Essentials of Thesis Proposal

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   A Thesis Proposal is written to provide an
    idea about the work that the student wants to
    undertake as part of the Thesis.
   This is a document where in the details about
    the project are briefly mentioned.
   The details include the intention about the
    project, the details of the background
    research and a project plan.

   The general body of a Thesis Proposal may
    contain the following points:
    ◦ Title,
    ◦ Abstract,
    ◦ Table of Contents,
    ◦ Introduction,
      Main Body,
    ◦ References and
    ◦ Appendices.

   A Good Title for the Thesis and the Proposal
    is required because it will demonstrate the
    clarity of the project and the intension of the
    student about the project.
   The result that the student aims at achieving
    in the project.

   An Abstract is a small summary of what is the
    student is intended to do in the project given
    the broad subject area.

   The Table of Contents will include the list or
    the page numbers of the sections from the
    Introduction to the appendices page.
   Page number accuracy is important.

   Set the scene for the project and provide the
   Give the background of the area you intend to
    study and convince the reader about the
   One important thing that we must remember
    is that the introduction part appears first but,
    it must be written last.

   The introduction should include the
    motivation, the problem to be solved and a
    summary of the methodology and a hint of
    the solution.

   The student is expected to research and
    discuss the broad context where the project
    is grounded.
   The context depends upon the nature of the
    proposal and the area of the application.

   The Main Body should include the context,
    the goals and objectives and the
    methodology and evaluation.
   The context of the project, i.e., the where the
    project is placed. What are the similar
    publications and implementations of the

   The main body must also include goals and
   The tasks and deliverables that need to be
    done to achieve the goal and the activities
    those are to be undertaken to meet the

   Methodology should include the research
    methods and the project methods that the
    student intends to use in order to complete
    the project.

   The student needs to include a Project Plan in
    the Proposal which will include a work
    breakdown structure, a Gantt chart with
    critical path, milestones and slack time.
    This plan must be specific to the project and
    must have a good level of detailing.

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