2005      Art Series Riesling, Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River 13.99                             159.49(12)
          This dry Riesling is a classic example of its type with masses of crunchy green
          apple and lime fruit that is vibrant and tangy. The zesty palate is fresh with
          a delicate structure and great minerality on the finish.

2008      Hay Shed Hill Chardonnay, Margaret River                                      17.95   204.63(12)
          Michael Kerrigan (ex Mad Fish & Howard Park) has bought Hay Shed Hill and breathed
          new life in to it. Only hand picked fruit from ultra low yielding vines is used to make this
          stunning wine that displays restraint and class in equal measures with impeccable use of oak
          and really bright, crisp fruit. Definitely an Awesome Aussie!

2006      Kanta Riesling, Egon Muller, Adelaide Hills                                   18.99   216.48(12)

2007      Chardonnay, Ten Minutes by Tractor                                            19.99   227.88 (12)
          Mornington Peninsular
          The fruit for this elegant and restrained cool climate chardonnay comes from
          3 vineyards that are approximately 10 minutes tractor ride apart. The winery
          regularly picks up a five star rating from James Halliday.

Vintage     Wine                                                                            Bt    Case
                                                                                            Price Price
2007        Prelude Chardonnay, Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River 21.99                                250.68 (12)
            Little brother to the (justly) world renowned Art Series Chardonnay, this brilliant wine is
            extraordinary value, being more than half the wine for less than half the price. The wealth of rich,
            ripe fruit is backed up by almost seamless oak integration and a terrific, long finish.

2006        Art Series Chardonnay, Leeuwin Estate                                           45.00   513.00(12)
            This world class Chardonnay needs little introduction – Iconic and rightly so.

Red Wines
2009        Brookford Merlot/Petit Verdot, South Australia                                  5.95    67.83(12)
            Great colour. Opulent juicy ripe fruit mixes with mocha oak on the nose.
            A long and velvety mouth full of sweet plumy and red berry fruit integrated with
            Lingering oak.

2008        Shiraz/Cabernet ‘The Wrong Un’, One Chain                                       6.95    79.23 (12)
            A bright spicy red with ripe berry flavours and lovely velvety texture. Youthful
            and spicy, it is ideal on its own or with lightly spiced meats or casseroles.

2008        Shiraz/Cabernet, Brushwood Estate, McLaren Vale                                 7.49    85.38 (12)
            Rich, well-rounded spicy fruit dominates this soft, typical Aussie blend of
            Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

2008        The Opportunist Shiraz, Limestone Coast, One Chain7.95                                  90.63 (12)
            A delicious Shiraz from premium Limestone Coast fruit showing deep cassis and
            blackcurrant fruit, hints of spice and a delectable creamy texture.

2008        ‘The Pugilist’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Limestone Coast 7.95                                 90.63 (12)
            Another fabulous example of a wine from the One Chain team which drinks above its humble
            price tag – this is a true iron fist in a velvet glove.

2006        Billi Billi Shiraz, Mount Langhi, Victoria                                      7.99    91.09(12)
            The relatively cool vineyards of Victoria help to impart an elegance and freshness
            in to this wonderful Shiraz.

2008        Reserve Shiraz ‘The Golden Duck’, One Chain                                     8.45    96.33 (12)
            100% McClaren Vale fruit which makes a delicious, richly flavoured but well structured
            red with heaps of creamy bramble fruit overlaid with spice and subtle vanillin.

2008        Old Winery Pinot Noir, Tyrells, New South Wales                                 8.85    100.89(12)
            Soft and delicate with ripe, gamey fruit and fine texture.

2007        Shiraz, Cranswick Estate, Barossa                                               8.99    102.48(12)
            This terrific Shiraz is brimming with rich, spicy fruit and is given a little
            added complexity through the late harvesting of grapes which add a
            raisiny touch and an extra hit of balanced alcohol.

2006        Old Vine Grenache, Simon Hackett, McLaren Vale                                  9.99    113.89(12)
            Fans of individual, hand crafted wines will appreciate this deliciously rich
            and well structured wine.

2009        Devils Corner Pinot Noir, Tamar Ridge                                           9.99    113.89(12)
            Tamar Ridge swept the board at this years Tasmanian Wine Show and on this
            evidence it is not hard to see why. An earthy, vegetal style of pinot noir with
            soft cherry fruit and beautifully fresh acidity.

2008        Pitchfork Cabernet/Merlot, Hay Shed Hill                                        10.99   125.28(12)
            The revamp of Hay Shed Hill by Michael Kerrigan means that the property is now
             turning out fabulous wines such as this exemplary blend which shows an abundance
            of fresh blackcurrant fruit on the nose and a juicy, rounded palate that has great structure and

2006        Schild Estate GMS, Barossa Valley                                               11.99   136.69(12)
            Full, rich and moreish, this is unashamedly Barossa in style.

Vintage   Wine                                                                      Bt    Case
                                                                                    Price Price

2004      Merlot/Cabernet/Cabernet Franc, Philip Shaw No.17 11.95                                136.23(12)
          Another brilliantly balanced wine form Philip Shaw showing deep, earthy fruit from the
          Merlot, bold structure and complexity from the two Cabernets and a fine, fruit driven finish.

2006      Phoenix Cabernet Sauvignon, Penley Estate                                 12.95        147.63(12)
          The founder of Penley Estate, Kym Tolley, learned his art at Penfolds
          under the tutorage of Max Schubert, the creator of Grange. It is little wonder
          that his wines show great purity of fruit coupled with careful and balanced use of oak and
          represent excellent value.

2008      Jester Cabernet Sauvignon, Mitolo, McClaren Vale                          12.95        147.63(12)
          20% of the grapes for this wine are dried out in the same fashion as Amarone and this
          lends the wine a deep, rich and raisiny edge.

2006      Clarry’s Red, Kalleske, Greenock                                          13.99        159.49(12)
          Taking a very minimalistic, handmade approach to winemaking, Kalleske have
          managed to attain cult status in Australia and are now starting to be noticed
          around the world too. This Grenache/Shiraz blend is fitting testament to their work.

2003      Saros Cabernet Franc, Garlands, Mount Barker                              14.99        170.89(12)
          This sophisticated Cabernet Franc comes from a mature, one hectare
          vineyard which enjoys a distinctive microclimate that encourages a wine
          of remarkable finesse and subtlety found too rarely in Cabernet Franc.

2005      Kayena Estate Pinot Noir, Tamar Ridge, Tasmania                           14.99        170.89(12)
          Deep, ripe and earthy Pinot Noir with good structure from the oak ageing,
          velvety tannins and a sublime balance.

2008      Hay Shed Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River                          17.95        204.63 (12)
          Blackcurrant, cassis and graphite on the nose with a touch of cedar, this wine
          has a bold palate that is beautifully balanced and rounded with supportive tannins.

2006      The Moonlight Run, Massena, Barossa                                       19.99        227.89(12)
          A blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Mouvedre and Cinsault from the dedicated and
          talented team at Massena. Only select parcels of old vines and the very healthiest of
          fruit are used.

2006      Avatar, Teusner, Ebenezer, Barossa Valley                                 21.99        250.68 (12)
          This oaked Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz blend comes from vines over 75 years
          old. It is rich ad deeply complex, with a terrific balance of gamey, spicy fruit and
          balanced tannins. This is certainly not your typical Barossa GMS.

2000      Cabernet Sauvignon, Cape Mentelle, Margaret River 24.99                                142.44(6)
          Cape Mentelle produce an intense, complex and sophisticated Cabernet
          that is sadly in quite short supply.

2001      Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon, Leeuwin Estate                             25.99        296.29(12)
          Powerful, focused and concentrated blackcurrant and blackberry fruit are
          wrapped up elegantly in a neat package of lingering tannins making this vintage
          “…one of the very best under this label.” JAMES HALLIDAY

2004      Black Guts Shiraz, Rusden, Barossa Valley                                 45.00        256.50(6)
          Only the finest small parcels are selected to go in to this outstandingly
          impressive wine. There is so much fruit and body that this wine will continue
          to age elegantly for years to come.

Vintage   Wine                                                                      Bt    Case
                                                                                    Price Price

New Zealand
White Wines
2008      Harwood Hall Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough                                 7.99       91.09(12)
          We didn’t hesitate to snap up a small parcel of the great Sauvignon as a bin end. Drier and
          more food friendly than you would expect of a typical Marlborough Sauvignon this represents
          great value – grab it while you can!

2008      Sliding Hill Sauvignon Blanc, Auntsfield Estate                           9.99       113.88(12)
          Rather than continue to sell their surplus grapes to the likes of Cloudy Bay, the highly talented
          and quality focussed Cowley Family at Auntsfield Estate took the decision to keep all their fruit in
          the large 2008 vintage and have produced this stunning wine as a result. It shows the typical
          Auntsfield hallmarks of elegance, balance and finesse coupled with stylish drinkability.

2007      Wild South Riesling, Cairnbrae, Marlborough                               9.99       113.89(12)
          The Cairnbrae Riesling is packed full of classic lime fruit and mineral
          characteristics so typical of this grape. Delicious, zesty and very refreshing .

2008      Sauvignon Blanc, Tindall Vineyard, Marlborough                            10.99      125.29(12)
                                                      Hlv                           5.95       67.83(12)
          The Tindall Sauvignon is amazingly zesty with heaps of fresh, mouth filling
          tropical fruit and great balancing acidity. Also available in half bottles and
          screwcapped to retain freshness.

2008      Wild South Sauvignon Blanc, Cairnbrae,                                    10.99      125.29(12)
          The award winning Sauvignons from Cairnbrae Wild South are archetypal
          Marlborough sauvignons showing intense gooseberry and passion fruit
          flavours wrapped up in zippy acidity.

2008      Long Cow Sauvignon Blanc, Auntsfield Estate                               12.99      148.09912)
          The original Auntsfield Estate was the first commercial vineyard in Marlborough,
          established in 1873 and occupying a prime site in this region. This show
          stopping Sauvignon is extremely well made and shows more restraint and elegance
          than a lot of other Marlborough Sauvignons. A small portion of the grapes are fermented in very
          old oak, giving added depth to the wine without imparting the strong flavours of new oak.

2008      Man O’War Pinot Gris, Ponui Island, Waiheke                               13.99      159.49 (12)
          Produced on a tiny volcanic island next to Waiheke, the exposed Pinot Gris vines
          benefit from the cooling sea breezes and produce an amazing style of wine with hints
          Spatlese style sweetness and a crisp, refreshing tonic like finish.

2008      Metis Sauvignon Blanc, Hawkes Bay                                         13.99      159.49(12)
          Metis is a joint venture between Jon Hancock from Trinity Hills and Pascal Jolivet from
          Sancerre and the results are quite stunning and manage to combine the best Hawkes Bay fruit
          with French savoir faire. Produced from cooler areas within the Gimblett Gravels section of HB,
          every aspect of the production is geared towards producing the purest form of Sauvignon Blanc
          – Stainless steel fermentation, partially clarified must, lees ageing and natural yeasts are just
          some of the techniques employed to produce this supremely elegant Sauvignon. Very classic
          and so much more restrained than the ‘full-throttle’ Marlborough style.

2008      Alpha Domus Viognier, Hawkes Bay                                          13.99      159.49(12)
          Luscious and complex showing all the hallmarks of this terrific grape variety,
          wrapped up neatly by careful barrel fermentation which results in a wine of great
          finesse and length.

2008      Rabbit Ranch Pinot Gris, Central Otago                                    14.99      170.89(12)
          A fabulous example of Kiwi Pinot Gris which is richly fruited and shows a good
          deal of fresh acidity to balance out the wine keeping it fresh and clean on the long finish.

2006      Fat Trout Chardonnay, Tukipo River Estate                                 16.45      187.53 (12)
          Named after the Trout that inhabit the Tukipo River, the 2006 is the first
          vintage of this impressive wine. Ripe nectarine and grapefruit aromas lead
          to a creamy palate with crisp, Chablis-like minerl tinged acidity. Complete with
          a ‘Parsons Glory’ fly, this wine is bound to delight both angler and wine lover alike.

Vintage    Wine                                                                       Bt    Case
                                                                                      Price Price
2008       Pegasus Bay Sauvignon/Semillon, Waipara                                    16.45         187.53(12)
           The Sauvignon Blanc (70%) for this wine is kept in stainless steel and lees
           stirred for 8 months whilst the Semillon (30%) aspect is barrel-fermented and aged
           whilst also on its lees. The result is a wine that has incredible depth of flavour and richness that
           one doesn’t see with the pure Sauvignon Blancs from this region.

2008       Man O’War Chardonnay, Waiheke Island                                       16.99         193.69 (12)
           Elegant and graceful with clean citrus fruit and rich, bready characteristics, this is
           another terrific white from this increasingly exciting viticultural region.

Red Wine
2004       Alpha Domus Merlot Cabernet, Hawkes Bay                                    10.99         125.29(12)
           This blend also has some Malbec and Cabernet Franc adding further
           complexity to the soft, dark berry and plum fruit. Barrel aged and drinking beautifully.

2008       Pinot Noir, Tindall Vineyard, Marlborough                                  13.99         159.48(12)
           Tasted blind, this wine would knock the socks off many burgundies with
           loftier price tags. Perfumed and elegant with great body and length, this
           All Black in a French jersey is terrific value Pinot Noir.

2008       Harwood Hall Pinot Noir, Central Otago                                     15.85         180.69 (12)
           Rich, rounded and juicy this delicious Otago Pinot has a little less alcohol than most
           from this region, but the same up front fruit and complexity one would expect. Great value.

2008       Man O’War Merlot/Cab Franc/Malbec, Waiheke Island 16.99                                  193.69(12)
           Man O’War farm 60 hectares of vines spread over 90 different vineyard sites mostly on
           Waiheke. Brilliantly balanced with power and elegance gently jostling for centre stage, this
           Bordeaux blend shows complexity and approachability in equal measure with each part of the
           blend playing a vital role.

2008       Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir, Central Otago                                     16.99         193.69 (12)
           The back label to this wine reads “ A bright eyed red with hints of Briar patch and a whiff of gun
           smoke”, and one might be forgiven for thinking the wines of Rabbit Ranch a gimmick. They are
           certainly serious wines that are great examples of both variety and regionality…do give them a
           try and we guarantee you will be left dazzled by their brilliance.

2006       Hawk Hill Pinot Noir, Auntsfield Estate, Marlborough 17.99                               205.09(12)
           A deep ruby/crimson colour, this concentrated Pinot Noir has intense aromas of dark
           cherries and subtle oak, rich berry fruit and spice on the palate and ripe tannin structure with
           excellent length.

2006       Fat Duck Pinot Noir, Tukipo River Estate                                   18.99         216.49(12)
           With a climate more similar to Martinborough further to the south, it is little
           wonder that this elegant, perfumed Hawkes Bay Pinot is so characterful.
           Classic forest floor and bramble fruit characters lead to black cherry and spice
           with hints of leather on the long silky finish.

2007       Wild Earth Pinot Noir, Bannockburn, Central Otago                          19.99         227.88(12)
           Central Otago is producing Pinot Noirs that can more than rival their Burgundian
           counterparts and this terrific example shows a great depth of elegant perfumed
           and velvety fruit with terrific acidity and great length.

2008       Dreadnought Syrah, Man O’War, Waiheke Island                               25.00         285.00 (12)
           Savoury and powerful with tremendous depth and complexity, this is cool climate Syrah
           that is far more Northern Rhone than new world in style – very accomplished winemaking.

2007      Monbazillac Cuvee de l’Ancien Cure, Christian Roche          12.99
2006      Jurançon Clos Uroulat, Charles Hours, 37.5cl                 8.99
2005      Banyuls, Michel Chapoutier, 50cl                             10.99
2007      Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Chapoutier, 37.5cl              10.99
2001      Chateau Petit Verdrines, Sauternes                           18.95
2005      Chateau Clos le Comte Cuvee Celine, Sauternes, 37.5cl        19.99
1999      Chateau Coutet, Barsac, 37.5cl                               19.99
2001      Riesling Vendenge Tardive, Hugel, Alsace, 37.5cl             22.00
1998      Vin Santo di Montepulciano, Tre Rose, Tenementi Angelini     21.00
NV        Brachetto d’Acqui ‘Braida’, Giacomo Bologna, 37.5cl          9.99
2006      Casta Diva Moscatel, La Bascula Selection                    23.00
2004      Rüdesheimer Kirchenpfad Aulese, Leitz, Rheingau, 50cl        14.99
2006      Riesling Beerenauslese, Dr. Loosen, Mosel 18.75cl            11.99
2006      Trockenbeerenauslese Syrah, Steindorfer, Austria, 37.5cl     28.00
2007      Gruner Veltliner Eiswein, Anton Bauer, Austria, 37.5cl       28.50
2006      Mellifera Botrytis Riesling, Jordan Estate, 37.5cl           10.99
NV        Rooi Muskadel, Nuy Winery, South Africa, 75cl                9.99
2007      Kayena Estate Botrytis Riesling, Tamar Ridge, 37.5cl         14.99
NV        Campbells Rutherglen Muscat, 37.5cl                          9.99
NV        Turkey Flat PX, Barossa Valley, 37.5cl                       16.99
2006      Ice Cider, Leduc Piedimonte, Quebec, Canada, 37.5cl          24.00

NV        Manzanilla La Guita ‘Guitarritas’                     20cl   2.95
                                                                Hlvs   4.95
NV        Manzanilla Pasada ‘San Leon’, Bodegas Argueso         Hlvs   5.95
NV        Manzanilla ‘Las Medallas’, Bodegas Argueso            Hlvs   4.95
NV        Deliciosa Manzanilla, Valdespino                      Hlvs   7.95

NV        Fino Innocente, Valdespino                            Hlvs   7.95
NV        Fino del Puerto, Gutierrez Colosia                    Hlvs   5.00
NV        Fino, Sanchez Romate                                         6.45

NV        Amontillado, Sanchez Romate                                  6.45
NV        Oloroso Seco, Sanchez Romate                                 6.45
NV        Medium Dry Amontillado, Valdespino                           11.99
NV        Contrabandista Amontillado, Valdespino                       17.99
NV        Palo Cortado ‘Muy Viejo’, Guiterrez Colosia           Hlvs   55.00

NV        PX Cardenal Cisneros, Sanchez Romate                         17.99
NV        PX El Candado, Valdespino, 37.5cl                            10.50
NV        PX Muy Viejo, Ximenez Spinola                                54.00
1982      Don PX Gran Reserva, Bodegas Toro Albala, Montilla           15.99

NV        Barbadillo Pale Cream Sherry                                 6.99
NV        Cream, Sanchez Romate                                        6.45

3 YO      Full Rich, Henriques & Henriques                             9.99
3YO       Medium Dry, Henriques & Henriques                            9.99
10YO      Malmsey, Henriques & Henriques                               13.99
10 YO     Sercial, Henriques & Henriques                               13.99

NV        Cremovo Floriovo, Cantine Florio                             8.99

Vintage            Wine                                                                           Bt
White & Pink Port
NV            Extra Dry White Port, 50cl, Martinez                                                8.45
NV            Churchills Dry White, 50cl                                                          12.95
NV            Caldas White Port, 75cl (Sweet Style)                                               13.99
NV            Croft Pink                                                                          9.99

Tawny Port
10 YO              Tawny, Churchill’s, 50cl                                                       16.85
20 YO              Tawny, Churchill’s, 50cl                                                       24.95

Ruby Port & LBV
NV             Churchills Finest Reserve (Half Bottles)                                           6.99
NV             Smith Woodhouse Ruby                                                               9.99
2000           Quinta de Ventozelo LBV                                                            14.99
1999           Quinta da Gaivosa, Alves de Sousa LBV                                              18.99
2004 (Bottled) Churchills Crusted                                                                 17.99

Vintage Port
2003               Quinta da Gaivosa                                           Half Bts           23.00
2003               Quinta da Roriz                                                                40.00
2000               Quinta de Ventozelo                                                            34.00
1983               Dow’s Vintage                                                                  52.00
1980               Smith Woodhouse                                                                54.95
1980               Warre’s                                                                        55.00
1985               Taylors                                                                        69.00
1994               Quinta da Vesuvio                                                              70.00
1977               Dow’s Vintage                                                                  79.00

                      Please contact the shop for full Vintage Port listings


VS                 Baron de Sigognac                                                              22.95
10YO               Baron de Sigognac (Gift Carton)                                                29.95
20YO               Baron de Sigognac (Gift Carton)                                                50.00
1969               Baron de Sigognac Armagnac                                                     100.00

We are able to source Armagnac from most vintages dating back to 1900, please enquire for more details.


VS                 MaximeTrijol Classc                                                            19.95
VSOP               Maxime Trijol, Grande Champagne                                                37.50
NV                 Selection du Chateau, Ch. Raillerie, Petite Champagne                          33.75
NV                 Lot No.10 Chais des Petites Tonneaux, Leyrat, Fins Bois                        35.00
VSOP               Cuvee Rare, Grande Champagne, Cognac Frapin                                    45.00
30YO               Reserve de la Famille, Chateau Montifaud, Petite Chamagne                      49.00
20YO               Alliance No 20, Ragnaud Sabourin, Grande Champagne                             62.00
XO                 Ragnaud Sabourin, Grande Champagne                                             95.00


NV                 Fabuloso Solera, Bodegas Hidalgo, 36% abv                                      12.99

Vintage    Spirit                                                   Bt

NV         Beneroy Fine                                             22.00
1978       Calvados du Pays d’Auge, Gerard Perigault, 35cl          35.00
12YO       Hors d’Age, Domaine Dupont                               49.00

Somerset Cider Brandy

3 YO       Somerset Royal, Cider Brandy                             20.99
10 YO      XO Somerset Cider Brandy                                 33.95
10YO       Shipwreck Limited Edition, 50cl                          31.00
15 YO      Alchemy                                                  42.99

Vatted     Asyla, Malt & Grain, Compass Box Whisky Company          25.00
Vatted     The Oak Cross, Compass Box Whisky Company                28.95
Vatted     The Peat Monster, Compass Box Whisky Company             28.95

NV         Benromach Traditional, Speyside                          19.99
10YO       Benromach, Speyside                                      29.99
NV         Benromach Organic, Speyside                              33.00
1990       Macallan, Coopers Choice Bottling, Speyside              46.60
12YO       Longmorn, Speyside                                       31.00
8 YO       Glenrothes, MacPhails Selection, Highland                19.65
1993       Scapa, Gordon & Macphail Bottling, Higland               34.00
15YO       Smiths Glenlivet, Highland                               35.00

1999       Laphroig, Coopers Choice (2009 Bottling)                 35.00
1994       Bowmore, Coopers Choice Bottling                         36.50
1991       Caol Isla, Cooper Choice Bottling (17 year Old)          41.00
1994       Coopers Choice, Bowmore                                  35.00
16YO       Bruichladdich Cuvee B, 1st Growth Series – Latour Cask   50.00
16YO       Bruichladdich Cuvee E, 1st Growth Series – Yquem Cask    50.00

Vatted     Hedonsim, Grain Whisky, Compass Box Whisky Company       49.00

NV         Connemara Peated Single Malt, Irish                      26.99
10YO       Tyrconnell Port Wood Finish                              39.99

Our Whisky selection is constantly evolving and being added to, please
       call the shop on (01305) 266734 to find out what is new.

                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE

The Dorset Wine Company supplies wine subject to stock remaining on hand. Prices are
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Orders and Delivery

Delivery is free to all customers in the Dorchester area. All deliveries will be undertaken
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New Accounts

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Unless previously arranged credit is limited to £4000. Cash is payable upon delivery unless a
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A charge of £5 plus VAT will be added to every returned cheque or to any bank charges
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Force Majeure
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In the event of non-payment, The Dorset Wine Company shall be entitled, in addition to other
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Data Protection Act 1984
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