The Outsiders – Movie Worksheet by malj


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                              The Outsiders – Movie Worksheet

1. While watching the movie, write down at least 5 similarities and 5 differences between it and
       the novel we read in class.

Similarities                                    Differences

When we are finished watching the movie, we will write a review of it. You will need details
     and examples from the movie to write a good review.

What not to write: It was a good movie. I liked it. The actors did a good job. Parts of it were
     kind of cheesy but not too bad. Overall it was fine.

For each one of those sentences you would need to give examples. WHAT did you like?
      What was good? How did the actors do a good job? What parts weren’t good and
      why weren’t they good?

So while you are watching the movie, take some notes so you can remember them when you
      need them Thursday.

Notes for review here and on the back:

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