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					                           Titanic Journal Entries

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice showing that you
comprehend and have a thorough understanding of informational material
relating to the Titanic disaster.

Using the information you have read or heard in our presentations, write
journal entries from the point of view of a survivor. You may be a first-class,
second-class, or third-class passenger, or a crew member. Each entry should
be at least one-half page long (typed, 12 or 14 font size).

Journal entry #1: The date of this entry is April 9, 1912. You have not yet
boarded the ship, but you have heard a lot about this wonderful vessel.
Write some of the important information you have learned. Describe your
feelings as you get ready to take this trip.

Journal entry #2: The date of this entry is April 13, 1912. The Titanic is
speeding across the Atlantic Ocean. Describe life aboard the ship.
Remember that the first-class, second-class, and third-class passengers had
very different experiences. You may discuss your accommodations, food,
people you have met, or what you have been doing. If you are a crew member,
describe your job. You may also want to talk about the weather.

Journal entry #3: The date of this entry is April 20, 1912. You have survived
the sinking of the Titanic and are now in New York, where the ship Carpathia
brought you. Tell about the disaster and your feelings about it. This should
be your longest entry, approximately one page.

See the rubric for a description of the expectations for this assignment.