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									                               STEPS FOR REGISTRATION

1.        Submit the Application Form (3 sets) along with following documents

           a . Demand Draft of Rs. 2,500/- Payable at Software Technology Parks of India,
           b. Project Report of the Company
           c. Name & Address of the Promoter / Director
           d. Brief Resume of the Promoters
           e. Memorandum & Articles of Association (which includes Software Exports /
               ITES in object clause)
           f. Copy of Board Resolution to start 100% EOU under STP scheme and person
               authorized to sign documents)
           g. Form 18.
           h. Partnership Deed
           i. PAN/ITR of the Company
           j. PAN, Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, IT Return, Photograph and Bank
               Account Detail of Promoters/ Directors
           k. Importer Exporter Code
           l. Presentation of the Project (Soft/ Hard Copy) (2 Copies)

     2. After getting approval letter submit Acceptance Letter to Deputy Director,
        STPI Shimla within 30 days.

     3. The unit has to submit Legal Agreement on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper together with
        following :
                     - Draft of Rs. 22500.00 in favour of STPI Shimla towards service
                     - Charges
                     - Signature Verification of authorized signatory.
                     - Proof of having separate Bank Account.
                     - Board of Director Resolution for Authorized signatory, maintaining
                         Distinct Identity and for maintaining separate Book of Accounts.
                     - Letter indicating the Web-site of the company and official e-mail ID
                         for correspondence.

     4.   Application for Attestation of Blue Print & List of Capital Goods.
     5.   Four Copies of Blue Print of the Permission to the Custom Bonded.
     6.   Copy of Lease Deed/ Rent Deed.
     7.   List of Capital Goods Ind./ Imp. To the Custom Bonded.
     8.   Submit following documents to Custom & Central Excise for Custom
          Bonding of the Premises :
            a. Application for Issuance u/s 58 & 65 in Triplicate
            b. B-17 Form with Surety/ Security (On Rs. 50/- Stamp Paper )
            c. Copy of Lease Deed / Allotment Letter.
            d. Undertaking for supervision charges (On Rs.10/- Stamp Paper )
            e. Copy of the STPI Approval, Green Card, IEC Code, Legal Agreement
            f. Attested Site Plan (In Triplicate)
            g. Attested List of Proposed Capital Goods
            h. Memorandum & Articles of Association / Partnership Deed
            i. List of the Director’s of the Company.

           Duty Amount = 25% of Capital Goods and Value of Bond = 25% Of Duty Amount.

     9. The unit should be Positive Net Foreign Exchange Earner.

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