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Title                      Proposed Car Club Bays – Westgate, Hanger Lane
Responsible Officer(s)     Noel Rutherford (CLT Officers only)
Author(s)                  Robert Corken
Portfolio(s)               Transport and Planning Policy
For Consideration By       Ealing Area Committee
Date to be considered      28 November 2005
Implementation Date if     January 2006
Not Called In
Affected Wards             Hanger Hill
Area Committees            Ealing Area Committee
Keywords/Index             Car Clubs, Parking

Purpose of Report:

Ealing Council is a member of the London Car Club Consortium consisting of
7 London Boroughs. The consortium is piloting a car club programme
whereby resident / business members hire vehicles on an hourly basis. There
are currently 10 cars in use over 14 bays in Ealing and Acton.

The purpose of this report is to gain approval to dedicate an area of existing
unrestricted kerb space as 2 car bays for the exclusive use of car clubs.

1. Recommendations
   It is RECOMMENDED that the Committee:

   1.1       Note the proposal
   1.2       Authorise officers to carry out public consultation on the
             proposed provision of 2 bays on West Gate for the exclusive use
             of car clubs.
   1.3       Authorise officers to implement the scheme if the outcome of
             consultation is successful.

2. Reason for Decision and Options Considered
Results from across the world support that car clubs reduce the number of
vehicles on the road - reducing congestion and pollution.

The proposed location of these car spaces will serve a range of potential
users particularly the offices on West Gate.

No alternative sites have been investigated.

‘City Car Club’ (the company the consortium of Boroughs has commissioned
for the trial period) has confirmed that they will provide a vehicle at this

The 10 vehicles and 14 bays are located in Acton and Ealing close to each
town centre. This proposal is the first where vehicles are located in a
commercial / industrial precinct outside the main centres and will therefore
provide useful information about the future expansion of bays in the borough.

3. Key Implications
   The establishment of 2 parking bays for City Car Club on West Gate.

4. Financial
   Council have secured funding for the project from TfL for Car Club
   Initiatives. The £7500.00 funding will cover the entire project including
   consultation and marketing.

5. Legal
   The proposals in this report can be implemented under the Council’s
   statuary powers as Highway Authority. The resultant Traffic
   Management Orders will be advertised in accordance with the Traffic
   Regulation Act 1984 as amended.

6. Value For Money
   Funding for this project has been agreed from surplus TfL funds available
   for the implementation, expansion and promotion of Car Club initiatives.
   The cost of the works is estimated at approximately £7,500.00 and will
   include funding for consultation and marketing.

7. Risk Management
   There is no arrangement in place for a City Car Club beyond March 2006.
   The current agreement concludes in March 2006 and therefore there is a
   low risk that the scheme will not continue beyond that time. The
   Consortium has commissioned a study to determine how to establish City
   Car Clubs in the Boroughs beyond March 2006.

8. Community Safety

9. Links to Strategic Objectives
       Nurture a vibrant and active community
       Car usage and particularly the infrastructure required by cars (i.e.
       roads) cause severance in communities and have implications in terms
       congestion and safety. Car clubs are an initiative that discourages
       people to purchase vehicles or to purchase a second vehicle. Car
       Clubs reduce car usage and promote cycling / walking.
        Protect and enhance our environment
       City car clubs reduce pollution by reducing the number of vehicles.

10. Equalities and Community Cohesion
    No EQIA has been undertaken. There are no implications in terms of the
    Race Relations Amendment Act and other equalities legislation.

11. Staffing/Workforce and Accommodation implications:

12. Property and Assets

13. Any other implications:
    Not applicable

14. Consultation
    Consultation has not been undertaken at this stage. It will be undertaken
    and involve the distribution of material to all landholders and their tenants
    on West Gate. The consultation period will be for over a 4 week period.
    Additional statutory consultation will also carried out if the scheme
    proceeds to implementation.

15. Detailed considerations

   The London Borough of Ealing is one of 7-west London boroughs trailing a
   car club scheme. The company ‘City Car Club’ was commissioned to
   provide car club vehicles in the borough. The Council’s responsibility is to
   support the scheme by providing spaces for the vehicles throughout the

   The area adjacent to West Gate is largely commercial with 3 multi-storey
   office complexes and a number of warehouses. The area is on the edge
   of Park Royal and within in close proximity to residential areas. Therefore
   this area is a significant catchment of potential users. A significant portion
   of the £7,500.00 funding Council has acquired will be used for consultation
   and marketing purposes.

   Ealing Council is a corporate member of City Car Club. The vehicle will be
   available to the three (part) departments based temporarily at Westec
   House. Council’s use of the vehicle during the initial period will help
   support the programme until membership increases. However this is not
   considered essential for the success of the scheme.
16. Timetable for Implementation
    Committee Meeting – December 2005
    Consultation – December 2005 – January 2006
    Traffic Management Order Finalisation – March 2006
    Implementation – March 2006

17. Appendices
    Figure B attached.

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