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the legal training consultancy
 “Bond Solon run Expert Witness Training every month of the year, with training being

   Excellence in Report Writing                              Courtroom Skills Training

The expert’s report is a vital element of much civil   The witness box is a lonely place. Many experts
litigation, as the vast majority of actions are        feel they are on trial, standing in the dock rather
settled on the report alone. It must be clear,         than giving independent testimony to assist the
succinct, independent and well presented.              court. Often, experts are unfamiliar with this
However, many experts make up their own                environment, as few cases go to a full trial. But a
report writing style. They rarely receive              poor performance can undermine confidence and
constructive feedback from lawyers or know             credibility.
precisely what the courts want. Often they adopt
                                                       The Courtroom Skills Training is an intensive one
other people's generalised formats that are ill
                                                       day, highly practical and experiential training. This
suited to their needs.
                                                       is no mere lecture with hints and tips. First we
An excellent report can be the most powerful sales     examine the theory, practice and procedure of
tool you will have in your career as an expert         giving evidence, demystifying the process. Then
witness. Reports are seen by many professionals        you are cross-examined on a case study you
during litigation and often new instructions are       prepare on your field of expertise. An experienced
received from opposition lawyers for future cases.     lawyer, who is a trained trainer, gives constructive
                                                       feedback on your witness box presentation.
Excellence in Report Writing allows both new and       Delegates receive a comprehensive workbook
experienced experts to look at what lawyers and        and aide memoire.
the courts want from experts’ reports. You bring
                                                       Key Learning Points
a copy of a report from a completed case in court
ready condition and receive feedback from our             Key skills of presenting effective evidence
experienced lawyer trainer and from the other             Your role as an independent educator of the
delegates. You are taught how to assess others’           court
reports and then how to assess your own.                  How the adversarial system works
Working with our sample format, you create your           Roles of the various people in court
own personalised format suited to your                    Preparing for court and personal
profession using techniques received during the           presentation
training.                                                 Taking the oath or affirmation with
Key Learning Points                                       Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination
                                                          and how to handle them
   Identifying issues
                                                          Who to speak to and what to call them
   Expressing an opinion on the issues
                                                          Expressing an opinion based on the
   Pitching the language at the right level
                                                          foundation of fact
   Expressing an independent view and arguing
                                                          Preparing an opposing brief
   your conclusion
                                                          Giving confident, clear testimony under
   Using appendices
                                                          difficult cross-examination
   Setting out your qualifications and experience
   Including research references
   Exhibits, photographs, diagrams and plans           2007 dates:
   Developing your own report format                   London:        9 Jan    6 Feb 13 Mar
   The contractual position between expert,                           11 Apr 10 May 22 May
   solicitor, client and the Legal Services                           5 Jun    3 Jul    7 Aug
   Commission                                                         11 Sept 9 Oct, 13 Nov
   Terms and conditions and experts’ fees                             4 Dec
   Implications of Part 35
   The Expert’s Declaration                            Manchester: 13 Feb 12 Jun 18 Sept
   Dealing with experts’ meetings                                     11 Dec.
                                                       Price: £395 plus VAT - A discount will be
                                                       offered to experts who have attended in the
2007 dates:
London:         8 Jan   5 Feb 12 Mar
                                                       Limited to: 8 delegates
                10 Apr 9 May 21 May
                4 Jun   2 Jul   6 Aug
                10 Sep 8 Oct 12 Nov
                3 Dec
Manchester: 12 Feb 11 Jun 17 Sep                               "Totally professional, first
                10 Dec
                                                            class. Could not be improved.”
Price: £345 plus VAT - A discount will be
offered to experts who have attended in the                    Healthcare Professional
Limited to: 10 delegates
held in either London or Manchester. Book your 2007 Expert Witness Training NOW”

          The Cross Examination Day                             Business Skills Just For Experts

      The Cross-Examination Day is a follow-on course       This one day course will assist delegates to
      to The Courtroom Skills Training. Experts seeking     understand how to make an expert business
      intensive training in cross-examination skills use    operate more profitably. They will identify the
      this course to refine and enhance their               fundamental drivers of successful expert businesses.
      performance and gain mastery of their                 The delegates will then focus on how law firms and
      presentation. Each delegate is cross-examined on      solicitors work, which will provide real insights into
      a completed report, once in the morning and           how to communicate and deal with them
      once in the afternoon. Your performance is            professionally. They will then be provided with
      recorded on video.You are shown how to analyse        simple, proven techniques that will help them
      your video performance and then to make the           actually profit from their work, allowing them to
      improvements you identify from the feedback that      offer better client service.
      will lead to mastery in the witness box.              Key Learning Points
      A challenging, valuable, advanced course that gives
      extra confidence to those facing a court                 Managing the business relationship with
      appearance.                                              solicitors and law firms
                                                               How to get paid quicker, as well as getting
      Key Learning Points                                      more work
         Dealing with in depth cross-examination on            How to price your services
         a full report                                         How to decrease costs and increase fees in
         Gaining mastery of your delivery                      every job you perform
         Assessing your performance and using the
         video to enhance your skills
         Making full use of supporting documents,           2007 dates:
         plans, photographs, etc.
         Getting to the essence of a complex case           London:        8 Mar     22 Nov
         and communicating clearly with the judge           Manchester: 21 Jun
         Handling difficult cross-examination               Price: £299 plus VAT
         techniques confidently
                                                            Limited to: 20 delegates

      2007 dates:
                                                                 "The most interesting and most
      London:         10 Jan   7 Feb     14 Mar
                      12 Apr 11 May 23 May                           relevant expert witness
                      6 Jun    4 Jul     8 Aug                   conference I have been to for a
                      12 Sept 10 Oct 14 Nov                       number of years'' Accountant
                      5 Dec.
      Manchester: 14 Feb 13 Jun          19 Sept
                      12 Dec
      Price: £395 plus VAT - A discount will be             The Annual Expert Witness Conference
      offered to experts who have attended in the
                                                            This is the largest annual gathering of expert
      Limited to: 8 delegates
                                                            witnesses in the UK. The keynote speaker at last
                                                            year’s annual conference was Mr Justice Collins
                                                            with contributions from Mr Justice Peter Smith and
                                                            Michael Mansfield QC amongst others. The
                                                            conference provides a great networking
                                                            opportunity for civil, criminal or family experts
                                                            looking to keep up to date with current expert

             "One of the best and most                      2007 date:
               useful courses I have                        London:         2 November
              undertaken in 33 years"
                                                            Price: £200 plus VAT
                                                            Corporate bookings: 5 places for £800 + VAT
                                                            Limited to 500 delegates
                                     Cardiff University Bond Solon
We work with a broad range of        Expert Witness Certificate
organisations including:
                                     Over 800 Experts have completed or are in the process of completing the
Law Firms                            Expert Witness Certificate.
Addleshaw Goddard
Allen & Overy                        This is the first University certified expert witness training. It is a 5 day
Ashurst                              programme designed to help experts reach a high standard of skills and
Baker & Mckenzie                     knowledge, which is tested independently and anonymously. There is a
Beachcroft LLP                       separate information pack for the Cardiff programme. Please call Bond Solon
Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP          for your copy. You may get credit for courses you have already attended.
Clifford Chance
Clyde & Co                           Course Logistics
CMS Cameron Mckenna LLP
                                     All courses (except where specified) are one day long, commencing at 9.30am
                                     sharp and finishing by 5pm. Please be at the venue by 9.15am at the latest.
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
                                     Prices include all refreshments, lunch and course materials.
                                     Public courses will be held in a central location in both London and
Herbert Smith LLP
Ince & Co
Irwin Mitchell
Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson     In House Training
Graham LLP                           If you have five or more delegates, it will probably be more cost efficient for a
Lewis Silkin                         Bond Solon trainer to come direct to you. Running our courses in-house, you
Linklaters                           can:
Mishcon de Reya                         Choose the date, venue, timings and delegate numbers
Norton Rose                             Save on delegates’ travel and accommodation costs
Pinsent Masons                          Specify the course content and have it tailored to your exact needs
Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP         Where possible, have the option of a lawyer with specialist knowledge in
Richards Butler LLP                     your field
                                        For a series of courses, the content of the course workbooks can be
Companies                               tailored to reflect your particular requirements
British Gas
British Telecom                      Accreditation
Ernst & young                        Bond Solon courses are suitable for Continuing Professional Education and are
HSBC                                 approved by many professional bodies, including The Law Society, the Expert
KPMG                                 Witness Institute, the Royal College of Nursing, the British Postgraduate
Microsoft                            Medical Foundation, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Institute
National Express                     of Chartered Accountants, the Pensions Management Institute and for CME.
Royal Bank of Scotland
                                     About Bond Solon
Central Government
DTI                                  Bond Solon is the UK’s leading witness and evidence training company. We
Environment Agency                   specialise in training non lawyers in legal matters and have have trained over
Health Protection Agency             100,000 witnesses, including those sent to us by the country’s leading law
HM Revenue & Customs                 firms.
Home Office
Insolvency Service                   Our team of lawyers and course designers have unparalleled experience in
Ministry of Defence                  providing high quality training that is tailored to your exact requirements.
OFSTED                               Every organisation has different training objectives. We run over fifteen
Rail Accident Investigation Branch   hundred courses each year and excel in providing training that meets and
Rural Payments Agency                exceeds clients’ expectations.
Local Government                                       Call Laura Travers on 020 7253 7053
Birmingham City Council                           to arrange training or for further information.
City & County of Cardiff
Devon County Council
Lincolnshire City Council
London Borough of Camden
                                                             Bond Solon Training
Medway Council
Torfaen County Borough Council
                                                    13 Britton Street London EC1M 5SX
Vale Royal Borough Council                         phone: 020 7253 7053 fax: 020 7253 7051
Westminster City Council                                email:
Wokingham District Council                        

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