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					                                                                            Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc. (ORAU) will reimburse               Registration fees exclusive of meals.
authorized travelers for travel expenses on official business on the        When meals are included in the registration or other fees charged,
following basis:                                                            the per diem for that day will be reduced as follows:
ACTUAL COST OF TRAVEL                                                       M&IE            $46       $51       $56       $61        $66       $71
Travel shall be reimbursed on the basis of the most direct and              Breakfast         7         8        9         10         11        12
expeditious mode of transportation.                                         Lunch            11        12        13        15         16        18
By Air: (A)                                                                 Dinner           23        26        29        31         34        36
Travel by commercial airlines is limited to the lowest available airfare    Incidentals       5         5        5         5           5         5
to meet the mission requirements. Fares other than lowest available
airfare must be approved prior to the start of the travel.                  TRAVEL ITEMS REQUIRING SPECIAL ATTENTION
By rail or bus: (R)                                                         Foreign air carriers cannot be used without prior approval.
Bus and rail accommodations will be reimbursed.
                                                                            Diners Card Holders: You are authorized reimbursement of
By private automobile: (PA)                                                 transaction fees for 1 withdrawal per 5 days of official travel.
When a privately owned automobile is authorized, reimbursement is
made at the rate of fifty cents (.51) per mile based on the odometer        Original receipts reflecting a zero balance must be submitted
reading. Rand McNally mileage schedule should be used as a guide.           for:
The mileage allowance is in lieu of any and all travel and                    Transportation, including ORAU prepaid tickets.
transportation costs incurred en route, except tolls and parking as           Lodging (with single rate noted on lodging receipt)
required. Travelers are expected to take the most expeditious and             Excess baggage charges
direct route.                                                                 Rental car, if authorized
By rental vehicle: (RC)                                                       Registration fees (list on the receipt all meals covered by the fee)
Cost of a rental vehicle will be reimbursed where the use of such             Collision property damage claims in excess of insurance
vehicle results in a savings of money and/or time and its use was                provided by the rental vehicle company
approved prior to the start of the trip. Reimbursement will not be          Explanations are required for:
made for the purchase of collision insurance (CDW), loss damage               Deviation from authorized travel
(LDW) or personal accident insurance (PAI) not included in the                Delay en route
standard rental rate. Claims for property damage to the rental                Excess baggage claims
vehicle will be covered by the Diners Club card or ORAU to the extent         Use of business-class air transportation
such claims exceed the insurance provided by the rental agency. The           Any unusual expense
Additional driver’s charge can be reimbursed only if the additional           All available discount coupons and other promotional items
driver is an ORISE participant.         Travelers are advised to use            must be secured by the traveler and surrendered to ORAU upon
economically priced cars.                                                       completion of the travel.
COST OF LODGING                                                             ORAU authorization is required PRIOR to the start of the travel
Actual cost of lodging will be reimbursed up to the ceiling for the         for:
locality (city of lodging) as established by the General Service              Use of rental or private automobile
Administration (GSA) and published in FPMR A-40 and DOE Order
                                                                              Use of business-class air transportation
1500.2A. Ceiling(s) for the localities involved will be identified on the
                                                                              Lodging (base rate) above the GSA ceiling
travel authorization.
                                                                            GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                                                1. The traveler is responsible for compliance with the
For computing per diem allowances, official travel begins when a
                                                                                   applicable regulations and administrative requirements. All
traveler leaves his/her home, office or other authorized point of
                                                                                   travelers should be aware of the need for care in handling
departure and ends when the traveler returns to his/her home, office
                                                                                   government funds and the penalties for misuse.
or other authorized point at the conclusion of the trip. A per diem
                                                                                2. For personal leave in conjunction with official business,
allowance shall not be allowed for official travel of 12 hours or less. A
                                                                                   travel reimbursement will be only for those expenses
per diem allowance shall not be allowed within the limits of the official
                                                                                   incurred    on   official  ORAU    business.     Basis  for
duty station or at, or within the vicinity of the traveler’s home from
                                                                                   reimbursement must be arranged with ORAU in advance of
which they commute daily to the official duty station. When the travel
                                                                                   travel.   Expenses will only be reimbursed for city of
period (entire trip) for which per diem has been authorized is more
than 12 hours, and lodging is not required, the per diem allowable will
                                                                                3. Exceptions to this policy require advance approval in
shall be three-fourths (3/4) of the applicable M&IE allowance, for the
                                                                                   writing by ORAU.
official business location. If more than one business point is involved,
                                                                                4. Please refer to the Travel Manual for more specific
the per diem allowance will be calculated using the highest of the
M&IE rates prescribed for the locations where official business is
performed. When lodging is required, the first day of travel, the per       Fraudulent Claims:
diem allowance will be three-fourths (3/4) of the applicable M&IE rate      Travelers are expected to accurately report official expenses and
prescribed for the lodging location. Each subsequent day, per diem          reflect other facts related to official travel or ORAU. A claim against
will be calculated one full day of the applicable M&IE rate prescribed      ORAU as a government contractor is forfeited if the claimant
for the lodging location. The last day of travel, the per diem allowance    attempts to defraud the United States. In addition, there are
will be three-fourths (3/4) of the applicable M&IE rate prescribed for      criminal provisions under which severe penalties may be reported on
the proceeding lodging location.                                            the traveler who knowingly presents a false, fictitious, or fraudulent
MISCELLANEOUS REIMBURSABLE COSTS IN CONNECTION WITH                         claim against the United States. Fraudulent claims will result in the
OFFICIAL BUSINESS                                                           appropriate disciplinary action, which may be dismissal and
  Taxi, limousine, and intracity bus fares.                                prosecution.
  Business telephone calls and faxes.                                                                                 Last Revision Date: 01 JAN 11
This highlight sheet is designed to cover a broad spectrum of types of travel and policy requirements for employees as well as non-employees. Some
sections may not apply to your travel. The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes maximum per diem rates and lodging ceilings (See the ORAU
Travel Policy).
If combining non-ORAU business (personal or travel for a second party), a travel proposal (and a flight simulation, if necessary) outlining the split of
between ORAU and the “other party” must be submitted to ORAU with your TAR. If the trip is being partially reimbursed by a second party, an official
     copy of
the expenses reimbursed must be attached to the ORAU Travel Expense Statement (TES).
               NOTE: ORAU requires ORIGINAL receipts for all reimbursable expenses (minus meals)
  Print or type full name, office or cell phone number, home address & email address
  Indicate dates of entire trip & note any personal travel dates
    Indicate city and state of lodging
                   o If multiple destinations, indicate the start & end date for each destination
    Indicate the lodging base rate per night & total taxes paid per night
                   o If a room was shared with another reimbursable traveler, this should be indicated on the TES
                   o If rates change during the trip, list it as a separate destination entry
                   o List fees such as safe warranty fees & internet access under “other expenses”
    Per Diem: indicate the GSA rate & the number of days on “official” travel. Reimbursement is paid at 75% for the first & last day of travel & the
       full rate for the remaining travel days.
       Examples of Per Diem Calculations: 5 days of travel will be calculated at 4.5 days x GSA meal per diem rate based on the city of lodging
   9 days of travel will be calculated at 8.5 days x GSA meal per diem rate based on the city of lodging
     Rental cars require justification (i.e. necessary for travel to/from destination, training site, etc.) and advance authorization
     Rental cars should be limited to mid-size vehicles
     For personal use of a rental vehicle, a breakdown of personal/business miles and all gasoline receipts are required
     ORAU will not reimburse the cost of any type of insurance (referred to as CDW, LDW, PAI, etc.) or any other type of rental car
     ORAU will not reimburse the cost of a GPS or other navigation device.
     ORAU will reimburse mileage for personal vehicles at .51 cents per mile. Mileage reimbursement is limited to Rand McNally Mileage Guide
     If intercity mileage is claimed please note the purpose
     Indicate airport, hotel or other parking expenses
     All business phone calls will be reimbursed
     While on official travel you can be reimbursed for one personal telephone call per day. Reimbursement for actual personal calls made will be
        limited to a maximum of $5 (or 1 call) per day with a total of $15 reimbursed for each 7-day period.
     Reimbursement for transaction fees for one (1) Diners Club/ATM withdrawal per five (5) days of travel is authorized (maximum $8)
     Transportation expenses for travel to and from airport are not to exceed $75.00 one way. A breakdown for each cost for taxis, limos, etc and all
        ORIGINAL receipts are required.
     Tips not to exceed 15% for ground transportation will be reimbursed
     Baggage handling charges up to $1.00 are reimbursable for official equipment and/or materials only (not for personal baggage handling)
     Indicate gasoline charges for rental car
     Indicate any tolls paid during travel
     List any other expenses associated with your travel that is not previously listed on the form.
     ORAU will reimburse official travelers for registration fees required for attendance at professional, scientific, technical, and other meetings. In
        cases where the traveler directly pays the registration fees, an original receipt and other official documentation must be attached to the TES. The
        documentation should include information on the registration fee, the meals provided, meeting location, dates, and a copy of the official agenda.
     ORAU requires the original passenger’s coupon (or official e-ticket receipt) from the airline ticket if reservation not made by our office. Travel
        Itineraries or credit card receipts are not acceptable as receipts for reimbursement. U.S. carriers must always be utilized for domestic and foreign
     All receipts for changes in flights, fares, fees, etc. should accompany the original or official e-ticket receipt.
REMARKS: Any unusual circumstances such as flight delays, cancellations, changes in schedule, etc. should be explained in the remarks section as these
circumstances are not always apparent to those who review your TES.

                            Return completed Travel Expense Statement with original receipts and signature to:
                        ORAU/ORISE Maryland, Attn: Travel, 4692 Millennium Drive, Suite 101, Belcamp, MD 21017
                      Please call (410) 306-9208 or e-mail our office with any questions.
                                                                                                                                  Last Revision Date: 01 JAN 11
                                                Travel Tips
Airline carriers have started charging for checking in baggage. Currently, only three carriers
(American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways) are charging for checking one bag. ORAU will
reimburse the traveler if the carrier charges for checking one bag. Some carriers will not charge for
the first bag, but will charge for each additional checked bag. ORAU will only reimburse the traveler
for two or more checked bags if justification for the additional charge is provided in the comment field
when submitting the Travel Expense Statement (TES). For example, second bag contains meeting
materials or additional bag was needed due to length of trip. In order to be reimbursed for
baggage charges, you must provide a receipt. Baggage charges will be paid to the airlines at
check in and baggage charges can not be prepaid.

Most Airlines will give a free allowance limit for your carry-ons, usually one.
Check the airlines website because the carry on size depends on the airline and the size for the aircraft.

Each airline is different to be safe check the airline’s website. You are subject to be charged an excess baggage fee each
time you go over any one of the free allowances.
For example, if you have an extra piece of baggage that goes over the weight limit and the size limit, then you'll be charged
3 times:
        once for the extra bag,
        once for going over the size limit, and
        once for going over the weight limit.

                                                  Excess Baggage Fee

Amount                                                                                     Fee
Travel within the United States, U.S.     Bag 2                                            $25
Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico           Bags 3, 4, and   5                               $80 each
                                          Bags 6, 7, and   8                               $110 each
                                          Bags 9 and 10                                    $180 each
Travel outside the United States, U.S.    Bags 3, 4, and   5                               $150 each
Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico           Bags 6, 7, and   8                               $300 each
                                          Bags 9 and 10                                    $600 each


                                         Amount                                                         Fee
51–70 pounds                                                                               $80 each
71–100 pounds                                                                              $150 each
Over 100 pounds                                                                            not permitted


                                        Amount                                                          Fee
62–80 inches—total of length plus width plus height                                        $150 each
Over 80 inches—total of length plus width plus height                                      not permitted

Some airlines are charging extra for aisle or window seat assignment.

Normally this is not a reimbursable cost. Additional cost associated with a seat assignment may be approved when necessary to
accommodate a traveler disability or other physical impairment.
                                 Secure Flight Announcement April 2010
Under the Secure Flight Final Rule, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires airlines to
collect and send to TSA the following information:

      Name as it appears on government-issued I.D. used when traveling (required)
      Date of Birth (required)
      Gender (required)
      Redress Number (optional)

Travelers can voluntarily provide the required TSA information by clicking on the following link and provide
this information to ISS Travel:
A travel agent will update your profile in their system.

Once your profile is updated in the agency’s system; you will not have to provide the information at the time
your ticket is purchased.

If you do not wish to provide the information to be stored for future use, you will need to provide it each time
you purchase a ticket. The information should be provided by phone and should not be sent to the agency via

In addition, you should make sure the name on your government-issued I.D. that you plan to utilize at the TSA
security checkpoint and the name on your ticket matches exactly. Before you approve your ticket purchase, it
is important that you verify that your name on your I.D. matches the name on the ticket that will be issued.

To ensure that you receive your frequent flyer miles, your frequent flyer account name must match the name
used when your ticket is purchased. To update your frequent flyer account name contact the respective airline.
A list of the most prevalent airlines programs is provided below:

Delta Air Lines        Fax a memo requesting the name update to 404-773-1945 with your SkyMiles account number and a
                       copy of your govt. issued I.D.

US Airways             Call 800-428-4322 and press option 3

Continental Airlines   E-mail request to and provide a copy of your Govt. issued I.D.

American Airlines      You can update your first or middle name by logging into your AAdvantage account .
                       This is allowed only one time.

United Airlines        Login at and follow directions

ISS Travel Services (ISS Travel cannot
update your frequent flyer profiles with the airlines. This task must be performed by the traveler.
                                            Printing/Copying Policy
How to Use ORAU/ORISE GPO Express Card at FEDEX/Kinkos
This policy is does not apply while OCONUS
DO NOT GIVE KINKO’S A CREDIT CARD OF ANY KIND. The GPO Express card is what makes this a legal transaction
for using government funds.
    1. Locate the FedEx Kinko’s location nearest to you (

          a. Select Store Locator from the menu on the right. Enter your zip code and select FedEx Kinko's is now
             FedEx Office for the location.

          b. Call ahead to make sure that they participate in the GPO Express program and ask about their hours
             of operation. Ask if this location can meet your deadline? If the answer is “no,” ask for another
             FedEx Kinko’s location nearby that can accommodate your schedule.

   2. Determine if you can transfer files to them via the Web site, via email, and/or hand delivery. If the
      document is business sensitive, OUO, etc. DO NOT TRANSMIT VIA the INTERNET OR EMAIL. Some locations
      also offer pickup and delivery, but that is very specific to a location. So, you’ll have to call and ask about this

   3. Give them ORAU/ORISE GPO Express card information, the hard copy or electronic copy of your document,
      and provide them with SPECIFIC details about your project. You’ll need to provide them with info on the
      type of paper you want (paper is described by weight – 20 lb, 70 lb, etc.), the color of paper, # of copies,
      color or black/white copying, binding, clear acetate overlays, due date and or due time, etc.

   4. Ask them to provide you with an estimate on the costs of the job. Remember, that if you add one spot of
      color on each page that you want “because it looks good,” you could be increasing the costs of your
      document by as much as 10X and can triple the time it takes to make the copies. A good rule of thumb is
      “Do you need the color to convey the message?”

   5. Ask for a proof. There is no charge for a proof under this contract, and it is a great quality check. Pages can
      easily get out of order, a logo or photo drops out of an electronic file, or a chart or file gets corrupted. If you
      make a mistake and have to reprint, then you pay TWICE.

   6. When filling out the paperwork with FedEx/Kinko’s please make sure that the following information is
      included somewhere on the work order.

          a. Title of Project: Please be specific. Name it in the format of your Last Name_City, State of
             location_Date of Purchase (i.e. Smith_Bel Air, MD_29AUG2010).

          b. Your Name and Cell Phone Number: When something goes wrong with the job or it gets lost during
             delivery this is critical information.

    You must retain the receipts for documentation to submit to ORAU/ORISE along with the proper
                                 form (Request for Payment or TES)
                All transactions are subject to mentor/program coordinator approval
GPO Express Card Info:
Brooke Elkins
6450-FD DOE CC (M)

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