Brand Bachchan(Amitabh, Abhishek, Aishwarya, Jaya) : Critical Evaluation

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					                                   Brand Bachchan



              SUBMITTED BY
            SHYAM VORA
         T.Y.B.M.S. (SEMESTER V)

       VILE PARLE (W), MUMBAI-400056

              SUBMITTED TO

            ACADEMIC YEAR

                                   Brand Bachchan



              SUBMITTED BY
             TANVI VORA
         T.Y.B.M.S. (SEMESTER V)

       VILE PARLE (W), MUMBAI-400056

              SUBMITTED TO

            ACADEMIC YEAR

                                                    Brand Bachchan


MANAGEMENT of T.Y.B.M.S. (Semester V) hereby declare that I
have compiled this project, titled “CRITICAL EVALUATION OF
BRAND BACHCHAN” in the academic year 2010-2011.

The information submitted is true and original to the best of my



                                                         Brand Bachchan


I, PROF. DEEPAK GUPTA hereby certify that TANVI VORA of
T.Y.B.M.S. (SEMESTER V) has completed his project on “CRITICAL
EVALUATION OF BRAND BACHCHAN” in the academic year 2010-
2011. The information submitted is true and original to the best of my

(DR. GEETHA MOHAN)                      (PROF. DEEPAK GUPTA)

                                                          Brand Bachchan


If words are considered as a symbol of approval and token of
appreciation then let the words play the heralding role expressing my
      During the perseverance of this Project, I was supported by
different people, whose names if not mentioned would be inconsiderate
on my part. I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude
and deep regard to my faculty guide Prof. DEEPAK GUPTA for his
exemplary guidance, valuable feedback and constant encouragement
throughout the duration of the project. His valuable suggestions were of
immense help throughout my project work. His perceptive criticism
kept me working to make this project in a much better way. Working
under him was an extremely knowledgeable experience for me.
      I would also like to give my sincere gratitude to all my college
librarian staff because of whom I am able to complete my dream
      Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents and my
friends for their support and feelings without which this project would
have not been possible.


                                                     Brand Bachchan


         Amitabh Bachchan is known as the man with the Midas
touch. And people have long loved to ape his style and his deep

         No wonder advertisement agencies have been vying with
one another to cash in on his megastar status.

        Today, the star is one of the hottest advertising mascots
and probably the most highly paid model for commercials.

         So far, Bachchan has endorsed brands like BPL, ICICI,
Parker Pens, Maruti Versa, Pepsi, Reid & Taylor, Nerolac Paints,
and Dabur. He was also a prominent part of a recent AIDS

         Even at 68, Bachchan makes more from his endorsements
than the stars of today like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.
Recently, he beat Aamir, who had bagged the biggest endorsement
for Coke, with a whopping Rs 10 crore contract with ICICI.

                                                          Brand Bachchan


        Not all people will fill the given questionnaire on their own.
        People would not necessarily tick the applicable option.
        Not necessary that everybody would be willing to fill up the

Objectives of the survey:-
     The emergence of Brand Bachchan
     The role played by Amitabh Bachchan in building brands
     Whether Amitabh Bachchan enhances the image of the product
     or creates confusion by endorsing so many products.

     Not everybody will complete the full survey as they may forget
     to fill some questions.
     The person may ask the surveyor to fill the form as he orally
     answers the questions.
     The survey was restricted only to 100 people.
     The person might get confused among the brands and may
     give the wrong answers.

Sample size:-
     The sample size consists of 100 people. The population
consists of the following age groups; 15-20, 20-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-
40 years residing in the areas of Borivali, kandivli and malad,

Sample frame:-
      All questionnaires were filled over a period of 10 days.

Sample unit:-
      Individual respondents.

                                                        Brand Bachchan

Methods of collection:-
        Two methods of data collection were utilized to collect the
information pertaining to the analysis. They are a follows:

Primary source:-
            A survey was conducted on 100 people.

Secondary source:-
          The information was collected from various magazines
and newspapers like:-
        o   The economic times.
        o   Hindustan times.
        o   Film fare magazine.
        o   Phillip kotler.
        o   Indian journal of marketing, October, 09‘

           Various internet sites were browses to search for the
latest information about Mr. Amitabh bachchan and his
        o   Yahoo news, India
        o   Google images

                                                            Brand Bachchan


SR.NO                            TOPIC                              PAGE NO.
 1.                          What is a brand                            11

 2.                     What are brand associates                       13

 3.                       Brands builds brands                          15

 4.              Introduction to brand Amitabh Bachchan                 18

 5.                    Life cycle of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan               19

 6.           Introduction to the brand Bachchan family                 20

 7.                   Brand Bachchan combo.                             21

 8.           The lord of all brands-Amitabh Bachchan.                  23
 9.                     Asset management.                               25
 10.                  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan                              27
                          -A boon to marketers.
 11.          Brand Bachchan the charm for marketers.                   30

 12.          Buy it………………Because Bachchan says so.                     35

 13.                  Big B in the Bouquet.                             36

 14.       Brands associates with Amitabh are sure to grow.             39

 15.       Endorsements through Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.                   41

 16.                   Marketers Appeal                                 43

 17.    Versatile list of endorsement of Amitabh Bachchan.              45
                                                        Brand Bachchan

18.   Benefits of using Amitabh Bachchan for endorsements.          49

19.                    Research questionnaire.                      51
20.                       Research analysis.                        54

21.    Critical perspective of using Amitabh Bachchan for           59
22.                    Brand B v/s Brand SRK.                       61
23.                         Bibliography.                           63

                                                         Brand Bachchan

                   WHAT IS A BRAND?
A brand is a distinguishing name and/or symbol, intended to identify a
product or producer. Brand is the image of the product in the market.
Some people distinguish the psychological aspect of a brand from the
experiential aspect. The experiential aspect consists of the sum of all
points of contact with the brand and is known as the brand
experience. The psychological aspect, sometimes referred to as the
brand image, is a symbolic construct created within the minds of
people and consists of all the information and expectations
associated with a product or service.

               The most distinctive skill of professional marketers is
their ability to create, maintain, protect, and enhance brands.
Branding is the art and cornerstone of marketing. The American
marketing association defines a brand as: a name, term, sign,
symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the
goods or services of one seller or a group of sellers and to
differentiate them from those competitors. Thus a brand identifies the
seller or the maker. Brands differ from other assets such as patents
and copyrights, which have expiration rates.
A brand is a complex symbol that can convey up to six levels of
1.) Attributes: - a brand brings to mind certain attributes. Mercedes
suggests expensive, well-built, well-engineered, durable, high
prestigious automobiles.

2.) Benefits:-attributes may be translated into functional and
emotional benefits. The attribute ―durable‖ could translate into
functional and emotional benefits.

3.) Values:-the brand also says something about the producer‘s
values. As Mercedes stands for high performance, safety and

4.) Culture:-the brand may represent a certain a culture.As the
Mercedes represents a German culture.

                                                     Brand Bachchan

5.) Personality:-the brand can project a certain personality.
Mercedes may suggest a no-nonsense boss (person)a reigning
lion(animal),or a austere place(object).

6.) User:-the brand suggests the kind of customer who buys or uses
the product. We would expect to see a 55 year old top executive
behind the wheel of a Mercedes, not a 20 year old secretary.

                                                           Brand Bachchan

                    BRAND ASSOCIATES.

             Brand associates play a major role in nurturing the
proposition/emotional association among consumers. Benefits or
attributes could be used to nurture brand associates. For e.g. A brand
of toothpaste can highlight white teeth (benefits) or get its ingredients
(attributes) endorsed with a doctor in that endorsement. Brand
associates are extremely important as they ‗define‘ what a brand
stands for over a period of time. Nike‘s association was with the ‗just
do it‘ attitude has given the brand a legendry association. In recent
times, marketers have attempted to provide an efficient emotional
association with the respective customers. Brand personality involves
associating a brand and has found that this provides an effective
emotional association with the respective customers. Brand
personality involves associating a brand with human associations.
Another advantage of developing a brand personality is that when
brands compete on an even plane with regards to functional
attributes or benefits or personality can provide a very powerful
emotional differentiator. Liril the soap brand was the earliest brands
to attempt a brand personality. Liril came out with the refreshing
waterfall campaign associating the brand with; fresh, energetic and
fun loving‘ traits. Titan‘s ‗gift giving warmth‘ and Raymond‘s ‗complete
man‘ which has a focus on relationship are examples of brand
personality orientation.

                   A typical issue on the subject is the extent to which
celebrity association can add to personality orientation. This will
depend on the product category, target segment and the celebrity
used. For e.g., a brand like Parker pens uses Amitabh, to add ‗grace
and sophistication‘ attributes to its existing Premium ness. It should
be noted that there needs to be a connection between the perception
of the customers, the brand and the celebrity used. Pataudi‘s touch to
grassim is another example that was on similar lines. Sometimes a
brand can choose celebrity not associated with a common sport like
cricket or football just to convey the message of excluveseness,
which is important to premium brands. Fastrack from Titan used this
approach by choosing a celebrity from car racing.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

                  Brand associations have long –term implications for
brand. The top brands of the world have reflected consistent meaning
and it is established practice to nurture a strong brand once
associations are developed. Lifebuoy‘s germ killing action, Dettol‘s
anti-germ proposition and Johnson and Johnson‘s is associated with
children to reposition it after having a post launch failure. Brand
association can also convey perceived value and quality. In a highly
competitive context, managing brand associations becomes very
complex because there is a need to not only preserve and nurture the
association created but also to differentiate the brand from
competitive offerings. Pepsi has been projecting ‗irrevence‘and hence
always goes for starts like Shahrukh khan who are closely associated
with that kind of personality. This helps the target audience-youth-to
identify themselves with the brand. Coke, a more classy brand uses
Aamir khan. So different brands use different celebrities according to
their personality.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

                      Brands build brands

               In India, film stars have long endorsed products. Lux
soap has had an ongoing campaign that used film stars to sell the
beauty proposition. Colas have used the muscles and beauty of many
film stars like Hrithik, Salman, Akshay and Aiswarya, to name a few.

            Yet this is simple celebrity endorsement. There have not
been too many instances of the endorser becoming a brand himself.
Even Aamir Khan, who has been the pivot around which the Thanda
matlab Coca-Cola campaign revolves, has reached cult status, but
not, in my opinion, mega brand status. Similarly, Shah Rukh Khan,
with his endorsement of wristwatches, Santro, and white goods, to
mention a few.

              Sachin Tendulkar has been endorsing a wide range of
products. The magazines and TV channels are full of Sachin as he
smiles for a TVS Victor or a Visa card or the scores of other products
he endorses. He is very close to being a big brand.

              And then there is the one individual, towering above the
rest, aging superbly like the finest wine and gaining in popularity as
time goes by. The power brand is Amitabh Bachchan.

                                                           Brand Bachchan

              Big B is now the Big Brand. Why do I say this? Well,
this gentleman is no ordinary celebrity endorser or brand
ambassador. He is a brand, as big or in fact, in some cases, bigger,
than the brands he endorses. And his endorsement is not sought out
to raise awareness levels as is the case with other celebrity
endorsers. He can actually infuse confidence, raise credibility levels
and bring about a change in the fortunes of the brand. And that is
saying a lot.

          Let's take a look at Amitabh the brand first. Zanjeer
positioned him as the angry young man. He says that is what the
public wanted at that time. They were restless and angry and wanted
to share his anger. It made him a big film star.

            Yet, he never hesitated to clown around or dance around
trees. This in a way gave him tremendous range. Then came his
foray into politics and his misadventure into the corporate world. Both
ended somewhat disastrously. Yet, the public seemed to view this
vulnerability as something very human. He was no longer the angry
young man who could thrash twelve villains at the same time. He was
like you and me. He too could fail at things. The brand was very
human. Then came Kaun Banega Crorepati, and his rich baritone, his
self-deprecating humility and his charming good looks made Star TV
and himself crorepatis.

              The Big Brand had arrived. At this stage, he seems
unstoppable. People love his wry humor in the Parker film
advertisement. They love the Bond-like look in Reid and Taylor. They
love the very earthy good sense he makes for ICICI. They are taking
his word in the Nerolac campaign. They are lapping it up.

             And now, he is going to bring Cadbury back from the
maggots and insects that seemed to love it as much as all of us, and
reassure us that Cadbury has in fact changed the packaging, and
with its good production practices is very safe to eat. A tall order.
Chocolates are predominantly perceived as something children love.
Of course, adults love it too. Yet, the thought of gifting something with
insects crawling around, to someone special makes the senses quail.

                                                        Brand Bachchan

           We need to reassure that all is well, though. And that is
what the deep voice and magnetic personality of the Big B will
attempt to do. The creative execution will be watched closely. Yet, I
tend to agree with Mr. Bachchan when he said his image had been
molded by what the public needs.

            In today's scam-tainted world, what is more important
than reassurance? And that is what the Big B is providing today.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

                    BRAND BACHCHAN

        Bollywood basically has three megastars -Dilip Kumar,
Amitabh Bachchan and to an extent Shahrukh Khan. But none have
touched the pedestal of success as one Allahabad guy of 6 feet has
scaled as if it benefits his height. Bachchan was, after all, the first
Indian actor to have his likeness sculpted for Madame Tussaud's
Wax Museum in London. This man tried his stint in politics but soon
realized the muddle and came back to Bollywood bandwagon again.

          Amitabh Bachchan has been an icon of sort. The man
unquestionably in every front delivers. Just when it was thought that
the legend won't come back to the screen, he shooted back. The host
of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), the Indian version of the British
game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," made television viewing
far more entertaining than it never was. He was voted in BBC's
Internet poll on the 'Star of the Millennium'.

           Versatility is another name for Amitabh Bachchan. He can
sizzle with Adnan Sami and say Kabhie Nahi as well as dance with
Kareena Kapoor in Pepsi advertisement. Amitabh Bachchan is the
next name to impossible and for someone who has been leaped with
laurels any compliment would fall short before him.

          Amitabh Bachchan has been a household name for three
decades now.

           He is known as the man with the Midas touch. And people
have long loved to ape his style and his deep voice.

          No wonder advertisement agencies have been vying with
one another to cash in on his megastar status.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

         Today, the star is one of the hottest advertising mascots and
 probably the most highly paid model for commercials.

         So far, Bachchan has endorsed brands like BPL, ICICI,
 Parker Pens, Maruti Versa, Pepsi, Reid & Taylor, Nerolac Paints, and
 Dabur. He was also a prominent part of a recent AIDS campaign.

 Even at 68, Bachchan makes more from his endorsements than the
 stars of today like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. Recently, he
 beat Aamir, who had bagged the biggest endorsement for Coke, with
 a whopping Rs 10 crore contract with ICICI.

     Life cycle of brand no:-1-Amitabh Bachchan

Introduction   Growth    Maturity      Decline   Re-invention    growth

                                                    Brand Bachchan

    Introduction to the family of Brand Bachchan’s

            The Bachchan brand includes four great personalities
under it, Amitabh, Jaya, Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who
has just been a recent addition to the Bachchan clan.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

             Brand Bachchan combo: Rs 700 cr.

    The Bachchan brand's just gotten bigger. With bahu Aishwarya
Rai set to join the Bachchan clan, the industry is abuzz with talks of
the trade monopoly that the family will now wield.

                In film history, the Kapoors were the only family which
ruled the industry. Though the Chopras are equally powerful as a
family, their influence has been primarily felt in production circles.

               With four leading stars — Amitabh, Jaya, Abhishek and
Aishwarya — coming together as a family now, the film as well as the
ad world is viewing them as a potential package deal. Adman Piyush
Pandey says, "Individually they are strong names in themselves, but
at some point of time there could be a rub off from one to the other.
Talking of a package deal, they will be the most powerful and yes, the
most expensive. But you never know, today pockets are deeper and
the ad world is buzzing with innovative ideas."

                                                            Brand Bachchan

   So how much would they are worth collectively? Adman Pralhad
Kakkar roughly estimates their total brand worth at about 600-700
crore. However, he adds that getting all of them together for an
endorsement is ‗a sheer waste'. ―You would not be able to do justice
to all of them, unless it is a public service advertisement.‖

            Agrees trade analyst Taran Adarsh, "All investments, films
budgets, and their respective endorsements put together, their worth
certainly jumps many many hundreds of Crores. Having said this, I
don't think the family will come together as any kind of package deal."

           As it is, the Ash-Abhishek chemistry is evident for all to see.
Taran adds, "When Ash-Abhishek met and fell in love, it was only for
love, just like Jaya and Amitabh marrying at the height of Amitabh's
stardom. Ash's entry into the family is incidental, but the fact remains
that she has certainly added value.

                                                          Brand Bachchan

         The Lord of brands – Amitabh Bachchan.

      Many see Amitabh Bachchan as materialistic and overexposed
actor who is not ready to sit on laurels but works relentlessly to build
larger than life media image never seen or heard before in Bollywood.

      The actor who rules both small and silver screen has
entrenched himself so deeply in endorsement arena that he is giving
king khans run for their money.

     According to media reports Big B takes home last year around
Rs. 1.90 million ($4 million) which is far more than mega star Shah
Rukh Khan which is around 1.30 million ($3 million).

      Amitabh Bachchan‘s persona began to be leveraged by
marketers. Within a span of four years, he has endorsed brands in
products categories as diverse as banking, soft drinks, apparels,
batteries, chocolates, automobiles, writing instruments, diet
supplements personal care and real estate. Contrast with his earlier
                                                        Brand Bachchan

endorsement history- just one in the mid 90‘s, a corporate branding
exercise for BPL.BPL managed to position itself as an aspirational
Indian Brand.

       One of his strengths was his unblemished personality. As an
endorser stakes his reputation and credibility in endorsing products,
the cleaner the track record the greater the trustworthiness. This
aspect was exploited by Cadbury‘s well. When it was enveloped in
the controversy regarding worm-infested packs of its Dairy Milk
chocolates brand, one of its responses to regain public confidence
was to show him visiting its plants and vouching for safety of its
chocolates in its commercials. The Nerolac paint was another brand
that leveraged his credibility by having assure audience, ‗Hum keh
rahe hain‘ in its commercials.

     As a person with social conscience, he has also lent his star
appeal to public and social causes such as the polio eradication
programme, emancipation of children and preventing cruelty to

      The campaigns for pulse polio, UNICEF, and people for ethical
treatment of animals (PETA) featured him prominently to have big
impact on the audience.

      When Amitabh Bachchan debuted on small screen risk factor
was very high, as that time he was considered as decaying actor,
failed politician and businessman doubling under heavy debt. Inspite
of three decades long successful career, when it came to his second
innings he wasn‘t getting his due in Bollywood.

      His larger than life image made him most expensive endorser.
Despite the rates, domestic and international companies make a
beeline for him. The domestic brands usually opt for short term
association with Big B, but for multinational like Pepsi and Reid and
Taylor renewing contracts with Amitabh Bachchan‘s is not as issue

                                                            Brand Bachchan

                        Asset management

             The impact of Brand Amitabh Bachchan among Indian
audiences can be gauged by observing where the actor figures in
Y&R‘s international research tool, Brand Asset Valuator (BAV). As
per the 2003 wave conducted among Indian consumers by
Rediffusion DYR, Bachchan is a power brand with remarkably high
scores across the five parameters (or ‗pillars‘ in BAV speak) that the
tool uses to assess the relative                  value of brands.

                In 2003, Bachchan occupied the critical top half of the
third quadrant of the BAV map, where all Established Leader brands
typically figure. He had high scores on all five pillars — Differentiation
(perceived distinctiveness of the brand), Energy (how adaptive the
brand is), Relevance (personal appropriateness of the brand),
Esteem (regard for the brand) and Knowledge (intimate
understanding of what the brand stands for). ―Other brands like
Amitabh in the 2003 BAV were Yahoo!, Nokia, Allen Solly, CNN,
STAR Channel and KBC itself,‖ says Nisha Singhania, general
manager – new business, Rediffusion. ―In 2003, people saw him as
‗dynamic‘ and ‗innovative‘, and this could be because of his
association with Kaun Banega Crorepati.‖
                                                         Brand Bachchan

             However, if the results of the latest BAV wave (2008) are
anything to go by, Brand Bachchan may be on a decline. Although
Bachchan continues to occupy the third quadrant of the BAV map, his
position has slipped to occupy the space that is generally taken by
Declining Leaders. What is contributing to this is a sharp fall in
 his Energy scores, points out Singhania.

              ―While his scores are more or less the same when it
comes to Esteem, Relevance and Knowledge, he‘s down on
Differentiation and Energy compared to the last wave,‖ she says,
adding that while Esteem and Knowledge represent ‗brand stature‘ (a
function of past performance), Differentiation, Energy and Relevance
represent ‗energized brand strength‘ (or a brand‘s future potential).
―When brands drop on Differentiation, Energy and Relevance,
They symbolize decline in brand appeal,‖ she says.

             Importantly, in the 2003 wave, while Bachchan‘s appeal
was highest among ‗opinion-making‘ respondent constituents like
males, leading audiences and respondents in the key 18-24-year
bracket, in the 2006 wave, his appeal is highest among females,
lagging audiences and those in the 25-35-years bracket. ―If one looks
for Bachchan‘s appeal among the ‗male, leading and 18-24
segments‘ in the 2006 wave, you‘ll see Bachchan has almost
dropped out of the Declining Leaders cluster as well,‖ Singhania
points out. ―However, overall, Bachchan still is seen as a leading

                                                            Brand Bachchan

      Dr. Amitabh Bachchan – A Boon to Marketers

          Indian advertisers are taking a leaf out of that much-thumbed
recipe book by signing Amitabh Bachchan as their brand‘s
ambassadors and star endorser. The idea, evidently, is to ride on the
immense popularity and goodwill that the actor enjoys, and use the
positive rub-off of the association to the brand‘s benefit. Be it in terms
of recall or likeability.

       Three big advertisers have struck multi-crores endorsement
deals with Amitabh Bachchan – Nerolac Paints, Dabur India (for
flagship Chywanprash brand Dabur Chywanprash), and Cadbury
India. Add to this list the endorsement contract between the star and
suiting brand Reid & Taylor, and Amitabh Bachchan‘s enduring
association with ICICI, Pepsi and Parker. That makes it seven active
endorsement deals. And though not a commercial endorsement in
the strictest sense, one mustn‘t overlook Amitabh Bachchan‘s role as
ambassador in the ongoing Pulse Polio campaign being coordinated
by UNICEF for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Now add to
all those brands that the actor has endorsed at various times in the
past – BPL (in the mid-90‘s, in case you had forgotten) and Maruti
Versa –and one gets a fair of l‘affaire d‘amour that has blossomed
between Amitabh Bachchan and the Advertiser.

       Importantly, for the circumstances that might have led to the
contracts being signed.

                                                            Brand Bachchan

       Let‘s first take Cadbury; it has the strongest reason for roping in
an endorser of Amitabh Bachchan‘s stature. The company is trying to
live down the ‗worm controversy‘ that tailed its flagship chocolate
brand Cadbury Dairy Milk for much of end-2003 (the damaging
controversy also caught other Cadbury chocolate brands in its
slipstream), and it believes Amitabh Bachchan is its best bet in the
bid to rebuild consumer confidence in the brand. This is a perfect first
between Amitabh Bachchan and Cadbury chocolates their
timelessness, and the love and trust they both share people across
India, makes this extends to everyone from 6 to 60, just as our
chocolates do.‖

      These endorsement deals clearly point to one thing: Amitabh
Bachchan seems to be blessing for Indian advertisers when it comes
to imparting freshness, vigor and most importantly, respectability to
brands. Especially to those in need of some sort of image
modification or rejuvenation.

       But the question is, what medicine Dr. Amitabh Bachchan gives
to marketers, how exactly can brands best leverage the star‘s
goodwill to come out on top? That too by beating the buregoing
clutter of Amitabh Bachchan-endorsed ads?

      Madukar Sabnavis, country head, Ogilvy Discovery.
―And the best part is his appeal cuts across socio-economic and age
strata. Earlier generation has grown up on Amitabh Bachchan.

       While his current popularity ensures that today‘s generation is
also growing up on him. ―The fact that one –
Of 2003‘s sleeper hits was Amitabh Bachchan – starrer Baghban –
virtually a one - hero movie - shows the 62-year-old star is still
capable of pulling in the crowds.

      Universal appeal is a plus, but what really clinches the deal for
advertising is the trust factor. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the rare
celebrities who still enjoy credibility on people‘s minds, especially at a
time when the lives of celebrity are becoming more and more public.
By borrowing from that persona, brands come across as more
credible. There is great respect for Amitabh Bachchan among
consumers and his endorsement lends dignity to the communication.
                                                          Brand Bachchan

      Nerolac, which has been the distant to rival Asian Paints,
certainly in image terms. Nerolac signed Amitabh Bachchan as its
ambassadors, and shortly thereafter, unveiled a multimedia campaign
featuring the actor which centered at the theme ‗Yeh rang har Kisi ko
choota hai.‘ The agency handling the account (Interface
Communications) has been claiming that the campaign is a hit with
consumers, and to be fair to the agency and the advertisers, Nerolac
has gained a few notches in image terms. The Gross Sales of
Nerolac Paints increased from Rs. 385.46 Crores in the financial year
2002-2003 to Rs. 457.94 Crores in the financial year 2003-2004, i.e.
showing a positive change of 18.80%. Also on as over all basis,
company grew by 8 – 10%. Then the case of Dabur Chywanprash,
although the Brand is the clear leader in the chywanprash market, the
category has been a victim of flat growth rates for a while now. And it
has been speculated that even

Dabur Chywanprash is in need of a makeover, aimed at keeping the
brand relevant to consumers. The answer, as Dabur saw it, lay in
getting Amitabh Bachchan to endorse the brand. The coming
together of brand Amitabh Bachchan and Dabur Chywanprash would
not only help the brand, but also the category, which has been
witnessing near flat growth rates.

       Ultimately, a lot depends on the brand being advertised and the
figure of speech. Citing the instances of Nerolac and Dabur
Chywanprash, ―If you look at both pieces of communication, it is clear
that both are about brand salience and brand differentiation in their
respective commoditized markets. There is little brand differentiation
in either category, and neither brand is saying new. The idea is just to
get the brand to stick in consumers minds.‖ However, everyone sees
a good opportunity for Cadbury to leverage the aspects of trust.
Amitabh Bachchan and Cadbury are trusted names in India, though
now Cadbury has come under a cloud. If Cadbury is able to tap into
the trust that consumers have in Amitabh Bachchan, people will sit up
and listen.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

             Brand B the charm for marketers

          ―Amitabh Bachchan has everything that a man needs –
height, voice, education, pedigree, family, faith, command and control
over language,‖ ―That contributes to his enduring brand value – he is
larger than life, but never out of place. He‘s kind of everything to
everybody. In short, he exudes universal appeal.‖

      What really clinches the deal for Amitabh Bachchan is the trust
factor. That came in handy for Cadbury India, when it was trying to
get over the ‗worm controversy‘ that tailed its flagship brand Cadbury
Dairy Milk for much of 2003. The same respect and made him the
ideal spokesperson for Dabur, when it realized that sales of its
flagship Chyawanprash were flagging. ―After two years of flat sales,
we saw double-digit growth last year,‖ says VS Sitaram, executive
director, consumer care division, Dabur India. ―His appeal cuts across
socio-economic and age strata.‖

                                                          Brand Bachchan

      From a brand perspective, Amitabh is an awesome story,
―When he started out, he distilled the anger of the seventies‘ youth on
the big screen. Now, at 67, he seems to be more at peace with
himself – like the way India is today. He has made himself continually
relevant to different target groups at different points in time.‖

All its talent, marketing, charisma or simply the Bachchan magic.
While one embodies the face of credibility replete with a deep
baritone, the other addresses the youth full of wry, self-deprecating
humor. But one thing is clear — both are marketer‘s delight when it
comes to brand building. While Junior B may use the tagline of
American Express ―You don‘t need to be the Big B to be Big‖ to
emerge out of daddy‘s shadow, for brand gurus, this just reinforces
what they already know. That Junior B has arrived.

                         The Genesis

             Amitabh Bachchan stands head and shoulders above his
contemporaries when it comes to endorsing brands. His persona or,
shall we say, magic cuts a swathe through categories, demographics
and whatever else you may throw as a challenge. Big B became the
face of Indian advertising while resurrecting his career from a
financial quagmire, while Aby Baby has had the luxury to pick and
choose his brand assignments.

              So while you see Amitabh indiscriminately endorsing
everything, from hair-oil to premium suiting, Abhishek has intriguingly
stuck to international brands such as LG, Motorola, Ford, American
Express, et al. ―While Amitabh has nothing to lose, Abhishek has
everything to build,‖ says Santosh Desai, president, McCann-

              For Amitabh, the die has been cast — a figure of implicit
authority backed by the astounding success of his films. Abhishek
has, however, never fought his legacy. Instead, he imbibed it and
cast it in a new light. ―Abhishek‘s value will only grow, but his
cinematic performance needs to kick in to add durability to his mass
appeal,‖ stresses Desai.

                                                          Brand Bachchan

                      Just his father’s son?

              An unequivocal No. But, you would be forgiven for
thinking otherwise. Just a look at his film statistics show that he
should have been written off as a has-been long ago. Twenty-three
films, 14 flops and most hits, thanks to an ensemble cast. But being
Amitabh‘s son, that raffish beard and that special something still
makes him a delight. Experts suggest that since a lot of his films don‘t
set the cash registers ringing, Abhishek‘s persona is heavily
dependent on savvy branding, media interactions and interviews.
―People accept Abhishek for what he is — a distinct personality. He
has arrived and not just as his father‘s son,‖ says Prahlad Kakar, ad
guru, film-maker et al

                        Arrived without a cola?

                The billowing chiffon sarees attract Lux and rugged
success is a magnet for the colas. Can Abhishek be counted as a
brand icon in the making without a cola endorsement in his kitty?
Sure, especially this year. ―A lot of stars are consciously steering
clear of the colas because of the pesticide controversy,‖ says Anirban
Das Blah, VP, marketing, Globosport, a brand management firm. But
Kakar has another suggestion: ―Abhishek‘s intellectual sense of
humour makes him perfect for Pepsi as he represents its target

                           All that demand

             There are brand managers who insist that in India, there
is magic in only two surnames — Gandhi and Bachchan. ―Abhishek is
the Rahul Gandhi of Bollywood and within three years, he will be the
hottest property,‖ says a brand manager who does not wish to be
named. According to Sunil Doshi, CEO, Alliance Media &
Entertainment, and the person who manages the Bachchan brand,
Abhishek is in great demand and gets at least 2-3 offers per week.
―With Abhishek, we are seeing a strange trend; he generates an
unusual interest from foreign brands and countries. Interest from
Latin American countries only reconfirms his universal appeal,‖ says
                                                            Brand Bachchan

              MARKETERS have been leveraging celebrity appeal for
a long time. Across categories, whether in products or services, more
and more brands are banking on the mass appeal of celebrities. As
soon as a new face ascends the popularity charts, advertisers queue
up to have it splashed all over. Witness the spectacular rise of Sania
Mirza and Irfan Pathan in endorsements in a matter of a few months.
Such is the frenzy that multiple celebrities are endorsing one brand
and super celebrities are promoting several products. The latter run
the risk of diluting their persona and delivering diminishing returns for

              Usually, celebrities are super achievers at the peak of
their professions. For example, sportspersons get flooded with offers
from marketers to endorse various products when they are at the
height of their popularity. This fame is proportional to the sporting
achievements. So is the case with the top film stars. Eminent
examples are Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan.

            Similarly, the popularity of TV programmes makes the
actors in them quite popular and some of them do endorse products.
Once the sportsperson retires or the actors lose their charm at the
box-office or the TRP‘s of the TV programmes come down, the
endorsements also dwindle.

            Amitabh Bachchan is an exception to this normal life cycle
of a celebrity in terms of endorsements. An actor by profession, his
best days at the box-office are well behind. Yet, his endorsements do
not seem to stop. An immensely successful actor of more than three-
and-a-half decades in the Hindi film industry, a failed politician, a
stumbling businessman and anchor of just one TV programme - his is
a unique combination. It is noteworthy that during the first two-and-a-
half decades of his acting career in more than a 100 films, he never
endorsed any product. This, at a time when for nearly two decades
he reigned over Bollywood and was called the one-man Hindi film

                                                         Brand Bachchan

             His seemingly risky foray into anchoring Kaun Banega
Crorepati (KBC) in the year 2000 added several notches to his
already phenomenal popularity and catapulted him into the league of
the most expensive endorsers. The way Zanjeer transformed his
acting career, KBC opened the floodgates of endorsements.
Marketers found their single-point attention-grabber in Amitabh
Bachchan who could not only command attention but also lend
credibility to their brands.

           What set him apart from others and drew a host of marketers
to leverage his personality was his popularity across the length and
breadth of India, cutting across the barriers of age, income, region
and language. Long after he gave up shouldering the box-office
appeal of films single-handedly and four years after the last episode
of the first round of KBC was telecast, he still lords it over the
popularity charts and endorses a wide array of products.

                                                           Brand Bachchan

              Buy it...because Bachchan says so

             When he stands, hands folded, at the door to greet
Over 1,500 guests at friend Amar Singh's birthday party, he lends
Instant credibility to the portly politician. That is Amitabh Bachchan–
Super brand ambassador.

            Simply put, Bachchan is the latest credibility stamp. If
he says it, it must be so. He, like other super celebrities, has
endorsed products before. He's pushed pens and politicians,
clothes and colas, chyawanprash and home loans. Save the
politicians, the rest are regular ad campaigns, conceived creatively
to do justice to his overpowering persona, but at the end of it a
direct sales pitch.

              Lately though it has become clear that the magic will
not ebb even with the advancing years. At 60 plus, Amitabh can
still pull off a hit in Baghban , earlier, lead TRP's with his Kaun
Banega Crorepati and draw huge crowds for Mulayam Singh
Yadav at the remotest of political venues.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

                       B in the bouquet

          He‘s about to enter the Sexy 67. At an age when most
people retire and plan for a life after, he's marching on, that deep
baritone still setting hearts of assorted sweet 16s aflutter.
He's got the presence that can dwarf the best and the biggest -and
who needs a Lomani when it's the sweet smell of success that
pervades the air around him.

          Amitabh Bachchan, the Shahenshah of Bollywood, is like
wine, getting better with age. Brand Bachchan is everywhere - from
wowing the family in the Pepsi spot with the kid he can't outsmart, to
making every neighbour envious as he peeps out of a BPL TV to
seducing the common man to bank with ICICI bank...
"Celebrity endorsements was untapped in India because the market
had not matured. Today, our entire population is what the world looks
at as consumers," he says.

           From being the choice of the new generation to lending
his name for Lomani, the Big B does not appear to be very choosy
                                                             Brand Bachchan

with what he endorses, though he's got a story for every brand that
he's left his mark on -- from the aspirational Parker to the reliability of
an ICICI bank. And then there are products which he won‘t endorse:
alcohol and tobacco. "I don't smoke or drink," he says.
The Big B spoke to us about everything, from his recent fling with
French perfume-maker Lomani to perhaps his biggest(and some
diehard Bachchan fans say the ONLY) flop ABCL. So what's the next
evolution for Brand Bachchan, phase III if you will?
After the angry young man in Deewar and Trishul and he avuncular
quizmaster in KBC, what next? "I've never designed my life. I've just
lived it. And as long as my health permits me to, I shall continue to do
so," he says.

          Yet, there is an excitement about the things to come. Of the
chance to relive a dream: ABCL. "It was because of ABCL that I did
my first endorsement. It was the first time in the history of the
corporate world that a human being was being evaluated as the core
of a company, so as to put a value on the company.
So everything associated with that human was exploited. If he could
sing, dance, act... anything. Maybe we were five years ahead of
time.‖ He‘s hoping to bounce back for the second time, much like he
did himself with KBC.

            "There was no experience of how to run the business of
entertainment. There was mismanagement and too much reliance on
executives. We have sorted out almost all our problems, and we
should be back shortly," he says.

            For now, the man's put his stamp on the 100 ml bottles
called Amitabh B - Pour Homme and Pour Femme, from Lomani. All
the "mystery" about the man, say Lomani executives, has been
captured in this bottle. "What you see is what we smell," says
perfumer Francis Camail.

             As for Bachchan himself, the persona is every bit as
riveting as the screen presence. Clad casually, the only brand
elements evident on the icon were the two wrist-watches, one on
each wrist (Bulgari being his favourite).

                                                         Brand Bachchan

         We can't help but elaborate - one was a slim red-strapped
rectangle dial on his right wrist, and the other a round dial, strapped
into an eye-catching, broad, bright, yellow strap. Who says the man is
going to be 67?

           "There's a cultural change taking place in the Indian
male's self-grooming," says Bachchan, adding that many women in
fact use the perfume pour homme. Would he make sure his son
Abhishek uses Amitabh B? "If he doesn't, he gets a whack," says
Papa B."

              Bachchan was fascinated by the two-year process of
making the perfume. "Grasse was mandatory for a tourist visiting the
South of France. One took in the perfumes more off the shelf, not
realizing the magnitude of the industry." He's convinced that brand
endorsements work with perfumes, having bought one himself.
"Elizabeth Taylor - One of the most beautiful women in the world. I
was first drawn to it because of her name, I smelt it later. Likewise
Jaipur by Bucheron. The association with India is what drew me to it
as does a brand extension like Bulgari. I love their watches, so when
they launch a perfume, I would buy it by extension," says Bachchan.

                                                          Brand Bachchan

   Brands associated with Amitabh are sure to grow.

              When brands are associated with Amitabh Bachchan,
they are sure to grow. Take for instance Himani Navratna Oil. Since
Amitabh's association with the hair oil brand, it has gone places. The
brand started off with Govinda endorsing the 'Thanda Thanda Cool
Cool' oil. Then the brand went on to rope in the Big B, so as to break
geographical boundaries. A similar advertisement featuring Shah
Rukh Khan was also aired but somehow it failed to strike a chord with
the audience.

                With the success of Amitabh's ad, Himani Navratna
Oil has gone ahead and roped in the Big B once again. But this time
around, he wouldn't be seen being preachy like the first ad, but will do
what he does best, acting. The new ad shows Big B as a PA who
speaks in true UP style and explains to the newly appointed manager
how to beat tension and stress and save the day with Himani
Navratna Oil.

               The ad has been directed by Munnabhai director
Rajkumar Hirani and is created by Ramanuj Shastry. Interestingly,
the future advertisements will have Amitabh in different regional
avatars to promote the brand. If one remembers, even Aamir Khan
had donned different regional avatars for the Coke commercials.

                                                        Brand Bachchan

             Apparently, the senior brand manager of Navratna Oil
does admit that Navratna campaign is inspired from the Coke
commercial as such local flavors give a lot of entertainment value to
the masses.

                                                          Brand Bachchan

         Endorsement Through Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

      Talk of one brand using another one creating instant awareness
and Amitabh Bachchan, the quintessential brand ambassador,
springs to mind.

     One KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) and 16 brand
endorsements later, the Big B is hungry for more. Apart from all
these, he‘s been signed on by Hindustan Lever Ltd. For Rin and the
diamond company Gitanjali for its Damas Solitaire range.

      Interestingly, the Rin deal for Amitabh Bachchan was struck by
celebrity management company Percept D‘Mark. Says Percept‘s
CEO Preeta Singh: ―We don‘t represent him but if we see a brand fit
we will work with him in the future.‖

       Clearly, the super star of celebrity endorsements is far from
calling it a day.

       Commenting on why Rin got Amitabh Bachchan, HLL‘s
Mumbai-based spokesperson says: ―For us Rin is a big category
which stands for purity and whiteness. We thought the biggest and
the purest star like Amitabh Bachchan would work well for the
product. Our consumer insight studies have revealed that people
have loved the ad and it delivers the point well.‖ Needless to say, with
commercials such as Dabur Pudin Hara, Parker Pens, ICICI Bank,
Nerolac Paints and Pepsi behind him, Amitabh Bachchan has
crossed all image barriers that worry ambassadors and corporate

                                                          Brand Bachchan

               It does not bother Mehul choksi, MD and Chairman of
the Gitanjali group that Amitabh Bachchan promotes Dabur Lal Tel
other than his solitaires.

              ―He is so powerful as a brand himself that his over-
exposure is not a matter of concern at all,‖ claims Choksi, actually
explains the persona of Big B ―who, too, is one in a billion.‖

               ―Amitabh Bachchan has a peculiar advantage. No other
celebrity cuts through the socio-economic classes and reaches out to
people aged between 6 to 60. Indian corporate is using him for his
phenomenal pan-India appeal.‖

                 But does using as promiscuous a brand ambassador
as Big B translate into profits? Why else would there be a beeline for
him? After all the where to put their money.

                 HLL spokesperson says it‘s too to gauge the success
of Rin in terms of. Though Dabur healthcare products sales improved,
―the increase can‘t be solely attributed to him.

                 Marketing initiatives such as innovative packaging
and other communication activities have also taken place,‖ says a
Dabur India Ltd. Spokesman.

                On an average, companies sign up Amitabh
Bachchan for 3 or 5 years for a handsome fee running into crores. As
Star Plus gets set to splash the on its channels in the coming weeks
to promote KBC part II, creative heads of advertising agencies warn
against ―lazy advertising‖ – where inadequate content is masked by
the usage of a celebrity.

         Says Leo Burnett Delhi creative director, Rupam Borah:
―The script has to be brilliant or else all that consumers remember is
him and not the brand. Most powerful corporate feel that if they can
afford the the best, then why not. They fail to realize that the one who
stands to gain is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and not the brand.‖

                                                         Brand Bachchan

                       Marketers Appeal

            The respect Amitabh Bachchan commands was used very
skillfully in campaign for polio eradication (by O&M) an example that
almost everyone cities when discussing how best to use Amitabh
Bachchan‘s firepower. The agency was clear in its thinking, and the
campaign was good as it had a strong idea at the core. Amitabh
Bachchan walked the fine between anger, disgust and humor, and it
came naturally. ―The idea of an angry viewer for not doing their bit
towards eradicating polio was sincere, and the message homed in

      Interestingly, few advertisers, insists that brands have to come
across as sincere while leveraging the benefits of celebrity
endorsements. The consumer is cynical, so an advertiser must know
how far he can go. Whatever claim their endorser makes has to be
believable. The moment an advertiser crosses the invisible line, the
consumer stops believing in their communication and their endorser –
which is bad for the endorser. Take an example of the Pulse polio
campaign – clever use of a celebrity endorser. Amitabh commands

                                                         Brand Bachchan

respect, so people listened to him.‖ Another example is of Cadbury –
roping in Amitabh Bachchan was ―smart‖ on Cadbury‘s part, as,
Amitabh Bachchan positive persona can override whatever negatives
Cadbury has been exposed to.‖

       Endorsements cease being credible when the endorser mouths
―manufacturer speaks.‖ Often, a brand‘s desperation shows when it
tries too hard. Yes, in the short - term, Amitabh Bachchan might be
able to rescue the brand if they are down in the dumps, but he can
not be an alternative to a sound strategic or creative idea. If an
advertiser doesn‘t have an idea,

         Amitabh Bachchan will only be parroting a manufacturer‘s
claim, which will ring hollow. There is a consensus that using Amitabh
Bachchan as an endorser is a good short-term idea. Amitabh
Bachchan stands for credibility and brands can benefit from that. In
the same breath an advertiser must be cautioned that celebrity
endorsements are not long term positions. ―In the long-term the brand
has to be the hero.‖

        There is, however, one little patch of debate. With the star
simultaneously endorsing so many brands, an Amitabh Bachchan
endorsement has ceased to be novelty as far as consumers are
concerned. So is an endorsement deal with the actor worthy all that
money? There is a theory going around that multiple
endorsements by your ambassador don’t hinder as long as
endorsement is relevant. There is some merit in that, considering
Amitabh Bachchan‘s polio campaign cut through all clutter fairly
easily. ―Yes, the question that advertisers and agencies have to
answer is whether there is merit in using Amitabh Bachchan as an
endorser. ―But that equally applies to all celebrity endorsers.‖

                                            Brand Bachchan

         Versatile List of Endorsement Of Amitabh

BPL                       Pepsi

Mirinda                   ICICI

Parker                    Reid and taylor

                                 Brand Bachchan

Maruti versa   Cadbury

Nerolac        Hajmola

Navratna oil   Himani boroplus

                                   Brand Bachchan

Ever ready batteries     Dabur

Ya                       Tide
interSahara city homes

Rin                      D‘damas

                             Brand Bachchan

Himani fast relief   Polio

                                                            Brand Bachchan

 Benefits of using amitabh bachchan for endorsement:-

                   It is generally believed that usind amitabh has several
benefits, one of the most important amongst them is to build
creditability, fostering trust and drawing attention, any or all of which
may translate into increased brtand sales.
   The main reason why MR. Bachchan is used to endorse brands is
to achieve the folloing reasons:-
             Establish creditability
             Attract attention
             Showcase associative brands
             Establish a psychographic limk
             Spur mass appeal
             Media is friendly

Establish creditability:-The approval of a brand by a celebrity
nurtures a sense of trust for that brand among the target audience-this
is especially true in case of new products.

                                                           Brand Bachchan

Attract attention:-Mr Bachchan ensure attention of the target goup
by cutting through the clutter of brand messages thus making an
advent and th ebrand more noticible.

Showcase associative benefit:-A star‘s penchant for a brand
sends out a perspective signal-since the celebrity is benefiting from the
brand,the consumer will also benefit.

Esablishing a psychographic link:-Celebrities are loved and
worshipped by their fans.advertisers therefore employ their services to
capatilise on these feelings to sway away the fans towards their
Establishing a demographic link:-different people appeal differently to
various demographic sements(age,gender,class,geography,etc.).

Spur mass appeal:-Amitabh has a widespread appeal and
therefore has proved to be the best choice to generate interest among
the masses, Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan for Parker pens is a
perfect example.
            From the above reasons we can see that a celebrity stamp
of approval on a brannd speaks volumes to the consumers who know
their celebrity, thereby creating a bond between the consumer and the
brand.however it will prove to be a tatal waste of time,money and
creditability if the wrong ‗face‘ or a celebrity is asked to speak for a

                                                          Brand Bachchan


Q.1) Do you think advertisers require celebrities for their success?
               Yes( )                      No( )

Q.2) Does the presence of celebrity in the advertisement encourage
your thinking towards purchasing the product?
                Yes( )                    no( )     Can‘t say( )

Q.3)What kind of celebrity do you prefer the most?
              Cricketer( )   Politician( )   Movie Star( )     Famous
Personality( ) None of these( )

O.4) Do you think that the huge amount of money the companies
invest in for using celebrities help them to increases their total
             Yes( )                    No( )       Can‘t Say( )

                                                           Brand Bachchan

Q.5) Your favourite celebrity as a brand endorser is:-

Shahrukh khan                          Aamir khan
Amitabh bachchan                       Kareena kapoor
Rani mukherji                          Sachin tendulkar

Aishwaria rai                          Abhishek bachchan
M.S.,dhoni                             Saif ali khan

Q.6)Your gender:-
        Male( )                                Female( )

Q.7)age group:-
            ( )15-20
            ( )20-25
            ( )25-30
            ( )30-35
            ( )35-40

Q.8)Amitabh Bachchan enhances the image of the product and helps
the brand to stand out:-
         Yes( )                    No( )

                                                         Brand Bachchan

Q.9) Big B‘s contribution has made which brand successful?
POLIO                               REID AND TAILOR

ICICI                                  NEROLAC


Q.10) According to you, for the following brands Big B magic failed?

MARUTI VERSA                       EMANI BOROPLUS

TIDE                               RIN

NAVRATNA OIL                       PEPSI

                                                  Brand Bachchan

                   Research analysis

Q.1) Do you think advertisement requires celebrities for their


YES:-75%          NO:-25%

                                                              Brand Bachchan

Q.2) Does the presence of celebrity in th advertisement encourage
your thinking towards purchasing the product?

                                                 cant say

YES:-42%               NO:-38%        CAN‘T SAY:-20%

Q.3) What kind of celebrity do you prefer the most?

                                                Movie Stars
                                                Famous Personality
                                                None of The Adove


                                                                 Brand Bachchan

Q.4) Do you think that the huge amount of money the companies
invest in for using celebrities help them to increases their total

                                                     Can‘t Say

YES:-58%      NO:-28%     CAN‘T SAY:-14%

Q.5) Your favourite celebrity as a brand endorser is:-

                                   Amitabh Bachchan
                                   Shahrukh Khan
                                   Aamir Khan
                                   Kareena Kapoor
                                   Sachin Tedulkar
                                   Aishw aria Rai
                                   Susmita Sen
                                   Saif Ali Khan


                                                               Brand Bachchan

Q.8) Amitabh bachchan enhances the image of the product and helps
the brand to stand out:-


YES:-90%            NO:-10%

Q.9)Big B‘s contribution has made which brand successful?

                                        Reid and tailor


                                                                Brand Bachchan

Q.10) According to you, for the following brands Big B magic failed?

                                               Maruti versa
                                               Emani boroplus
                                               Navratna oil


                                                         Brand Bachchan


            Getting Amitabh Bachchan, who enjoys a larger- than-
life image, to endorse a product is a costly position. His
endorsements cost between Rs. 5 crores to Rs. 12 crores. With such
exorbitantly high endorsements fees, questions are being raised
about the returns on having him as a celebrity. For multinationals with
deep pockets such as Pepsi, having Amitabh Bachchan as brand
ambassador and renewing contract may be affordable. But for others,
the temptation to use him as a one-off exercise is strong.

           For Example, ICICI did not renew its deal with
Amitabh Bachchan after it expired in 2002. Maruti, which signed
both Amitabh Bachchan and actor son Abhishek for its versa, is
conspicuously low-key in its ads for the vehicle of late. Unlike
sales promotions, advertisements take a long time to have
impact on sales. Top – of – the – mind brand recall and
awareness generation are easier to track, but unless these
increase sales, establishing the ROI on investment in celebrity
endorsements may be difficult.

      Overexposure, however, is the major issue, with Amitabh
Bachchan. Endorsing too many products, his face has promoted a
slew of products in categories as diverse as beverages, paints,
financial services, garments, automobiles, stationery, food
                                                         Brand Bachchan

supplements, personal care, real estate, batteries, televisions,
chocolates and jewelries. Moreover, he has a ―guest appearance‖ in
P&G‘s commercial for its detergent brand Tide (shot while filming

      Nevertheless, marketers claim to be happy having him endorse
their brands. The company thinks using Amitabh Bachchan as their
brand ambassador has helped in strengthening their brand image
and recall within the target audience.

     However, the enigma of his personality faces the risk of being
unraveled. Exclusivity can no longer be associated with him. The
audience gets confused when the same celebrity plugs many brands.
The endorsement value gets eroded and the brands end up as just
another product among the many endorsed and do not stand apart.
As brand domain expert Harish Bijoor said in a previous issue of
Catalyst, ―Brands that use the promiscuous brand endorsed, who will
endorse a car just now, carburetors oil next and stocking in yet
another installment of advertising blitz do not contribute much to the
brand building process. At best, these endorsements yank up the
brand awareness for the duration of the use of endorser – at – large!
Few brand – folks realize this!‖ the question is how many product
categories can his personality traits traverse?

      Though he stands for credibility, trust, purity, etc there are
some brands that could not be leveraged because of his personality.
For example: Take the Brand Navratna Oil. This clearly shows that its
not the celebrity who makes the brand, it‘s the brand benefits that
makes the brand success in the long run.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

        Brand big B v/s Brand SRK:who is bigger.

           It‘s perhaps the most delicious battle that a bollywood
aficionado could have asked for.The battle between shahenshah and
badshah of bollywood-one immortalized by his characteristic baritone
and enduring personna,the other by his disarming charm and new-
age metro sexuality-has now move to the small screen.

            Comparisions between bollywood‘s badshah Shahrukh
khan and big b amitabh bachchan are inevitable and as SRK takes
over the‘hot seat‘ in star TV‘s reality shoe kaun banega crorepati, the
contest is likely to get fiercer.
While it was bachchan who was once the original don-and as ome
say remains so-and made his sensational comeback with KBC, SRK
seems to have slipped into his shoes with much ease and
              Now while some may argue that bachchan is a bigger
brand and better challenger, other say that SRK, riding igh on the
current wave of popularirty, makes for a better brand.

                                                         Brand Bachchan

              So can SRK be the next big daddy of bollywood and
usurp big b of his brand superiority?
Is it possible for the baadshah of bollywood to dislodge the
shahensha as the biggest start ever?
               This issue was debated on CNN-IBN India 360.
               A voting was conducted on this delicious and intrnse
topics through sms and internet,by CNN-IBN show india 360.the
result was as expected the close fisnish,and ultimately result went in
favor of shahenshah of bollywood,who won ith 4% on SRK.
This how was on air on by CNN-IBNsho india 360 where on the
pannel of experts were Anita kaul basu MD,synergy
communication,Preeti Vyas Giannetti,Chairomanand chief eecutive
officer,Vyas Giannetti creative,and congress leadre Salman
Khurshid.even judges had an fascinating time debating on this hot
              Bhupendra chaubey, salman khurshid, even judges had
a fascinating time debating on this hot issue.

                                        Brand Bachchan


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        Brand Bachchan



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