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FDyear 3 easter term 2011


									                      ENGLISH                                           MATHEMATICS
                                                          •   Round numbers less than 1000 to the nearest 10                             SCIENCE
Reading and writing                                       •   Order numbers to 1000; say a number that lying       Characteristics of materials
Fiction and poetry:                                           between two 3-digit numbers                          Expectation most children will identify uses of
    •   Myths, legends, fables, parables                  •   Count on in 10s, 100s or 50s from 0
                                                                                                                   some common materials, suggesting several reasons
    •   Traditional stories with related themes           •   Recognise odd and even numbers to at least 50
                                                                                                                   why the material is suitable; make measurements of
    •   Oral and performance poetry                       •   Know pairs of multiples of 100 that total 1000
                                                                                                                   length using standard units; explain it is important
Non-Fiction:                                              •   Use pairs that total 100 to make the next
                                                              multiple of 100                                      to test materials to find out whether descriptions
    •   Instructional texts
                                                          •   Introduce ,classify and describe prisms              of characteristics are reliable and to recognise
    •   Thesauruses, dictionaries
                                                          •   Classify and describe common 3D shapes by            when a test or comparison is unfair
Grammar and punctuation:
Grammatical awareness
                                                          •   Measure and compare capacities in litres and         Rocks & soils
Sentence construction and punctuation:
                                                              millilitres                                          Expectation most children will name and give char-
    •   Singular and plural nouns
                                                          •   Use units of time: days, hours, minutes and          acteristics of several rocks; explain that rocks are
    •   Collective nouns
    •   Other uses of capitalisation                                                                               used for different purposes; recognise that there is
                                                          •   Organise and interpret data in frequency tables
    •   Adjectives                                                                                                 rock under all surfaces and that soils come from
                                                          •   Organise and interpret data in bar charts
    •   Conjunctions                                      •   Add and subtract a multiple of 10 to and from a 2
                                                                                                                   rocks; recognise when a test or comparison is unfair,
    •   Use of 1st,2nd,3rd person                             – or 3-digit number                                  measure time and volume of water carefully and say
    •   Commas used as grammatical boundaries             •   Add and subtract a 2-digit number to and from a      what their experiments and investigations show
Spellings:                                                    2– or 3-digit number
Spelling strategies e.g. look, cover, write check         •   Add and subtract a multiple of 10 or 100 to and
Spelling conventions and rules                                from a 3– or 4-digit number
Vocabulary extension and rules                            •   Add and subtract 9, 11, 19 and 29 to and from a 2                         GEOGRAPHY
Handwriting:                                                  –3-digit number
                                                                                                                   ‘Village Settlers’
    • Develop a joined, fluent cursive style              •   Know the multiplication facts of the times tables
                                                                                                                   Using OS maps, different sizes, functions and
To ensure consistency in size and proportion of letters   •   Rehearse division as the inverse of multiplication
                                                          •   Recognise non-unit fractions; find non-unit          locations of settlements are studied;
and spacing between letters
                                                              fractions of shapes and numbers                      The chronology of early settlers to the UK is learnt
                                                                                                                   and reasons for their choice of settlements is
             RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                                                                   explored;
                                                                                                                   The use of OS map symbols and 4-figure map
Jesus’ Ministry - there will be a study of events at
the start of Jesus’ public ministry, principally his
                                                                            HISTORY                                symbols are introduced;
                                                                                                                   The range of services available in settlements of
Baptism, the Temptations, early miracles and the
                                                                     THE ANGLO SAXONS                              different size is discussed;
calling of the disciples.
                                                                                                                   Land use in the locality is investigated through the
Later on The Lord’s Prayer and The Calming of the
                                                               •    Anglo Saxon settlements                        use of digital aerial photography;
Storm will be covered.
                                                               •    Class structure.                               The increasing popularity of a village in a National
The Life of Moses - including the Exodus - his Call,
                                                               •    Sutton Hoo.                                    Park is looked at in relation to tourism.
the Plagues, the Passover, the Crossing of the Red
                                                               •    Beowulf—Anglo Saxon story telling
Sea and the Ten Commandments.
                                                               •    Monestries
                        FRENCH                                                   PE AND GAMES

 •    Revision of topics                                          Boys
 •    Clothing
 •    Time                                                         4 lessons of Football
 •    Animals
                                                                  1 lesson of X-Country / HRF/Hockey
                                                                  1 lesson of Swimming

                                                                  4 lessons of Netball                                    CURRICULUM
                                                                  1 lesson of X-Country /HRF/Hockey
                                                                  1 lesson of Swimming                                     BOOKLET
The Class Orchestra - exploring the process of
arranging music. Pupils will try different ways of                                      ART                               St Piran’s School
accompanying songs, using a variety of percussion
Dragon scales - exploring pentatonic scales. This
                                                              Pupils continue to develop their painting and drawing
                                                              skills and increase their awareness of pattern and
topic develops the pupils’ ability to recognise and           symbols in other cultures. They undertake a 3D project
use pentatonic scales, creating short melodies and            in clay and are introduced to a variety of different
accompaniments.                                               materials and techniques.

                                                                            DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
                                                              During this term, pupils will undertake a variety of
                                                              activities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding
Combining text and graphics                                   Investigating and evaluating a range of familiar objects
  • Using font size, type and colour to produce               and products

      different effects
      Highlighting text, over typing and saving changes
                                                              Focused practical tasks that develop a range of                 Year 3
                                                              techniques, skills, processes and knowledge
      Inserting a graphic from a clip art file and resizing
      Copying and pasting graphics from a CD-ROM              Design and make assignments using a range of materials
                                                                                                                            Easter Term
  •   Using the shift key to type upper case letters,         Pupils will design and make embroidered samplers and             2011
      question marks and speech marks                         moving monsters with pneumatic systems.
      Centre, left and right align

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