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									                                                     NORAZLAILI MOKHTAR & SITI ZALEHA JUSOH
                                                                                    SCE 3108

Technique: Debate.

     Definition
      -   Two teams discuss a single topic. One team argues for the `yes` side of the
          issue whereas the other team argues for the `no` side.
      -   The teams should spend some time brainstorming their arguments before the
          debate. They should then elect two or three speakers to represent their team
          in the debate.
     Steps
      -   There should be a chairperson to conduct the debate.
      -   The chairperson should introduce the speakers and make sure order is kept.
      -   The time limit for each speaker should not be more than 5 minutes.
      -   Speakers should stand in front of the main group and present their views in
     Advantages
      -   Develop competencies to communicate effectively.
      -   Trained to think fast and people are properly and regularly.
      -   Language skills by using correct sentence structure and proper grammar.
      -   Argue rationally, critically and creatively.
      -   Train listening skills, thinking, argue, and lambasted.
      -   Teachers should take their own initiatives to foster in students the ability to
      -   The development itself will be debating skills led to the development of
          language skills, a positive mental development, increasing knowledge and the
          inculcation of leadership qualities.
     Disadvantages
      -   Not suitable for less communicative students.
      -   Not suitable for the slow learners when they need to come up with ideas in a
          short time.
      -   Not all students involved and just the selected students.
                                                    NORAZLAILI MOKHTAR & SITI ZALEHA JUSOH
                                                                                   SCE 3108


      Year – 5.
      Theme – Investigating Force and Energy.
      Topic – Energy.
      Sub topic – Understanding renewable and nonrenewable energy.
      Debate :
            1. Teacher states the topic for the lesson.
            2. Teacher explains the objective of the lesson to students.
            3. Teacher state the title of debate competition:
               “Is it suitable the solar energy was replaced with the nuclear energy?”
            4. Three students are needed to stand at „yes‟ side and three more students
               to stand at „no‟ side.
            5. The debating take place when all students which take part present the
               ideas and key words.
            6. At the end of the lesson, teacher should make a discussion and
               conclusion based on the debate.

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