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									                                                PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
                                                   Craig Brown, PhD.
                                                          (713) 494-0341

            Oracle Database 8i           Oracle Database 9i            Oracle Database 10g         Oracle 11i Applications
           Administrator Certified      Administrator Certified       Administrator Certified      Database Administrator
                  Master                       Master                         Master               Certified Professional

             Windows NT MCSE            SQL Server 2000 MCDBA         SQL Server 2005 MCDBA        Windows 2003 MCSE

        Administering SQL Server 2000             IBM Certified Advanced                   IBM Certified Advanced
                                                    Database Administrator                   Database Administrator
                                                         DB2 UDB 8.1                              DB2 9.0
Craig possesses more than 19 years of domestic and international experience in the IT industry, working with customers
ranging from small companies to Fortune 100 companies. Over 17 years experience administering, developing, designing
and implementing databases for OLTP, OLAP, data warehouse and distributed systems. Craig has expertise in Oracle,
Oracle RAC, SQL Server, DB2 (UDB), Informix, Sybase and Ingres database systems. In addition, Craig has expertise
with Peoplesoft, Oracle Application (E-Business Suite), SAP and Lawson ERP systems. The systems environments
include production, production fix, development, test, support and QA. Craig specializes in performance tuning, platform
migrations, disaster recovery planning, data warehousing and data migration for SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase
databases, as well as Peoplesoft and Oracle Apps ERP systems.


       Database Design and Administration - Oracle
        v7, v8, v8i, v9i, v10g, SQL Server v6, v7,                     Project Management – Project Managed via
        2000, 2005, Sybase v4, v10, v11, v12, DB2                       software manager, Team Lead, Technical
        (UDB), Informix v5, v6, v7, Ingres, Access                      Lead, Resource Management and Project
       Oracle – Oracle v7, v8, v8i, v9i, v10g DBA,
        Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, HP HPUX,                       Peoplesoft – v5, v6.x, v7.x, v8.x Financials,
        Linux and Windows installation and scripting.                   HRMS, CRM, Student, Supply Chain
                                                                        Installation, Implementations, deployments
       Oracle 9i, 10g RAC Implementations and                          and performance tuning.
        performance tuning.
                                                                       Oracle Apps / E-Business Suite – v10, v11,
       SQL Server – v6, v7, v2000, v2005 windows                       v11i Installation, Implementations,
        designs, implementations and performance                        deployments and performance tuning.
                                                                       SAP – Release 3 Financials, HRMS, Basis,
       MySQL – v4, v5, windows, Linux designs,                         MySAP Installation, Implementations,
        implementations and performance tuning                          deployments and performance tuning.

       Data Warehouse – Star Schema, Snowflake,
        Business Objects, Hyperian, Microstrategies,
        Extract Transform and Load, data migration
        and performance tuning.
Doctorate in Computer Science \ Information Management - 1995      Masters in Business Administration - 1993
University of Pennsylvania                                         Wharton Business School - University of Pennsylvania
                                                                   concentration - Operations Management

University of Pennsylvania                                         University of Pennsylvania
BS Computer Science - 1991                                         BS Mechanical Engineering - 1991


Description of Formal Training/Courses                     Accomplished Upon Completion      Dated Completed
MCDBA SQL Server 2005                                      Microsoft Certified DBA           February 2008
Oracle 11i Certified Professional                          OCM Certification                 February 2007
MCDBA SQL Server 2000                                      Microsoft Certified DBA           June 2006
Oracle 10g Certified Master                                OCM Certification                 May 2006
Oracle 9i Certified Master                                 OCM Certification                 September 2003
Oracle 8i DBA Certification                                OCP Certification                 September 2000
Master Certified Oracle DBA                                Master Certificate                December 1998
Oracle Applications v11.0                                  Advanced Training                 November 1998
OCM Oracle7 / Oracle8                                      Certified / Masters Certificate   November 1997
MCSE Microsoft Windows 95                                  Certified                         September 1997
MCSE Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0                          Certified                         September 1997
UNIX Administrator                                         Certificate Updated               June 1993
UNIX Administrator                                         Certified                         January 1993
DEC VAX Systems Administrator                              Certified                         February 1992
Sun Systems Administrator                                  Certified                         January 1992


Project Management / Technical Lead (Spanning 6 to 8 years)
Responsible for establishing and managing the scope of remediation activities for the various data warehouse
performance tuning technical tasks; Responsible for creating and maintaining a plan for execution of the data warehouse
performance tuning activities; Work closely with department heads as portions of the technical issues were shared inter-
departmentally. In addition to building a close relationship I also defined the accountability resolutions to help long term
problem solving pertaining to shared technical responsibilities. Focal point for all planning and execution activities for the
technical environments involved. I was accountable for the following tasks: Initial project planning, Development of
project scope, Defining project guidelines, Resource coordination (internal and contracted), Testing coordination,
Implementation of technical resolutions for performance fix, Communication of major and minor milestones to senior
management, Identify potential project risks, Manage project plans and project resource requirements and budget.

Senior Performance Tuning Consultant (Spanning 8 to 12 years)
Responsible for performance tuning and optimization of Oracle databases, deployment of Oracle 9i and 10g RAC running
on Linux, Windows and UNIX platforms. Provide consulting on performance tuning and troubleshooting, application
workload testing, integration, data migration and general problem solving. Architect and implement backup and disaster
recovery solutions including RMAN and Oracle Data Guard. Provide Customer training on Oracle database
administration, Oracle RAC and Linux.

Senior Database Administrator (Spanning 6 to 18 years)
Responsible for administering, performance tuning and optimization Oracle databases, deployment of Oracle 8i, 9i and
10g RAC, SQL Server databases, MySQL databases, Informix databases, DB2 Databases, as well as a few others. My
experiences span across operating systems and hardware architecture (inclusive of all the major platforms). The
databases range in size from 100 MB to 50 TB. The concurrent user count ranges from 50 users to 10,000 users. The
systems infrastructure that these databases operated on range from stand alone systems to 3 tier architectures (logical
and physical). My experiences include architectures such as ERP, Data Warehousing, OLAP, OLTP and Replication

Senior Systems Administrator (Spanning 10 to 19 years)
Responsible for performance tuning and optimizing UNIX systems, Windows systems, VAX/VMS Systems and LINUX
systems. My experiences include operating systems installs and configuration, as well as parameter adjusting. The
systems range in size from stand alone single processor servers to multiple processor servers. The systems support user
activity ranging from small applications to large decision support and web based applications. My experiences include
network and attached disk array configuration and utilization. These platforms include, Sun Solaris, HP HPUX, IBM AIX,
MS Windows, SCO UNIX, LINUX and VAX/Open VMS.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Administrator (Spanning 2 to 9 years)
Responsible for performance tuning and optimizing Peoplesoft, Oracle, SAP and Lawson application environments. This
includes installations, implementations, deployments and integrations with other systems. My experiences include
production, test, development and QA support. Data refreshes, application environment cloning, end user acceptance
testing and performance stress testing are also included within my expertise with these applications. Lastly my
responsibilities included, web server configuration and multi tier setup and configurations.

Data Warehouse Systems and Data Migration Expertise (Spanning 4 to 8 years)
Responsible for performance tuning and optimization of data warehouses (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MS SQL Server and
Informix technology). In addition my expertise includes the design and development of data warehouses. I have utilized
both Star and Snowflake schemas and have designed and implemented data mining solutions for target data. Utilization
of the 5 different data forms levels is also a part of my expertise.

Overall Technical Expertise (Spanning 4 to 19 years)
I have extensive experience working with the following technologies/methodologies:
Remote Procedure Calls (Client programs invoking services from server); Message Oriented Middleware (Invoking Server
Functions); On-Line Transaction Processing (Mission critical applications - Transactions); Consistency, Isolation, and
Durability (Qualities of good transactions); Database Management System; Network Operating System; Visual
Expressions; Cross Platform Portability; Graphical User Interface;

Architecture and Infrastructure Design and Development:
Planning/Implementation of "Business Process Re-engineering" architecture solutions; Decision Support Systems
Infrastructure design/development; Information Warehouse Architecture Design via Operational Data and/or Informational
Data; Client/Server Architecture and Infrastructure design/development; Data Warehouse Server Architecture and
Infrastructure design/development;

CASE; CASE Tools; Software Development Full Lifecycle; Structured Analysis; Mini Specification Techniques; Structure
Charts; Data Modeling; User Interface Design; Reengineering and Code Refurbishment; Object Oriented Design; Analysis
and Design Tools (Teamwork, Design Aid, Excelerator, PowerTools, ProdMod); Specialized Design Tools; (Automatic
Code Generators, User Interface Generation, Tool Set Integration, 4GL, Repositories;

Addition Info:
Installation and setup of Netscape internet software and applications. I also have extensive applications development
experience using a variety of second, third and fourth generation development tools; including Visual C. Visual Basic, C,
C++, Pro COBOL, SQL - just to mention a few.

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