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					Hy-Wire: The Electric Vehicle Of Tomorrow                              Seminar Report ‘04


       With all due respect, I sincerely express my gratitude to our beloved Head of the

Department, Dr. P. M. S. Nambisan, for his blessings and undying support.

       I also thank the Seminar Coordinator, Asst. Professor, Mr. Gylson Thomas, for his

cooperation extended during the course of my preparation.

       I’m extremely indebted to my Seminar Guide, Mr. Abdul Nazeer P., for his able

guidance at every step.

       May I thank all the department faculties too, who have been there to help me

whenever I needed them.

       At this juncture, I also wish to whole-heartedly thank all my friends for their

encouragement and good wishes, and for all the unforgettable experiences shared while

searching for a topic.

       I also thank the lord Almighty. Without His will this paper would not have


Department Of EEE                            i                       MESCE, Kuttippuram
Hy-Wire: The Electric Vehicle Of Tomorrow                               Seminar Report ‘04


       HY-WIRE – This term is coined from the technologies used to drive this vehicle.

i.e. Hydrogen fuel cells and By-Wire technologies.

       The hydrogen fuel cells produce clean power. In this, the hydrogen is combined

with oxygen to produce electricity required, the by-products being only heat and water

vapor. The hydrogen required is compressed and stored in the vehicle. This makes the

vehicle environment friendly. As the fuel cells are nearly twice as efficient as an internal

combustion engine, the running cost will also be cheaper.

       By-Wire technology replaces all the hydro-mechanical systems with

electromagnetic systems. i.e. mechanical parts controlled by electronic equipments. This

technology makes the use of cables obsolete and instead we use wires to pass the

impulses to a microcontroller, which in turn controls the vehicle.

       This results in the production of a purely electric vehicle where the only moving

things other than the protons, electrons, water and the motor are the wheels and


Department Of EEE                            ii                       MESCE, Kuttippuram
Hy-Wire: The Electric Vehicle Of Tomorrow      Seminar Report ‘04


   1. Introduction                                        1

   2. Hydrogen Fuel Cells                                 2

   3. Advantages Of PEMFC                                 6

   4. Disadvantages Of PEMFC                              7

   5. By-Wire Technology                                  8

   6. Advantages Of By-Wire Systems                       11

   7. Disadvantages Of By-Wire Systems                    12

   8. The Hy-Wire Vehicle                                 13

   9. Advantages Of The Hy-Wire                           21

   10. Disadvantages Of The Hy-Wire                       22

   11. Conclusion                                         23

   References                                             24

   List Of Figures                                        25

Department Of EEE                      iii   MESCE, Kuttippuram