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									  Hayagriva Technologies           Oracle Apps DBA 11iCourse Content

                      Oracle Apps DBA 11i Training
                                  Course Content

Hayagriva Technologies
Hayagriva Technologies                 Oracle Apps DBA 11iCourse Content

                               Oracle Apps 11i / R12
             Introduction to Oracle E-business Suite
                    •   Oracle E-Business suite (ERP, SCM, CRM…)
                    •   Introduction to oracle family suites
                    •   Oracle Applications & Oracle Applications technology stack
                    •   Introduction to form based and java based applications.
             Introduction to Oracle E- Business Suite Architecture.
                    •   Concepts and Architecture ICA Two Tier/Three Tier & fusion
                        Architecture single node/multi node
                    •   Introduction to oracle Apps Tier components (Apache IAS
                        server, form server, concurrent processing server…)
                    •   DB Tier component database server
             Introduction to E-Business Suite 11i/ R12 File System and Directory
             Structure, EBS Data Model
             Oracle EBS Application Modules:
                    •   Business Specific Module and Technology Specific Module
             Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite applications 11i/R12
                    •   Pre & Post Steps/Checklist of installation, Single/Multi node
                        Installation. Creation of Oracle E-Business Suite Stage
             EBS Backup & Recovery
                    •   Planning, Testing and Implementing EBS Applications and
                        database backups and restores/recovery.
             SYSADMIN MODULE
                    •   Creation of Users
                    •   Assigning Responsibilities to users
                    •   Creation of Custom Responsibilities
                    •   Creation of request group
                    •   Creation of data group
                    •   Creation of Custom Application
Hayagriva Technologies                 Oracle Apps DBA 11iCourse Content

                   •   Managing Concurrent Programs & Reports
                   •   Administrating Concurrent Managers
                   •   Creation of Custom Concurrent Manager
                   •   Managing Profiles Options
                   •   Structure of Profiles
                   •   Seeded Profiles
                   •   Custom Profiles
                   •   Managing Flex Fields (KFF, DFF)
                   •   Managing Printers
                   •   Managing the Workflows activities (Notifications/Mailer)
             Oracle EBS UTILITIES
                   •   AD Administration (Adadmin)
                   •   Auto Patch (Ad patch)
                   •   AD Merge Patch (admrgpch)
                   •   AD Controller (adctrl)
                   •   AD File Identification (adident)
                   •   AD Rilink (
                   •   AutoConfig (
                   •   AD Splice
                   •   FNDCPASS
                   •   FNDLOAD
             Oracle Applications Manager (OAM)
                   •   Oracle Applications Manager Features
                   •   Managing/Monitoring EBS system through OAM console
             Introductions to Multi-Organization Concepts
             (Business Group, Legal Entities, Operation Unit, Inventory
Hayagriva Technologies                   Oracle Apps DBA 11iCourse Content

             Managing EBS Application Patches
                   •    Introduction
                   •    Structure of a Patch file & Patch drivers Searching
                        Downloading & applying patches
                   •    Pre & Post Steps Checks
                   •    Patch History
                   •    Monitoring & Troubleshooting Patch session
                   •    Reducing Patching Time :- (Merging Patches, Patching Non-
                        Interactively, Patching on Shared Apps Tier Using Distributed
                        AD Features, Patching on Stage Instance)
                   •    Troubleshooting Scenarios of Failed Patches and Hanging
                        Patch Session.
                   •    Cloning the existing EBS System Types & Methods of
                        Cloning:-( Adclone, Rapidclone, OAMclone)
                   •    Cloning Single Node to Single Node with Refresh / Partial
                   •    Single Node to Multiple Node
                   •    Multi Node to Single Node (With / Without Shared Apps Tier)
                   •    Online Cloning / Hot Cloning and Troubleshooting Cloning
             Performance Tuning:
                   •    Proactive Performance Management:-
                   •    Oracle EBS Health Management
                   •    Effective EBS Configuration
                   •    Routine/ Daily tasks
                   •    Proactive Monitoring Troubleshooting Performance Issues
                   •    Tracing forms and concurrent program session
Hayagriva Technologies                  Oracle Apps DBA 11iCourse Content

             Up gradation of Oracle E-Business Suite & Database:
                   •   Upgrading EBS 9i database to 10g rel2 and Upgrading EBS
              to R12, Upgrade Pre and Post steps, Troubleshooting
                       Upgrade Issues
                   •   Resolving issues like Login & Connectivity Issues
                   •   Files Corruption/Missing
                   •   Performing AOL/J diagnostic test
                   •   Gathering Diagnostic data using RDA tool
                   •   Working with Oracle Support Services for raising SRs (Service


                   •   Resume Preparation
                   •   Real Time Scenarios
                   •   Documents

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