GDI S_m+c_ by ashrafp


									                                        Winner (Senior Level)
                      Good Deed Indeed(Merchandise and Certificate)
S.No. Name of     Name of School          Class   Comments                                        I.D.No
      Student                                                                                     .
  1. Ridhima      St. Cecilias Public     10C     Made a double batch of something delicious 5480
      Kalra       School                          and freezable and give it to an older
                                                  neighbour who does not cook for him or
                                                  herself as much anymore.
  2.   Manish     K.G.S.B.V. Chirag       11D     Once I went to a sea beach with my family. 5266
                  Enclave                         There we had a lot of fun. While playing
                                                  with my brother I saw a lonely little toddler
                                                  looking for his mother and crying near the
                                                  sea. I thought he could drown in the sea
                                                  waves so I called my mother and told her
                                                  about the baby. She then called the life
                                                  guard who took the baby to his parents.
                                                  Every one praised me for saving the little
  3.   Neha       Govt.Girls.Sr.Sec.      12A     Suruchi is my handicap classmate. She lives 5123
       Parveen    School, Kanti                   near my house. I never let her feel that she is
                  Nagar,                          a handicap. I always accompany her to
                                                  School. I often help her to take her to the
                                                  market also.
  4.   Neelam     G.G.S.S.School          12D     I discussed about HIV AIDS with my 3818
                  ,Badarpur,                      classmates for spreading public awareness.
  5.   Palash     Bal Bhawan Public       9A      I am a part of Young Climate Savers 630
       Zokarkar   School,Mayur                    Programme for the past three years and I am
                  Vihar, Phase-2                  dedicated in giving my best in saving the
                                                  environment . I have done many go green
                                                  project in my School such as planting
                                                  saplings,        recycling       paper       &
                                                  vermicomposting I have made awareness for
                                                  keeping the environment clean with the help
                                                  of School rallies e.g. Anti Fire Cracker Rally
                                                  & Plant a Sapling on Earth Day.
  6.   Yash       New State               9E      It is my real story that I was going to my 306
       Mittal     Academy                         Nanny’s House & suddenly a car came with
                  Se.Sec.School,                  so much speed and hit a man standing by
                                                  and he again take U- Turn and again hit him.
                                                  Every body gather to stop the car but was to
                                                  late but I have seen the number of the Car
                                                  and told to the people standing there and
                                                  then I realize I have really helped someone.

  7.   Arnav      Modern Convent          9D      I always do rain water harvesting and use 626
       Sharma     School,                         that water to clean my clothes as in our area
                                                  there is no water supply only a tank comes
                                                  in week and water we use for other purpose
                                                  is very salty & it damages our clothes. So as
                                           rain water is good and I am proud to do this
                                           and I promote this in my colony & now
                                           many children and even women do this
                                           which is very good for even environment.
8.   Kahkasha    G.G.S.S.School,     12A   I TAKE TAILORING CLASSES FOR POOR GIRLS.         4485
                 Badar pur,
9.   Shikha      G.G.S.S.School,Ba   12D   I GO TO THE HOUSE OF A HANDICAPPED GIRL TO       3807
                 dar Pur,                  TEACH HER
10. Sajal Jain   Adarsh Public       10A   One day I saw two small boys smoking 4364
                 School                    cigarettes at a pan corner I approached
                                           them and told them the hazardous effects
                                           of smoking on health as well as on the
                                           environment But they didnt pay heed rather
                                           they bursted out laughing A passerby
                                           supported me He got hold of the panwala
                                           and warned him of the dire consequences
                                           The boys got afraid apologised and assured
                                           that they will not smoke again. The
                                           passerby praised my act.
11. Aayush       Mayur Public        10C   I LIVE IN MANDAWLI AND THERE IS A WORK BEING     2748
     Saini       School,                   DONE BEHIND OUR SCHOOL. THERE HAS BEEN A LOT
                                           OF SOIL TAKEN OUT FOR THE BUILDING A
                                           PIPELINE.AFTER BUILDING OF PIPELINE NO ONE
                                           CAME TO PICK THAT SOIL OR PUT IT IN THE GROUND
                                           AGAIN.ONE DAY WHEN I WAS GOING TO SCHOOL A
                                           CAR WAS BADLY STUCK IN THE PIT.I AND MY
                                           FRIENDS PUT AWAY THE SOIL FROM THE ROAD.AND
                                           HELPED THE PEOPLE IN TAKING OUT THE CAR.BUT I
                                           Felt ASHAMED WHEN I SAW THAT MOST OF THE
                                           PEOPLE WERE JUST STARING AT IT.
12. Rashika      Happy Home          10A   The school bell rang to end. I rushed to 975
     Jain        Public School, Sec-       catch school bus. I saw a nursery girl
                 11, Rohini                weeping in a corner as her bus had missed. I
                                           took her to the school office who called girls
                                           parents to collect her from the school. I felt
                                           very happy to do this noble cause.

13. Tanya        Titiksha Public     10A   Once upon a time when I was 5 years old 77
     Gupta       School,Sec 11             my aunt brought a caged parrot It was a
                 ,Rohini                   lovely bird with a melodious voice But the
                                           parrot always looked sad I loved the parrot
                                           too but was quick to realise the cause of its
                                           sadness A living being can not be happy
                                           even in a golden cage So I quietly widened
                                           the wires of the cage so that the parrot
                                           escaped Everybody at home was suspecting
                                           I had done it but I never accepted Thought
                                           of freeing a bird makes me happy even now
14. Soniya       K.R.Margalam        9D    Along with planting trees in and around my 4148
     Mehta      School                       house I along with other children have put
                                             entertaining evening for our grandparents
                                             and other senior citizens which they all
                                             enjoued and we plan to do more of these
                                             programs as it brings happiness in the life
                                             our loved ones
15. Yukti       Sai Memorial Girls   9A      I am giving free tutions to poor children of 4335
     Sukhija    School,                      primary classes. I have also encouraged my
                                             friends and classmates for the same
16. Varun       D.A.V. Public        11E     Rivers are the lifeline of the country. It is 545
     Duggal     School,                      compulsory for every citizen of the country to
                Pushpanjali                  keep them clean. Cleanliness is the human habit
                Enclave, Pitam               which can do wonders so as a citizen of the
                Pura,Delhi                   Delhi I believe that it is my first duty to keep my
                                             city clean. As a result I got myself associated
                                             with CLEAN DELHI NCR DRIVE .Under the
                                             program I created awareness by street plays
                                             where general public was enlightened by me
                                             and my group . I really think that this is one
                                             good deed I am proud of.
17. Mohd.       Dr.Zakir Hussain     11C     MERE GHAR KE PASS EK LADKA REHTA HAI US LADKE KA        132
                                             FAMILY BACKGROUND ACCHA NAHIN HAI AUR WOH
     Saqib      Memorial                     LADKA PADAI ME BOHOT ACHCHA HAI LEKIN EK BAAR
                Sr.Sec.School                USKE PASS SCHOOL FEES DENE KE LIYE PAISE NAHIN THI TO
                                             MEIN NE APNI POCKET MONEY SE USKI FEES DI.PADHEGA
                                             INDIA TABHI TO BADEGA INDIA.
18. Naman       Adarsh Public        11B     I use bicycle to travel short distances                 3720
     Sikka      School                       instead of a bike so as to reduce my carbon
19. Akansha     Rainbow English      11      Few days back I saw my classmates in the                3298
     Pathania   Sr.Sec.School,       COMCS   market they were doing rash driving and
                JanakPuri,                   showing stunts I told them about the harms
                                             of the rash driving and advice them not to
                                             show such type of adventurous spirit and
                                             thrills on the road
20. Kritika     Rainbow English      11      Urination at the roadside walls is a great              3303
     Suri       Sr.Sec.School,       COMCS   problems the people who past nearby have
                JanakPuri,                   to bear fouling smell I with my friends went
                                             to near by JJ Cluster and encourage people
                                             to use Sulabh toilets
21. Nishu Jha   Shiksha Bharti       9A      One day I was going to my school .I saw a               3442
                Public School,               little boy of about 6 years. He was running
                                             in the middle of the road. Then he crossed
                                             the road and stand in front of me. I politely
                                             asked him why you are running in the
                                             middle of main road. He said I was crossing
                                             the road. told him never cross the road by
                                    is not good.what will happen if
                                             you met with an accident.he promised me
                                          that he will never do this again.
22. Sahil      Dayanand Public     9B     One day two persons were abusing to a             2666
    Rajput     School                     lady. First I told them not to do this but they
                                          also abused me. Then i told one uncle
                                          whose passing nearby. Uncle told them not
                                          to do this kind of mistake in future they
                                          agreed and get away from there.
23. Ujala      G.Girls             12A    During last week when Yamuna was in               5135
               Sr.Sec.School,             flood I along with my elder sister went to the
               Kanti Nagar,               Yamuna Pusta and gave some food and
                                          clothes to the flood Victims.
24. Rupam      Kendriya            10E    I didn’t do much but yes I am trying my           2822
    Rajshree   Vidyalaya No.2             level best to spread awareness amongst
               Delhi Cantt.               people that the word retarded should not be
                                          used in our society the people whom we call
                                          mentally or physically disabled are not
                                          disabled. But they are abled in some
                                          different way so guys whosoever read this
                                          please aware others also about this and I
                                          would like to tell you that this is mission
                                          also started by Intel.
25. Shweta     Sister Nivedita     10     Jab main 7 class mein padhti thi ,Main roz        Drop
               Sarvodaya Kanya            sham ko khelne kay liye park jaya karti           Box
               Vidyalaya,A Block          thi,Wahan par roz ek choti bachhi mere pass
               Defence Col.               akar khari ho jati thi aur mujhey dekhti
                                          rehti.Pehley maine us par dhyan nahi diya
                                          par ek din mainey ussey pucha key tum aisa
                                          kyo karti ho usney kahan mera koi dost nahi
                                          hai aap logon ko khelta dekh mujhe achcha
                                          lagta hai phir hum logon key sath wo bhi
                                          khelney lagi.Mainey ussey puchcha key who
                                          kis class mein parti hai usney jawab diya key
                                          who nahin padti ,kyonki uskey mata pitah
                                          key pass itney paisey nahi hai.Mainey tabhi
                                          nishchaya kiya key main ussey padaungi aur
                                          mainey ussey padana shuru kar diya kuch
                                          din key baad sey usney park aana chchod
                                          diya.pata chala key un log wahan sey jaa
                                          chukey they.Par mujhey IS BAAT KI KHUSHI
                                          HAI KI MAINEY        USSEY    PADHANEY      KI
                                          KOSHISH KI.
26. Shobha     S.N.S.K.V,A         12 B   Ek din mai apne ghar ka bahr baithi thee. Drop
    Verma      Block, Defence             Maine dekha ek chiria park me aaram se Box
               Col                        baithi thee. Per maine aage jakar dekha to
                                          chiria jakhmi thee. Maine aas paas dekha to
                                          bahan log ghumne to aaye thee. Per us chiria
                                          ko ek ne bhee nahi dekha maine apne bhai
                                          ke madad se us se pani aur roti dee. Per usne
                                          pani to pia per roti nahi khai . maine use
                                          ghar me lee gai ukse theek parkar se jakhmo
                                              ko dhoya aur kuch khilaya ab usene thoda
                                              khaya. Phir mai use park me chor aayee.

27. Mamta       S.N.S.K.V,A          11B      Mai dili kee niwasi hoo mai jahan 15 saal se       Drop
                Block, Defence                reh rahi hoon hame kai baar sikhaya gaya ke        Box
                Col                           kam se kam ped kato aur apne janam din per
                                              ek ped jarur lagao. Mai apne ye apne kisi
                                              ghar wale ke janam din per ke poudha jarur
                                              lagati hoon.
28. Sanchit     Guru Sharan          9B       Social Service is a selfless work which is         Drop
    Bansal      Convent School                done to help others. Last year on my               Box
                                              birthday, my father decided to distribute
                                              some fruits and Biscuits to the children of
                                              Central Jail. We went for Permission but
                                              Authorities refused saying it may develop
                                              Inferiority Complex in them and promised to
                                              distribute it themselves .Afterwards they
                                              informed us that children were very happy to
                                              get that.
29. Manvi       Blue Bells School,   11C      I have joined an NGO called adarshilla and I       5789
    Bhatia      International,                visit it on holydays. Their I helped student of    Trophy
                Kailash Colony,               class 8th with their math and I teach them
                New Delhi.                    both them in Hindi and Eng. It is a group of
                                              8 students. It is fun teaching them and I feel
                                              great that I am helping them study thus I am
                                              proud to be a part of the each one, teach one,
30. Siddharth   M.C.L. Saraswati     12th C   Today when I was coming from my institute I        5889
    Sachdeva    Bal Mandir, Hari              saw a poor lady along with her children. I was
                                              going through the same way. I heard that she
                Nagar                         was begging for money and saying that she
                                              along with her children did not had a meal from
                                              the morning. I approaches her but I did not gave
                                              her any money but I told them to come with me
                                              to the near food center shop and I bought four
                                              samosas for them.
31. Shivangi    R.P.V.V., Suraj      11 D     In my neighborhood some renovation is going        6469
    Saxena      Mal Vihar, Rohini,            on. I saw a plant was buried under cement so I
                                              save the plant by taking off cement from it.

32. Shruti      Little Flowers       12 F     I CALLED THE MEETING OF CHILDREN IN MY             6101
    Saxena      Public                        LOCALITY URGED THEM TO OBEY TRAFFIC
                                              RULES FOR SAFE TRAVEL WALK ON
                Sr.Sec.School,                PAVEMENTS CROSS ONLY FROM ZEBRA
                                              CROSSING NOT TO HANG OUT FROM
                                              BUSES AUTOS WEAR HELMETS WHILE
                                              DRIVING TWO WHEELERS AND NOT TO
                                              TALK ON MOBILE WHILE DRIVING KEEP THE
                                              LOCALITY CLEAN
33. Priscilla   Tagore               10 C   That day I was in my car and I was just looking        5847
     Kapoor     International               out of the window and then the car stopped due
                                            to the red signal. There I saw a hand out of a car
                School, East of             which threw a can on the road. I just got out of
                Kailash                     the car and picked up the can and threw it in the
                                            dustbin provided by the government. I did not tell
                                            them anything because I believe that ACTIONS
                                            SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.I felt proud
                                            than embarrassment picking up that crap which I
                                            also told about to my friends.

34. Anurag     Universal Public    11       I was 10 years old when I did this deed.... I took     5954
     Chaudhary School, Preet Vihar          a 6year child to a nearby clinic center as he was
                                            hit by a Santro car....the child was selling flowers
                                            on footpath near a red light. As soon as the
                                            green light took place the car rushed forward in
                                            order to overtake other cars. Also I paid for the
                                            treatment of that poor boy gagan.

35. Isha        The Indian School,   9B     I went to a blind school to help the children there    6124
     Vajpayee   Rose Avenue                 to write their exam and I am also teaching the
                                            poor kids along with my sister

36. Harish      The Baptist          9      I will never forget 24th August. I was going           Drop
                Convent School,             to attend Marriage of my Uncle after                   Box
                Raj Niwas                   reaching there I went near the pond ,I saw a
                                            boy of 6 shouting for help ,he was drowning
                                            ,I jumped in the water and dragged the Boy
                                            near the shore and the boy was saved.
37. Khushboo    St. Georges          11     I always take initiative of Cleaning our               Drop
     Sultan     School, Alaknanda           surrounding so many times I have                       Box
                                            interrupted my friends while they were
                                            littering in the school primesis

38. Rahul       M.H.D.C.Saraswat     9      I supported the spirit of CWG while some of            Drop
     Sharma     i Bal Mandir,B-1,           the children were making fun of the Event              Box
                Janakpuri,                  infront of the Foreign Delegates.

39. Harshini    National Victor      9A     I don’t know whether my deed is Worth                  6889
     Kaur       Public School,              mentioning or not but on my part I have
                Patpar Ganj                 stopped many of my Country Citizens from
                                            insulting our Country values
40. Kunal       N.K.Bagrodia        11 D   I took my Grandpaa to Hospital in my                6817
     Malhotra   Public School,             Father’s absence

41. Kriti       N.K.Bagrodia        11 D   I taught a small boy working at my school           Drop
     Bansal     Public School,             as he was too small and was working                 Box
                Rohini                     because of Family’s Economic Condition
                                           was too serious

42. Siddharth   Bal Bhatri Public   9H     I take care not to litter my surrounding and 6221
     Katyal     School, Pitam              keep wrappers and packets in separate bag to
                pura, Delhi-34             be properly disposed on when I return home.
                                           So I contribute my bit in keeping my city
                                           clean. I keep suggesting this to my other
                                           fellow beings too.
43. Sachin      Shivani Model       10 D   One Day I was coming back from School Then I        5947
     Sharma     Sr.Sec.School,             saw a old Lady crossing the road She was
                                           trembling and could not cross the road. I was
                                           just about the board into the bus. Then realised
                                           that one day we will be old too. At that point of
                                           time I missed that bus and took that old lady
                                           aside .I held her hand and helped her to cross
                                           the road then she gave me lots of blessing from
                                           the bottom of her heart. It was the time when I
                                           realised that i have done something good deed .

44. Shivani     G.G.S.S.S,Vivek     10B    Once I was at a metro station there was long 6847
     Sharma     Vihar                      queue to buy tickets, mom said to break the
                                           line and move to take ticket I asked my mom
                                           not to do so as it wasn’t fair as if you cannot
                                           be a star in the sky you can surely be candle
                                           at home.

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