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                       INDIA SME INNOVATION AWARDS
A The Indian entrepreneurs are very creative and innovate new products and processes as well as provide
  innovative services to remain competitive in domestic and global markets.
   Small & Medium Business Development Chamber of India (SME Chamber of India) recognises these
   entrepreneurs for their outstanding innovations in product, process and services and by conferring awards
   to encourage them.
   We are confident that this will motivate other existing and emerging entrepreneurs to succeed in their
   chosen fields and the award winners will act as role models for others to excel in entrepreneurship.

Q Who are the Organizers?
A Small & Medium Business Development Chamber of India (SME Chamber of India) is a leading
  organisation working for the development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and
  organise various trade promotional activities in India and abroad for many years.
   For details please visit our website: www.smechamberofindia.com

Q What are the categories of the Awards?
   Following are the categories of the Awards
      Engineering Sector
      IT & ITES Sector
      Pharmaceutical Sector
      Food Processing Sector
      Packaging Sector
      Green Technology & Energy Efficiency Sector
      Service Sector
      Education Sector
      R&D Sector

Q What benefits will the Awardees derive through this Award?
      It enhances the image of the Awardee with all stake holders including customers, suppliers, bankers,
       investors, rating companies and other agencies.
      Awardees are permitted to publish and advertise their achievements by way of Award
      It paves the way for applying for other Awards
      It stimulates other entrepreneurs to achieve more
      Can become a role model for budding and existing entrepreneurs
      Chance to commercialize the ideas
      Attract collaborations and investment
      Marketing support from the Chamber
      Opportunity to avail Government Incentives
Q Who can apply?
A Any of the following who has/have conceptualsied and created an innovative product or process or
  service can apply for the award ( turn over should be not less than 5 crore)
      Small and Medium Enterprises, Manufacturers (all sectors)
      Technology development institutes
      R & D Agencies
      Educational Institutes
      Quality Management companies
Q How to Apply?
A The application form can be obtained from our office against a non refundable payment of ` 1,000/-
  (Rupees One Thousand only)

Q Is there any charge involved?
A Yes. There is a small fee towards processing the applications
                                             PROCESSING FEE
             Category                             Members                          Non-Members
          Small Enterprises                      ` 10,000/-                          ` 15,000/-
          Medium Enterprises                     ` 15,000/-                          ` 25,000/-
     R & D Agencies, Educational
   Institutes, Quality Management                ` 20,000/-                          ` 30,000/-
      Limited and Multinational
                                                 ` 40,000/-                          ` 60,000/-

(The processing fee is to be paid by “Pay Order” or “Demand Draft” along with duly filled in application
form. The processing fee is not refundable irrespective of Acceptance / Rejection of the application and is
utilized towards processing expenses.)

Q What are the documents required?
A List of documents needed along with duly filled in Application Form (Provide information on company
  letter head separately, if the information cannot filled in the form):
   1. Profile of the company along with the executive summary
   2. Purpose of the innovation ( uses, improvement in quality, production and productivity)
   3. Detailed write-up about the innovation
   4. Company’s spend on this innovation in terms of time, materials and manpower
   5. The contributions made by the various team members ( their name, background and involvements)
   6. Impact of this innovation towards safety, health and environment
   7. The size and nature of the organisation where the work was carried out?
   8. Photos / Demonstration videos or PPT
   9. Commercial viability
   10. Prototype of innovation
   11. Business potential (improvement of quality, product, demand etc.)
   12. Specific problems Identified during improvement / research
   13. Target customers and competitors
   14. Trademarks / Patents obtained or to be obtained
   15. Test reports, if any
   16. Copy of Quality Assurance Certificates if any
   17. Copy of certificates of registration of business
   18. Last three years Balance Sheet and P&L Account attested by C.A.
   19. List of key customers, suppliers and competitors for reference only.
   20. Future Business Plans and potentials for Expansion
   21. Three latest photographs of the principal applicant
   22. Note of Justification for considering your application for Awards
   23. Any other important information highlighting your achievements
   24. An undertaking on company letterhead with seal stating that the details mentioned in the form are
       correct and verified to the best of knowledge of the applicant.

Q What about the confidentiality of information provided by the applicants?
A As a policy, the information provided by the applicants will be kept confidential. No information would
  be divulged to anybody without the written consent of the applicants.

Q Selection Criteria
A The Selection Committee will scrutinize the applications on the basis of following criteria relevant to the
  business activities of the applicants
      Purpose of the innovation
      Development stages of innovative Products / Processes/services
      Unique features
      Utility and problem solving features
      Ease of operations
      Value additions
      Energy and power savings
      Social & Environmental impact
      Quality Certifications
      Business potential
      Earlier Awards
      Future plans of the company

Q Procedure for Short - Listing of Nominees
A A selection committee comprising of experts from concerned fields will screen, appraise, select and
  recommend the nominees to the Management Committee of SME Chamber of India.
   The stages of selection process:
   Stage 1: Preliminary screening of the applications
   Stage 2: Evaluation of the applications
   Stage 3: Personal interviews of the short-listed applicants, if required.
   Stage 4: Visit to factory, office and business premises, if required.
   Stage 5: Final review and recommendation by the Selection Committee to Management Committee
   Stage 6: Announcement of the Awardees.
   Stage 7: Results will be communicated to applicants.
   Stage 8: Award Presentation Function.
Q How the Award is presented?
A The Award is presented to the winners at the hands of a high level dignitary during the award function
  and will consist of:
      An Attractive Memento.
      A certificate from the SME Chamber of India.
      The photo of Awardees will be published in the newsletter, website and activity report of SME
       Chamber of India.
      SME Chamber of India will recommend the awardees to appropriate authorities for recognition and
       encouragement for their future business growth.
      SME Chamber of India will give the status to awardees as a role model
Q Submission of Application form
A 3 identical sets of duly completed application forms in physical and CD format with the necessary
  supporting documents along with payment towards processing fee in favour of “Small & Medium
  Business Development Chamber of India” payable at Mumbai should be submitted to on or before
  5.00 pm on 28th February, 2011.
   SME Chamber of India,
   Central Office: 3, Upper Ground Floor , Samruddhi Venture Park, Marol MIDC, Nr Hotel Tunga Paradise,
   Andheri (E) Mumbai – 400093 | Tel: 022 - 66674444 / 6150 9800| Email: smechamberofindia@vsnl.net
Terms and Conditions
   1. After scrutiny of the applications, the short- listed candidates may be called for personal interviews.
   2. Members of the Selection Committee and / or office bearers of SME Chamber of India or other
       appointed and authorised experts from specific fields may visit the Office / Factory of the applicant
       to obtain more information, if necessary. (All arrangements for the visits out of Mumbai shall be taken
       care of by the applicant).
   3. Canvassing in any form shall be treated as disqualification.
   4. The Management Committee of SME Chamber of India will have the sole discretion on all matters
       related to the Awards and reserves the rights to modify or change the award categories, selection
       criteria, policy, dates and venue.
   5. The applicant shall not be entitled to get refund of the processing fee once paid along with the
       applications for any reasons, whatsoever, including incomplete application form, rejection of
       application, unauthenticated documents etc.
   6. The selection committee reserves absolute right to accept or reject any application without assigning
       any reason and their decision is final.
   7. Award application form is to be submitted on or before 5.00 pm on 28th February, 2011.
   8. Incomplete applications will be rejected without assigning any reason thereof
   9. The application form will not be accepted after the prescribed date.
   10. Organisers will not divulge the information received to any third party and will treat the same strictly

                       For Sponsorship, Application and More Information Contact
                     Ms. Saakshi Kulkarni – Director, Public Relation & Administration
                    Tel: +91 - 22 – 6677 0218 / 19 / 6667 4444 | Fax: +91 -22 - 2874 3543
       Email: smechamberofindia@vsnl.net | smechamber@vsnl.net | Website: www. smechamberofindia.com
                                                Central Office
  3 & 4, Up Gr Floor, Samruddhi Venture Park, Marol MIDC, Near Hotel Tunga Paradise, Andheri (E) Mumbai - 93.

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