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									                                       TZAR BAR
                                 CHEF GRAYSON SHERMAN

   Lush brocades in a palette of reds, gold and blues evoke the splendor that was Imperial
  Russia….Tables laden with silver holding precious delicacies from old Moscow, back lit by a
  myriad of red votives, flickering and transporting your guests back to the time of Tolstoy….

                                           CAVIAR BAR

Glass bowl set into silver punch bowls filled with ice are filled with caviars from around the
world, the assortment includes:

                         Classic Black Sea Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga

                                    Pacific Northwest Salmon

                                Japanese Wasabi infused Tobiko

                                   Canadian Golden Whitefish

                                 Danish Red and Black Lumpfish

                                         TARTAR BAR
               To complete the Tzar’s table, an array of tartars are presented…..
                      Traditional Steak Tartare, of hand chopped sirloin

             Spanish inspired Tuna Tartar, scented with sherry, orange and thyme

        Tuscan Smoked salmon Tartar, with sundried tomatoes. Fresh basil and grappa

                       Smoked Scallop Tartar, with chive, and ruby radish

                     Eggplant Tartar, oven roasted, with garlic and parsley

              Napa valley Tomato Tartar, Green Zebra tomatoes, kiwi, and mint
          The caviar and tartars can be lavished on the guests choice of the following:

                                     Traditional toast points

                                      Pumpernickel Toasts

                                 Roasted fingerling potato coins

                                        Potato Gaufrettes

                                           Classic Blini

                                  Miniature Buckwheat waffles


                                        Cucumber rounds

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                                        FABERGE EGGS

           Silver platters filled with colorful eggs, bejeweled with pearls of Caviar

Golden Saffron colored eggs, stuffed with chive studded devilled filling and topped with golden
                                         osetra caviar

       Ruby Beetroot dyed eggs piled with dill scented filling and smoked salmon caviar

   Emerald spinach dyed eggs filled with wasabi egg salad, and lavished with tobiko caviar

                      SUMMER INDIAN BUFFET
                              CHEF GRAYSON SHERMAN

                        Budina: Muddled cucumber, mint, and key lime Vodka
                                           India pale ale
                                           Gin and Tonic

Fragrant Butterflied Tiger Prawns: Prawns marinated in yogurt and garam masala then dredged
                                in chickpea flour, and grilled

              Curried lamb and cilantro mashed potatoes on “Snowshoe” bread

                   Coconut Crab cakes with Curried passionfruit remoulade

                                         Beef Samosas

                                 Cucumber and peanut salad

                            Green beans with Tomatoes and onions

                                     Classic Butter Chicken:
A classic mild curry of boneless chicken thighs, in a clove and cardomom scented tomato sauce
                                      lightened with cream

                                      Pork Vindaloo:
                    Slow simmered spicy curry of Pork, chilies, and onions

                                   Blackpeppercorn Pulao:
    Southern Indian basmati rice infused with Telicherry peppercorns and toasted cashews

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                         Tandoori Marinated Rack of Spring lamb
                                     Cucumber Raita
                               Major Grey’s Mango chutney
                                  Bombay Tomato Relish
                                      Mint chutney
                                    Red curry Chutney
                     Baskets of Naan, Onion Khulcha, and Pappadums

                                   Watermelon Sorbet
                                  Fennel Seed Cookies
                              Pistachio coconut Meringues

                            LUCK OF THE IRISH
                             CHEF GRAYSON SHERMAN

                             PASSED HORS D OUEVRES

    Salt roasted creamer potatoes, stuffed with Mustard marinated mussels
                   Brussels sprout leaves stuffed with colcannon
       Demitasse cups of Classic Irish Stew topped with whipped parsnips
             Irish soda bread topped with Guinness stout glazed ham
    Baby lamb chops, brushed with Irish mist and served with minted au jus
            Mead glazed chicken wings with clover honey mustard dip
  Individual spoons of “Shepherds Pie” topped with cheddar mashed potatoes
        Irish whiskey cured Salmon on oat cakes with pickled cucumbers

                              CARVING STATION
    Classic beef brisket slowly braised in ale presented and carved to order
              on small plates with the following accompaniments:

                   Country cream whipped Yukon gold potatoes
                             Root vegetable cobbler
                             Braised Brussels sprouts
                                Mustard reduction

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                                  LATINO PARTY
                               CHEF: GRAYSON SHERMAN

                               Specialty Drink: Watermelon Mojito
 Hospitality snack, served at the bars: Macona almonds roasted with extra virgin Spanish olive
                                       olive oil and sea salt

                                   Passed Hors d oeuvres:

Pressed miniature Cuban Sandwiches of Slow roasted pork loin, sugar cured ham, Swiss cheese
                                and half sour dill pickles

                 Papas Rellanos: Cuban potato fritters stuffed with picadillo

                Grilled sugar cane skewered gulf shrimp with Cuba Libra glaze

  Hand rolled “Cuban Cigars” flaky Phyllo dough pastry filled with Ropa Vieja (Cuban stewed
                                     beef, with capers)

                            Mini Coconut Crab cakes on sea shells
                               Bacalolitos: Salt cod Croquettes
                            Stone crab claws with mustard sauce
                              Tuna and green olive empanadas

                                       Carving Station:

                       Roasted Pork loin with Costa Rican Coffee Glaze

                                        Arrozo Station

     A table laden with rice and toppings to build your own “Paella” or Arrozo con Pollo

Saffron scented rice, Classic short grained Spanish rice steamed with saffron and then sautéed
                         with onions, red pepprs and fresh green peas

   Arrozo Sazon: Steamed rice scented with Achiote, and cilantro then sautéed with garlic

                                      choice of toppings:

                                       Grilled Chorizo
                                  Corona steamed mussels,
                        White wine and garlic steamed manilla clams
                                    Grilled whole shrimp
            Grilled Red wine and bitter orange marinated boneless chicken thighs
                           Roasted red, yellow and green peppers


                      Served on a banana leaf and orchid strewn table,

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                                   Key Lime tartlets
                                    Individual Flans
                                      Coconut Bars
                                Dulce leche cheesecake
                               Banana rum Crème brulee

                     KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY
                            CHEF: GRAYSON SHERMAN

                             SPECIALTY COCKTAIL:
  “Run for the roses” … combination of single barrel Kentucky bourbon, rose
                     scented liqueur and raspberry syrup


                       Hoppin’ John cakes with Pawpaw relish
                       Soft shell crab with “Blond” BBQ sauce
              Corn and pepper hushpuppies with peach pepperpot dip
     Jack Daniel’s marinated roasted spring lamb chops with tomato mint au jus
                           Demitasse cups of Peanut soup
          Corn cob smoked bacon wrapped shrimp with clover honey glaze


        Pecan Crusted baked ham with Molasses biscuits, and “Red eye” gravy

            Kentucky Burgoo: Classic stew of pulled lamb, beef and chicken
Traditional Beef Grillades: strips of beef, braised with tomatoes, peppers, and onions,
                             in a bacon scented pan gravy.

                                     Creamy Grits
                                Fried Green Tomatoes
        Salad of gathered wild greens dressed with a “ Moonshine” vinaigrette

                                  Blackbottom pie
                         Johnny cake with fresh blueberries
            Peach and pecan cobbler with Bourbon scented whipped cream
                                 Gooey butter cake

                           21st CENTURY TEA

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                            CHEF : GRAYSON SHERMAN

                             BUTLERED HORS D OUEVRES
                               Sips of Minted sweet pea Vichysoisse
                          Devilled egg filled with Smithfield ham mousse
            Miniature Yorkshire puddings filled with truffled eggs and smoked salmon
                       Cherry tomatoes stuffed with smoked scallop salad
             Celery Chevrons with gruyere, champagne grapes and toasted pecans
                                  Savory shortbread “Fig Newtons”
                  Roquefort Napoleons with roasted pears and toasted walnuts
                    “Pasties” filled with curried potatoes, peas and cauliflower

                                   HIGH TEA TABLE
   CLASSIC SANDWICHES: Traditional two and three layer crustless tea sandwiches with an
                           assortment of the following.

                            Black forest ham, toasted walnut and stilton
                        Darjeeling tea smoked chicken with tomato chutney
                           Cucumber and pickled ginger cream cheese
                                   Carrot marmalade with gouda

                                    BAGUETTE SANDWICHES

French white, sourdough and whole wheat French breads, stuffed and sliced with an assortment of
                                       the following:

                Fois Gras mousse studded with port soaked sun-dried cranberries

    Asian Chicken salad with toasted sesame seeds, and smoked black pepper mayonnaise

              „Po boys‟ of panko crusted oysters, chipotle remoulade and shredded

                                   Pernod poached shrimp salad,

                            ROLLED AND WRAPPED SANDWICHES:

          Assorted soft flour tortillas filled with a assortment of the following filling and rolled and

      Greek salad rolls of cucumber, tomato, feta, baby romaine and kalamata mayonnaise

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Bombay Turkey salad, of tandoori roasted turkey, apple, grapes and toasted cashews

             Maytag Blue cheese, toasted walnuts, and sherry soaked golden raisins

                     Thai “Satay” style chicken salad with spicy peanut aioli


                                An assortment of the following :

               Southern Carolina pulled pork, and fire water on szechuan coleslaw

                   Peking duck salad, and upland cress and toasted almonds

     “Kobe” style Carpaccio, of chili soy marinated beef tenderloin with cucumber and wasabi

 Turkey Tonnoto: Pinot Grigio poached breast of turkey, anchovy, and tuna scented mayonnaise

 Moroccan spiced smoked salmon with toasted cumin cream cheese and orange water marinated

                                “WORLD SERIES”
                                A FUSION PICNIC
                                CHEF: GRAYSON SHERMAN


  Fois Gras burgers, seared Hudson Valley Fois gras, ginger pickled cucumbers and blackberry
                                   ketchup on silver dollar rolls
                           Lobster “Corn dogs” with tamarind ketchup
                 Plantation fried chicken “lollypops” with smoked paprika gravy
                             Clam cakes with New wave tartar sauce
      Twice baked potato skins with applewood smoked bacon and Cotswold cheddar, and
            Individual “hot dogs” wrapped in Pommery mustard glazed Phyllo dough
        Sour cream and chive biscuits with Magret Duck “ham” with port and fig butter

                                    From the Grill:

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                                        Mixed grill of:
                               Pulled Alder smoked pork butt
                              Earl Grey Tea BBQ chicken thighs
                               Coffee Barbequed Beef Brisket

                          Designer fries with an international touch:

        Crispy panko crusted potato wedges with purple onion and basil Giardinara dip

                       Classic Potato Gaufrettes with gorgonzola gravy

                   Picante potato chips with “crème fraiche and chive dip

                               Pommes Frites with Garlic aioli

                          Argentinean Fries with parsley Chimichurri

  Provencal “fries” chickpea polenta, cut in strips and deep fried, with persimmon ketchup

 Bean salad: a global medley of beans including haricot vert, butter beans, black beans, fava
  beans, rice beans, garbanzo and tongue of fire beans, in a sherry vinegar and blood orange

   Coleslaw: Shredded savoy cabbage, fennel and carrots with a poppy seed, ginger, yogurt

Classic chopped salad: International twist on the classic, chopped, Iceberg, radicchio, endive
and romaine layered with crisped pancetta, Stilton, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, ale
        poached shrimp and served with a choice of: Chevre enhanced Ranch Dressing
                            21St century Thousand Island Dressing
                             Avocado “Green Goddess” Dressing
                                 Caribbean “French” Dressing

Potato salad: Mixture of red, white and blue potatoes, with Maryland lump crab, cucumber and
                          chives in a tarragon Champagne vinaigrette

                             WORLD OF BURGERS:
  This can be an addendum or an up sell or can be miniaturized and be included in the hors d

                             The classic American…..with a twist.
Chopped Sirloin stuffed with fois gras mousse, new wave bread and butter pickles, brie, butter
                                lettuce, and cranberry ketchup

  Falafel burgers: chickpea patties with parsley, onion, garlic seared and served with Tahini
                  mayo, tomato, mint marinated cucumbers, and ruby onion

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  Moroccan Lamb burgers: lamb, lemon, currants, onion, cinnamon served with mint yogurt
                        sauce, shredded lettuce and tomato jam

 Gorgonzola Cheese burgers with pancetta: Ground beef, stuffed with gorgonzola served with
                          caramelized onions and spicy pancetta

 Asian Crab burgers: Maryland crab, wasabi, scallions, sesame oil, served with pickled ginger,
                            asian slaw and Japanese cucumabers

  Thai Turkey Satay burger: Ground turkey, sambal, coriander, lime, cilantro, cumin scented
                           burger, served with spicy peanut sauce

 Black bean burgers: black beans, cilantro chipotle remoulade, avocado, tomato, ruby onion,
                                          corn relish

   Provencal Tuna burger: Sushi grade tuna, capers, scallion, Dijon, served with green olive
                    tapenade and sundried tomato parmesan mayonnaise

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