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At the Wiltshire County FA we appreciate how difficult it can be to sustain football activity as well as
improving facilities, funding essential training equipment, buying the new team kit or paying for
coaching courses for example.

We also appreciate that whilst Clubs raise funds from their own membership and by means of
fund-raising activities it is often not enough to meet Club’s aspirations to develop or even sustain its

So it is often necessary to look for external funding. This can be time-consuming and daunting. We
have sought to unravel the maze of grants to identify those that might just be applicable to your
club / organisation.

Before accessing our ‘Wiltshire County FA Grants Guide’ a few helpful tips: -
1. Make sure you carefully study the requirements you need to satisfy to apply for a grant.

2. Most funders will require you to demonstrate a football driven need or how you will satisfy the
   Funder’s objectives, for example, how are you going to sustain and/or increase participation. It is
   often the case that Funders will also expect your own Club/Organisation to contribute finance
   from its own fund raising activities.

3. Talk to other Clubs who have been through the process.

4. It is a requirement of many grant providers, particularly the Football Foundation, that you seek
   advice from the County FA’s Development Team before completing an application.

5. Keep your papers organised and take copies; you will accumulate some during the process!

6. If in doubt – ask!
Wiltshire County FA Grants Guide
(Please note that some grants may be applicable to more than one of the categories below)

Click on the icon below most appropriate for the grant subject you are seeking to access.

Within each you will find the grant title, its value, brief description, some key pointers and the
web-site link to access more detailed information.

This is essentially a ‘guide’. If you become aware of other potential grant funding sources applicable
to football, then please let us know!

         Facility Improvement               Club and Team
                                                                         Equipment and Kit
          and Development                   Development

                            Coaching and
                              Officials                     Other Grants

       We are committed to seeking to maximise the investment put into football in Wiltshire
       and best support the endeavours of all applicants.

       If you would like further advice, have any questions or would simply like to talk over your
       ideas then please contact Stephen Neale, Wiltshire County Development Manager on
       01793 486047.
 Facility Improvement & Development
1. Football Foundation (FF): Facilities Scheme

   How Much?       £20,001 - £500,000
   What is it?     Facilities grant provides money to improve or provide new facilities for football.

   Grants could be provided for example for the following:
   • changing rooms, pavilions or similar
   • artificial grass pitches (AGPs) and multi-use games areas
   • fixed floodlights for AGPs
   • grass pitches improvements / drainage
   • on occasion revenue grants are awarded to deliver football development associated with the
      new facility e.g. football development officer.

   Key Pointers
   • Will require detailed planning and preparation, pre-application assessment, a Football
      Development Plan, and liaison from the outset with the County FA Development Manager.
   • Typical FF average grant levels for this type of grant are usually in the region of 45% of the
      project cost.
   • The applicant will need to demonstrate that they have sought to secure other funding sources
      to support the project.
   • Technical advice sheets are available on the FF website.

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 Facility Improvement & Development
2. Football Foundation (FF): Build The Game Grant Scheme

   How Much?       Up to £20,000 (with no limit to the total cost of a project this could
                   contribute towards)
   What is it?     Build The Game Grants provide money for small facilities projects for football

   Grants could be provided for example for the following:
   • Facilities refurbishment
   • Pitch improvement works
   • Storage container or similar
   • Portable floodlighting

   Key Pointers
   • Will require advice and support of the County FA Development Manager before applying.
   • Typical FF average grant levels for this type of grant are usually in the region of 50% of the
      total project cost
   • The applicant is expected to make its own financial contribution and to secure funding from
      other organisations

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 Facility Improvement & Development
3. Football Foundation (FF): Football Stadia Improvement Fund

   How Much?        There are prescribed grant limits that apply from Premier League to National
                    League System Clubs. All applications will be judged on financial need and
                    available budget. Grants will be limited to 50% of eligible costs and the
                    following upper limits will be applied:

     Club Level                                                               £
     Step 1                                                              400,000
     Steps 2 – 4                                                         150,000
     Steps 5 & 6                                                         100,000
     Step 7 and below                                                     20,000
                                                 (but up to £50,000 for applications including changing rooms)

     Note: Women’s clubs who share a ground with a Men’s Club are eligible for grants of up to
     £20,000 in any 3-year period for work relating to women’s football e.g. providing women’s
     changing shower layout etc.

   What is it?      Football Stadia Improvement Fund grants provide money for clubs from the
                    top of the League pyramid to the National League System down to Step 7 and
                    below who need to improve their facilities for players, officials and spectators.

   The following work may apply for grants (see FF website link below for full listing):
   • Covered seating                       • Safe standing areas
   • Secure ground boundary                • 1st aid room
   • Pitchside barriers                    • New or upgrading floodlights
   • Parking for cars and coaches          • P.A. system

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 Club & Team Development
1. Football Foundation (FF): Grow The Game Scheme

   How Much?       Up to £5,000 grant (over 2 or 3 years with financial support being reduced in
                   the 2nd or 3rd year of the project).
                   Note: no partnership funding will be requested.

   What is it?     Grow the Game grants provide money to increase participation by both players
                   and volunteers; this is done by supporting the costs associated with new

                   It is important to note that there are only certain ‘application windows’ made
                   available at any given time by the Football Foundation.

   Grants could be provided for example for the following:
   • Affiliation fees
   • CRB checks
   • League entry
   • 1st aid kits
   • FA coaching courses
   • Hire of facilities, coaches and referees
   • Promotion and publicity

   Key Pointers:
   • Current application criteria requires that only organisations who are ‘not for profit’ and
      planning to set up 2 new teams over the next 2 years can apply.
   • Organisations can only apply for x1 Grow the Game grant every 4 years.
   • Individuals or educational establishment are not permitted to apply.
   • The scheme is both popular and competitive and you are best advised to contact the County
      FA Development Team for advice and support.
   • Check out the FF website below for ‘application window’
      (Next application window is 3 Jan – 28 Feb 2011)

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 Club & Team Development
2. Sport England: Sportsmatch Programme

   How Much?        Between £1,000 & £100,000 that you can match with eligible sponsorship from a
                    commercial company, charitable trust or private individual to deliver the project.

   What is it?      A match funded ‘pound for pound’ scheme for a sporting project that seeks to
                    grow or sustain participation in sport.

   Grants may be awarded for example for the following:
   • Non-personal sports equipment purchase or hire (i.e. equipment that is not used just be one
   • Removable goal-posts (i.e. non-fixed / non permanent capital purchases)
   • Training for staff or volunteers
   • Coaching costs or costs for sessional workers

       Key Pointers:
   •   Check the eligibility criteria carefully (see website link below)
   •   Periodic ‘application windows’ apply (Reopens 17th Jan for projects starting after 1st April 2011)
   •   If successful, projects must be delivered within a 12-month period

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 Club & Team Development
3. Sport England: Small Grants Programme

   How Much?       Between £300 - £10,000 with a total project cost that cannot exceed £50,000

   What is it?     A grant scheme to support local community sport projects which seeks to
                   increase participation, sustain participation or develop opportunities for
                   people to excel at their chosen sport.

   Key Pointers:
   • Check the eligibility criteria carefully (see website link below)
   • If successful, projects must be delivered within a 12-month period.

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 Equipment and Kit
1. UMBRO FA Charter Standard Club Kit Scheme

   How Much and What is it?
   15% discount on all kits, training wear, equipment and accessories for registered FA Charter
   Standard Clubs, Schools and Colleges.

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   How Much?           Awards of £250, £500 and £1,000 are available.
   What is it?         A grant scheme supported by SportsAid and Betfair to support community
                       sports clubs.

   Grants may be awarded for example for the following:
   • Kit
   • Equipment
   • Facilities improvements
   • Training for coaches

   Key Pointers
   • Applicants must be registered with their National Governing Body (NGB) or local authority.
   • Grants are awarded x3 times a year on a discretionary basis
   • Applicants must demonstrate you are serious about making your club a better place for your
   • Applying is free and available on-line

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Coaching & Officials Development
1. Wiltshire and Swindon Activity & Sports Partnership (WASP): Coach Bursary Scheme

   How Much?         A maximum grant of 50% of the actual course cost (up to a maximum of £150)
   What is it?       A bursary to assist with increasing capacity for the need of coaches at UKCC
                     Level 2 across all environments within Wiltshire & Swindon.

   Key Pointers
   • For individuals who currently hold a UKCC Level 1 qualification and wishes to progress to
      UKCC Level 2 sports qualification
      WASP asks that successful applicants deliver 3 x 1hr voluntary sessions in 3 different settings
      to include in a school, after school, club or community setting.
   • Timescales: Submission Deadline                Award Date
                      15 April 2011                 May 2011

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2. Torch Trophy Trust Bursary Scheme

   How Much?           A minimum of £100 and up to £1,000 and it would not be for more than 50%
                       of the total costs involved.
   What is it?         The aim of the bursary scheme is to provide financial aid for those wishing to
                       increase their knowledge and their ability to help others on a voluntary basis
                       by taking courses to qualify as club coaches, officials or administrators.

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 Other Grants
1. Wiltshire Council: Community Grants Scheme

   How Much?         Up to £5,000 available (more in exceptional circumstances) for your
                     community project
                     For projects that cost more than £1,000 then 50% match funding must be
   What is it?       A small grants scheme where funding is available to help provide facilities,
                     equipment and activities that are important to the local community.

   Key Pointers
   • Prospective funding is linked to local priorities
   • Support is on hand from the Council for applicants
   • Applications are considered at Area Board meetings
   • Area Board locality maps are available on the website link below
   • No match funding required for a bid of total project cost less than £1,000
   • For a project cost above £1,000 50% match funding must be provided

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 Other Grants
2. Community First: Landfill Communities Fund

   How Much?         £5,000 to £50,000
   What is it?
   • A scheme whereby Community First for Wiltshire and Swindon seeks to access Landfill
     Communities’ Fund Grant Aid each year on behalf of community projects.
   • Applicants are usually community organisations or town and parish councils.
   • Eligible projects might include building or improving sports clubs / facilities.
   • Operators of the scheme in conjunction with the Landfill companies have their own criteria in
     terms of site location but typically a project needs to be within a 10-mile radius of a landfill
   • The Community First website currently indicates interest in plans for capital, community
     projects within 10 miles of Calne.

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 Other Grants
3. Swindon Borough Council: Grassroots Grants

   How Much?        Up to £1,000
   What is it?      A small grant aimed at supporting new community activity, activities that
                    improve quality of life, assisting small organisations to develop themselves.

   Key Pointers:    Funds are for capital items only and not running costs.

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 Other Grants
4. The Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon

    How Much:       The primary focus is on the disadvantaged and most of the grants offered
                    range from £50 to £10,000.

    What is it?     Groups can apply to Main Grants to support a wide variety of project, core and
                    ongoing costs. The aim is to fund projects which:
                          • reduce isolation
                          • improve access to skills development
                          • provide access to social & recreational opportunities
                          • improve opportunities for employment
                          • help people move on with their lives

    Key Pointers:   Will not fund Groups that have more than 12 months running costs in
                    unrestricted (free) reserves. Will not fund Projects operating outside the
                    County of Wiltshire / Borough of Swindon

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 Other Grants
5. Bag4sport

    What is it?     Bag4sport was established as a response to the ongoing financial pressure
                    that youth, sporting and charitable organisations are under to find funding for
                    their survival. As a social enterprise it provides organisations with a simple,
                    fast and easily managed way of raising money.

                    Bag4Sport buy unwanted textiles from an organisation (at a rate of 40p per
                    kilo) and send donations to Eastern Europe and Africa.

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 Other Grants
6. Easy Fundraising

     How Much?           Unlimited Fund Raising

     What is it? provide a FREE fundraising service where you can
                         raise funds for any charity, trust, school, club, good cause or community
                         group you support when you shop online. Choose from over 2,000 of the
                         UK's best-known retailers including many popular names such as
                         Amazon, M&S, Argos, John Lewis and HMV, and when you shop using the
                         links on their site. Up to 15% from every purchase you make is donated
                         to the cause you choose to nominate.

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